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employed ; once inside it is deep, spacious, and secure. Depth of water at anchorage 13ft to 6st. AUX CAYES, W. Indies. Lat. 18° 6'0" N ; long. 73° 43'

40" W. Pop. 15,000. Tr.-I. Cotton stuffs, provisions, wines, oil; E. Coffee and logwood. Accn. Anchorages in 3 to 4sms in hay safe during fine season, but dangerous in winter. No docks, only one wooden wharf about 200ft. long, and in a very poor state. No cranage accommodation. Charges. Port charges, disbursements, about £143. Pilotage and tonnage dues payable in Haytian currency. Quotations in British currency :-hi equal to $4•So Haytian+150 per cent. premium = $12 Haytian. Pilotage. Vessels of from 50 to 100 tons, kios iod; 101 to 200, £i 175 6d.; 201 to 300, £2 ios ; 301 to 400, 43 55 9d; 400 and upwards, £4 25 2d.

Tonnage dues. Lighter carrying 6 tons, $7 Haytian ; coffee, per bag, 05c; logwood, per ton, $2; other goods, 45 2d per ton and 50 per cent. + 333 per cent. An additional tax of 25 per cent. gold has been created on imports, including tonnage dues, and is calculated on the total sum, that is to say, on the proceeds after the already existing 33 per cent. and 50 per cent. have been added to the original tax. Officials. General of the Port Office, Général Tiberius ; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, E. L. Dutton ; Lloyd's Agents, Roberts, Dutton & Co. AVEIRO, Portugal. Lat. 40°_38' 34" N ; long. 8° 43' W.

Pop. About 7,500. Tr.-I. Coal, coke, iron, &c. ; E. Salt, sardines. Accn. There is on bar from 12 to 13ft of water at HST. and cost at HWNT. No vessel drawing more than rift should charter for this port. Charges. On a vessel of about 50 tons, in and out £13 8s 6d. Pilotage. On a vessel of 491ft 8in, cargo in and out :-In, with boat manned by 9 men £ 1 155 6d ; in river, mooring vessel 14/6; unmooring vessel and going down to bar 14/6 ; out, with two boats manned by 18 men £2 14s. AVOLA, Sicily. Lat. 36° 55' N; long. 15° 8' E. Pop. 12,300.

It is an open roadstead, anchorage in 5 to 7 fms about half a mile off shore. "Tr.-E. Wine, corn, cheese, almonds, oil, honey, and locust beans. AXIM, Ivory Coast, W. Africa. Lat. 4° 52' N; long.

2° 15' W. Tr.-I. Cottons, earthenware, tobacco, spirits, mining machinery ; E. Timber, gold dust. HW. f. and c. 4h 30m ; rise 4ft. Safe anchorage in 6 sms, usually good landing, beach being sheltered by island. Port to which most of the timber is floated down the Ankobra river. No docks, wharves, or quays. Most of the mining companies have a store here. Official. Lloyd's Agent, H. W. V. Soloman. BADAGRY, W. Africa. Lat. 6° 20° S ; long. 3° 47' E. 9ft

water at town; 40 to gost at anchorage. For Pilotage and Charges, see Lagos. BAHIA, Brazil. Lat. 13°S; long. 38° 30'W. Pop. over 250,000.

Tr.-I. Manufactured articles, coals, fish, flour, salt, iron, glass, wines; E. Sugar, cotton, rum, tobacco, coffee, cocoa, dyes, woods, hides, cigars, tapioca, diamonds, bullion, piassava, Accn. The bay has a depth from 6 to 24 sms. There is no slip for small vessels. Charges. Harb. dues and charges, light dues, up to 200 tons $40 ; 400 tons, $60; 700 tons, $80 ; 1,000 and above, $100; Hospital dues, $1.920 per man ; Customs pass, $7.200 ; stamps, about $5; clearance at Port Captn., $4; various licences about $ó ; despatch fee, $25; tax on ship, per most $6; Translating manisest, according to length-all collected in gold. Pilotage. No pilots. Towage. 300 reis per reg. ton. The rate of exchange is 12d per mil-reis. Depth of water at berth from 4 to 10 sms. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, ; Vice-Consul, F. Stevenson ; Harb. Master, Captain Pinto. BAHIA BLANCA, Argentine Rep. Lat. 38° 47' S; long.

