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For List of H.M. Consuls in Foreign Ports, see p. 200.

NOTE.--Russian Custom House, or Crown, dues of 20 copecs are only

leviable at one Russian port during the same voyage. AALBORG, Denmark. Lat. 57° 03' N; long. 9° 57' E.

Pop. 32,000. Auth. Aalborg City. Tr.-). Coal, salt, lumber, artificial manure, wheat, rye, maize, and petroleum; E. Cattle, grain, wool, hides, dairy produce, cement, chalk, hay and straw, &c. Accn. The entrance at Hals is 22ít and the same depth is maintained to the harb , dredged channel at bottom 130 ft wide, one 20-ton crane, 3 slips for small vessels. LV. 5,709 gros; tons, 3,703 reg. tons. Charges. On a steamer 1.000 reg. tons coining 10 Aalborg with caigo. Dues at Hals, in and out, kr. 60; at Aalborg, in and out, kr. 200 ; summer pilotage, in and out, ab u kr. 1o; clearanie fee, about kr. 100; total ab-ut kr. 470=425 175. On unloading coals, the steamer generally pays the merchant 64 pe: tun taking the cargo in the ship, steamer providing steam winch man. The city owns a lug boat, 107 tons, 60 h.p. Pilotage. C. from the sea to Hals for ships drawing above 16fr. Rys. Railway in connection with harb. Officials. Harb. Master ; 11. B.M.'s Vice-Consul, W. F. Godbey. AARHUUS, Denmark. Lat. 56° 9' N; long. 10° 14' E.

Tr.--1. Coal, iron, ili ake, timber, petroleum, maize ; E. flour, butter, cattle, pork, beef, eggs. Accn. 24st HW. 22ft LW, in the harb. Cranes to list from 5 to 10 tons. Charges. Harb. dues in and out 20 ore per reg. ton.

Ballast as per agreement. Pilotage. 8 ore per reg: ton, in and out. If no pilot, 3 ore. Officials. British Consul, G. F. Stark; Lloyd's Agent, Carl v. d. Hude; Shipbrokers, Berga ann, Smith & Co., Carl v. d. Hude, G. W. H. Nicolaisen ; Harbour Master, A. Erichsen. ABBEVILLE, France, Pop. 19,283. -See St. Valery-sur

Somme. ABO, Finland, on the river Aura, 50 miles from open sea,

Gulf of Bothnia. Lat. 60° 27' N; long. 22° 17' 15" E. Pop. About 40,000. Tr.-1. Salt, salt fish, Pig-iron, manufactured iron, coals, coke, cotton, machinery, sugar, and general colonial produce, soap, bar iron, beef and pork ; E. timber, oats, rye, butter and game.

Accn, D. 2ift in barb., 18ft at the quays. There are three patent slips, one of which can take a vessel of 175 to 200ft in length. 3 one lift cranes. Vessels drawing more than 14ft cannot get up to the town. An ice-breaker is kept, by which communication is kept open during the winter between Stochholm, Lübeck and England. Abo is connected by railways with other towns in Finlanıl, and with St. Petersburg. Charges, Custom clues for a vessel of 400 tons about £8, clearing in or out. Ilarb, dues, 20 penni per reg. ton. Pilotage. Rates depend on dst. of vessel.


Vessel of 15ft dft. from Uto about £3 25. Towage. From £10 to £12. Officials. H.B.M. Vice-Consul, S. W. Wancke; Captain of Harb., A. Th. Skogström. ACAJUTLA, the port of Sonsonate (U.S. of Central America),

62 m. E. of San José. Accn. Ships anchor in 9 to 11 fms. Vessels load and discharge cargos in bongos or whalebeats. Good pier, with gft to 18ft of water, fitted with 2 cranes. Rly. to San Salvador and Santa Ana. Charges on vessel of 300 tons loading part at A. and part at Libertad, about £16. One customs charge of 12 c. per ton clears A., Libertad, and La Union, the three ports of San Salvador. ACAPULCO, Mexico. Lat. 16° 50' 29" N ; long. 99° 46' W.

Pop. 6,000. Tr.-I. Cottons, silks, spices, hardwares, machinery, iron, steel, saltpetre, chemicals, oils, canned goods, fencing, and liquors; E. Indiarubber, alligator skins, and cotton. Accn. Acapulco is one of the best harbs. belonging to Mexico in the Pacific. D. at En. from Point Diamente to Point Griso varies from 34 to 136ft. Vessels of any size discharge into lighters of 40 and 50 tons ; harb. affords shelter and land-locked anchorage for a surface of 1,000 acres. Government lighthouse at Roqueta Islands, S. of Acapulco, height 35oft ; fixed white light, range 15 miles. Charges. Tonnage-sail roc, steam 6c per ion, and sanitary dues as per tariff

. Loading and unloading general goods $1.60 per ton, coals about 250. Pilotage. $1.60 per foot dst. Officials. British Vice-Consul, R. Fernandez; Jepe de Puerto, and Customs Coll. Brokers and Shipping Agents, B. Fernandez y Cia. ACCRA, Gold Coast, W. Africa. _Lat. 5° 31' N ; long.

o° 12' W. Pop. 17,000. Tr.-I. Cottons, hard. ware, tobacco, spirits ; E. "Gold dust, palm oil, palm kernels, cocoa, and rubber.

