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QUEEN'S FERRY.-River Dee (See Chester).
QUOILE, Co. Down, Ireland. Auth, Owner, Lord Dunleath,

D.L. A small harb. accommodating vessels up to 150 tons. ist deep at LW. Upper quay, roft HWST., 8it HWNT. ; lower quay, 13ft HWST., gít 6in HWNT. W. prev. NW. Crane power to 5 tons. Berths for 3 vessels. Steamboat quay closed, doubtful whether it will be reopened.

Charges.-2d per ton reg. on cargo in or out; 3d per ton reg. on cargoes in and out; 2;6 plankage on all vessels. Vessels from foreign parts discharging at Hare Island 3d per ton reg. 3/ for use of beam and scale. Crane dues 7/6 a day; 26 a day for employee.

Official,--Harb. Master, M. T. Orr.
Hotel.--" Down Hunt Arms."
RAMELTON. A creek under Port of Donegal. D. HWST.

uft, HWNT. 7st.
Official.-Coastguard Officer, W. II. Blight.
RAMSEY.-See Isle of Man.
Hotels.--" Mitre,' “ Albert."
RAMSGATE, Kent. Lat. 51° 19'42 N; long. 1° 25' 23" E. Pop.

22,683. Auth. Board of Trade. P. NC. THW. f. and c. uh 20m ; OSp. rise 20st ; N. rise 151t (increased 2st with N. winds ; much affected by winds). W. prev. S. to W. Rys. L.C. & D. and S.E. Tr.-1. Fish and general merchandise ; E. General merchandise. LV. at HWST. 1,000 tons. Fishing smacks, luggers, and other small craft can come in at LWST., but other vessels such as barques, brigs, schooners, and steamers of greater draught wait for increased depth of water. Accn. The harb. consists of an outer harb. formed by stone piers extending 437yds into the sea, and enclosing an area of 42 acres, and an inner harb. or basin divided from the outer harl). by a stone cross-wall. En. about 208ft wide between pier heads, the depth here is post HW., and 5lt LWST., with iblt at HWNT, Close to the E. pier end, vessels of 8ft draught may lie afloat or go in and out except at low ebb; depths much in Auenced by winds. In outer harb. are gullies about 140ft wide, close to and parallel with the piers on which vessels are safely moored alongside each other in tiers, depth from 3ft 10 5st at LW. Vessels load and unload in inner harb., which is 1,520ft long, soolt wide at centre and 35ost at each end, and has 14 to cost of water. E. entrance 29 st widc ; W. 40ft wide. D. on sill of each, 15ft HWST., and 10 to 12st NT. There is a patent slip soost long, 22st wide, 20ft deep ST., and 15st NT. . Good warehouse and cranage accn.

Charges.-Rates on vessels entering harh. 4d and 6d ton. Dues on goods Cranage. Hawsers.

Pilotage.-See London District.

Towage.-Out clear of the harb., under 25 tons 2/6; over 25 and under 50, 5/; over 50 and under 100, 10/ ; for every additional 100 tons up to 500 tons 5/; 500 and under 600 tons 40/6; 600 tons and upwards 45/; if towed out through Chudl Channel, or to the North Drake Buoy, or an equal distance to the anchorage in Ramsgate Roads, double these rates. To or from beacon off Sandwich Haven, double the above rates. From the harb, to the Downs (with effective ships and in moderate weather), under 200 tons 65; 200 and under 600 tons, for each 100 tons additional £1; 600 tons and upwards £10. Disabled vessels and ships from the Downs, to and from all other '" Castle,

steam crane.

places, as per agreement, or arbitration. From one part of the harb. to another, the next rate below her tonnage. Vessels find their own tow-ropes, but vessels not having any, or having such as cannot be depended upon, and using those belonging to the harb., under 100 tons 10/; 100 and under 300, 15/; for every additional 500 tons 5/ per tide. The steam tuz is available at the above rates only at such times as it is not required for the purposes of the harb., and at the discretion of the harb. master.

Officials.-Harb. Master, Capt. Herbert E. Inskip ; Coll, of H.M. Cust., R. Ambrose ; Lloyal's Agents, Acock & Son. Hotels. Granville,'

Royal Oak," Royal." RATHLIN ISLAND, Co. Antriin, Ireland. Lat. 55° 18' 10" N;

long. 6° 10' 45" W. There is a good harb. at Church Bay, at Sw. of island. RAVEGLASS. A small channel near Whitehaven, near mouth

of Esk. Small vessels discharge on beach. REDBRIDGE. A creek of Port of Southampton. The L. & S. W.

