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LYNN.* _The intermediate space of

River Ouse, between S. or Upper end of Marsh Estuary Cut and

Pureet Quay. MALDON.-Stansgate. MALPAS. -Falmouth Harbour. MANCHESTER.* _That part of River

Mersey opposite shore which lies between Tranmere Ferry and Bromborough Pool. MARGATe.t-In the Harbour. MARYPORT.* --The Harbour. MIDDLESBOROUGH. * Cleveland

Port or Cargo Fleet Reach. River

Tees. MILFORD,OLD.—That part of Haven

directly in front of town of Milford. MILFORD.—That part of Haven di

rectly in front of town of Milford. Millom.t-Abreast of Hodtarrow

Pier in River Duddon. MILTON.- Between mouth of Favers.

ham Creek and Horse Sand Buoy in E. Swale, or Garrison Point, in

Isle of Sheppey MINEHEAD.-The entrance of Har.

bour. Mistley.t-In Harbour, between

Guard and Walton Ferry. Morecambe.t-Morecambe Harb. MOSTYN. That part of Mostyn

Roads lying a little to the E. of Mostyn Gut, in the River Dee. Neath.t-Briton Ferry, near

trance of Neath River. NewcastlE.* --Vessels proceeding

to Albert Edward Dock, Howdon Dock, or Tyne Dock : At trance of Docks respectively. Vessels proceeding up River to Stations below Felling Buoys : In stream off Howdon Dock. Vessels proceeding to Stations above Felling Buoys : In stream

off St. Lawrence. NEWHAVEN.*-In stream between

Piers and Customs Watch-house. NEWPORT * (Monmouthshire).

Watch-house at Alexandra Dock, and Watch-house at entrance to Old Dock; also entrance to S.

Dock (Alexandra Dock Extension). NEWQUAY.T-The Harbour. NEYLAND. - That part of Haven

directly in front of town of Milford.

ORFORD.t-Orford Haven, at

trance of Rivers Ore and Alde. PADSTOW.-Hawker's Cove, within

Harbour. PAR. — At entrance of Tidal Har.

bour. PEEL.-Peel Bay, inside new Break.

water. PEMBREY.-Entrance to Outer Har.

bour of Burry Port, near Harbour

Lighthouse. Pembroke.t-That part of Haven

directly in front of town of Mil.

ford. PENRYN.1-Falmouth Harbour, at

least 150 yards from Docks, or from any Pier, Landing Place, or

Break water. PENTUAN.†-- Within Pier-head. PENZANCE. – Roadstead, within half

mile of Pier-head of Penzance

Harbour. PLYMOUTH.* That portion of

Sound set apart as anchorage ground for merchant vessels, and

also Cattewater. Point.t-Falmouth Harbour. POLKERRIS.T-At entrance of Tidal

Harbour. Poole.- Entrance of Harbour be

tween S. Deep, opposite Brownsea Castle and Essex Buoy, opposite

Castle Stables. Port DINORWIC.T-In Bay off Town

opposite Bell Tower, and at Aber

menai. PORTHCAWL.-In the Harbour. PortinLLAEn.T-Portinllaen Bay. Port ISAAC.-The Harbour. PORTSMOUTH,* FAREHAM. In

case of vessels deemed to be “infected,” as defined in Art. 1, Part I. of Order of Local Gov. Board issued in General Order so, and Vessels from infected places or districts: That part of Spithead bounded by lines connecting Spit Fort and outer Spit Buoy, the latter Buoy and W. Sturbridge Buoy, latter Buoy and Easternmost Buoy of measured mile, and that Buoy and Spit Fort. All other Vessels : That portion of Portsmouth Harbour ' in which Merchant Vessels are permitted to anchor.





