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be entitled to the following additional pay:-From St. Alban's Head or Bill of Portland, to off Bridport or Lyme £2 2s.; if three leagues from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme £3 35. ; it six leagues from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme £4 4s.; if ten leagues from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme £66s. Steam vessels calling at Portland for coal only to pay for pilotage into and out of Roads 2/ per foot for vessel-dry of water.

Towage. As per agreement with Messrs. Cosens & Co., Weymouth.

Hotels. "Crown,'


Officials.-Town Clerk, Sir R. N. Howard; Harb. and Pier Master, Robt. A. Ayles; Wharfinger, Henry Warren; Coll. of H.M. Cust., W. D. Thompson; Lloyd's Agent, W. Butt. Marine,' Victoria," Queen's," ""Golden Lion," "Burdon,' "Gloucester," "Royal.' WHIDDY HARB., Bantry Bay, Ireland. Secure and well sheltered for large ships.


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WHITBY, Yorkshire. On the Esk. Lat. 54° 29′ N; long. 0° 36' W. Pop. 14,086. Auth. Harbour Trustees, under Act 1879 and an order of 1883. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 3h 45m; Sp. rise 16ft; N. rise 11ft; R. of N. 10ft. D. Bar dry at LW. W. prev. NE.; most dangerous N. to NW. Ry. N.E. Tr. I. Timber, Coal, &c. LV. Dora, 1,558 tons register. Accn. The harb. is formed by two piers, E. 98oft long, and W. 1,050ft long, and has an area of 89 acres, with a depth at HWOST. varying from 10ft to 15ft, which is influenced by wind. Two 5 ton cranes; private cranes of from 2 to 5 tons. Quayage space abou 3,000ft.

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Charges. Harb. dues, under 50 tons 2d ton, over 50 tons 21d per ton. Refuge, id per ton. Rates on goods.

Pilotage. District undefined. Rates per foot. Whitby, from April 1 to Oct. 1, 1/3; from Oct. 1 to April 1, 1/6. Seaham, Blyth, Amble, Alnmouth, North Sunderland, or Holy Island, ditto. Towage.-Agreement. No fixed rates.

Officials.-Secs. to Harb. Trust., P. G. Coble and J. W. Foster; Harb. Master, Capt. W. Knight; Coll. of Rates, J. W. Foster; Lloyd's Agent, G. Milburn.

Hotels." Métropole," "Royal," "Station."

66 Crown," 'Angel," and


WHITEHALL, Stronsay, Orkneys. Auth. Orkney Harb. Commrs., under Act of 1887. Accn. A stone pier 464ft long, carried out to 10ft LW. and 23ft HWST. Vessels of 7ft draught come alongside at all times of tide, and vessels of 13ft 6in at HW. W. prev. and most dangerous NW. and NE.

Officials.-Clerk to Commrs., D. J. Robertson, solicitor, Kirkwall; Harb. Master, David Chalmers; Assist., D. Chalmers, Junr.

WHITEHAVEN, Cumberland. Lat. 54° 33' N; long. 3° 35' W. Pop. 19,236. Auth. Whitehaven Harb. Commrs., constituted under "The Borough and Harb. of Whitehaven Scheme," 1894 P. NC. THW. 11h 14m; Sp. rise 26ft; N. rise 19ft. D. at En. 20ft OHWST, 14ft OHWNT; at quay berths 16ft OHWST; in tidal harb. 12ft. OHWNT. W. prev. SW.; most dangerous W. and NW. Rys. L. & N. W., W. C. & E., and Furness. Tr.-I. Grain, timber, cattle, coke, and general; E.

