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Charges.-Harb, and dock dues 7d and foreign gd per ton. Harb, boat 1/6 to 21/ per vessel, according to size. Pilotage. District. See Whitehaven. Rates 1/6 to 5/ according to size.

Towage.-Steamer inwards, įd ton; steamer outwards, jd ton ; special rates by agreement. Sailing vessels, in or out, id per ton.

Officials.-Dock and Harb. Master, D. Armstrong; Deputy, J. Nelson ; Traffic Man. and Coll. of Harb. Dues, John B. Hamilton; Lloyd's Agents, J. G. Oldfield & Co.

Hotels.-"Green Dragon," " Station,” “Commercial,” and County.”

WORTHING, Sussex. Watering place. Charges.-According

to agreement.

YARM, Yorkshire. Inland creek of Port of Stockton-on-Tees.

Only navigable for small vessels. Officials.-Same as Stockton.

YARMOUTH, Isle of Wight. Pop. 460. Auth. The Town

Trust, under the Yar Bridge Act, 1858, and the Yarmouth Pier Order, 1874. THW. joh-12h; Sp. rise 7ft ; N. rise 6 ft. D. over bar at LW. about 5ft, at HW. about 13ft; quay berths, 6 ft to 9 ft. W. prev. SW.; most dangerous at NW. Tr.-I. Coal, timber, railway goods ; E. Clay and malting barley. LV. about 350 tons. Accn. At the mouth of the Yar river there is a port for small vessels, an excellent quay, and good shelter is provided by a breakwater. 5-ton crane. There is a pier outside the harb. used principally by passenger steamers.

Charges.-Harb, dues, colliers over 200 tons 7/6 each, under, 1/6 to 5/ each, according to burden and tonnage. Towage.- None.

Officials.-Clerk, J. A. Cole; Harb. Master, E. Bright.
Hotels.– The “Pier,” and “ Bugle.”
YARMOUTH, GREAT, Norfolk. Lat. 52° 34' 25" N ; long.

1° 44' 20" E. Pop. 51,000. Auth. The Great Yarmouth Port and Haven Commrs. under Acts, 1866 and 1900.

THW. (Y. Roads) f. and c. 9h 15m; Sp. rise 6ft ; N. rise 4ft ; D. The depth at entrance to haven over bar averages 12ft LWOST. Av. rise and fall of tide 6st in N. and NW. winds, the rise of tide increases from 1 to 3ft. The minimum depth on bar in the fairway of the entrance between the piers is nift at LW.or 18st at HWOST. W. prev. W. are NW. to SW., and the most dangerous are ESE. to S. Ry. G. E. and M. and G.N. Tr.-I. Grain, timber, seed, oilcake, stones, coal; E. Grain, flour, fish. LV. 3,480 gross tons; 18 st deepest dft. Accn. Area of harb. about 20 acres. No docks. About 23,40ost of quayage. Numerous quays and wharves along both sides of the river. There are five dry docks, one of which has taken a ship up to 8oo tons. Crane power to 10 tons.

Charges.-Rates on vessels vary from 3d to 60 ton ; coal vessels of any size, 3d per ton. Weighing and measurage. Cranage. Ballast 1/2 per ton. Dues on goods 4d to 1/ per ton.


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Towage.-From or to the Roads-
Loaded. In ballast.

Loaded. In ballast. £ s. d. £ s. d. Under 50 tons ..

