Sivut kuvina

Accn. Harb. dry at LW.; has an area of 74 acres, with an entrance about 55ft wide, and quayage of about 2,300st in length. D. 29ft. HWST. and 18st HWNT. The basir, 204ft wide, has an entrance 62ft wide. OTD, 27st HWST. and 16ft HWNT. The pier or breakwater is about 574ft long, and the inner pier 238st long. Accn. There is a ballast crane, staith from 150 to 200 tons per hour, and crane to 6 tons. W. prev. and dang. W. and SW.

Pilotage.- 2d ton reg. ships ; 1.d ton reg. steamers.
Charges.-Harb. dues, 4d per reg. ton soreign, and ad coasting.

Officials.-Dock Supt., J. Dunster, Paddington Station ; Harb. Master, W. D. Lodge, Porthcawl; Lloyd's Agent, E. David.

Hotel.--"Marine” (Private),
PORTHGAIN HARBOUR. Auth. Porthgain Quarries, Ltd.

Is midway between St. David's Head and Strumble Head. It is well sheltered from W. and SW. winds, and has a straight entrance channel with deep water up to piers. D. at En. 13ft bin springs; roft bin neaps. The mills, works and stock yards are adjacent to wharves. Vessels load alongside free at present. Two steam cranes. PORTHILLY, Cornwall. Fishing harb. on E, side of Padstow

Haven. There is a large cavern near this place. PORTHLEVEN, Cornwall, situated in centre of Mount's Bay.

A pier harb., with jetties in outer basin. The inner basin is protected in stormy weather by balks of timber placed across the entrance, which is 28st wide, and affords safe discharging berths for vessels up to about 500 tons burthen. Auth. The Porthleven Harbour and Dock Co., under Act 32 & 33 Vic. ST. 16ft to izst, NT. roit to gst on sill of dock, but no vessel drawing more than 12st should charter to discharge or load here. Tr. I. Coals, timber, bricks, slates, limestone, manures, salt, grain, &c. ; E. China clay and china stone.

Charges.-IIarb. dues, 3d to 6d per ton reg., but 4d is highest actually charged.

Pilotage.--50 tons, 107, and so in proportion to 30/ for 250 tons.

Towage.-As per agreement. Ballast from wharf, 6d per ton; dues, 3d ; putting on board, 2/ for every 10 tons.

Officials.-Sec., F. Harvey; Harb. Master, R. S. James. PORT ISAAC, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 36' N ; long. 4° 48' W.

A small port available for small craft only. THW. f. and c. 5h 24m. A lifeboat station.

PORTISHEAD.-See Bristol.
PORTKNOCKIE, Banffshire, Scotland. Auth. Ilarbour Com-

missioners under Portknockie Harb. Order, 1893. Pop. 1,600. A small harb. declared open for trade in April, 1890. £4,000 bas been spent on new breakwater. D, at ent. 16ft at LW, and the average rise is 12ft. There is a deepwater berth of unft NT. at LW. LV. 197 tons reg. Tr.-I. Coal, salt, fish; E. Ilerrings.

Charges.—Harb. dues, 3d per ton reg.; P. the same ; ballast, 1. per ton on quay; discharging ballast, as per agreement. Local light 1/ per vessel, water 1/. Harl). Master's fee.

Officials.-Harb. Master, Jas, Monro; Clerh to Harb, Commrs., G. Donald.

PORTLAND, Dorsetshire. Lighthouse at east entrance; ap,

proximate position, lat. 50° 35' N ; long. 2° 25' W.; is now constituted a dockyard port under Admiralty authority. Accn. Harb, is formed by breakwater, with three spacious entrances, and with the exception of a restricted area (which is likely to be. come more so) lying to the westward of two beacons in line and to the southward of the torpedo factory pier, is reserved for Government purposes. No bars; easy of access for all vessels, but steamers sceking shelter from westerly gales would find more room and better shelter outside the breakwater in Weymouth Bay. Castleton pier has depth of 6ft to 7ft at LW. on north side, with 4 cranes belonging to two stone companies. Winds prev. from SW. to NW. THW. f. and c. 7h im. No harb. Coal can be obtained from hulks belonging to Messrs. Collins & Co., Powell Duffryn & Co., Channel Coaling Co., and Fox, Son & Co.

