Sivut kuvina

a breakwater 5ooft long. The stone pier is extended 280lt true sonthh from the seaward end. Area sheltered is about 54 acres. Dry at LWST. Vessels of 400 tons enter at HW. D. at HWST 17ft at pierhead. HWNT. ust. W. prev. S to W. and most slang. NNE. to E. P. Foreign C, coasting NC. One small crane W. pier.

Charges.-Harb. dues on vessels 2d per reg. ton, d per ton ballast, and labour 6/6 per ten tons. Plank 1/. Drift fishing boats not compounding by the year, 2/6 each time of entering or using the harb. and 6d in the £ value of all fish landed.

Pilotage.-Foreign, under rost, 2/ per foot, 10 and under 12, 216. 12 and under 14, 3), 14 and under 16, 3/6, 16 and upwards, 4/; coasting, id per ton reg., or as per agreement.

Officials.-Harb. Master, William Cogar; Harb. Dues Cul'., Henry S. Warren ; Lloyd's Agent, P. K. W. Hawke. Hotels.--" Tregenna Castle," “Western,"

Queen's," and “ White Hart,” “Porthminster.”

ST. JUST POOL. A creek under Port of Falmouth.
Charges.-Same rates.
ST. MARGARET'S HOPE, Orkneys. A creek under Kirk.

wall in the I. of S. Ronaldsha. ST. MARTIN'S.-See Scilly. ST. MARY'S.-Auth. T. A. S. Dorien Smith, under the St.

Mary's (Scilly) Harb. Order, 1890. (See Scilly.) ST. MAWES, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 9' N ; long. 5° o' W.

Auth. Pier and Harb. Co., under Act 17 and 18 Vic. Accn. 9 to 141t LWST, but there is only ift at LW 6. pier head. LV. 300 tons. THW. 5h 7m. One crane carrying a tons. P. same as Falmouth.

Official.-E. Andrew, V.C. ; Sec., L. C. Cock.
ST. MICHAEL'S MOUNT, Cornwall. A granite rock in

Mount's Bay. Harb. dries at
LW. D. at HWST 15st. W. prev. W., most dang. SSE. to
WSW. Auth. Owner, Lord St. Levan.
ST. MONANCE, or St. Monans, Fifeshire. Firth of Forth,

Lat. 56° 12' 30" N ; long. 3° 46' 15" W. Auth. Harb. Commrs.' Order, 1885. A small harb. used principally by fishing boats, dry at LW. Has two loading berths, with stream tides. Loading B. NT., 7 ft. W. prev. and from S. causes less depth of water overall. D. E pier head ST 18st gin; NT. 121t. Tr.-E. potatoes and grain. Boats get in about halftide

Charges.- For vessels from 2}d under 15 tons to 4d 150 tons and over.

Toonage, potatoes 4d per ton, grain id per quarter. Pilotage as per agreement. Weekly payment 60 per man, 6d per boat and 3d per steamer ; stranger boats charged for entry according to length, over 30ft 1/, under 6d.

Officials.- Joiot Clerks to Corporation, A. C. Mackintosh and H. Watson, Solicitors, Anstruther; llarb. Master and Coll. of Rates, John Reekie.

ST, PETER'S PORT.-See Channel Islands.
ST. SAMPSONS.-See Channel Islands,
SALCOMBE, Devonshire. Lat. 50° 13' N; long. 3° 46' W.

Ry. G.W. recently opened. Auth. Commis. sioners, by lease from Duchy of Cornwall for 21 years from June 1903.

Accn. Tist on bar LWNT and 6st at LWST, 19ft at HWNT, and 24ft at HWST. W. most dang. SE., S. and SW. THW. f. and c. 5h 41m. Ample quayage both at Salcombe and at Kingsbridge, 4 miles up the estuary. D. at quay berths ST. 11 to 12ít, NT. 7 to 8ft. A lifeboat station. Steamers carrying passengers and cargo twice a week to Plymouth. A deep water channel mark has been placed on the hill which is to be kept in line with the Moult Point and white panel with b'ack uprights at North Sands seawall, and vessels should take the bar about one-third the distance from the entrance. Steamer runs twice and three times a day to meet trains at Kingsbridge, according to lides.

Official.-Harb. Master, Wm. Cook.
Hotels.-“Marine,” “Bolt Head,” and “ York House."
SALFORD.See Manchester Canal.
SALTCOATS, Ayrshire. On the Clyde. Ry. G. and S. W.