Accn. Anchorage in 6 to 7 sms, sandy bottom, 2 miles off shore. Charges. Light dues 2/ for every 25 tons or part reg. Officials. Compt. of Customs, George Attrill; Assistant, W. W. Kattray ; Port fficer, A. Chinery ; Lloyd's Agent, H, E. Barker,

ACHEEN.-See Oleh-leb.
ACRE, Turkey. Lat. 32° 54' 35" N ; long: 36° 6' 20" E. Pop.

12,000. Tr.-E. Wool, cotton, wheat, millet, olive oil, cotton seed, sesame seed. Accn. Harb. has most of water. Charges. Similar to Beyroot. Pilotage. An interpreter, who acts also as pilot and stevedore, is paid according to agreement, say from £3 los to £ 5 for the time the vessel remains. ADALIA, Turkey (Asia Minor). Lat. 36° 52' 15" N; long.

30° 45' 3" E. Small port; 8 to 10 feet of water in port. Anchorage, 15 to 20fms in roadsteads. Three steamship lines call at this port. Pop. 27,000. Tr.-I. General manufactures, Colonial goods, rice, coffee, sugar, petroleum, metals, wines and spirits; E. Wheat, timber, firewood, charcoal, cereals of all kinds, goatskins, bees-wax, flour in bags. Accn. Summer anchor. age in 15 to 20 fms water. Port only entered by Ico ton small vessels. Port or harbour dangerous in winter owing to strong gales from south. D. at En. 8 ft. Charges, id. per reg. ton on all vessels under Turkish fiag ; foreigners exempted. Light dues id per reg. ton, with a discount of 10 per cent. on total amount.

Sanitary dues id per reg. ton; by 5 ton lighters, for each lighter 5),
and three lightermen at 1/6 each. Officials, Prefect of the Port,
Major Hamid Effendi ; British Vice Consul and Lloyd's Agent,
G. A. Keun.
ADDA, W. Coast of Africa. Lat. 5° 46' N; long. 0° 41' E.

On the right bank of the River Volta, and about 6 miles from the entrance. Pop. 8,000. Tr.-I. Cottons, earthenware, tobacco, rum, spirits, &c; E. Palm oil, kernels, rubber, &c. Accn, Vessels of uft dft can cross the bar, as there are 12ft or water on the W. entrance, but it should only be attempted on the flood. R. of T. 3ft. In the anchorage ground inside there are 12 to 15ít. From the buoy, in 6sms outside, vessels should steer in N. to bring the sea afi. Pilotage. As the bar is constantly shifting and changing its depth, the employment of a local pilot is recommended. at charges to be arranged." Official. Lloyd's Agents, E. Baily.

ADELAIDE.- See Port Adelaide,
ADEN, Arabia. Lat. 12° 47' N ; long. 44° 57' 34' E. Pop.

About 41,000. Tr.-I. Coal, cotton, cotton and silk piece goods, grain, live stock, metals, provisions, seeds, tobacco, ammuni. tion, wine, beer, spirits; E. Coffee, dyes, ostrich feathers, gum, ivory, hides, pearls. Accn. An outer harb, offering good anchorage to a large number of vessels. The inner harb. is now dredged to a unitorm depth of 26ft LWST., and berthing buoys laid down for 20 vessels. No bar now. The depth in outer harb, is from 19 to 2811 LWST. Vessels drawing from 18 to 26st can anchor in outer harb. Charges. Harb. dues, in ballast and no passengers, 4 annas per reg. ton, loaded, I anna per reg. ton. Pilotage. To inner harb. by day 2 rupees, by night 3 rupees. Anchorage to outer harb). by day I rupee, by night 1.80 rupees on every 100 reg. tons or part thereof. Towage. No fixed charge. Officials. Port Officer, Com. R. Brownlow, R.I.M.; Senior Pilot, R. N. Greensmith ; Lloyd's Agents, Luke, Thomas & Co., Ltd. ADRA, Spain. Lat. 36° 43' N ; long. 3° W. Pop. 12,000. Tr.