£ s. d. £ s. d. 0 15 6 O 13 0 320 and under 330 4 7

o 3 II 50 and under 60


340 4 9 o 60


3 13 o 190 O 17



3 14 70

80 I

o 19
360 4 13

3 16 O 80 go I 5


370 4 15 O 3 17
100 I 8

1 3
380 4 17

3 19
IIO I 10 6

390 4 19 4 I
I 20

I 7
400 5 1

4 3
130 I 15 6

I 10

410 5 3 6 4 5
140 I 19

I 12
420 5 6

4 7 6 140

2 2
I 15

5 8 6

4 10
16о 2 5

I 18

440 5 II 160

4 12
170 2 8

2 I
450 5 13 6

4 15
180 2,12

2 3

460 5 16 180

4 17
2 16



0 200


480 6

I 5 2 6 200 210 3 2

2 II 6


5 5 0 210 220 3 5 o 2 13

500 6 6

5 76 220 230 3 7 2 15 6


6 230 240 3 9

2 17

520 6 14 5 15 6 240 250 3 II

2 19
530 6 18

5 19 250

3 13

540 7 2



270 3 15


7 6 6 7 6 270

3 17

560 7 10

6 II 6 280 290 3 19

570 7 14 6 15 6 290

4 I

580 7 18

6 300

4 3 O 3 8 6 580

8 2

7 3

6 310 320 4 5 o 3 10


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Over 600 tons to be agreed for. Vessels over 70 tons requiring to be towed from

quay to ballast wharf will be charged 5s each.

Pilotage. -District. From Yarmouth to and from the Dudgeon Light Vessel, and from Yarmouth to and from Orfordness; thence across the Kentish Knock to and from the Downs. Rates :

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For Vessels For Vessels

For Vessels not ex.

ex. uift, and u ft dft. not ex. 14ft.

ex. 14ft. From the Dudgeon Light, its parallel

d. £ S.

d. s. d. of latitude, or the northward there. of, to Orfordness



• From Smith's Knowl, Yarmouth, or
Lowestoft to Orfordness


15 * From Southwold to Orfordness....


17 From the Dudgeon Light, its parallel

of latitude, or the northward thereof, to Yarmouth Roads, either within or without the Sands

3 12

6 From the Dudgeon Light, its parallel

of latitude, or the northward thereof, to Downs

15 15 From Smith's Knowl, Yarmouth, or Lowestoft, to Downs

8 8 From Smith's Knowl, Yarmouth, or

Lowestoft, to the entrance of the

From Orfordness to the entrance of the

From Sea to Yarmouth Roads, through

any of the Channels From Yarmouth Roads, through any

4/ per foot draught. of the Channels, to Sea


foot draught. An addition of one-fifth is chargeable on the above rates, in case the pilot shall

conduct the vessel to any port or place westward of the Nore Light.

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No vessel to pay for less than ust. Into and out of the harb. of Yarmouth, per foot :-Vessels 8ft dft and under, 1/6; above 8ft and under gft, 1/9; 9ft and under roft, 2); oft and under uft, 2/3; nift and under 12ft, 2/6; 12ft and under 13ft, 2/9; 13ft and under 14st, 3/; 14ft and under 15ft, 3/6 ; 15st and under 16ft, 4/. An additional 2} per cent. is charged upon the above rates. Vessels piloted into the harb. (100 to 250 tons) pay 5/; excceding 250 tons, i/ for every 50 tons or any portion, for use of boats. Fishing vess pay 5/ each into harb.

River pilotage : 100 tons and under, 5/; exceeding 100 tons, 7/; tide's work moving vessel in the harb, 5).

Officials.--Clerk to Port Commrs., J. Tolver Waters; Consult. Engineers, Coode, Son & Matthews; Res. Engineer, James Green ; Accountant, R. II. Teasdel ; Treas., H. W. Youell, Esq. ; Harb. Master, J. G. Bammant ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. Browning ; Coll. of Haven Rates and Dues, H. D. Sayers ; Crane Master, James Pumfrey ; Lloyd's Agents, H. Newhouse & Co. YEALM RIVER, Devonshire. Lat. 50°17' N ; long. 4° 5' N.

7m SE. of Plymouth. A small harb. D. at LW. at entrance 7ft, at HW. 16ft. A lifeboat station. THW. f. and c. 5h 38m.

Official.-E. Weeks, Chief Officer of Coastguard.
YOUGHAL, co. Cork, Ireland. Lat. 51° 56' N ; long yo o'

W. Ry. Gt. S. & W. THW. f. and c. 5h 14m. Auth. Youghal Harb. Board. Tr.-I. and E. Coal, timber, maize, oats, pitwood, and brick. D. of water on bar LWST. 4 10 5ít, and at HWST. 19st, average 13ft. LV. 900 tons. W. prev. W. and SW., most dangerous S. or SE.