62° 15' W. An important railway terminus. Pop. 20,000. Tr.-I. Coal, lumber, roofing, wire; E. Wool, sheepskins, hair, and wheat. Accn, Great Southern Railway wharf; minimum depth of water at the pier from 26ft, generally much higher. The Buenos Ayres and Pacific Railway Company have constructed a wooden wharf in the estuary, about 2) miles higher up than the Great Southern Railway wharves, which affords accommodation for three or four ocean-going vessels. HW. same as Hull. Vessels are discharged and loaded by railway companies direct from ship into wagons, and vice versa, with hydraulic, electric, and steam cranes; this work is done very expeditiously. Pier extended ; will accommodate 14 to 16 steamers. A hardwood timber wharf on the western side of the present mole, for loading wheat, will accommodate at least three steamers and a dozen lighters. D. 36ft HWST., 26ft LWST. Charges. Light and buoy dues 7c, health visit ic per ton reg. Wharfage to railway companies per ton reg. per day, including use of electric, hydraulic and steam cranes, ship finding her moorings and coain slings for cargo, time counting from hour of coming, alongside until leaving pier, Sundays and holidays included-Ic gold per ton per day.

Water supplied at pier by Ry. Co. at rate of 500 per 100 gallons. Towage. Southern Railway Co. have a powerful tug steamer for the use of shipping. Pilotage. Pilots are constantly on lookout for vessels, and upon vessels making signals (Union Jack with white border) will run out in a small cutter, and bring vessel in to pier. Charges according to a printed schedule, from £6 to 620, based upon distance and draught of vessel. -A lightship, hull red and black, with two masts and a tower amidships, exhibits an int. white light, with a period of i min, : It., 42 secs. ; ecl., 18 secs. ; R., 14 miles, is moored in 51 fms. in 39° 11' S., 61° 38' W., at the en., 13 miles S., 17° E, from Mount Hermosa lighthouse. Also, a red buoy is moored on the S. side of the chan., between Nos. 7 and 8 buoys, with tripod, N. 62° E., 310 miles, and Punta Alta N. 53 W. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, Chas. C. Cumming. BALTIMORE, U.S. Lat. 39° 45' N ; long. 76° 25' W. Pop.

Over 500,000. Tr.-I. Coffee, tin-plates, pigiron, iron-ore, salt, chemicals, and tropical fruits, cement, earthenware, wines, sugar, rice, salt ; E. Wheat, Hour, maize, cotton, petroleum, tobacco, bacon, lard, coal, resin, live cattle, beef, sheep, oilcake, copper, timber, bark, canned goods, and whisky. Accn. Baltimore has channels 6ooft wide and 3oft deep. Four docks. Vessels drawing 30st can lie safely alongside the wharves. Vessels of 3oft dst. can reach Baltimore without lightening at LW. One dry dock, 6ooft long, 6oft on sill, and soft top, which can receive vessels drawing 23ft; one 5ooft long, and several other docks and Marine Rlys. of smaller capacity. Shears to lift 150 tons. The harb. connects with the Pennsylvania and Baltimore and Ohio Railways. Baltimore is the only port of importance in Maryland, with the exception of Annapolis. Charges. Wharfage : vessels less than 400 tons 5/2}; from 400 to 600 tons 6/3; 600 to 800 tons 7/31 ; 800 and upwards 8/4 day. Pilotage. Č. from Cape Henry to Baltimore, and vice versa, vessels drawing 15 ft and over 21/14, 12 to 15 ft 16/11, less than 121t, 14/97 foot. If pilots are detained on board they are allowed 12/8.1 day extra. Towage. From Baltimore to Annapolis and vice versâ, for a vessel of 19 to 20ft dst. £8 gs 2d to £10 IIs 5 d. Vessels of smaller dit. £6 6s 101d to £8 gs 2d. Masters should always contract with the tug to place them at the wharf, otherwise they are left in the stream, and it costs £uis id to £2 28 34d to place them at the wharf. Vessels are sometimes towed from Cape Henry to Baltimore and vice versa; this costs from £31 145 44d to £42 55 1od, according to size of vessel. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, Gilbert Fraser ; Vice-Consul, A, G. Coates ; Coll. of Cust., W. F. Stone ; U.S. Marshal, J. V. Lang. hammer ; Naval officer, W. T. Malster ; Shipping Commisr., A. C. Kirwan : Lloyd's Agents, Cunningham, Coale & Co. BANANA, Africa. Lat. 6° 4' 35" S; long. 12° 17' E. Tr.