I. Coals, coke, guano, raw cotton; E. Lead ore, calamines sugar, grapes, almonds, &c. Accn. Anchorage W. of town ; coast dangerous, open roadstead, vessels loaded and discharged by lighters. New lighthouse with fixed white light. Charges. Commissions generaliy charged : on lead, 1 % ; fruit, and wines, 2 % and upwards. Discharging, Is ton «oals, is 3d coke. Spanish matriculated sailors (only persons allowed to work at loading and discharging) are paid 4/ per day. No harb. dues. Pilotage. N.C. Officials. Port Officer, Juan Gonzalez, Lieut. of Marine ; 11.B.M.'s Consular Agent and Lloyd's Sub-agent, Henry Benet. ÁGUILAS, Spain. Lat. 37° 23' N ; long. 1° 37' W. Pop. 20,000.

Tr.-I. Coal, wood, and machinery ; E. Esparto, iron ore, zinc ore, barley, oranges, grapes, and figs. Accn. Goodi sandy bottom. Vessels moor stern to breakwater in iofms, well protected. Esparto is shipped in lighters from moles across the harbour. Breakwater 416yds long. Cranage limited ; a 10-ton (Railway Co.'s) and a 4-ton (Port Co.'s), both movable. Iron ore, steamers load 800 to 900 tons per day, broadside on to quay. Water at quays for vessels loading 3,000 tons. D. at En. 58ft, at breakwater berths 33ít, quay berths 20 to 22st : width of entrance 600yds. Rly. The Great Southern of Spain Rly. Co., Ltd., of London, communicating port with all parts of interior. Loading on




open coast. Vessels for ore at La Galera, Calablanca, and Calnegre enter and clear at Aguilas, but at Mazarron for Parazuelos, and not at Aguilas as formerly. At a bay called El Hornillo, well sheltered, quite close to Aguilas, a new mole has been made by an English Company in conjunction with ite English Railway Company, whereat steamers load iron ore from 35-ton wagons which tip the mineral into ships' holds. Vessels arriving to load there take pratique at Aguilas, but proceed at the loading berth, where they lie broadside on to pier in 40ft. water at bow and 26st. oft. The Aguilas llarbour dues

not paid by ships loading at El Hornillo. Charges. Vessels taking 550 to 600 tons esparto £90 to £95, including stowage (1'25 pes. per ton); loading 3.000 tons iron ore, about £110; putting on board, iod per ton, as per charter party. Pilotage. C. 1,coo tons gr. reg. about £3 in all, in and out. Harbour dues 50 c. of pes. per ton of 1,000 ks. on all goods shipped or landed, payable by ship. Harb. Auth. A Commander, R.N., who is Port Captain. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul and Lloyd's Agent, Thos. Hilary Nafiel ; Rly. Man., G. Gillman. AHUS. Shipping port of Ystad. Tr.-I. grain, bran,

manure, coal, salt, iron : E. granite, pulpwood. Accn. Spacious quiet harb. with quays provided with rails and lists. l'essels of 17st can lie alongside quays. D. of channel, 19.£ft. Tugboat always at hand. Cranage-3 lists, 15, 10 and 5 tons respectively. Charges. Port dues-Light dues 25 ore reg. ton in and 25 out, foreign ; harbour (lues, foreign, 12 ore in and 12 out. UnloadingCoals, 65 ore, grain 40 ore, rails 60 ore per ton. Auth. Harb. Direction, Ystad. Port Master, Capt. A. Ander:son. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul at Ystad, E. A. Borg. AJACCIO BAY, Corsica. Lat. 41° 54' 57" N ; long. 6° 24' 19"

E of Paris. Pop. 22,658. Tr.-I. Tobacco, coffee, sugar, pepper, salt, flour, cereals, spirits, cheese, beer, &c. ; E. Wood, wine, timber, skins, goats, rags, olive oil, cork, charcoal, minerals, granite, wool, fruit, game, fish, &c. Accn. D. at En. about gost, lowest 22ft ; at quays 18 to 3oft Extensive anchorage ; jetty 220 metres long, wharf 450 metres. E, and W. SW. dangerous if strong. Charges. Quay dues 25 to 50c per reg. ton, sanitary 10C ; customs ioc per ton freight. Pilotage, in and out, C. Sailers from 80 to 300 tons 200 per ton ; from 300 upwards joc per ton. Steamers from 105 to 300 tons 10c per ton; from 300 upwards 5c per ton. Officials. Port Captain, M. Zuani; 11.B.M.'s Consul, w. J. Holmes; Lloyd's Sub-Agent, M. Bojanowski. AKAORA, New Zealand. Ia'. 43° 51' S; long. 172° 56' E.