PORTISHEAD.-King Road and en

trance to Portishead Docks. PORTMADOC.-Portmadoc Harbour. PORT TALBOT.-In the Harbour. PRESTON. Alongside Harbour

Quays outside Dock, or at entrance

to Dock. Pwllheli.t-At entrance of Har

bour, by Gimblet Rock. QUEENBOROUGH.--Garrison Point,

in Isle of Sheppey. RAMSEY.–That part of Ramsey Bay

which is within half-mile of outer Pier-heads, or entrance to Har

bour. RAMSGATE.*-In the Harbour. Rhyl.†—The Rhyl Roadstead, off

Parade, between Pier and E. Bank

of River Clwyd. Rochester.* - Garrison Point in

Isle of Sheppey ROCHFORD.T--Opposite Coastguard

ship in Quay Reach, River Roach. RUNCORN. - That part of River Mer.

sey opposite shore which lies be. tween Tranmere Ferry and Brom

borough Pool. RYE.—Abreast of old Watch-house

at Harbour in Inner Channel. SALCOMBE.—Between mouth of Har.

bour and Snap's Point. SANDWICH.† - Inside entrance of

Harbour, or Haven, between Sandwich and N. Shore (or St. Augus

tine's) Coast Guard Stations. SAUNDERSFOOTT-Entrance of Harb. SCARBOROUGH.-Entrance of Har.

bour, opposite Lighthouse, at end

of Vincent's Pier. SCILLY. SEAHAM.-In the Harbour. SHARPNESS POINT.-King Road, in

River Severn, and Sharpness Point,

also in River Severn. SHEERNESS.-Garrison Point, in Isle

of Sheppey, SHIELDS, NORTH and South.*

Vessels proceeding to Albert Edward Dock, Howdon Dock, or Tyne Dock: At Entrance of Docks respectively. Vessels proceeding up River to Stations below Felling Buoys : Ini cream oft Howdon Dock. Vessels proceeding to Stations above Felling Buoys : In stream off St. Lawrence.

SHOREHAM.--Near entrance of Har

bour, on Branch opposite Customs

Watch-house and Kingston Wharf. SILLOTH.-Silloth Dock. SOUTHAMPTON.*_ Between IIamble

Spit Buoy and Itchen Buoy. SOUTHEND.-On W. side of South

end Pierhead. Southwold.t-Opposite Jetty, near

entrance of Harbour. St. Ives.t-That part of St. Ives

Bay which is within half-mile of

STOCKTON. Cleveland

Cargo Fleet Reach, River Tees,

within Port of Middlesbrough. SUNDERLAND.* -Entrance of Har

bour near Hailing House, in River

Wear, and at S. outlet of S. Docks. SUTTON WASH.- Entrance to River

Nene Outfall Cut, opposite Light

houses. SWANSEA." – For S. Dock-hall-tide

basin of S. Dock. For N. Dock
-half-tide basin of N. Dock. For
River-New Cut, between
trance thereof and first Bridge.
For Prince of Wales' Dock-
Outer basin of Prince of Wales'

TeIGNMOUTH.--Inside the Bar.
Tenby.t-Entrance of Harbour.
TOPSHAM.T-At Passage Way, Ex-

mouth. TORQUAY.-Entrance of Outer Harb. TRURO.-Falmouth Harbour. ULVERSTON. Ramsden Dock

Basin. WATCHET.T-The entrance of Har

bour. Wells.-Between entrance of Har

bour and Wells Quay. WEYMOUTH.* - Weymouth Roads

and Portland Roads. WHITBY.-Whitby Harbour. WHITEHAVEN.-Harbour between

Tongue and Bulwark. WHITSTABLE.—Whitstable Bay. WISBEACH.- Entrance to River Nene

Outfall Cut, opposite Lighthouses. WIVENHOE.T-In River Colne, off

Mersea Stone, Mersea Island on one side and Brightlingsea on

other. WOODBRIDGE.T-Bawdsey Ferry, at

entrance of River Deben.


WORKINGTON. Workington

Harbour. YARMOUTH* (Norfolk).—That part

of River Yare (or Yarmouth Harbour) lying between Grand Stand of Race Course and Lower Ferry.