Tr. Export trade in coals and salt. SALTERNS WHARF, Dorsetshire. A private whars in Poole

Harb). SALTFLEET, Lincolnshire. 33 miles NE. of Lincoln. A place

much decayed. Dry at LW.; H.W. 7ft. W. prev. NNW. to SE. THW. f. and c. 5h 45m. Used only for sloops bringing up coal There is a coastguard station. A lifeboat station is situated 4 miles N. at Donna Nook, of wbich Mr. Gilbert Houlden is Hon. Sec. SALTNEY (see also Chester). The quay is situated on the main

line of the G.W. Ry. Co. Steam and hand cranes are provided, and there is every convenience for shipping bricks timber, ore, pig iron, grain, &c. The Company have a powerfu steam tug Manxman--by which vessels loading or discharging at their quay retowed to or from the Wild Roads free. The tug is also available for to wing vessels to or from o her points on the Dee at fixed charges.

Official.-Harb. Master and G. W. R. Co.'s Agent, W. E. James. SANDAY, Orkneys, in Sanday Island. Auth. Orkney Ilarb.

Commrs., under Orkney Harbs. Act, 1886. Tr.--I. Coal and merchandise ; E. Kelp, grain, and cattle. Accn. A stone pier 25ost long, carried out to oft LWST. ; also boat.slip. W. prev. SE., most dang. SSE. and SF.

Charges.--Harh., 15 10 30 tons, 2d reg. ton, 30 to 100 311, 100 to 150 4d, 150 and up 6d. Loading and unloading light goods 2d per BB, heavy 1/4 per ton, cools 6d, kelp 8d.

Official.--Harb. Master, Henry Burgher.
SANDHAVEN, Aberdeenshire. 2 miles from Fraserburgh.

Auth. The Hon. C. Forbes Trefusis, under Prov. Orders of 1873 and 1881. Accn. Area 14 acres. D. ialt at Beacon LW., 6lt at Purhead LW., 16ft HW.

Charges.-4d per reg ton harbour dues ; loading and discharg. ing salt and coals 6d per to). Official.--Harb. a Mster, Capt. Trail. SANDSEND. A beck near the Port of Whitby. SANDSIDE HARBOUR, W. of Thurso, Caithness. A small

larb. with two good piers. Dry at LW,

ton reg.

SANDWICH, Kent. II miles E. of Canterbury. Auth.

Corporation, under Act 1847. Tr.-1. Corn. coal, timber, &c. Harb. is much choked, and has lost its importance. The channel is narrow and tortuous, and only available for vessels of 12ft. draught. W. most dang. SE., S. and W. In Saxon times the most important port in England. Cranage up to 5 tons.

Charges.-Harb. dues upon vessels laden 3d per ton reg. ; if out laden a further id. Harb. rates and dues upon cargo according to nature of cargo.

Towage.-Upon vessels under 60 tons reg. £l each way ; over 60 tons reg. 4d per ton each way.

Officials.-Harb. Master, C. J. Conquest ; Coll. of Cust., J. W Wilson, Deal. SANDYCROFT (see Chester). A small dock and wharf on the

River Dee belonging to the Sandycrost Foundry Co. SAUNDERSFOOT, Pembrokeshire. Lat. 51° 43' N ; long.

4° 42' W. Ry. Pembroke and Tenby. Auth. Owner, C. H. R. Vickerman, Esq., of St. Issells, under Act 10 Geo. IV., c. 108. Tr.- Anthracite coal, nuts, and culm. Accn. A small tidal harb. used by vessels up to 500 tons, and having a depth of 17st at HWST. and host at HWNT. Good quayage, with 3-ton crane. Charges.- Harb. dues coastwise ad per ton reg; foreign 4d per

Trimming coal 2ļd per ton; ditto culm ad per ton. Discharging ballast (including use of steam crane) &d per ton.

Pilotage.--As per agreement, about 10/ per 100 tons.
Official.-Harb. Master, E. J. Harvey.
Hotel.--"Hean Castle."
SCALLOWAY. A creek under Port of Lerwick, W. coast of

Shetland. Tr.-1. General; E. Fish, all kinds, cattle, sheep. D. HWST. 24ft; HWNT. 17ft. THW. f. and c. 9h 30m. Has fine harb. and quay, with about 12ft at low water, owned by Messrs. Hay & Co. Dues twopence to fourpence per ton reg., according to size of vessel. Official.- Piermaster, W. Rae Duncan. Pilotage as agreed. SCARBORO', Yorkshire. Lat. 54° 18' N ; long o° 25' W. Pop.