Charges.- Id per ton, windbound fd per ton. Pilotage. -As may be agreed. Officials.-Harh. Master, C. P. Carroll; Sec., J. J. O'Shea ; Lloyd's Agent, T. Farrell.

Hotels.--"Green Park," " Devonshire Arms,” and “Imperial.”


CUSTOMS BOARDING STATIONS. [Published by authority of Board of Customs, granted Oct. 30, 1901.] ReviseD LIST OF PORTS AND CREEKs in the United Kingdom, showing the

places approved by the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs as Boarding Stations, with reference to Section 14 of the Customs Consoli

dation Act, 39 and 40 Vict., chap. 36. Nores.-(1) The Ports marked * are Head Ports. (2) At places marked † no Officer of Customs is stationed, but Boarding duties are undertaken either by Officers from a neighbour. ing Customs Station, or by Coastguard Officers. (3) Masters of vessels on arriving at Poris of the United Kingdom from the Channel Islands must bring to at appointed Boarding Stations. ENGLAND.

BRIDGWATER.- Between Low Light ABERDOVEY.T-A little West of house and Pier at Burnham. Town in River Dovey.

BRITON FERRY.-Briton Ferry, near ABERYSTWITH.-On Bar, or little entrance of Neath River.

above junction of Rivers Rhydol BRIXHAM.-Between Pierand Breakand Ystwith.

water. ALDEBURGH.t-Orford Haven, at BURNHAM.T-Crouch River, abreast

entrance of Rivers Ore and Alde. Coast Guard Watch-vessel. AMBLE.-At entrance to Harbour. BURNHAM.-Between Low Light: AMLWCH.-Within Harbour.

house and Pier. APPLEDORE. Skern and Watch- Calsrock.†_That portion of Sound house.

set apart as anchorage ground for AVONMOUTH Dock.-King Road merchant vessels, and also Catte.

and entrance of Dock. BARMOUTH.t-In Harbour.

Cardiff.* -Glamorganshire Canal, BARNSTAPLE.-Skern and Watch- outside Sea Lock-E. Bute Dock house, Appledore.

Basin. W. Bute Dock Basin. BARROW. -Ramsden Dock Basin. Roath Basin, Penarth Dock Basin, BARRY Dock.-Barry Basin and Penarth Tidal Harbour. Lady Windsor Lock.

CARDIGAN.--Pwllcam, a little in. BEAUMARIS (Bangor). Fryar's side Harbour's mouth. Roads, opposite Town.

CARLISLE.-Silloth Dock. BERWICK-ON-TWEED. Between CARMARTHEN.t-River Towy, oppo

Carr Rock on S. side and Ballast site Railway Station, Ferryside. Quay on N. side of Tweed.

CARNARVON.* _In Bay off Town, opBIDEFORD.T Skern and Watch

posite Bell Tower, and at Aberhouse, Appledore.

mepai. BLACKTOFT.+-Hull Roads, between CASTLETOWN.—The Bay within half

entrances to Humber Dock and mile of Harbour. Alexandra Dock.

CHARLESTOWN.-Entrance of Dock. BLAKENEY AND Clay.t-Blakeney CHESTER (CONNAH'S QUAY).—That and Clay Harbour.

part of Mostyn Roads lying a little BLYTH.* — Blyth Nook, at entrance to E. of Mostyn Gut, in River Dee. of Blyth Harbour.

COLCHESTER.*-In River Colne, off BOSCASTLE.T-The Harbour.

Mersea Stone, Mersea Island on BOSTON. That part of River one side and Brightlingsea on other.

Witham opposite the Coast Guard CONWAY.-In the Roadstead, opStation at Hob Hole.

posite Town. BRIDPORT.-Outer Buoy, distant Cowes.*— The Roadstead of Cowes,

about 300 yards from and abreast extending from Old Castle Point of Harbour.

to Egypt Point, about 2} miles Bristol.* -King Road in River from E to W.