Railway have a good wharf AST. ust. Three 7 ton travelling and other cranes. Official.-S. W. McCarraher. RENFREW HARBOUR, at the mouth of the River Pudzeocht

Auth. Town Council, under Act 1899. Accn. Harb. 66ost x 70ft wide. D. LW. 3ft, HWS. 15st, HIN. rost. A stone quay 22oft long, and a wooden wharf 440ft long, both on the W. side. Used by coasters and steamers when fitting machinery, for which there are facilities. There is a 30-ton

W. prev. SW. Renfrew Wharf belongs to the Glasgow and South Western Ry. ; length 345st, D. roft LW. Used by Co.'s boats for passengers and goods.

Charges.--Table of Rates forwarded on application to Town Clerk.

Officials.-Town Clerk, Andrew R. Harper ; Harb. Master, Alex. Torrance. RESTRONGUET, A. creek between Truro and Falmouth. D.

HWST. 1361 HWNT. 11ft. Official.-F. J. Williams, G. W. Railway Office, Devoran. RHYL, Chester. D. HWST. 15st, HWNT. 8ft. Dry at LW.

Ry. quay with 2 cranes of 30 cwt and 5 tons, and a private steam crane 5 tons. Patent slip for vessels up to 100 tons reg. Tr.--1. Timber, manure, and cement; E. Shingle and sand.

Charges.- Cargo landed on Ry. quay 4d per ton, discharging about 9d per ton. Official.---Lloyd's Agent, R. Jones. RING, Upper and Lower, Co. Cork, Ireland. Upper: A

pier belonging to the Cork County Council. Tr. I. Coal and corn ; E. Corp. Dry at LW., 12ft at HW. D. on bar Toft, Used by vessels up to 100 tons. Lower : A free pier 240f. long, with 13ft LW. Used by vessels up to 220 tons.

Charges.--Harb. 3d per reg. ton; grain 3d, coal 2d per ton.
Official. – Harb. Master, Thos. A. Lendrurn.
ROBIN HOOD'S BAY, Yorkshire. Now disused; no trade.
ROCHESTER, Kent. On the river Medway. Lat. 51° 24 N;

long. 0° 29' E. Pop. 21,307. Auth. Medway Conservators, under Act, 1881. P. NC. Ry. S.E. (Strood) L.C. & D. Tr.-I. Coal, corn, timber, and general stores ; E. Cement and general merchandise. Accn. River can be navigater at any time, and when the wind is from any quarter. Gill's Patent Slip 130 x 28st. The Acorn Barge Building Co. have the gridirons formerly belonging to Mr. Sollitt. H. of T. ST. 7ft itin; N. 4ft Sin. S. rise 18ft ; N. rise 14ft 6in. Dredging is finished, and berths admit vessels drawing 23ft LW. For harbour work, Strood, Rochester, and Chatham are all considered by the authority one and the same place.

Charges. - Harb. and port dues. Coal 5d reg. ton, oats tod, grain or seeds other than oats 7d. Anchorage 2each vessel; moorage 21.

Towage.-The Kaiser Steam Tug Co. have powersul fleet of tugs plying between the Nore, Rochester an 1 Maidstone ; rate from their agents, George Watson & Gill (teley. Tug), Rochester.

Officials.--Sec. to Conservancy Board, F. F. Smith ; Hart Master, Capt. G. T. Richards ; Dep. Harb. Master, A. T. Hill; Coll. of Tolls, John Whitmore ; Coll. at Sheerness, E. W. Brightman ; Coll. ot H.M. Cust., A. S. Williams.

Hotels.--"Bull," Royal Crown,"? "King's Head.” ROCHFORD, Essex. A port attached to Leigh, under the

Port of London. Situated on the Roche, 4 miles N. of Southend. D. HWST. gft, HWNT. 6ft.

Official.-Cust. Officer, T. H. Barbrook.
ROGERSTOWN, RUSH, Co. Dublin. A bar harb. On the

River Rogerstown, 9 miles N. of Howth. Auth. Owner, T. Carey, of Rush. Accn. Schooners from 100 to 150 tons can cross the bar at ST. and discharge their cargoes at the pier. D. ST. 11 to 12st; NT. about 9 ft. D. at discharging berth ST about ist; NT. about gft. Vessels are safe from all winds as soon as they reach the pier.

Charges.--Dues id per ton.
RONEZ, Jersey. Lat 49° 15' 30" N ; long. 2° 8' 58" W.

