Sivut kuvina

E. Bones, codfish (dried and salted), herrings (salced and fresh in ice), cod oil, minerals, cod-roes, skins, &c. Auth. Bergens Havnestyre. Accn. There is sufficient water for largest vessels, depth from 4 to 8sms., extensive quays and mooring buoys, considered free from ice throughout the whole winter, and well sheltered from all winds. The Man of War harb., situated at the surburb Nostet, has from 10 to 50 fms. of water, with good holding ground, and here all yachts and tourist steamers anchor. The port has three large and several smaller mechanical works, with shipbuilding yards attached, from where steamers of 4,500 tons dw. cap. have been launched. There are also 3 patent slips and 3 dry docks, respectively 250, 265, and 365ft long, with from 12 to 20ft water on the sill at OHW. From the sea there are four entrances S. of Bergen, viz., Skudesnas 84, Bommel Fjord 72, Saebjorns Fjord 44, and Kors Fjord 22 nautical miles from the town, and Feið Fjord 30 miles north. All the entrances are very deep, and from 1 to 2 miles wide, and navigation inside the islands is almost completely landlocked, with deep water, but it requires a pilot to navigate the channels in safety ; large vessels generally enter by the Korsfjord channel. Charges. Tonnage and light dues, 104d per net reg. ton, and 2% buoy dues. Tonnage dues 6d per ton on cargo loaded. Ballast free. Exchange dues now done away with for vessels leaving in ballast. Discharging coals 7d per ton; graiu 7ļd per 1,000 kilos by steam-winches. Pilotage. C., and the first pilot that offers his assistance has the actualright to pilot the vessel, and, should the master refuse to employ him, and take another pilot further on, he will have to pay both pilots. In the case of a flag being hoisted to call a pilot, the pilotage charged will be from the place where the pilot is taken on board. According to size and dft., besides distance :-Summer taxes, 16/4—15/9; 200 tons reg., gft dit., entrance money, £ 1 75 10d ; ditto distance, 3/4 mile; 500 tons reg., 12st dst., entrance, Ł2 25 rod; ditto distance, 4/10 mile ; 1,000 tons reg., 15ft dst., entrance £3 4s 6d ; ditto distance, 7/ mile. Winter taxes, 16/9-15/4; entrance money, kl 158; ditto distance, 4/6 mile; entrance, 62 145; ditto distance, 6/3; entrance. £4 Is od ; ditto distance. 9/11. Pilotage outwards about one-third less. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, A. N. Gran ; Superintendent of Pilots, Sigurd Ring ; Harb. ant Pilot Master, L. Iversen. Brokers. Frederick W. Clausen, Joachim Grieg, Otto F. Hansen, J. Martens, Andr Nilsen, O. R. Olsen, H, M. Meyer, N. Hotieman. BERMUDA, British West Indies. St. George's Harbour is in

lat. 32° 15' N ; long. 64° 5° W. E, AWOST. 2oft ; ON. 18st. Accn. post water in harbour ; Vessels lie afloat 20 to 4oft from quays. Marine slip for any sized vessels. Floating dock at Iceland Island, 381 by 124ft. BETT'S COVE, Newfoundland. Lat. 49° 41' N; lony.

57° 47' W. 6 to 7fms at wharves. Tr. Shipment of copper ore. Charges. 61. io 7d. per ton. BEYPORE, India. Lat. 11° 9' 30" N ; long: 75° 48' 30' E.

The bar at the mouth of the river has only ost at OST., when the rise is but 4.}'t. Vessels anchor in 5lms, mud bottom, about i} miles off shore. Open roadstead, and during strong W. winds there are heavy vreakers on the bar, and ships at anchor in the roadstead should always be ready to put to sea on the approach of bad weather. Port dues same as Calicut.