Pilotage.-See Weymouth. C. for Continental traffic.
Hotels.-.“ Royal,"
13 or Victoria Lodge,

" " Breakwater." Officials.—The Senior Naval Officer (c.x officio) and the King's Harb. Master.

PORT LETHEN, Aberdeenshire. A small harb., dry at LW. PORT LETHEN, Kincardineshire, near Gridleness. A small

harb., dry at LW. PORT LOGAN, Wigtonshire. Auth. Owner, J. McDoual of

Logan. The only harb. between the Mull of Galloway and Corsewall Pt. that fishing boats can make for. Accn. Area 2 acres. Dry at entrance LW. Harb. is so silted up that there is only accommodation for one or two smacks at present time. W. prev, and most dang. SW. Harb. dues at option of proprietor.

PORT MCADAM.See Gatehouse.
PORTMADOC, Carnarvonshire. Lat. 52° 53' N ; long. 4° 25.

W. No harb. authorities. A small tidal harb. with quays on N. side 3,03ist, and on S. side 1,630ft. D. 13ll to 15ft at berths HW., dry at LW. alongside. THW. f. and c. 7h 27m. ; ST. 14ft ; NT. gst.

Pilotage.-In ballast in and loaded out, 4d per reg. ton ; loaded in and out, 4d per reg. ion; foreign id extra.

Towage.--Loaded in ballast out, 6.d per reg. ton ; loaded in and out, 7d.

Charges.--Harb. dues on all vessels taking in ordischarging cargo, 3d per reg. ton ; foreign, 43d per reg. ton; wind bound, id per reg. ton for buoyage. Strangers may get a pilot at St. Tudwall's Roads by sending to Portmadoc, at a charge of 101. Discharging ballast, 11. per ton. Tr.-I. Timber, coal, limestone, flour, &c; E. Slates.

Officials.-Harb. Master, R. J. Morris ; Rec. of Harb. Dues, R. J. Morris ; Coll. of Customs, H. Jones. PORTMAGEE, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Harb.

Master, T. O'Neil. PORTMAHOMACK, Ross-shire. On Dornoch Frith, E. coast

of Scotland. A small tidal harb. Auth. Constituted by Act of Parliament 25 and 26 Vict. c. 105, with a pier 3ocft long. Dry at LW.; used by vessels drawing roft at HW. Official.---Factor for Cadbolt,' W. G. Paterson. PORTMORE, Island of Colonsay, Hebrides. A safe harb., with

a sandy beach, but with numerous off lying rocks.


PORT MUCK, Island Magee, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Harbour

now dilapidated and disused. PORT MULGRAVE, Yorkshire, between Runswick Bay and

Staithes, north of Whitby and Scarborough. Auth. Sir C. M. Palmer, Bart., M.P. Used by Palmer's Ship. building Co. PORT NA HAVEN, Island of Islay. A shelter for fishing

vessels. D. at entrance, 6 sms. PORT NA LONG, Oronsay, Hebrides. There is a narrow

inlet on the W. side two-tbirds of a mil: long, with a sandy beach, where boats can find ample security. PORTOBELLO. A pleasant seaport and watering placc, 3

miles E. of Edinburgh. Ry. N.B. There is a pier belonging to the Galloway Steam Packet Co. PORT ORIEL, Co. Louth, Ireland. There is a fishery pier at

this place, 4 miles north of Drogheda Bar. Accn. HWST. about 30lt, and 15ft. at LW.; Nr. 25ft ; pier, about 3ooft long; good anchorage. Vessels of 240 tons have discharged here alloat at LW. There is a small harbour inside the p'er, where a few vessels drawing not more than lift co ne in and discharge, but it is dry at LW.

Pilotage.-By agreement. Charges.-Harb. dues, 3d per reg. ton, and id per ton whar'age os ballast.