Auth. Th: Ronez Granite Quarries, Limited. H.W. f. and c. 6 h. 29m. Nean spring rise, 314 ft, neaps 23 ft. Granite shipping port. Pier with ciane. l'essels up 500 tons cin load ; plenty of water alongside pier. Ship always afloat. ROSEHEARTY, Aberdeenshire. Lat. 57° 42' N ; long. 2° 6'

30" W. THW. f. and c. 12h om. Auth. Commrs. under Act 38 and 39 Vict. 1875. There are two harbs., the Western and the Eastern, or Port Rae Harb. The W. pier is 285ft long, carried into 13st ST. ; area of harb. is about 2

Port Rae pier is boost long, carried into host at HW. Boats are drawn up by a steam engine. W. prev. from NW. round to E. northerly.

Charges.-4d per ton reg. on all vessels outwards and inward; inclusive ; ad per ton on vessels wind bound.

Pilotage.--Up 3l per ton, niih extra for men on piers,
Officials.--Clerk, G. W. Ritchie ; llarb. Master, A. Ritchie.
Hotel.-“Forbes Arms."
ROSS, Co. Cork. A pier in Bantry Bay, under authority of

Grand Jury. Official.- Harb, Const., J. Smyth. ROSSCARBERY, Co. Cork. Rosscarbery Bay. Accn. for

coasting vessels at pier and quay. Berths for 2 schooners at pier, and 3 or 4 at quny. D. at En. HWST. 14st and 93ft alongside pier and quay respectively. Harb. dues 3d per reg. ton Tr.-I. Coal, corn, tin ber, bricks.

Official.---Harb. Const., John Smyth.


ROSSLARE HARBOUR, South Bay, Wexford, Ireland. In

connection, by railway, with Wex. ford and the railway system of Ireland. Auth. Fishguard ard Rosslare Railways and Harbours Company. Accn. Not now available, owing to extension work. D. at entrance post LWST., and 26st at HWST. W. prev. S. and SW., from which harb. is well sheltered. Cranes, one 3 ton steam crane. A coastguard and lifeboat station. Pilotage (NC.). Sailing vessels with cargo, in and out, 2}d per reg. ton; sailing vessels, cargo in and ballast out, 2d per reg. ton ; steamers, three-fourths of above.

Towage. Tó or from roadstead to harb., 6d per reg. ton. Official. G. J. Whitelaw, Sec., Paddington Station, London, W. ROSTREVOR, Co. Down, Ireland. Carlingford Bay. Auth.

Owner, The Hon. A. S. G. Canning. Accn. A pier 12ost long ; width 9 to 12ft at HW.; dry at LW. ROTHESAY, Island of Bute. On NE. coast of island, and

affording a good anchorage. Auth. Harb. Trustees. Quay 850ft. D. 9 to 14ft LW., and 17 to 22st HW. Used by vessels drawing ift. There is a 5 ton crane.

Officials.-Harb. Master, D. Macnair; Coll., J. C. Sinclair. RUNCORN. On the Mersey. 17 miles ESE. of Liverpool.

Pop. 20,000. Auth. Bridgewater Trustees; L. & N.W. Ry. Co.; Shropshire Union Ry. Tr.-I. Pottery materials, pig-iron, slates, road-stone, etc. E. Coal, salt, earthenware. Access via Tidal River and Bridgewater Lock, also via Eastham and the Manchester Ship Canal. Terminus of Bridgewater Canal, which extends to Manchester and surrounding district, also joins the Trent and Mersey Canal, forming a direct route to the Staffordshire Potteries and the Midlands. Dock sidings join L. & N.W. main line. Dat E. Tidal dock entrance, width soft, depth 12ft bin and up. Level of Alfred and Fenton Docks maintained at a depth of from 16 to 181t; other docks out of these have a less depth. Accn. Total water space 15 acres. Quayage 2,500 lineal yards. Convenient for transferring cargo from sea-going ve:s Is to canal boats and railway. Warehouses and open storage lor pottery materials, etc. Hydraulic and floating derricks. Dry dock for small craft. Lay-bye on the Manchester Ship Canal below bridges, with access v'a Eastham and the Manchester Ship Canal. Length of quay berth 1,500ft; depth of water 24st; tip for coal and salt; steam cranes and floating derricks.

Charges.--Harbour dues same as Liverpool and Upper Mersey. Towage.-Free for Vessels loaded with cargoes for docks. Pilotage.- Upp: r Mersey conditions.