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Coal, iron-ore, pig-iron, steel rails, and quarry stone. LV, about 3,000 tons burthen. Accn. A tidal harb. with wet dock, enclosed by piers, and divided into the Outer, Inner, N. and S. The Queen's Dock is 4 acres in extent, entrance 50ft wide at quay level 44ft at top of invert. Quayage space, harbour and dock, 8,992ft. Extensive shed accommodation and every facility for shipping. Slipway and gridiron, Steam cranes: Two of 6 tons, one of 5 tons, four of 3 tons, two of 2 tons; hand cranes-one of IO tons, one of 2 tons, four of 1 tons, two of I ton, steam tug slip, &c:


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Charges.-Light dues 2d per ton. Tonnage rates: Inwards, for every vessel with a cargo from any port in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands using tidal harb. only, 3d per ton reg.; ditto, using wet dock, 4d; for every vessel with a cargo entering the harb. or dock from any other port or place, 5d; for every vessel entering the harb. or dock without cargo or in ballast, 3d. Outwards, for every vessel clearing, with a cargo on board, for any port in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands, 5d; for every steamer engaged in the home trade and clearing with a cargo of iron or steel for any port in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands, or to Hamburgh or Bordeaux, or any port on the coast between the same, 31d; for every vessel clearing with a cargo for any other port or place but which entered with a cargo, 5d; for every vessel clearing with a cargo on board for any other port or place, but which entered without a cargo, 6d; for every vessel clearing without a cargo, 5d. All vessels put into harb. and not entering the dock through stress of weather or for repairs shall pay half the above dues. Any vessel remaining in the harb. or dock for more than forty-two days will be charged at the rate of 2d per ton per week or part of a week afterwards Every vessel entering or leaving the harb, having gunpowder or dynamite or other explosives on board will be charged for tonnage dues not less than £1. The Harb. Authority provides hoppers for the reception of ballast at 8d per ton, put on board.

Pilotage.-District. Harbour boat, belonging to the Harb. Authority attends all vessels entering the harbour, for which a tonnage charge is made. The Trinity House has appointed Pilotage Sub-Commissioners from Haverigg Point to Maryport, including Whitehaven. It is expected that pilots will be licensed before the end of 1904.

Towage. When tug is used: All coasting vessels Id per ton, and all foreign vessels 2d per ton within certain limits.

Officials. Clerk to Harb. Comm., John Tyson; Harb. and Dock Master, Andrew Irving; Harb. Engineer, F. Rowe Willcocks; Superintendent of H.M. Cust., S. W. Goodall; Lloyd's Agents, J. and W. Jackson.


Hotels.-"Grand," 99.66 Globe," ," "Black Lion," "Golden Lion," "Albion," and "Waverley."

WHITEHILLS, Banffshire, Scotland. Lat. 57° 40' N ; long. 2° 32′ W. Situated midway between Banff and Portsoy. Tr.-I. Coals and salt. A small tidal harb., dry at LW. HWST. 11ft, HWNT. 9ft. Ent. 40ft wide, for vessels of 8oft keel. New harb. completed. Auth. Whitehills Harb. Commrs. under Harb. Order, 1895. W. prev. N. and NE. THW. f. and c. 11h 45m. Charges.-Vessels 3d per ton, coals 6d, salt 9d, and fish 2/ ton. Official.-Harb. Master, George Lovie.

WHITHORN.-See Isle of Whithorn.


WHITSTABLE, Kent. Lat. 51° 22' N; long. 1° 2' E. L.C. & D. & S.E. THW. f. and c. 12h om. Auth. S.E. Ry. under Act 16 and 17 Vic. c. 157. Accn. Small tidal harb. with about 613yds. of quayage, dry at LW. D at HWST. 14ft and 11ft at NT. W. prev. SW. to NE. Tr.-Coal, corn timber; extensive oyster grounds. Accn. Four small slipways take vessels of 250 tons reg. Good anchorage in River Swale.

Charges.-Tonnage dues on vessels bringing goods other than coal 44d per ton; coal vessels, td per ton reg., and id meterage; refuge dues 2d per ton per week. Repairing dues, 6d per ton reg. for three weeks, after 3d week.

Pilotage. If required, assistance can be obtained from fishermen at, say, 10/ per voyage.

Officials. Harb. Master, W. B. London; Lloyd's Agent, Capt. J. R. Daniels; P. O. Cust., R. Merrick.

Hotel.-"Duke of Cumberland."

