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pilot taken on board a vessel outside the Needles Point or Nab Light, is entitled to the following additional pay, viz. : Under 500 tons £1; 500 tons and upwards £2. The pilots of the Isle of Wight district have authority to supersede such of the London or Cinque Port pilots as are licensed for the charge of vessels to the Isle of Wight, when they arrive near the channels leading into the ports and harbs. within the Isle of Wight; but no master of a vessel is compelled to take an Isle of Wight pilot until at St. Helen's, if he be piloted thereto by a duly licensed London or Cinque Ports pilot. The following rates are chargeable for transporting vessels from one berth to another in Portsmouth or Cowes Harbs., but no pilot shall be entitled to claim these in respect of any vessel which he has brought into harb. unless he can prove to the Sub-Commis. sioners that the vessel could not be placed in her berth for discharging during the tide in which she came in, viz. : Not ex. 200 tons 10/6, ex. 200 and not ex. 300 tons 15/, ex. 300 tons 21/. Ifa master choose to retain or employ a pilot whilst at anchor, the rate for the lay day is 7/6, not including the day coming in or going out.

Towage.-From Spithead to any of the following places, and vice versii, for vessels of 100 reg. tons and upwards :Camber or Gosport Beach id reg. ton, if towed in and out 2}d ton; Gosport afloat, Logo, Haslar, Weovil, or any part of the harb, between the Camber and the north course of II.M. Dockyard vid reg. ton, is towed in and out 3d ton ; Extension Works, Gas Works, Flathouse Quay, or Hardway 2d reg. ton, if towed in and out 3}d ton ; Fareham 4d reg. ton ; Langstone to Brading 6d reg. ton ; Emsworth or Itchenor 6d reg. ton. Vessels under 100 tons, yachts, and steamers, in tow froin or to other places, by special agreement.

Officials.-Harb. and Dock Master, T. Meades; Coll. of HI.M. Cust., F. W. Wood ; Lloyd's Agent, R. W. Beale.

Hotels. -“Miller's Solent Commercial and Family,” “George', “ Dolphin,” and “ Star and Garter.” PORTSOY, Banffshire, Scotland. Auth. Harb. Company

under Act 1882. Accn. Dry at LW. Vessels drawing about loft enter at HW. Boats are beached by traction engines.

Officials.-Sec., James Young ; Harb. Master, Capt. H. Smith. PORT TALBOT, Glamorgan, between Porthcawl and Neath.

Auth. Owners, Port Talbot Railway and Docks Co., under Statutes 57 and 58 Vict., 1894. Tr.-I. Tar, pitch, gas coal, copper, silver, lead, tin, iron ore, steel, pig iron, castings, deals, timber, pitwood, bricks, slates, and general merchan. dise; E. Coal, coke, patent fuel, copper, spelter, iron, steel, rails, castings, tin plates, terne and black plates, timber, bricks, fireclay, and general merchandise. Accn. Old Dock.-Harbour protected by iwo breakwaters, 700ft apart at entrance. Area 90 acres Depth, 14 acres with 26st. Boost wharves for discharging and loading. Two coal tips, 20 ton power hydraulic, and 6 hydraulic and 5 steam cranes. Old Dock connected with New Dock by a channel, Post wide. New Dock.--Area 24 acres. Depth 28st bin. Number of tips 4, hydraulic, 20 ton power, with litts varying from 35 10 40ft. "Fine graving duck within New Dock, 450st long, boft wide at entrance ; capable of accommc dating 2

large ships side by side. Entrance Lock.-Length 450ft. Width of gate; bost, and, including lay-by for three ships, total width 120ft. En. Depth of water HWOST, 33ft ; depth of water, HWONC, 28st bin. Capacity of tips, 260 tons per hour. List of cranes, 30cwt. to 12 tons. Nearest port to Rhondda Valley. Coal fields surrounding dock.

Charges.-Harb. dues and charges guaranteed as low as any in Bristol Channel.