BEYROOT. See Beirut.
BILBAO, Spain. Lat. 43° 15' N ; long. 2° 45' W. Pop. About

8,500. THW. 3h; Sp. rise 15ft. Tr.-I. Cottons, woollens, colonials, dried cod, coal, coke, grain, iron, steel, metals, copra, chemicals, jute, wood pulp, railway material, agricultural implements, spirits, beer, cement, petroleum, timber, &c. ; E. Iron ore, pig iron, lead, fruits, oils, flour, wine, madder, liquorice, skins, chestnuts, creosote, wool, &c. Accn. D. at E. 19ft NT. to 26ft ST Fourteen tips varying from 9 to 2oft LW. Several cranes to 3 tons, one to 25 tons. Steam ballast crane discharges 30 tons per hour. Three dry docks, 320ft, 330ft, and 43oft respectively, with a depth of 21st OT. One under construction 608ft with 25st water OT. Charges. Coasting--General cargo, per 1,000 kilos, loading 0-50 pes, discharging 0-75 pes ; iron ore, loading 0-375. pes ; coal (Spanish), discharging 0-25 pes. Foreign-General : pig-iron and ore, loading 0-50 pes, discharging from America 2'50 pes, from Europe 1'25 pes ; coal 0-25 pes. Loading and unloading merchandise as per schedule. New tax on ore exported 20 c per 1,000 kilos, payable by shipper. Pilotage. From sea to Cadagua River (Luchana) or vice versa : ships up to 1,000 tons gross, per English foot 3 pes ; 1,000 to 2,000 tons, 4:50 pes ; 2,000 tons and up, 5 pes. Shiftings in the river (from Axpe to Bilbao, three sections): Up to 1,000 tons, 5 pes, 8 pes, 10 pes ; 1,000 to 2,000 tons, 10 pes, 18 pes, 25 pes; 2,000 tons and upwards, 15 pes, 28 pes, 35 pes. The dues are the same for night services. A pilot called but not employed one-half fees. Pilotage C. for foreign ships and Spanish over 250 tons. Pilot staying on board, 10 pes per day and expenses. Mooring.-Ships to 250 tons 2 pes, 250 to 500 3 pes, 500 to 1,000 6 pes, 1,000 to 2,000 12 pes, 2,000 and upwards 17 pes. Ships of less than 500 tons gross are not compelled to take mooring boats. Since July, 1903, it has been optional to ships of less than 1,500 tons to take them. For boats in the reach with 7 men, 20 pes, with 3 men 10 pes; one-halt additional when taken from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Towage. For steamers.---From outside bar with one tug, or vice versa, to Reach, Portugalete, and Sestao, £3 103 ; Desierto, Franco-Belga, and Luchana, £4; Olaveaga (up to dry dock), £5; Bilbao, £6. Inside river : Desierto and Portugalete, £2 108 : in Bilbao and Olaveaga, £3,; from one section to another, £3; Bilbao to Desierto, or vice versci, £3 10s; Olaveaga to Portugalete, do., £3 10s ; Bilbao to Portugalete, do., 64. Tug. boats ordered but not used about half above rates; two tugs double. Officials. Com. of Marine. Señor Den Emilio Luanco; ist adj., Bilbao, Don Venancio Nardiz; 2nd adj., Olaveaga, Don Manuel de Molini; 3rd adj. L. Ozamiz; 4th adj., Portugalete, Don Juan A. de Ybarreta ; H.B.M.'s Consul, Cecil G. Wood ; ViceConsul, V. de Larrea. BIMLIPATAM, India. Lat. 17° 53' 23" N ; long. 83° 26' 42"

E. Pop. 9,827. Tr.-I. Piece goods, cotton yarn, twist, metals, spices, European provisions, and liquors; E. Seed, buffalo horns and hides, deer horns, turmeric, lac, indigo, jute, cotton, &c. Accn. Open roadstead. Anchorage, Flagstaff West (mag.), 6 to 7 fms., good holding ground. Charges. Tonnage, 3 annas per ton for one port. Vessels landing passengers or stores

pay full rate. I anna 6 pies for 2nd port. Vessels not carrying passengers or cargo pay three-fourths, namely, 2 annas 3 pies on the net tonnage. Coasting s!eamers calling at one or more ports on the east coast shall pay 3 annas per ton for 30 days; coasting ships with cargo calling at any port, i anna 6jies per ton net, payable at every port of call; coasting ships in ballast three-fourths of i anna 6 pies, namely I anna i pies per ton net. Official. Port Officer Capt. H. J. Boas, who is also Coll. of Cust. and Harb. Magistrate. BIZERTA, Tunis. 37'16 North 9:52 East, 60 miles from Tunis.

Accn. 2 jetties 3. 300lt long, enclosing outer harb. 230 acres. Quay walls 26st HW. ordinary tides. Railway on quays belonging to Tunisian and Algerian Railway. Canal connecting sea with lake 3ft deep. LV. Clan Matheson, s., 2,521 tons, drawing 24ft 6in. Coals plentiful and cheap. Charges. Lights and sanit. 0.18 franc reg. ton. Shelter and canal o'o3 franc ton reg. For coals half above. Pilotage. C. from 10 to 20 francs ton reg. Harb. and canal nil. Good tugs by agreement. Good facilities for repairs. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, Hon. T. Bourke. BJORNEBORG, Finland. Lat. 61° 29' N. ; long. 21° 43' E.