WICK AND PULTNEY, Caithness. Lat. 58° 27' N; long. 3° 7′ W. Pop. 8,250. Auth. Harbour Trust. under W. and P. Harbour Acts, 1879 and 1903, P. NC. THW. f. and c. 11h 22m; Sp. rise 10ft ; N. rise 7ft; R. of N. 5ft. D. There is about 8ft of water at LWST. and 11ft LWNT. between the outer portion of the enclosing piers, and the new head of the S. pier is constructed in about 1oft of water at ebb. W. prev. from W. to SW., and are off the land. The bay is exposed from NE. to S., and with strong winds from these directions a heavy surf is raised in the bay. Ry. Highland. Tr.-I. Timber and salt; E. Grain, wool, fish, &c. LV. 962 reg. tons. Accn. Wick and Pultney Harb. consists of 2 basins, generally known as the inner and outer harbs. They are tidal harbs, with a total area of about 114 acres, with 8 ft at LW. of ST. There are about 4,000 lin. ft of quay walls. Vessels of 260ft in length and 16ft deep can discharge and load. Vessels drawing 8ft can enter at LW. There is limited cranage and warehouse accn. The harb. is at present being deepened to 18ft at HWST., and 15ft to 16ft at HWNT. Charges.-Harb. dues coasting vessels 4d per ton; vessels to or from foreign ports 8d. Rates on goods.

Pilotage. District. Within a line drawn from the North Head to the South Head of Wick Bay. Rates. For every vessel above 20 tons entering and leaving harb. 4d reg. ton; for each tide's work within the harb. 7/6; for laying out kedge or warp to assist

vessels 5/. Outside the harb. limits :-For one tide on board, 5/; for any period from 12 to 24 hours, 10/; if detained on board 36 hours, 20/; if two days or a week on board, not more than 30/; if obliged to bear up for shelter to any of the adjacent harbs. not more than 40/. Vessels which have sailed from the harb. and put back by stress of weather, or from any other cause, without having accomplished the voyage, are not liable for additional rates.

Towage. As per agreement.

Officials.-Treas., A. W. Dunnett; Sec., D. W. Georgeson; Harb. Master, W. Paterson; Coll. of H.M. Cust., C. L. Lord. WICKLOW, Co. Wicklow. Lat. 52° 57' N ; long. 6° 0′ 5′′ W. Ry. D.W. & W. THW. f. and c. 1oh. 30m. Auth. Commissioners under Acts, 1842 and 1851, and the Irish Loans Act, 1888. Accn. Area about 15 acres. D. 8ft LW.; alongside breakwater, 15ft LW. Packet quay 300ft long with 9ft. LW. LV. 1,520 tons drawing 15ft. W. prev. SW., SE. & E. to NE.

Charges.-Windbound, 2d per ton reg.; cargo, 6d per ton; light in, cargo out, 4d per ton.

Officials.-Sec., F. W. McPhail; Harb. Master and Lloyd's Agent, Captain Doolittle.

Hotels.-"Bridge," ""Green Tree," "Roche's," "The Grand." WIGTOWN, Wigtown. Lat. 54° 53′ N; long. 4° 25′ W.Pop. 1,386. Auth. Town Council of Burgh. P. NC. THW. 11h 30m. D. in river at LW. from 2 to 5ft; ST. 18ft; NT. 1oft. W. prev. S. to SE. Ry. Wigstownshire. Tr.-I. Timber, grain, coal, and manure; E. Agricultural produce and bale goods. Accn. The harb., which is dry at LW., has an area of about I acre.

Charges.-Harb. dues 3d and id per ton. Ballast Is per ton. Pilotage. District not defined. Rates as per agreement.. Towage. As per agreement.

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Officials.-Town Clerk, Wm. McClure; Supt. H.M. Cust., at Stranraer; Lloyd's Agent, W. C. Lawrie.