SCOTLAND. ABERDEEN. *-Off Pocra Quay, be

tween Pocra Jetty and Lower

Jetty. ALLOA.-Alloa Roadstead. ANSTRUTHER.†- Entrance of An

struthor Harbour. ARBROATH.-The Old and New

Harbours. ARDRISHAIG.†---Ardrishaig Pier. ARDROSSAN,*--Ardrossan Harbour. AYR. --The Harbour. BANFF.-Banff Bay. BORROWSTONESS.*The Pier-head. BOWLING.–Tail of Bank off town

of Greenock. BUCKIE.t-Entrance to Harbour. BURGHEAD. - Mouth of Harbour. BURNTISLAND.-Burntisland Roads. CAMPBEL TOWN.-Campbeltown

Loch, within a line drawn from

Red to Black Beacon. CHARLESTOWN.-The Harbour. COCKENZIE.T-In the Harbour. CRAIL.- Entrance of Crail Harbour. DUMFRIES, -Carsethorn, Glen

caple. DUNBAR.t-In the Harbour. DUNDEE.* - Entrance to Camper

down Dock. DYSART.-Kirkcaldy Bay. Elie.t-Entrance of Elie Harbour. FINDHORN.T-Off entrance to Burg

head Harbour. FISHERROW.t-In the Harbour. FRASERBURGH.

Harbour within Outer Piers. GARLIESTOWN.--Aarbour of Garlies.. town. GARMOUTH.T-Mouth of River Spey. GLASGOW.* -Tail of Bank off town

of Greenock. GRANGEMOUTH.* - In River Carron

Entrance to Docks. GRANTON* (Edinburgh). — Entrance

to Harbour of Granton. GREENOCK.* _Tail of Bank off town

of Greenock. TELMSDALE. - The Bay.

INVERGORDON.-Cromarty. INVERKEITHING.T-The Harbour. INVERNESS.* - Longman Buoy, at

mouth of Inverness Harbour. IRVINE.-In Irvine Harbour. KENNET PANS.-Kincardine Road

stead. KIRKCALDY.*-Entrance of Harbour. KIRKCUDBRIGHT.f-Either Bay or

Harbour of Kirkcudbright. KIRKWALL.- Kirkwall Roads. Largo.t-Largo Bay. Leitu.* - In the case of Vessels

deemed “infected,” as defined in Art. 1, Part I., of Order of Local Gov. Board for Scotland, issued in General Order 1095, and Vessels from infected places or districts : “ Between Martello Tower and Chain Pier at Newhaven." For all other Vessels: “At entrance into

any of Docks from Harbour." LERWICK.-In Bay abreast of Fort

Charlotte. LEVEN.T-Largo Bay. LIMEKILNS.+-The llarbour. LITTLE FERRY.T-The Harbour. LOSSIEMOUTH.+- Mouth of Harbour. MACDUFF.-Banff Bay. METHIL.-Largo Bay. MONTROSE.--Within Bar at entrance

of River S. Esk, which is called the

“ Still." MORRISON'S HAVEN. - In Har

bour. Nairn.T-Mouth of Harbour. NEWBURGH.-Within River Ythan,

opposite village of Newburgh. NEWBURGH.-- Dundee Roads. NORTH BERWICK.*- In the Harbour. OBAN.-North Pier. PALNACKIE.T-The Harbour, or

Gibbs : Hole, or the Harpour

Dalbeattie. Perth.t-Dundee Roads PETERHEAD.- Bay or Harbour of

Peterhead, within Outer Piers. PITTENWEEM. -Entrance of Pitten

weem Harbour. Port GLASGOW.+--Tail of Bank off

town of Greenock. PORTMAHOMACK.T-Mouth of Har

SCALLOWAY. - In the Harbour.
SCRABSTER.-Scrabster Roads.
ST. DAVIDS.—The Harbour,


ST. ANDREWs.f-Harbour of St.

Andrews, STONEHAVEN. I-Within Harbour. STOR NOWAY.--The Outer Harbour. STRANRAER.-Anchorage near Stran

raer Harbour. STROMNESS.-Cairston Roads. Tay Port.-Entrance to Harbour

at Tay Port. TOBERMORY (Isle of Mull).-Tober ·

mory Pier.