38,190. Auth. Harb. Commissioners, under Acts 1843 and 1876. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 4h im ; Sp. rise 15ft ; N. rise 910; R. of N. 8}ft. D. Entrance dry at ST. W. prev. SW.; most dangerous SE. to E. Ry. N.E. Tr.--I. Timber and ice. LV. ss. 715 reg. tons ; dft of largest sailing vessel 154st. Accn. The harb. is formed by the E. Old or Vincent and W. piers enclosing two independent harbs., the outer of 5% acres, the inner of 9 acres. The bottom throughout is mud and sand. At ST. there is about 16 to 18ft of water at pier end. Vessels of 12 to 13ft dft can enter and be berthed during ST., and those of 9 to uft during NT. Steam crane t: Iş tons, hand crane to i ton. En.-Outer Harb., boom entrance NE. 4 E., 33ft wide, bridge entrance E. by S. 1 S., 33st wide ; Inner Harb., NE. 4 N., icost wide. Both harbours are dry at LW., and vessels should not charter for this port unless adapted to take the ground whether at a quay berth or otherwise.

Charges.-Harb. dues under 50 tons ad per ton, over 50 ton 3d per ton. Dues on coal landed 6d ton. Corporation

16 each ves,el. Coal delivered ild ton. Vessels in ballast sheltering id per ton.

Pilotage.-District not defined. Rates as per agreement. No fixed rate. Usual charge 10/ to £i ios, according to size.

Towage.--1/ per keel.

Officials.-Clerk to Commrs., J. Stephenson ; Harb. Master, George Appleyard ; Supt. of H.M Cust., G. M. Smith; Lloyd's Agent, W. Alosey. SCHULL, Co. Cork. (See Skibbereen.) 8 miles NE. from

Fastnet Rock. A safe harb., sheltered from SW. to SE. Good anchorage sheltered on all points is from 18ft to 21st.

Official.-Harb. Const., Amos O'Reiley.
SCILLY. A group of islands 24 miles WSW. of Land's End.

Lat. 49° 51' and 50° N; long. between 6° u' and 6° 30 W. Pop. 2,000. P. NC. THW. P. and c. 4h 30m ; Sp. rise 16st; N.

rise 12lt ;

Equinoctial tides rise 2ost. HIS. 23st 4in. LS. 7ft 6in. D. LWST 15ft to 3oft ; LWM. 18ft to 33st. Tr.-1. Timber, coals, flour, bread, and general merchandise ; E. Potatoes and Jobsters. Accn. The Scilly Islands consist of 48 islands, but of these only five, viz. : --St. Mary's, St. Agnes, St. Martin's, Trescow, and Bryer are inhabited. These five islands possess several harbs. for vessels capable of taking the ground, and also one for ships of large dit, viz., St. Mary's Road. This harb, affords shelter from all winds, except those from the west ward between WNW. and SW. The anchorage here is between the island of St. Mary and that of Samson, and has five entrances. The general depths are from 6 to 13 sat homs. The other harbs. of note are Old and Neru Grimsby and St. Helen's Pool.

Charges.- Anchor dues 2/4 per vessel. Keelage 2d per reg ton.