Officials.--Sec., Edward Knott; llarb. Master, Humphrey Jones ; General Man., Edward Lowther ; L!oyd's Agent, D. Jenkins. PORT WILLIAM, Wigtownshire. A small port, dry at LW.,

with 14ft at HWST. Pop. 700. Accn. 12 vessels of 100 tons each. Auth. Sir H. E. Maxwell, Bart., M.P. LV. 300 tons. P. NC. Harb. dues 3d per ton constwise ; 4d por ton foreign ; windbound id per ton; ballast 2d per ton.

Official.-Harb. Master, Peter Duff.
PORT WRINKLE, Cornwall, nr. Looe. Small harb., dry LW.
PORTYNLLAEN. A sub-port of Carnarvon, used by a few

small vessels bringing coal. PRESTON, Lancashire. Dock about 17 miles from outer bar.

Lat. 53° 44' N; long. 2° 45' W. Pop. 112,892 ; centre of great Pop. near Wigan Coal Fields. Auth. Corporation of Preston, under Ribble Navigation Acts, 1853 to 1896. P. Trinity House outport district." THW. 1h 49m ; Sp. rise 16ft. ; NP. rise 8}ft. w. prev. SW., most dangerous NW. Rys. L. & N. W., L. & Y., P. & L. Jn. (L. & Y. and L. & NW) Tr.-Timber, deals, wood pulp, grain, coal, whiting, china clay, anu pig iron. LV. 3,000 tons burthen. Accn. The harb. extends from Preston to the sea, a distance at LW. of ST. of about 16 miles. The Albert Edward dock is 40 acres in extent, together with tidal basin, 41 acres, &c., 294ft dft ST. and 23}ft NT. on dock sill. Depth in river is 10}ft less. Ten cranes, from 15 to 20 tons per hour each. Warehouses and transit sheds are provided for the storage and manipulation of cargoes.

Length. Depth at ST

ft. Southport Pier

30 Lytham

16 St. Anne's-on-the-Sea


21 There is a slipway sor vessels of 100 tons, and two gridirons, 120ft and 45oft long ; 10 hydraulic and 3 steam cranes, one 25 ton coal crane, one 20 ton coal hoist, and a number of hydraulic capstans.

Charges.—Harb. tolls are payable in respect of vessels entering or using the harb. of Preston, although not using the docks or quays of the Corporation or the harb. for the purpose of receiving or delivering passengers, animals or goods. Dock rates are payable in respect of vessels using the docks or quays of the Corporation or the harb. for the purpose of receiving or delivering passengers, animals or goods. The dock rates specified in the table are inclusive of harb. tolls. Vessels arriving with cargo are charged on the inward voyage as from the most distant port of lading. Vessels arriving in ballast are charged on the outward voyage as for the most distant port of destination. Such vessels loading cargoes consisting only of coal are charged one-half of the rates specified,

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S. d. S. 1 All parts of the Irish Sea and St. George's Channel between

The Mull of Cantyre and St. David's Head, including the
Isle of Man and the Is'and of Anglesea, the east coast of

Ireland from Cape Clear to Malin Hearl
All other parts of the United Kingdom, and the Islands of
Guernsey, Jersey Alderney and Sark

6 All parts of Europe to the northward of Cape Finisterre

and to the westward of the North Cape, and without the
Cattegat and Baltic Sea and including the Faro Islands aod

All parts within the Cattegat and Baltic including the whole of

Sweden the Wh te Sea, and all parts to the eastward of the
North Cape; all parts in Europe to the southward of Cape
Finisterre, without the Mediterranean, Newfoundland,

Greenland, Davis' Straits, Canaries, Madeira and Azores
All other parts beyond the seas not specified above

9 Vessels trading within the Port of Preston for every trip

arriving or departing Vessels of less burden than ten tons, and vessels wholly

employed in the fishing trade, per annum (commencing

1st January and ending 31st December) .. NOJE.-Vessels paying dock rates which remain in the dock for a longer period than one month are liable to an additional rate of ad per ton per week.