TROON.-In Troon Harbour.
Wemyss.t-Wemyss Roads.
Wick.* — Wick Bay, abreast or with-

in Headland called Old Man of

Wick. WiGTOWN.- Bay or Harbour of Wig. town.

IRELAND Ballina.t-Inniscrone, in Co. of

Sligo, in Bay of Killala, outside

the entrance of River Moy. BALTIMORE.- Baltimore. BALLYWOORISKY(Mulroy Bay).

- Moville in Lough Foyle. BANTRY.+-Bantry. BELFAST.*--Lower end of Thomson's

Bank, opposite Customs Watch

house, and N.E. point of Queen's Is. CARLINGFORD.T-Warrenpoint Roads COLERAINE. — At mouth of Bann,

near Coastguard Station. CORK.- Between Spit Buoy and

Town of Queenstown. DONEGAL.-Hassens in River. DROGHEDA.-N. Crook, at entrance

of River Boyne. Dublin.*-Halpin's Pond, at end of

North Wall. DUNDALK.-Giles' Quay. GALWAY.-Eastward, or under shel

ter of Mutton Island. GREENORE. -Warrenpoint Roads. Kilkeel. T-Warrenpoint Roads. KINGSTown.t-Red Buoy, known

a3 No. 1 Buoy, opposite entrance to Kingstown Harbour and about 300 yards inside it. KINSALE.— L'pper Cove, on E. side

of Harbour. Lakne.-Opposite Curran of Larne,

at entrance of Larne Lough. LIMERICK.* _Vessels may proceed

direct to their places of discharge, with the exception of vessels deemed

to be “infected,” as defined by Art. 1, Part I. of the Order of the Local Gov. Board for Ireland, and vessels from insecled places and districts, which shall bring-to in

the Scattery Roads as heretofore. LISAHALLY.f — Moville in Lough

Foyle. LONDONDERRY.* - Moville in Lough

Foyle. New Ross. f-Passage in Portoi

Waterford. Newry.*—Warrenpoint Roads. PORTRUSH.T-At mouth of Bann,

near Coastguard Station. Quoile.t-Ballyhenry Bay, or Aud.

ley's Bay. SKIBBEREEN.-Baltimore. Sligo. Rosses Point, opposite

Oyster Island
TRALEE.-Samphire Roads.

point Roads WATERFORD.* --In the case of ves.

sels deemed to be “infected,” as defined in Art. 1, Part 1, of the Order of Local Government Board for Ireland, issued in General Order Joo, and vessels from “ infected" places or districts. [That part of Harbour opposite village of Passage East.]

For all vessels bound to New Ross. [That part of Harbour opposite village of Passage East.]

For all other vessels. [The in. termediate space of River Suir, which lies between a line drawn from Cromwell's Rock on N. side to Graves' Wharf on the S. side,

and Waterford Bridge.] WESTPORT AND NEWPORT.-Innis

gort Harbour. WEXFORD.-South Bay Anchorage,

in S. Bay, for vessels lightening or awaiting tides ; Island side in Wexford Harbour for infected vessels ; and inside a line from Southern end of North Breakwater to Dockyard

for all other vessels. WICKLOW.t Wicklow Bay, be

tween 1 and mile from land, Black Castle bearing S.W., and

Wicklow Head Lighthouse open. YOUGHAL.-Within entrance of Har

bour of Youghal, between Blackball Head to Eastward and Ferry Point.

THE NEW INTERNATIONAL CODE OF SIGNALS, The use of which has been compulsory since January 1, 1902, consists of twenty-six flags and the pennant, the additional flags being for the letters A, E, I, O, U, X, Y, and Z. In the new code flag C is "yes," as before, flag D is “no," as before. Burgee Aag B is now powder flag, and flag L

[merged small][merged small][merged small][subsumed][ocr errors][merged small][subsumed][subsumed][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][subsumed][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

indicates cholera, yellow fever, or plague aboard. Flag P denotes, as before, “ About to proceed to sea,” and flag Q is still “Quarantine”. Mag. Since January 1, 1902, the code pennant has been hoisted in the ordinary way, without the black ball.

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