Official.-Har. Con., Patrick Neacy.
PORT NESS, Isle of Lewis. Auth. Harb. Trustees under

Port Ness Harbour Order, 1889. PORTPATRICK, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Lat. 54° 50' 20" N.

long. 5° 7' 2" W. No harb, authority. D. at En. 3oft HWOST, 21ft LWOST. Since the mails ceased running hence, the port has been allowed to become dilapidated, and trade is now almost nil. Ry. C. (E. J. Brooks, chief coastguard officer). THW. f. and c. Ith iom. PORT PENRHYN. (See Bangor.) Lat. 53° 13' N; long: 4

10' W. Dry at LW. 17st HWST. A private port belonging to Lord Penrhyn. Tr. Shipping slates.

Official.-E. A. Young, Agent to Lord Penrhyn.
PORT QUIN, N. Cornwall. A small harbour for small craft.
PORTREATH, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 15' N ; long. 5° 17' W.

Auth. A. F. Basset, Esq., of Tehidy, Cam. borne ; retained in own hands, and used for importing and exporting merchandise, chiefly coal and ores. Accn. A tidal port, dry at LW. No. i Dock, 195 X 105st; No. 2 Dock, 279 x 95ft ; No. 3 Dock, 180 x 16ost. En. 20ft wide. D. 17ft HWST. ; 9ft 6in HWNT. There are two steam cranes. Ry. Branch line GW. Ry.

Charges.-Harb. dues, 61 per ton reg, which includes pilotage.
Officials.-Man. and Haıb. Master, F. D. Bain,
PORTREE, Inverness-shire. Raasay Sound, Island of Skye.

Lat. 57° 24' N ; long. 6° 7' W. Auth. Owner, Lord Macdonald. A spacious harb. with good_anchorage and good pier. D, at entrance, about 40st. Tr. I. From U.K. only, coal, salt, and general merchandise ; E. Cattle and sheep to U.K.

Charges.- 3d ton on goods discharged. Harb. dues, 2d reg. ton. Official.-Harb. Ma ter, Norman Beaton,

PORTRUSH, Co. Antrim. Auth. Harb. Board, under Act

7 and 8 Geo. IV. A harb. used by coasters and cross-channel passenger steamers. D. at ent. 14ft LW., 17 to 18st HW. Steam crane 3d per ton discharging coals.

Pilotage. c.
Charges.-Harb. dues, sailing vessels 6d. reg. lon, steamers 41.
Officials.-Sec. and Man., D. MacLaughlin ; Harb. Master,
W. Mann; Receiver of Dues, John Bamford.

PORTSEA.-See Portsmouth.
PORT ST. MARY.-See Isle of Man.
PORT SCALLOMEE, near Cape Wrath, Sutherlandshire.

There is a quay at this place in 6ft LW. PORT SETON, Haddingtonshire, Frithof Forth near Cockenzie.

Auth. Harb. Commrs. D. HWS. 16ft ; IIWN. 12ft. Chiefly a fishing harb. Charges.-Herring boats & I pay. able at end of each herring fishing ; yawls £i tos. per annum.

Official for the Judicial Factor, John Walter Thomson.
PORT SKERRA, near Thurso, Caithness. A fishing station

between Armadale Port and Sandside Harb. Auth. Harb. Commrs. under Sutherland Piers' Order, 1892. PORTSMOUTH, Hampshire. Lat. 50° 48' N ; long. 1° 6' W.

Pop. 189,907. Auth. Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty; the Portsmouth Corporation own the Camber and Flathouse Wharves, under Acts 2 and 3 Vict. c. 72, and 31 and 32 Vict. c. 128. THW. Dockyard uh 41m; Sp. rise 12 ft ; N. rise rost. D. of water ST. 3oft; N. 173ft. W. prev. SW.; most dangerous S. Rys. L. & S.W. and L. B. & S.C. Tr.-I. Timber, coal, grain, guano, and Government stores ; E. Government stores, grain, &c.' LV. 1,350 tons. Accn. Portsmouth is the chief naval station of England. The Royal Dockyard covers an area of 500 acres. En. to harb. about } mile wide, and extends several miles N., between the W. side of Portsea Island and the mainland, gradually widening out until near the northern shore it is about 3 miles. Harbour affords ample accn. for the largest man-of-war. Crane power, one 10 ton and three 5 ton cranes.