Hotels. "Galloway Arms," " Commercial,"


WISBECH, Isle of Ely. On the river Nene. Lat. 52° 41′ N ; long. o° 9' E. Pop. 9,395. Auth. Mayor, aldermen, and burgesses, under Statute 50 Geo. III. c. 206. P. C. foreign; coast wise free. THW. 7h om; Sp. rise 15 to 17ft. D. on bar varies from 8ft to 10ft at LW. W. prev. SW. Rys. G. E., G.N.R. and M. Tr.-I. Coal, timber, &c.; E. Corn, coals, salt, and agricultural produce. LV. 2,000 tons. Accn. Wisbech Eye, safe anchorage in 6fms LW., 16 miles from town and approached by river Nene, 200ft wide at HWST., augmented by NW. winds. The Sutton Bridge Dock has an area of 13 acres, with a depth of 18ft at NT. and 23ft ST. Quayage space 800ft, but cannot be used at present. Although the dock cannot be used a large trade is done in the harb. at Sutton Bridge and Wisbech, many large vessels discharging there. In 1890 the quay at Wisbech was extended for a distance of about 1,000 yds. so as to enable vessels to lie alongside. D. ST. 20ft; NT. 12ft. Crane 5 tons.

Charges.-Tonnage rates, U.K. and foreign ports, from 2d to 9d ton. Towage.-As per agreement.

From or To

Pilotage rates for port of Wisbech (barges and lighters excepted):—

All other Vessels.

The Roaring Middle Buoy
The Lower Roads at Sea...
Sutton Bridge, otherwise
Cross Keys Bridge........

To or From

The Lower Roads at Sea
Wisbech Town
Sutton Bridge, otherwise
Cross Keys Bridge...
Wisbech Town

Vessels drawing

less than
12ft water

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Officials.-Town Clerk, C. E. F. Copeman; Harb. Master, J. D. Wiseman; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. D. Attwell; Lloyd's Agent, also Broker, J. R. Sandberg.

WITHERNSEA, Yorkshire. A fishing port and pleasure resort. Open beach. Iron pier.

WIVENHOE, Essex. River Colne. Auth. Colchester Corporation, under Act, 1892. Ry. G.E. Vessels of 300 tons get up to this place. There is a patent slipway and dry dock, D. 7ft 6in to 1oft ST., rise and fall, 6ft. Messrs. Forrest & Son, Ltd., of 101, Leadenhall Street, London, E.C., have a graving dock at this place.

Official.-Coll. of Channel Dues, William Crosby.

WOODBRIDGE, Suffolk. Lat. 51° 59′ N; long. 1° 23' E. On the Deben. No Harb. Auth. Considerable trade in coal, corn, timber, &c. Accn. Convenient wharves and quays, 13ft at entrance, 10ft 6in at quays.

WOODHAVEN, Fifeshire. On the Tay, opposite to Dundee. The only remains of a harb. is a stone pier.

WORKINGTON, Cumberland. On the Derwent. Lat. 54° 38' N; long. 3° 33′ W. Pop. 30,000. Auth. Workington Harbour Authority. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 11h 4m; Sp. rise 25ft; N. rise 20ft. D. of water at entrance at LW. 2ft. W. prev. SW. Rys. L. & N. W. Cleator & Workington. Tr.-I. Grain, timber, ore, and general goods; E. Coal, rails, pig-iron, gravel, &c. LV. 1,134 reg. ton; length 260ft, dft. 18ft 6in. Accn. The barb., formed by the outlet of the river Derwent, is fronted by a stony foreshore one-third of a mile broad. That to the S. of the entrance projects well out to the W. of the N. shore, and from it a stone pier runs out in a NW. and WNW. direction, from which a breakwater extends NW. 500ft; also on same side are a wooden pier, quay jetty, and main pier containing a space known as the old dry dock; also another projection called Merchants' Quay, between which and the main pier is the harb. On the N. side is the Lonsdale Dock 600ft long, 300ft wide, area about 4 acres. Entrance gates 40ft wide, depth over sill ST. 18ft; NT. 111⁄2ft. Ample and convenient stowing ground for rails, pig-iron, iron ore, &c. Large and convenient shed for dry goods. Wooden wharf on south side of channel, abreast ment of gravel.

10 steam cranes.

shipyard, for ship

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