Severn, and entrance to River DARTMOUTH.*_ Between mouth of
Avon at Avonmouth. For vessels Harbour and Sandquay Point.
from infected countries, King LEAL.-In Downs, in open Road-



DOUGLAS.* _ Inside Breakwater. Dover.* -The Outer Harbour. ELLESMERE PORT.-That part of

River Mersey opposite shore which lies between Tranmere Ferry and

Bromborough Pool. Exeter.* -At Passage Way, Ex

mouth. EXMOUTH.-At Passage Way, Ex

mouth FALMOUTH.*-Falmouth Harbour, at

least 150 yards from Docks, or from any Pier, Landing Place,

or Breakwater. Faversham.-Between mouth of

Faversham Creek and Horse Sand

Buoy in E. Swale. Ferryside.t-River Towy, oppo.

site Rallway Station, Ferryside. FISHGUARD.T-Fishguard Roadstead

in Fishguard Bay. FLEETWOOD.-Alongside Harbour

Quays outside Dock, or at the en

trance to Dock. Flint.†-- That part of Mostyn Roads

lying a little E. of Mostyn Gut, in

River Dee. FOLKESTONE. -In Harbour FowEY.-Near Custom House, not

far from entrance of Harbour GAINSBOROUGH.t-Hull Roads, be

tween entrances to Humber Dock

and Alexandra Dock. GLASSON DOCK.-Glasson Dock, Gloucester.*-King Road in River

Severn, and Sharpness Point, also

in River Severn. GOOLE.*-Hull Roads, between en

trances to Humber Dock and

Alexandra Dock. GRIMSBY.* - For Old Dockmat

outfall, near entrance of Harbour. For Royal Dock-area of water called Outer Basin, between River Humber and Royal Dock

Gates. GWEEK.T-Durgan Roads, just at

entrance of River Hel. HARRINGTON.† - In Harrington

Harbour. HARTLEPOOL, OLD.-At Harbour

and entrances to Docks. HARTLEPOOL, W.* --At Harbour and

entrances to Docks. HARWICH. * -In Harbour, between

Guard and Walton Ferry.

HAYLE.-Inside Hayle Harbour after

passing narrow passage. HOLYHEAD.-In Harbour. Hull.*-(1) Entrances to respective

Docks at Hull, and Hull Roads, between entrances to Humber Dock and Alexandra Dock. (2) Hull Roads, within limits above defined, for all vessels arriving under circumstances which subject them to examination or detention under Quaran‘ine Laws or Regu. lations, or from any port infected or suspected of being infected with Cholera, or having any sick. ness of infectious, contagious, or

doubtful nature. ILFRACOMBE. —The Harbour. IPSWICH. In Harbour, between

Guard and Walton Ferry, in Port

of Harwich. ITCHENOR.-At entrance of Chiches

ter Harbour. KEADBY.-Hull roads, between en

trances to Humber Dock and

Alexandra Dock. LANCASTER.t-Glasson Dock,

River Lune. Leight-On W. side of Southend

Pierhead. LITTLEHAMPTON.-Alongside Cus

toms Watch-house. LIVERPOOL.* . Vessels requiring

Quarantine examination to bring to as nearly in middle of River Mersey

possible, between Princes Landing stage on Lancashire side and Alfred Dock on Cheshire side, and between Salisbury Dock on Lancashire side and Egremont Ferry on Cheshire side. Other vessels at entrance of

respective Docks. LLANELLY. Between Harbour

Light and Customs Watch-house. LONDON.* -Gravesend Reach, below

Custom House. Looe.t-At entrance of Tidal Har

bour. LOWESTOFT.* _The Outer Harbour LYDNEY. King Road in River

Severn, and Sharpness Point, also

in River Severn. Lyme.t-Basin within Pier or Cobb

of Lyme Regis. LYMINGTON-Lvmington Quay.


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