Any loaded barge or loaded lighter which remains in the docks without per: mission, for a longer period than one month, is liable to an additional rate of ad per ton per week. Vessels are required to enter and use dock instead of going to the New Quay, or the Quay by the Bull Nose in the river. Pilotage Rates as defined at Trinity House :-

Per foot of the vessel's dravght of water.

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d. From Nelson Buoy to Preston Dock

d. s. d. 1s d. or vice versi

5 0

(Coasters one-half)
From Nelson Buoy to Lytham Pier'
or vice versi


3 From Lytham Pier to Preston Dock or vice piersi



3 From Lune Deeps to Preston Dock or vice versie

6 0

9 From Nelson Buoy to Lune Deeps or vice versa

3 From Formby Point to Preston Deck or vice versa

6 0 8

9 From Nelson Broy to Bog Hole or vice versa


6 The additional rate, for intermediate portions of a foot in the draught, to be regulated as follows:

For zin and under, no addition ; for more than zin and under gin, the medium between the two rates ; for gin and upwards, the rate for the next foot.

For sailing vessels only, vessels taken from other tugs by special arrangement.


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Certified pilots can be boarded from the pilot schooner Leader, usually moored between Nelson and Gut Gas buoy. If neither pilot nor tug boat can be hailed, or the weather be too boisterous io come to anchor off“Nelson," either Lune Deeps, Holyhead, or Ramsey Bay can be entered for refuge, then communicate with Harb. Master, Preston. But the Corporation will not be respon. sible for any extra expense resulting to any vessel or its cirgo from entering a port or place of refuge.

Towage -Forcign and coasting, from Nelson Buoy to Preston, or vice versi ; under 100 tons reg. 60 per ton; over 100 and under 205 tons reg. 5d per ton ; 200 tons reg. and over 4d per ion. Signal for Tug : Stop the Ensign and hoist it at gaffend. If a dug with a vessel in tow requires further assistance to bring a ship into harb. (from heavy sea, accident, or other cause) an ensign must be hoisted “forward,” and kept up till assistance arrives. If a ship is intended for dock, two flag; are to be put on tug “forward” or on ship's gaff.. All applications for the service of tugs to be made to the Marine Superintendent. Tow Rope : Ships towing in and out of Preston are recommended to take the tug's rope, the charge is very moderate; as if a ship's rope parts whilst towing, double charge will be made for passing the tug's hawser on board. The above regulation is made with a view to preventing risk to both tug and ship. Wire Hawsers : Notice is hereby given that the tugs are not allowed under any circumstances to tow solely with wire hawsers ; there must be a length of rope hawser attached, equal at least to one half the length of wire used. Terms of Towage Contract : On the hiring of a steam tug for towing services, the master and the crew thereof become the servants of and identified with the ship and are under the control of the person in charge of the ship during the performance of the contract. The Corporation of Preston are therefore not responsible for the acts or defaults of the master or the crew of the steam tug or for any damage or loss that may arise to the ship or cargo, nor for any damage caused by any defect in or happening to the machinery of the steam tug or to the towing gear, or by any perils of the seas, river or navigation. A towage contract direct from the sea to Lytham or Preston, or Preston or Lytham to sea, is to commence or terminate when the steam tug has iaken the ship from the sea to Preston or over the Bar, or opposite Lytham Pier. This towage contract is not to prejudice any claim the Corporation may have to salvage for any extraordinary services that may be rendered to the ship or cargo, from or arising out of circumstances not existing nor contemplated at the time of making the contract. This contract is not to apply to salvage services nor to claims for or in the nature of salvage. When towing by stages and through stress of weather the steam tug can make little or no headway, she is to be paid by the hour from the time of passing the last stage, the captain of the tug notifying the same by signal or otherwise to the person in charge of the vessel. Towage to be charged by the hour if the tug is taken beyond the stage agreed upon. If a tug is engaged to tow a ship to any port or station, but through stress of weather or other unavoidable circumstances she is separated from the ship, the tug to be paid pro rata for the distance towed. When a tug is ordered, attends, and is not employed, the vessel to pay the raie of towage of such ship from Lyiham to dock. The Corporation reserve to themselves the right to substitute one tug for another. One tide to be allowed for