E. Ivory and palm oil, palm nuts, &c. Accn. At low water 17ft on bar leading to anchorage in 26ft ; tides rise 6ft. Charges. On a vessel of 263 tons, £26 1os. Id. Pilotage. Vessels drawing more than 14ft, £7 ; less than 14ft, £5; less than 12ft, £3. BANDHOLM, Denmark. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, coals,

iron, wine, timber, colonial produce, salt, manures, feeding stuffs ; E. Grain, especially wheat and barley, flour, butter, eggs, cheese, wool, hides, cattle, sheep, and pigs. Accn. 14ft at the entrance, the same inside the harb. (Danish feet). A slip 40ft wide for vessels. Bandholm is on the N. coast of the Isle of Lolland. Charges. Government charges (ship-dues), 50 ore per ton reg. Harb. dues with cargo in or out 15 ore per ton; in ballast in or out 10 ore per ton; ballast dues 5 ore per ton. Pilotage. From Fomo to Bandholm about 140 kr. Towage. From the roads 15 ore per ton reg. BANGKOK, Šiam. Lat. 13° 38' N ; long. 100° 27' E. Pop.

About 650,000. Tr.-1. Piece goods, opium, silks, gunny bags, kerosene, iron, machinery, sugar, cotton yarn, hardware, and cutlery; E. Rice, teak, bullocks, pepper, fish, sapan, and other woods. Accn. D. on bar 134 to 141ft OST., from Nov. I to Feb. 28 141ft, average other months 11} to 12_ft. ; new channel 6in to ift more. THW. Very erratic, and not to be depended on; no average can be taken. There are two dry docks rooft and 300ft long, belonging to the Bangkok Dock Co., and one 300ft to the Government. Shears to lift from 15 to 25 tons. LV. 2,000 tons. Charges. Lighterage to Koh-Si-Chang 5c. per 133}lbs avoir. Light dues c. per ton for vessels entering river, and half for vessels loading entirely outside or at Koh-Si-Chang. Stevedores, $u per 1,000 picols of rice. Pilotage. NC. From the Bar to Bangkok and from Bangkok to a safe anchorage outside of the Bar, inclusive, ships under 150 tons $68.75 ; under 200 tons $82.50; under 300 tons $99.50 ; under 400 tons $1064 ; under 500 tons $13} ; under 600 tons $1194; ships of 1,000 tons $136) ; over 1,000 tons $i for every 50 tons additional. 15 per cent. additional for sailing vessels not towed. On the engagement of a pilot the charges are for both inward and outward pilotage, and not separately. Towage. Vessels up to 100 tons reg. one way only $90, with $5 additional for every 50 tons above 100. In and out inclusive, vessels up to

100 tons $140, and $10 additional for every 50 tons over 100. Officials. H.B.M.'s Minister and Consul-General, R. Paget ; Consul, W. R. D. Beckett ; Acting Judge for Siam, H. P. Wilkinson ; Vice-Consul, T. H. Lyle ; Lloyd's Agents, Mackay & Macar hur. BANGOR, Maine, U.S. Lat. 44° 43' N ; long. 68° 45' W.

Situated at the head of navigation on the Penobscot river. Pop. 26,000. Tr.-E. Lumber, spruce, deals, pine, spoolwood, fruit box shooks, ground and sulphite wood pulp, paper. Rys. Maine Central, Bangor and Aroostook, Washington County and Penobscot Central. Accn. Rise and fall of tides 12st. Fresh water. Ships drawing 24ft can safely load. D. LW. in harb. 20 to 25st, good bottom. Two railways for hauling out ships, the largest fur vessels of 1,000 tons reg. Carpenters and caulkers 1/3 hour. Charges. Wharsage d per ton per 24 hours on first 300 tons of ship's reg. tonnage, and jd per ton on each ton in excess. Steamers covering more than one wharf pay half rates at the second wharf. Cost of loading deals, steamers 3/9. sailers 39 to 4/10 per standard ; wood pulp, 1/8 per ton; spoolwood, 6/3 per standard; coals, 16/ per ton alongside. Pilotage. NC., from £20 to £25 from sea to Bangor and vice versá, according to d't. Pilots (except fishermen) are not to be found outside unless arranged for in advance. Towage. 3d per reg. ton to Fort Point, each way, if in ballast ; 4d each way if loaded ; to sea as per agreement, according to size and dst of vessel, £8 to £17. Official. Coll. of Customs, A. R. Day. Broker. Pierre McConville. BARANQUILLA, Colombia. 7 miles from Mouth of Magda.

lena river, Atlantic Coast. 14 to 17ft on bar. Dangerous river from Snags. Rail to Savanilla, which see. Official. British Vice-Consul, John Gillies.

BARBADOES.--See Bridgetown.
BARCELONA, Spain. Lat. 41° 23' N; long. 2° U' E.