Pilotage.-District. To and from, into and out of, all ports and places in and about the islands of Scilly. Rates. On vessels from or bound to Foreign Ports of 60 tons and under, £2 2s ; 70 tons, £2 4s 60 ; 80, 32 78 ; 90, £2 9s 6d ; 100, £2 123 6d ; 110, £2 155 rod; 120, £2 195 2d ; 130, £3 2s 6d ; 140, £3 5s vod ; 150, 43 95 20 ; 160, 63 125 60 ; 170, £3 155 iod ; 180, Ł3 195 2d; 190, £4 25 60 ; 200, Zi4 45 ; 210, £475 40 ; 220, £4 ios 8d ; 230; £4 149; 240, £4 175 4d; 250, 65 os 8d ; 260, 65 45 ; 270, £5 75 44 ; 280, £5 ios 8d ; 290, 45 145 ; 300, £5 15$ 6d ; 310, 45 16s 6d ; 320, £5 175 60 ; 330, £5 185 60 ; 340, £5 195 td; 350, 46 os 6d; 360, £6 is 6d ; 370, £6 2s 6d ; 380, 26 3s 6d ; 390, £6 4s 60 ; 400, £6 6s; 410, £6 ios ; 420, £6 145 ; 430, £6 18s; 440, £7 28 ; 450, £7 6s; 460, £7 108 ; 470, £7 145 ; 480, £7 185; 490, £8 28 ; 500, £86s; 510, £898 ; 520, £8 125 ; 530, 48 155 ; 540, £8 18s; 550, £9 15 ; 560, £9.45; 570, £9 75 ; 580, £9 los ; 590, 69 138 ; 600, £9 168 ; 610, £9 185 60 ; 620, £1 IS ; 630, £ 10 3s 6d ; 640, £10 65 ; 650, £10 8s 6d ; 660, £10 LIS; 670, £10 13s 6d ; 680, £10 168 ; 690, £10 18s 6d ; 700, £unis; 710, £n 35 ; 720, 411 55 ; 730, kun 75; 740, £119s ; 750, £U HIS; 760, £1135; 770, £11 155 ; 780, ku 175 ; 790, {11 198 ; 800, £ 12 IS; 810, £12 28 6d ; 820, £ 12 48 ; 830, £12 58 60 ; 840, £1275 ; 850, £12 8s 60 ; 860, £12 ios ; 870, £12 vs 6d ; $80, £12 138 ; 890, £12 145 ód ; 900, £12 16s; and an additional is for every to tons above 900. On Coasting Vessels of 60 tons and under 11 ; 70 tons, ki 2s 60 ; 80, £1 58 ; 90, L1 75 6d ; 100, ki IUS ; 110, kl 125 60 ; 120, E1155 ; 130, £ 1 175 60 ; 140, £2 ; 150, £2 2s 60 ; 160, £2 58 ; 170, +2 7s 6d ; 180, £2 10s; 190, £2 IIS; 200, £2 12s 6d ; 210, £2 158 rod; 220, £2 195 2d ; 230, £3 25 611 ; 240, £355 cod ; 250, £39s 21l ; 260, £3 12s 60 ; 270, 23 155 10d ; 280, £ 3 195 20 ; 290, Ł4 2s 6d ; 300, £4.45 ; and in proportion or a greater tonnage. No charge for less than 5 tons. For 5 tons and upwards, the next rate to be charged. For removing a vessel within the limits of the port, 10/6. For a pilot remaining on board a vessel by request 10/6 for every 24 hours, or any part thereof. The above rates are for the whole service, in and out, but any pilot employed to conduct a vessel inwards only, is entitled to two-thirds of the said rates, the vessel having been properly moored in one of the regular harbs.

Towage.-£5 per vessel, or 2.d per ton. Officials.-Steward, C. B. Maggs ; L!oyd's Agents, Banfield & Hooper.

Hotels.--Tregarthen's Co., Ltd., Holgate's Hotel, “ Atlantic,” and “ Telegraph.' SCRABSTER, Caithness, Thurso Bay. There are 2 piers for

steamers drawing from 12st to post. Tr. Principal imports are general goods, groceries, ironmongery, wood, salt, coal, fish, manure, oilcake, &c., by weekly steamer, and herring tishing industry during summer season. D. ST. 12ft to 25ft, NT. 15ft to 16ft. LV. 1,000 tons. Highland Ry. 3 miles from the harb. THW. f. and c. 8h 30m. Accn. Harb. can accommodate twenty small vessels about 200 tons burthen, and two large vessels 800 to 1,000 tons burthen.

Charges.-From 40 to 6d per ton on general goods. Harb. dues, coasting 4d per reg. ton, foreign 6d to 1/6.

Pilotage.-As per agreement.
Official.-Ilarb. Master, David Sinclair, under trustees.
SEAHAM HARBOUR, Durhain. A seaport about 6 miles S. of

Sunderland. Lat. 54° 50' N; long. 1° 19' W. Pop. 9,000.

Auth, Seaham Harbour Dock Co. P. NC. THW. 3h 24m ; Sp. rise 154ft ; N. rise uzst; R. of N. 6 ft. D. Quier harb. HW. at ST. 10ft. W. prev. E. and NE. Ry, North-Eastern. Tr.-1. Pit-woud, timber, &c.; E. Coal principally, glass bottles, &c. LV. 1,000 tons burthen. No vessel can enter at LW, The En, to harb., formed by E. and S. piers, is 115ft wide. Accn. The harb. is altogether 65 acres, viz. :

Depth of water.



of entrance.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


There is good cranage-power of from 5 to 10 tons. Extensive enlargements and improvements are in progress. New dock of 10 acres nearly finished.

Charges.-Light and harb. dues. Hospital, Trinity dues, fresh water, weighing anchors, lifeboat. Discharging ballast, is. per ton.

Pilotage.-1/3 per foot summer, 1/6 per foot winter.

Officials.-Secretary, D. N. Grimes ; Harb. and Dock Man., J. Smith; N.E. Ry. Co. ; Lloyd's Agent, Capta'n J. Smith.

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