Pop. 15,000. Tr.-I. Coals, coke, coffee, salt, sugar, wine and iron ; E. wood goods, oats, butter and tar. Accn. On the south side of Kumo river, 18 miles from its harb., Räfsö. In the outer roads there is good holding in 31st of water, but vessels are exposed to S. W. by W. and N.W. gales, which make loading impossible as lighters cannot keep alongside. In the harb. (Räfsöj vessels can lie in perfect safety in 12 to 2oft ; no tides. There are now three leading lights-the Sebbskär, Kallo light and two green lights on the E. of Räfsö Island. Vessels can enter at any time. In the river between Rälsö and Björneborg there are only gst of water. Ice fron December to March, but sometimes the port is open all the year round to iron steamers. Powerful salvage tug, steam towboat and pilots always available. Crews, fresh water and supplies of every description always to be had. Repairs to hulls and machinery are well executed.

There is a patent slip up at Björneborg suitable for small vessels of 300 or 400 ions only; therefore larger vessels requiring repairs under water line or bottom cleaning must be careened. Coals: good supply of Grimsby and West Hartlepool bunker coal at wharf or in roads at current prices. Risby, Brändöhamn, Hamnholm, and Antora are also loading places, all with saw mills, in the Björneborg Customs district. Pro forma account of disbursements of a ss. of 630 reg. tons from foreign port in ballast, outwards with lumber, during summer months. Charges. Vessels bunkering only or calling for orders pay 10 penni (= id) per reg, ton. Ballast : sand, 1'25 marks ; stones, 2'50 marks per ton. Vessels entering with ballast pay 131 pennis per reg. ton, so that a vessel of 6co tons, which is supposed to have 200 tons of ballast, pays so marks for the privilege of discharging same at Rafző alongside wharf free of whariage, but vessels drawing more than soft must lie out in the harb. and pay an additional charge for lighterage to the shore, varying from 0.90 to i 50 marks per reg. ton. Iowards : beacon 138.60 marks, expedilion (at Custom House) 65 marks; outwards : beacon 277.20 marks, expedition (at Custom House) 65 marks; stamp on passport, 3 marks; tonnage (once a year), 63 marks; harb., 190-80 marks; boat assistance, 30 marks; stevedore stowing lumber, 3 marks per std., loading deals, 2-50 marks, battens, 275 marks per std., small

boards, 375 10 4 marks; brokerage in and out (50-75 marks), 75 marks. Pilotage. On draught ; average 25 marks in and 45 marks out. Officials. Consulates for Norway and Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, and Belgium; Captain of the Port at Räfsö, Capt. Sigurd Helsingius; Lloyd's Agent and Navigation Office Commissioner, Oscar Heine (Heine, S.Z.); Bureau Veritas Assist. Surveyor, Oscar Heine (Heine, S.Z). BLACK RIVER, Jamaica. Lat. 17° 30' N ; long: 77° 30' W.

Tr.-I. Stoves, machinery, &c.; E. Sugar, rum, molasses, logwood. Accn. Good holding ground and facilities for loading in 18ft LW. Anchorage 40 to 50ft. Charges. See Kingston. Pilotage. C. BLUFF HARBOUR, New Zealand. Lat. 46° 36' 17' S;

long. 168° 21' 55" E. 17 miles from Invercargill. Pop. 1,500. Port Auth. A Harbour Board constituted under ihe N.Z. Harbours Act, 1878. Tr.-1. Guano, timber, coal, and merchandise; E. Wool, hides, frozen mutton, fats, cased meats, skins and pelts, tallow, timber, fish, cheese, butter, and preserved rabbits. Accn. There is sufficient water for the largest vessels, the anchorage a mile inside the entrance being on 24ft. to 3oft. Four hoisting engines and one hydraulic winch. There are 3,725ft of wharfage. W. of E. 300lt at narrowest part of channel. D. alongside wharves varies from 14st bin to 28ft. Ry. Main Trunk Line of South Island. Vessels discharge direct into trucks. R. of T. OT. 61t, NT. 5st, ST. 711 6in. LV. Delphic, 5401 tons net ; Ayrshire, 4,655tops net; Tarakima, 5,164 inns net ; Runutuka, 4,983 tons net; Ruapeha, 5,035 tons net, Small patent slip. Charges. Port charges 2d ton or at vessel's option, in one sum half-yearly from date of entry, 6d ton, or 2d ton per voyage. Ballast from 3 to 4/6 ton ; stevedores 1/3 hour, and 21 hour overtime. Light dues on all steamers arriving, foreign, 4.d ton ; on sailing vessels arriving from Australian colonies, 4d ton ; on sailing vessels arriving foreign, 60 ton ; 4d ton coastwise. Pilotage. Steamers in or out 2}d reg. ton. For towage assistance to steamers using their own motive power, over 3,000 tons £5; 2,000, £4; under 2,000, £3 ; sailing vessels, in or out, without tug 4}d ton, with tug 2ld ton each way; vessels in ballast, in or out, 25d reg. ton. Towage. From sea to wharf or vice versê 5d reg. ton; vessels in ballast in or out (including pilotage), 6d ton. These charges to cover any distance up to three miles. For every additional mile or portion thereof, įd ton additional. Minimum rate for towage £3; minimum rate for removal id ton. Officials. Harb. Master, N. McDonald ; Sec. to Board, Geo. R. George; Officer in charge of Customs, R. Hunter. BODO, Norway: Lat. 67° 17' N; long. 14° 25' E. Pop.

