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each side. The navigation depends on a tidal river, in which there is a depth of 7ft at LWST. Vessels drawing up to 15 ft can enter at HW. to sea lock, but can only enter old part of canal and dock (Albert Basin) drawing 12}ft. Lock is 220ft long, soft wide, and 17st deep over upper sill.

Charges.-Harb. dues 1/1 reg. ton ; cargo dues, as per schedule.

Pilotage.--District. From Lough Carlingford to the entrance to the Newry Canal, or river of Newry. Rates. River pilotageper foot draught. Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.--Sec., Geo. R. Armstrong; Harb. Master, J. McVeigh ; Coll. of 11. M. Cust., W. Woolliven.

Hotels.—“Victoria,” “Imperial," &c.
NEYLAND.-See Milford New.
NOB, River Exe, Devon. D. at En. to Canal HWST. 13 to

14ft ; NT. 8 to gít. Quays or Berths, Exeter Basin, 15 to 16ft ; Exeter Quay, 9 to roft ; 2 cranes to lift 10 to 15 tons. Tr.Timber, barytes, scrap iron. See also Exeter Canal.

Towage.-According to agreement with masters of vessels.

Officials.-Town Clerk, George R. Shorto; Engr., T. Moulding, C.E. ; Wharfinger and Harb. Master, A. Clements; Turi Lock Keeper, J. Dixon; Double Locks Keeper, W. C. S. Hannaforil; Coll. of II. M. Cust., T. G. Mitchell.

NORTH BERWICK.-See Berwick, North.
NORTH SHIELDS. (See Newcastle, and Shieldls, South,)

Lat. 55° 0' 30" N ; long. I 26' W. Auth. Tyoe Commissioners. Corporation Quay 1,60oft long, 29st IIWST. !as two steam cranes (10 tons) and one hand crane (5 tons). There are four dry dlocks and two floating docks. THW. at f. and c. 3h 23m.

Officials.-Harb. Master for Tyne Ports, John Bruce, New Quay, North Shields ; Dock Master, George Tindle ; Quay Master, Thos. Mckenzie. NORTH SUNDERLAND, Northumberland. Lat. 55° 35'N ;

long. I° 40' W. Pop, about 2,000. Tr.-I. Salt, staves, cement; E. Cured herrings. Auth. Trustees of the late Lord Crewe. Capable of holding about 300 fishing boats. Mooring or warping buoy off the harbour entrance. Steamers supplied with bunker coals from the railway authorities. THW. at f. and c. 2h zom. AST. 14f1, NT. 1o ft. P.NC. 13 per ft in summer, and 16 per fe in winter. Ry. The North Sunderland R, is now down to the harb. and joins the N.E.R. at Chathill.

Charges.-Harb. dues to or from foreign, Sd per reg. ton ; W. coast of England, 6d per ton ; E. coast of England, 4d per ton. Unloading coals, salt, dic., od per ton ; loading herrings, 6d per barrel. Å liteboat station. Large herring-curing station.

Official.-IIarb. Master and Collector of Dues, Jos. Rodılam. OBAN, ArgyUshire, Firth of Lorne. Lat. 56° 29' 50" N ; long.

5° 28' 20" W. Auth. Burgh Commissioners, under Oban Piers order, 1896. W. prev. W., most dang. N. Accn. Area of harb, 20 acres, length of quayage 2,000ft. Used by steamers of 100

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above 12st and under 16ft, 5), above 16ft and upwards, 6/; on vessels ex. 200 tons, oft dít and under, 4), above gft and under 12ft, 5), above 12ft and under 16ft, 61, above 16ft and upwards, 71. Vessels taking a pilot on board to seaward of a line drawn from Pentyre Point to Gunver Head, but within a line from the Mouls to the Quays pay 1 / per foot in addition to the rates above. Vessels taking a pilot to seaward of such line, but within the distance of three leagues of the land, pay 1/6 foot in addition to the said rates. A pilot taken on board a vessel at sea, is entitled to the following additional pay, viz:- If at 3 leagues from the land £2, if at 6 leagues from the land, £2 13$ 4d, if at 10 leagues from the land, £4. Vessels piloted from Padstow to sea, and returning in consequence of stress of weather, contrary winds, or accident, into the port, within 36 hours from the time of sailing, are subject to half pilotage. Pilots detained on board of vessels are paid 10/6 per day. Pilots boarding vessels not in charge of unlicensed men after they have arrived abreast of the Inner Capstan, are not entitled to more than three-fourths of the pilotage for piloting a vessel from Stepper Point to Padstow; if after they shall have arrived abreast of Gun Point, not more than two thirds; and if after they shall have arrived abreast of St. Saviour's Point, not more than one-half. Pilots boarding vessels in charge of unlicensed men before they arrive abreast of the Inner Capstan, are entitled to receive threefourths, and the unlicensed man one-fourth of the pilotage for piloting a vessel from Stepper Point to Padstow; if at Hawker's Cove, the pilot and the unlicensed man are entitled to one-half of such pilotage ; it after the vessel has arrived at a line from Gun Point to Trebetherick, the pilot is entitled to one-fourth, and the unlicensed man, three-fourths; if after the vessel has arrived at St. Saviour's Point, the unlicensed man is entitled to the whole of such pilotage.

Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.-Clerk to Commrs., G. L. Ellis, Wadebridge ; Harb. Master and Coll. of Harb. Dues, W. S. Allport ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. W. Finch.

Hotel." Commercial,” J. Lobb.
PAIGNTON, Devonshire. 6 miles E. of Totnes. A smal

harb., dry at LW. Auth. Harb. Commrs., under Act 1 Vict., c. I. W. prev. W. and SW., most dang. NE. AST. 13ft 6in, NT. vost. Accn. There are two quays, 300ft each, for berths, and one 4 ton crane.

Charges.-Harbour dues on vessels, full cargo 4d per ton, part

cargo 2d.

Official.-Harb. Master, Andrew Ellis.
PAISLEY, or Cart River, Renfrewshire. At the entrance of

the White Cart into the Clyde. Ry. G. & SW. Auth. Charles Ker, Judicial Factor; Collector, R. Hamilton. D. 4ft bin LWST; HWOST. roft. W. prev. W. and SW. Accn. One 25-ton stationary crane, two 5-ton cranes.

Charges.-Entering or d parting foreign 2d per reg. ton sail or steam, ditto coasting dd; all vessels without cargo liable to cargo rates, fd; new vessels 8d per ton in full ; steamers with passengers 10/ per day. Cranes 2d to 1/ per ton, extra for 20 ton crane.

Official.-llarb. Master, Archibald G. Dunn.

PALNACKIE or BARLOCHAN. A creck of port of Dumfries.

D. IIWST. loft 6in; HWNT. 5ft bin. No harb. dues.

Official. -Acting Harb. Master, T. Carsewell.
PAR, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 23' N; long. 4° 29' W. Auth.

Owner, C. E. Treffry. Accn. Tidal harb. with one dock, protected by a breakwater about 1,200st long. Two steam cranes. D. Dry at LW.; HWNT gst, HWST 14st. En. 150ft wide. Quay frontage 1, 5ooft. Used by colliers. THW. f. and c. 5h 12m.

PASSAGE.-See Cork.
PASSAGE EAST, Waterford (see Waterford). A fishing

village and roadstead on the River Suir. Hotels.--.“ Kavanagh's” and “Love's.PAULL. A Yorkshire fishing village and fortified station on

the Humber, 6 miles below Hull. PAWLETT.-See Bridgwater. PEEL.-See Isle of Man. PEMBREY, Burry Inlet, Carmarthenshire. A harb. of about

8 acres, with a quay about 25oft long, belonging to the Right Hon. the Earl of Ashburnham. W. prev. SW. and W. Harb. protected from N. and by a range of hills. PEMBROKE DOCK, Milford Haven. An extensive Govern

ment dock and shipbuilding yard. Ry. Pembroke & Tenby. There are two dry docks at this place. THW. f. and c. 6h 12m.

Official.-King's Harb. Master, for Govt. duty only. PENARTH (Cardiff). Lat. 51° 27' N ; long. 3° 10' W.

Pop. 15,000. Auth. Taff Vale Railway Co., under Acts 19 and 20 Vict., c. 122; 20 and 21 Vict., c. 69 ; and 44 Vict., c. 51. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 6h 56m; Sp. rise ; N. rise 29ft. W. prev. are W. to SW. Ry. T.V. Tr.-I. Timber, pulp and general ; E. Principally coal. LV. at any time, Somali, 3,335 tons net reg., and Lord Erne, S., 3,648 reg. Accn. Penarth Tidal Harb. - Length, measuring along centre of river, 13,000st ; frontage Cardiff side 12,000ft ; frontage on Penarth side 3,000ft ; total 15,00oft. Average width at water line at HIW., for the first reach of the river 6oolt, length 4,000ft ; area 55 acres ; when the depth of water is 15ft 28oft, area 26 acres. There are six tip staiths for the shipment of coal ; nine hydraulic cranes, each capable of unloading 50 tons per hour. Depth of water in the berths at IIWOST. Zost; IWONT. 2oft. Vessels up to 800 lir: Lurthen take the ground. Penarth Dock.-- l'articulars of Accn.:

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35.9 -5.9 (Penarth Patent Slipway to take Vessels groft long and 2,200 tons burthen.