Pop. 601,000. Tr.-1. Cotton, coals, coffee, cocoa, sugar and other colonial produce, amber, salt, fish, hides, iron, wax, hardware and horns; E. Silk, soap, woollens, cottons, lace hats, fire-arms, steel, paper, and ribbons. Accn. The harb. has a depth at En. 24 to 32ft, quazs 20 to 21st, berths (anchored) 22st. A patent slip for vessels up to 800 tons. It is the most important seaport in Spain. Seventeen fixed hydraulic cranes of 25 tons, three of iftons, one of fton, and 14 and 16 mov:able hydraulic cranes, also a 60-ton shears, and two 25.1on floating cranes. A foating dock has been laid down, and ships of 5,000 tons are able to enter. A breakwater is about to be constructed on the east side of the port, with a view of affording shelter from S.E. gales, which frequently cause vessels to break from their moorings. The Dique del Este, Barcelona, is being extended S. 39° W. from the lighthouse at the end of The Dique, and a bell buoy has been moored off the end of the extension in approx. 41° 21' N., 2° 11' E., with the lighthouse at the end of the Dique del Este, N 39° E., 330 yds, and the watch tower at Moojuich castle, N. 70 W. Mariners are cautioned in entering the harbour by day to pass to westward of the buoy, and by night to give the end of the Dique del Este a berth of 4 cables until

Cataluña float and flashing light is in line N. 39o E. with the flashing green light at the end of the Dique del Este. Charges. On steamer 1,000 tons coal £194 78. Impuesto Obrus del Puerto and Port Works Tax has been reduced 25 per cent. Pilotage. C. On : steamer with 1,000 tons coal, in and out (16/8 each way) £ 1 13s 4d, mooring pilot 10/6. Officials. II.B.M.'s Consul-General, J. Frederick Roberts ; Vice-Consul, G. R. Smither ; Capt. of Port, a Captain, R.N.; chief pilot acts as harb. master. (There is also a "Judge” at the Captain of Port's office, known as the Fiscal, who presides over all cases and disputes that take place alloat.) BARI, Italy. Lat. 41° 8' N ; long. 16° 55' E. Pop. 85,032

Tr.-I. Coal, colonial produce, metals, bricks ; E. Wine, oil, almonds, carob beans, soap. Accn. Vessels of large dst. anchor in 176ms, one mile off B.; depth alongside quay 20 to 3oft. Hand crane to lift 7 tons. Charges. Steamers from foreign ports: 1'40 lire per ton for single calls, or 4'20 lire for 12 months, paid in advance ; from Italian ports, 0'50 lire per ton for single calls; 1'50 lire for 12 months, paid in advance ; sailing vessels from other than Mediterranean ports, oʻ50 lire per ton for the first 100 tons, and o-80 lire per ton in excess of the first 100 tons. Loading and unloading i lire per ton ; stowage 1 lire per ton ; watchman 3 lire per night. Moorings 20 lire. Pilotage. 005 lire per ton ; min. 15 lire ; max. 75 lire. Officials. Capt. of Port, Cav. Giuseppe Zennaro; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, E. Berner. BARLETTA, Italy. Pop. 42,236. Tr.-E. Wine, oil, fruit,

skins, salt, Indian corn, &c. Accn. Vessels lie alongside break water. D. at En. 24ft, at quay 21st. Charges. Discharging coals, tod per ton; loading wines, iod per hogshead. On a vessel of 773 tons completing full cargo, wine and oil, anchorage dues paid at Bari, £64 us. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, A. Reichlin ; Lloyd's Agents, Reichlin & Co. BASSEIN, Burma. Lat. 16° 50' N; long. 94° 50' E.

Pop. 32,500. Auth. Commissioner of Irrawaddy Division. Tr. I. Coal, salt, &c.-E. Rice. Accn. Vessels of 20 ft dft. can come to this port, which is 67 miles from sea, and is 5 miles from N. 10 S. of town. Owing to the sea on the bar during the S.W. monsoon deep dst. vessels are sometimes detained at Dalhousie for the weather to moderate. Rice mills only have wharves. Vessels lie in 3oft LW.; communication to wharves by staging. In the river 6 to 15sms HW. Labour plentiful, 8 ans. to 1 r., according to time of year, per diem. No cranes or dry docks. Charges. Port charges 4 ans. per ton. Burma coast lights 3 ans. per ton in and out. Pilotage. Rates subject to modification. All vessels, both sailing and steam, pay full rates as per schedule. During the S.W. monsoon, ist May io 31st October, all vessels inward bound pay three-fourths over and above the ordinary rates from sea to Dalhousie, and double the ordinary rates from Dalhousie to sea in case of vessels outward bound. Pilotage is charged on the full draught of the vessel in feet, anything over the loot being charged for the loot ; for instance, a vessel draw. ing 16ft niin is charged for as 171t, and 17ft iin as 18st. Night fees 32 rs. ; mooring or unmoor ng 16 rs. From sea to Dalhousie, one-third, from sea to Enterprise Island, two-thirds inward rates ; frum Bassein to Enterprise Island, one-third, from

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