3,800. Accn. 15 to 18fms. in W. of bay. No docks, wharves, or quays. Steamers discharge direct into stores. Pier to be built by Government. No dues. Officials. H B.M.'s ViceConsul, N. Falck ; Lloyd's Agen:, J. C. Koch. BOMBAY, India. Lat. 18° 54' N ; long. 72° 49' E. Pop.

860,000. Auth. Board of Trustees. Tr. I. Coal, iron, wines, dry goods, kerosene oil, tea, glassware, grain, sugars, and teak; E. Wheat, seeds, cotton, opium, cloves,

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coffee, dates, gum, ginger, gunny bags, horns, ivory, wood, mother-of-pearl shells, pepper, twist and yarn. Accn. Fine harb. from 12 to 14 miles long, from N. to S., with a general width of from 4 to 6 miles. Anchorage is on W. side of harbour. Extra. Sp. rise 18ft, ordinary 14 to 15ft ; N. rise 7ft. There are two wet docks, called the Prince's (30 acres) and Victoria Docks (25 acres), Carnac Basin (11 acres), and the Merewether Dry Dock is entered from the former. There are besides seven other dry docks, belonging to Government, the P. & O., and B.I.S.N. Companies, and a patent slip privately owned. One crane to list 5 tons. Hydraulic cranes in wet docks, one to lift to 100 tons, one to 30 tons, and 109 to 30 cwt. for discharge of cargo. Charges. Port dues i anna per reg. ton per month ; Prince's Dock dues i pie per ton per diem on vessels; fresh water 6 annas per ton, and cranes (30 cwt.) hired at rs. 5 per diem. Charges at the docks on goods vary according to class. The import wharfage on cotton piece goods is 4ans. à bale ; iron from rs. 1-2 to rs. 1-10 per ton ; grain, gans. per ton ; seeds (oil), Ioans. per ton; other than oil seeds, rs. 1-12 per ton; cotton raw, Indian, pressed, 2ans. per bale; American or other pressed, bale of 4 cwt or over, zans. 6pies ; Egyptian, 6 cwt bales, sans.; kerosene oil and coal are discharged into lighters in the stream ; kerosene in bulk is discharged at the bulk oil installation pier. Pilotage. In and out of harb., sor sailing vessels and steamers from 100 tons upwards, during the fair season and during the SW. monsoon ; the SW. monsoon commences from June I and ends September 30. On merchant vessels :



Minimum, 100 to 300 reg. tons..
Maximum, 2,100 to 2,200 reg.

Rs, 120. And an increase of rs. 4-2 for every 100 tons or part, on sailing ships, and rs. 2-8 for every 100 tons, or part, on steamers above this tonnage during fair season ; and in addition thereto an extra rate of rs. 20-10 on sailing ships, and rs. 12-6 on steamers during SW.

monsoon. Transporting fees on ships :- 1,500 tons and upwards, rs. 30 ; 1,000 tons to 1,500 tons, rs. 25 ; under 1,000 tons, rs. 20. Steamers using their own engines : from one berth to another south of Cross Island or to or from any of the docks or to any berth north of Cross Island, or vice versá, rs. 20 ; transporting north of Cross Island rs. 15; sailing ships or steamers towed to or from any dock north of Cross Island from or to fixed moorings north of Cross Island will be charged rs. 15. A pilotage fee shall be held to cover the services cf a pilot for all ruties connected with the movement and anchorage ol a vessel for a period of 12 hours from the time of joining the vessel if his services are required for so long. If a pilot, after having been applied for, goes on board and the vessel is not read;', a fee of rs. 20 will be charged as “ Pilot's attendance." When a pilot is appointed to transport a vessel into dock and it does not enter the dock the same day, if through no fault of the pilot, a second transporting fee will be charged, and so on. Special pilotage for taking a vessel from Butcher Island, Pir Pao, Hog Island or Nocar Point to sea direct, or to any point or mooring in the harbour, or vice versa, and for vessels proceeding on a trial-trip, a single pilotage




Rs. 62.

Rs. 25.

Rs. 37

Rs. 41.

Rs. 72.

Rs. 84

Rs. 140.

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