Fine land-locked harbour ; 33 to 50 ft. anchorage. Charges See Port Lyttelton. AKASSA, W.C. of Africa. Lat. 4° 15' N ; long. 6° 5' E.

Tr.-I. Cottons, spirits, earthenware, salt, &c.; E. Ground nuts and palm oil. A bar harbour, depth on bar variable, say 6 to 15ft. Anchorage 3 miles off 4oft. AKYAB, India. Lat. 20° 5' 7" N : long. 92° 54' E. Pop.

About 35,706. Tr.-E. Rice, cotton, &c. Accn. Vessels of the largest dft can ascend as far as town. Charges. Port dues 4 annas ton. Coast light dues i anna 6 pies ton. Port charges on a vessel of 1,035 tons £380. Pilotage. From Oct. 15 to May 15 for 14st 32 rupees, for most 120 rupees.

From May 15

W. prev.


to Oct. 15 double. A pilot is not necessary to take the ship to the ballast ground, but if one is taken the charge is 24 rupees. Official. Port Officer, &c., Comdr. R. D. C. Brownlow, R.I.M. ALBANY, Western Australia. Lat._35° 2' 20" S; long.

117° 54' E. Pop. 1,024 Tr..-I. General. E. Timber, sandalwood, wool, skins, &c. Accn. On ihe north side Princess Royal Harb. there are 5 fms of water LWST., deepening to 6 and 8 fms within the Narrows ; anchorage 34ft. Sp. rise ist to 4it. The finest harb. in Western Australia, and situated on the north side of Princess Royal Harb. and King George's Sound. Jelty extends 1,700ft into Princess Royal Harb., giving safe accommodation to largest ocean steamers, Town jetty 2,016ft. The Government is spending £45,000 over deepening the harbour. Cranes: A 3 ton steam-crane, a 5 ton travelling steam-winch, and a 10 ton travelling

The Great Southern Ry. runs to sea end of jetty, and communicates with interior of Colony. Charges. Tonnage dues 3d per ton on all cargo shipped or discharged. Fresh water 27 per ton. Light dues 2}d reg. ton, inwards and out wards, with cargo calling for shelter or supplies ifd, not to exceed £5. L.V. P. &0. and Orient steamers enter the harb. Pilotage. Into King George's Sound from the sea and vice versa, rost and under £2; 10 to uist, 42 45; 11 to 12ft, 62 8s ; 12 to 13ft, 62 155, and 5/ extra per ft to 21; 21st and upwards, £5. Into Princess Royal Harb., including navigation of ihe Sound, and vice versii, under 8ft £2; 8 to gst 42 5s, and 5/- extra per ft to 19 ; 19 to 2oft £ 5 128 ; 20 to 21st £5 18s; 2ift and upwards £6 6s P. & O. and Orient steamers pay 630 each time in payment of all dues. Port Officials. Government resident, Hon. J. A. Wright ; Sub-Collector of Customs, E. S. P. Troade; IIealth Officer and Quarantine Officer, Dr. A. C. Evered; Harb, Master, Capt. F. Winzor; Pilot, G. S. Butcher.

ALBERTON, P. E. Island. See Cascumpeque.
ALEPPO. See Alexandretta.
ALEXANDRETTA, Syria, is the port of Aleppo. Lat.

36° 35' 40" N ; long. 36° 9' 5" E. Pop. 10,000. Tr.-I. Manufactures, rice, sugar, coffee, salt, copper, iron, hardware, indigo, cochineal, skins, leather, cloth, yarn ; E. Wool, cotton, grain, galls, liquorice root, scammonea root, yellow berries, wax, hides, butter, oil (olive), apricot kernel, sesame seed, millet seed, silk, poppy seed, cattle, manufactured goods, and oranges. Accn. Depth of water at entrance, 7 fms. The only safe anchorage on the Syrian coast. No quays or dry docks, &c. Loading and unloading are made by lighters at receiver's or shipper's account and expense. Charges. Sanitary dues, 24d per ton reg.; light dues 2d per reg. ton; no pilotage, no harb. dues. Officiais. H.B.M.'s Consul at Aleppo, H. D. Barnham, C.M.G.; Vice-Consul at Alexandretta, A. Catoni ; Lloyd's Agent, A. Catoni. ALEXANDRIA, Egypt. Lat. 31° 12' N ; long. 29° 51' E.

Pop. about 230,000. Auth. Adminstration of Railways, &c., Egypt. Tr.-1. Cotton goods, coal, woollen and silk goods, timber, tobacco and cigars, hardware and haberdashery; E. Corn, cotton, wool, gum, soda, rice, dates, beans, sugar, senna, feathers, hides, cotton seed, manufactured goods, rags, onions, lentils, and cigarettes. Acon. Water area :

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