Length./ Breadth. Depthof Water o'er Block



of Caisson 70% Camber Dry Dock

{!,,Entrnce. 50


H. of T.
Length. Breadth.




[blocks in formation]

Charges.-Harb. dues according to size. Tonnage dues 2d, 3d, and 4d. ton.

Pilotage.-District. From the Owers, within and without the Isle of Wight, to Peverell, and vice verså, and to and from, and into and out of all ports and places within those limits, excepting those within the l'oole and Southampton districts. Rates;



17ft and

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Foot. Foot, Foot. Spithead, Motherbank, Stokes s. d. s. d. s. d. Beyond 1 mile outside Bay, Cowes Roads, or to a line Needles Point, and, drawn fr. Lepe Buoy to Lee Point 5

6 6 6 7 6 vice versa Yarmouth or Lymington Roads.. 6 3 3

6 St. Helen's Roads ..

6 6


6 8 6 Spithead, Motherbank, Stokes Within 1 mile outside Bay, Cowes Roads, or to a line! Needles Point, and drawn fr. Lepe Buoy to Lee Point 4

6 5 6 h 6 vice versa Yarmouth or Lymingtor. Roads..


3 St. Helen's Roads

5 6 6 6

7 Spithead, Motherbank, Stokes Between Needles Point Bay, Cowes Roads, or to a line and Hurst Castle, and drawn fr. Lepe Buoy to Lee Point' 2 6 3 б 4

6 vice versa Yarmouth or Lymington Roads..

6 St. Helen's Roads

3 6 4 6 5

6 Spithead, Motherbank, Stokes Between Hurst Castle Bay, Cowes Roads, or to a line, and Newtown Creek, drawn fr. Lepe Buoyto Lee Point 6

6 and vice versi Yarmouth or Lyinington Roads.. St. Helen's Roads ..

3 3 6

4 Spithead, Motherbank, Stokes Beyond 1 mile seaward Bay, Cowes Roads, or to a line of Bembridge Ledge drawn fr. Lepe Buoyto Lee Poin: 5

6 6 6 6 Buoy and vice versa St. Helen's Roads


6 Yarmouth or Lymington Roads: 6 6 6 6 Beyond 1 mile seaward Spithead, Motherbank, Stokes

of Bembridge Ledge Bay, Cowes Roads, or to a line Buoy and the Warner drawn fr. Lepe Buoy to Lee Point 4 6 5 6 6 6 Lightship and vice St. Helen's Roads


Yarmouth or Lymington Roads..

6 6


6 Motherbank, Stokes Bay, Cowes Between Warner Light. Roads, or to a line drawn from ship and Noman Lepe Buoy to Lee Point


6 Fort, and vice versa St. Helen's Roads ..

Yarmouth or Lymington Roads:.


6 Spithead, Motherbank, Cowes Roads, or to a line drawn Stokes Bay, and from Lepe Buoy to Lee Point.. i 6

6 vice versi Yarmouth or Lymington Roads., 6

3 3 Spit Buoy or a line Portsmouth Harbour

3 4 'drawn from Spit Buoy Portsmouth Harbour, above N. to Gilkicker Point or Corner of Dockyard, including Southsea Castle, or New Quay, Flathouse, Tipnor, vice versa and Porchester Lake

3 Fareham or vice versa. Portsmouth Harbour

Cowes Roads & vice versa Cowes Harbour
Lymington Roads and )
vice versa

Lymington Harbour
Yarmouth Roads and
Trice versi

Yarmouth Harbour
St. Helen's Roads and /
vice versi
Bembridge Harbour

2 0 2 O Langstone, Bedhampion Between Bullock Patch lichenor

6 and Horse Fort, and Bosham or Dell Quay

3 3 3 vice versa

Langstone or Chichester Harbs.,

except as above Steamers or vessel in tow a reduction of one-fourth of foregoing rates on distances steamed or towed. Ships returning by stress of weather, contrary winds, or on account of accident, into ports within the Isle of Wight district, pay one-half these rates. A

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