Gridiron, 400ft long, for vessels up to 2,500 tons.) There are 13 liigh-level coal tips in the dock and 2 in the basin.. Four new coal tips have been erected on north side of outer basin

for quick work, and can be concentrated on one vessel simultaneously. The tips are close to entrance. Two more are being constructed on north side of dock. 10 cranes, worked byhydraulic power, for the discharge of ballast, iron ore, &c. There are also ihe Windsor double slipways between Penarth and Cardiff, taking vessels of 350ft long, and 3,500 tons burden.

Charges.— Tidal harb. rates id and id ton, according to size. Dock rates on vessels i}d to gd ton.

Pilotage.-See Cardiff. Towage.-Same as Cardiff.

Officials.-Gen. Man. Penarth Dock and Taff Vale Railway, A. Beasley, Cardiff ; Penarth Dock Master, and Dock and Harb. Supt., Saml. Thomas ; Traffic Insp., H. Griffiths ; Staith Master, H. Carpenter; Tidal Harb. Staith Master, W. R. Wallbridge ; Lloyd's Agent, Capt. T. A. Bovey. PENMON, Anglesey, near Beaumaris. There is a jetty for load

ing lime and limestone ; no harb. A lifeboat station. PENRYN, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 10' N ; long. 5° 5' W. Auth.

Corporation, under Statute 33 and 34 Vict. c. 82, and Prov. Order, 1870. The Corporation have received power, and are improving the harbour. Ry. G.W.

Harbour dries at LW. D. gft bin HWNT., and 13ft at HWST. THW. f. and c. 5h 2m. There are several private wharves, and crane power to 20 tons.

Charges.-2d per ton reg. on goods landed or shipped ; 1/ mastage; 2d per ton payable under harb. order.

Officials.- Harb. Master, Philip Henry Dawe; Town Clerk and Clerk to Harb. Authority, G. Appleby Jenkins. PENTEWAN, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 17' N. ; long. 4° 46' W.

Pop. 300.

Auth. Owner, J. II. Johnstone', Esq., M.P. Tr.-I. Coal, grain, iron, die; E. Clay, sand. Accn. Dry at low water. Railway to St. Austell. Dues and carriage, I. 1/6 per ton, E. 12 per ton. Used by vessels drawing 13st, and up to 300 tons, Arca 1} acres, protected by quay and breakwater.' THW. at f. and c. 5 o'clock.

Pilotage.-Every 10 tons burden I in and out. Ballast inwards 60 ; quay dues 2d. Charges.-Harb. dues 20 ton; quay clues 6d ion; warp and buoy 2' ; discharging ii per ton per man.

Official.-Ilarb. Master and Manager, F. Truscott. PENZANCE, Cornwall. Mount's Bay. Lat. 50° 8' N; long

5° 35' W. Pop. 13,500. Auth. Mayor, Alder. men, and Burgesses, under Act, 1883, and Prov. Order, 18701 P. C. THW. at f. and c. 4h 30m ; Sp. rise 16įst ; N. rise 12!f. D. 26st tu 13ft IIWST. W. prev. NW., most dangerous SSE, Ry. G.W. Tr.-I. American and Baltic timber, coal, tallow, grain, hemp, fruit, potatoes, dynamite, &c. ; E. Copper, lin. granite stones, fish, potatoes, china clay, arsenic, &c. LV, William Cory, ., 1,244 tons. Accn. Area of harb., formed by Albert Pier, 24 acres, with 16ft depth at ST., and 12ft NT. Floating dock area 3 acres, depth on sill ST. 2111, NT. 1711, width of entrance gost. Graving dock, 2051t long, width of entrance 4oft, depth on sill IIWOST. 12!ft. Warehouse accommodation. Wharrage space or about 4,700ft.

Charges.-IIarb. dues, keelage in outer Harbour 31 ton in ; dock, coasters 5d ton ; foreign 6d ton ; sailing colliers 40 ton ; wind bound hall dues.

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