Officials.-Bridgewater, Agent, John Meadowcroft ; Wiines, General Manager L. & N.W. Ry. ; Ellesmere Port, Collector of H.M. Customs; Lloyd's Agent, F. A. Smith.

for Docks and Lay-bye : Resident Agent, James Evans; Dock Master, William Johnson; Berthing Master (lay-bye), William Hough; H.M. Customs, Clerk in charge : J. Connell, RUSH, Co. Dublin. A tidal harb., with a pier with return end

Lloyds long Auth. Owner, Sir R. Palmer. D. 10 to 14st HW. LV. 120 tons coal laden. RYDE, Isle of Wight. Lat. 50° 44' 25" N ; long. 1° 9' 20" W.

A railway pier, 768yds long, carried out to joft LWST. Auth. The Rylie Pier Co. W. prev. SE. Pier Toll 2d.

Officials.-Man., Walter Donald Stanney; Sec., Leonard Tayler. RYE, Sussex. Situate on the Rother. Lat. 50° 8' N ; long.

0° 7' 44" E. THW. f. and c. uh 2om. D. at LWST. is about ift, and 13st at HWST. Nearly all the works connected with the port are in fair condition ; the entrance, formerly blocked up by sand, is now decidedly better. There is a patent slip for vessels up to 400 tons. Tr.-I. Coals, timber, corn, manure, stone, slates, soda ; E. Timber (oak), burk, chemicals, Aints. W. prev. and most dangerous S. to W. The largest vessels entering have been 13st dft. Auth. Harb. Commrs., under Statutes I Wm. IV., c. 135, and 3 Wm. IV., c. 67. A liseboat station. Charges. 8d reg. ton; ships seeking resuge 2/6 per mooring post. Officials. Clerk, Cuthbert Hayles; Harb. Master, Albert Hedgler.

ST. AGNES.-See Scilly.
ST. ANDREWS, Fifeshire. Lat. 56° 20' N ; long. 2° 47' W.

39 miles NE. of Edinburgh. Ry. N.B. THW. f. and c. 2h 20m. Auth. Harb. Trustees. Tr. I. Coal, manures; E. Potatoes, grain. Accn. Outer harb. 228st 300ft has an entrance 6olt wide, and the inner harb. 560 X 134 has an entrance 29.) wide. En. 12ft OST. 8ft to gft neaps, dries at LW. and D. at HW, is about 13st in the Lower Harb. andi ust in the Upper Harb. Vessels of 204 tons enter at HWST. W. most dang. NE. to SE. Charges. 2d per ton reg. ; d. per ton ex. for water rate; 3d per ton covers lights and water. Harb. dues 3d per reg: ton, ballast ad per ton loading and discharging. Labour on general cargo ad per ton each man. Pilotage. Coastwise 3d per ton reg. in and out. Foreign 50 per ton in and out.

Officials.--Chairman of St. Andrews Harb. Trust, Colonel W. M. Playfair ; Clerk and Treasurer, Hugh Thomson ; Harb. Master and Collector, James Deas.

ST. AUBINS.-See Channel Islands.
ST. DAVID'S, Fiseshire. Frith of Forth. Auth. Trustees of

the late G. W. Henderson. Tr.-I. Pit props; E. Coals. Accn. A small harb. Two steam hoists for loading. LV. 1,300 tons. HWST. 18 to 20st, NT. 14 to 14 st. W. prev. W.

Charges.- Private harb yur. Dues id per ton. Free to vessels loading coals. Ballast discharging 9d per ton. Water free on deck

Pilotage N.C.-1/ per feet draught when required. Shipping and trimming cargo coal 2}d per ton

Officials.-Supt., J. Cairns ; Harb. Master, Capt. Tommereg. ST. HELEN'S HARBOUR, Isle of Wight. Lat. 50° 44' N ;

long. 1° 8' W. THW. uh 4m. D. at En. Nr. 10jft, ST. 15ft ; NT. 13st, ST. 17 ft at quays Rly. Isle of Wight. A yachting and coastguard station. Sidings from quays connect with 1. of W. Ry., forming through communication with all stations in I. of W'. There is a yood trade in coal, timber, slate, &c. Accn. A 10 ton hand power crane, and three i ton steam whipping cranes.

Official.-Manager, H. K. Day.
ST. HELEN'S POOL.-See Scilly.
ST. HELIER.-See Channel Islands.
ST. IVES, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 12' N ; long. 5° 28' W. Auth.

Corporation, under Acts 1853, 1862, and 1885, an order of 1888. THW. f. and c. 4h 440. Accn. Harb. protected bil

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