docking should veisel arrive after the dock gates are shut. If longer detained tug to have a claim for detention according to the size of the ship she may have to tow. Vessels towed from anchorage and by any means failing to get into dock to pay extra to contract, ten shillings per hundred tons of their register tonnage or fractional part thereof. No commission, gratuity, or discounts allowed from ihe above rates.. Use of tug's hawser is an extra charge, but the Cios. poration do not guarantee its efficiency, nor will they be responsible for any mishap whilst it is in use however occasioned.

Officials.-Corporation of Preston. Clerk and Sol., Henry Hamer,Town Clerk; Res. Eng. and Gen. Supt., James Barron, Assoc. M. Inst.C.E. ; Dock Supt. and Harb. Master, J. Bilsborough ; Marine Superintendent, James Cochrane ; Lloyd's Agents, Fisher & Iddon.

PRESTONPANS. See Morrison's Haven.
PWLLHELI, Carnarvon. Bay of Cardigan. Lat. 52° 51' N;

long. 4° 32' W. THW. r. and c. 8h 30m. Rys. The Cambrian and L & NW. Auth. Town Council, by Pwllheli Harb. Ac:, 1897. Accn. Depth at LW.ast, and at HWST. 1oft. The harb. is well sheltered by banks, has a good beach, and is rising in importance as a watering place.

Charges.-Harb. dues, foreign trade 3d per reg, ton; coastirg, unloading 2d, loading 1fd; windbound id. These will be increased when the harbour is conipleted.

Pilotage.--As per agreement

Officials.--Harb. Master, Capt. Owen Lewis; Town Clerk, E. R. l'avies ; Borough Surveyor, T. Cunningham. Hotels.--" Tower," "Crown,' “ Mdryn Arms,” “Whitehalt.” QUEENBOROUGH, Kent. Lat. 51° 26' N ; long. 0° 45' E.

Auth. Corporation, under Queenborough Harbour Act, 1876. Accn. Pier and wharves, area of harb. extends from Swale Spit on the N to King's Ferry on the S, 3 nautical miles. Depth varies from 15 to 3oft LWST. THW. f. and c. 12h 38m. W. prev. SW; but harbour landlocked. Queenboro' Ry. Jetty, LC. & D., under Sitting bourne and Sheerness Ry. Co.'s Act, 1857, and LC. & D. Ry. Co.'s Act, 1866. Used by passenger and cargo steamers plying between Queenboro' and Flushing.

Charges.-8/ on vessel and 20 per ton on cargo.

Officials.--Town Clerk, W. J. Harris ; Harb. Master, Eilwd. Brightman ; Secy., J. Morgan, Victoria Station, London ; Pier Supt., F. Flood-Paoe. QUEENSFERRY, SOUTH, Linlithgowshire, Scotland.

seaport burgh and Royal Burgh on the Frith of Forth, 8 miles from Edinburgh. Harb. dries at LW., accommodates vessels up to 100 tons at HW. T. ere are also piers at the Hawe:, Longcraig, and Port Edgar withi. the Burgh, belonging to the N.B. Ry. Co., and at the lait r pier there is a large breakwater and harbour capable of accommodatirg vessels of 1,000 tons. The railway runs to Port Edgar. At St. Margaret's Hope vessels can ride safely at anchor in all weathers ; it is just opposite Port Edgar. Queensferry is the port of H.M. training ship Caledonia, and H.M. Guardship Roiney. Auth, Town Council of Royal Burgh of Queensferry. The chief importance of the place is derived from the ferry across the Frith of Forth, the South end of the Forth Bridge being within the Burgh.

Official.--Town Clerk, Peter Miller, Solicitor, Linlithgow.

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