Sivut kuvina

fee shall be charged; but, where a vessel proceeding to sea from Butcher Island, Pir Pao, Hog Island or Nocar Point, is at the wish of the Master anchored in the harbour to complete ship's business, then a pilotage fee and a half shall be charged. Vessels arriving with gunpowder, if not moored in the harbour on the day of arrival, shall pay an attendance fee of rs. 20. Water is supplied to shipping in harbour at rs. 1-12 per ton. Towage. From dock to Sunk Rock, and vice versa, 1,000 ton ship rs. 125, over, rs. 150; to lightship, 1,000 tons, rs. 175, over, 1,000 rs. 225. Steamer towed will be charged at sailing ship rates. NOTE.-Rupee=1/4. Officials. Chairman of Trust, Rt. Hon. W. C. Hughes, C.I.E., M. Inst. C.E.; Sec. to Trust, H. E. Hart; Port Officer, Commander H. S. Black, R.I.M.; Chief Engineer, P. G. Messent; Traffic Manager, A. Panton; Dock Superintendent, J. Hand; Lloyd's Agents, Finlay, Muir & Co.

BONA, Algiers. Lat. 36° 53′ 38′′ N; long. 7° 46′ 4′′ E. Pop. 28,294. Tr.-I. General merchandise and manufactures; E. Iron, copper, zinc, lead, phosphate, barley, wool, sheep, cork, tannin, hay, and esparto. Accn. Two ports (inner and outer). Harb. formed by two breakwaters. The inner port is provided with quays where vessels drawing 21ft can discharge. cranes. Charges. Harb. dues 50c per reg. ton, tonnage 50c, sanitary, 10c. Pilotage. Inwards, 6c reg. ton for sailing vessels, and 3c for steamers; outwards, Ic and 2c respectively. Mooring cable 94d. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, Abel de la Croix.

Two 20-ton

BONNY, W. Africa. Lat. 4° 25′ 56" N; long. 7° 9' 50" E. Pop10,000. Auth. Supervisor of Customs. Tr.-I. Manchester goods, guns, powder, iron neptunes or brass pans, crockery. ware, hardware, spirits, provisions, kerosene, tobacco, building materials, medicines, earthenware, leather goods, wearing apparel, and wines, &c.; E. Palm kernels, palm oil, ivory, cocoa, coffee, and kola nuts, &c. Accn. Anchorage opposite Custom House in Bonny river in to fms. Least depth of water on bar 17ft low water. Springs rise 6ft, neaps 5ft. Charges. None. Cable Station, Official. Lloyd's Agent, Albert Coxey.

BORDEAUX, France, Lat. 44° 50' N ; 0° 34′ W.


257,471. THW. 6h 50m; Sp. rise 14ft; N. rise 12ft. Tr.-I. Coal, petroleum, colonial produce, wood, hides and skins, wool, chemicals, tissues, fish, cereals, wine, and spirits; E. Wine, spirits, tinned fruits, fish, and provisions, pitwood, chemicals, gum, rosin, refined sugar, tissues, and jewellery. Accn. There are two deep places for shipping in the river, with a depth from 20 to 30ft. A safe dft. to Bordeaux is 20ft, but at ST. vessels drawing 25ft can get up. There are also several docks and building-yards; two graving docks, a patent slip, a slip railway (at Lormont), and four gridirons for careening vessels. Cranes to lift from 3 to 80 tons. Charges. Ballast 1od to 2/6 per ton. Quay dues 5d per ton from arrivals from Mediterranean and Europe, 10d from all other parts. Temporary additional dues (on account of harbour works) 6d per ton on all arrivals. Coals from 20/ per ton. On a vessel of 400 reg. tons of 16ft dft, expenses about £20. Tonnage dues: 12 cms per ton if cargo loaded or discharged is more

than half the net reg. tonnage ; 6 cms if less than half; 3 cms if less than a quarter; 12 cms if less than a tenth. Port dues:

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Do., less than a tenth

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Ship Brokers. T. Colombier, H. Ferrière, P. Ferrière, R. Vandercruyce, Ollion, Miramont - Legendre, F. Saladin, H. Bustarret. Officials. Harbour Master, M. Terigi. H.B.M.'s Consul, R. D. G. Macdonald.

BORGHOLM, Sweden. Accn. Good anchorage.

three acres.

of piers 620ft. Depth alongside Harbour dues about 1d per ton.


Depth at entrance 12ft. Length 16ft. No cranes. Charges. Loading or discharg ng 7d to 8d. Official: H.B.M.'s Consular Agent, G. E. Erickson. BORNHOLM, Denmark. Pop. 40,000. On the Island are the following harbs., Rönne, Nexö, Sveneke, Gudhjen, Allinge, Hammersen, and Hasle. Tr. - I. Coal, timber, wood; E. Corn, granite, butter and flour. Ch. Harbour dues, 15 to 30 ore per r.t. Pilotage. 4 to 8 ore per r.t. Depth inside Nexö, Sveneke, Allinge, 12ft, Gudhjen 11, Hasle 13, Hammersen 14. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, C. P. Lund. BOSTON, U.S. Lat. 42° 19' N; long. 70° 45′ W. Pop. About 560,000. Tr.-E. Grain, flour, cattle, meat, bacon, hay, sheep, horses, steel rails, wie rods, wood pulp, matchwood, beef, pork, canned meats, lard, fish, ice, apples, cranberries, rum, whisky, alcohol, woollens, cottons, paper, boots and shoes, leather, cordage, hardware, furniture, lumber, naval stores, agricultural implements, railroad materials, cars, &c., oil-cakes, stoves, wooden ware, carts, waggons, machinery, &c., the trade in organs and

pianos being very large. Accn. Harb. is very commodious, and vessels of 30ft dft can lie alongside the new wharves, whilst 27ft at mean LW is the least depth in the harb. channel. D. at E. 30 ft. There are three graving docks, 165ft, 250ft, and 465ft respectively in length, a floating dry dock for vessels up to 500 tons, a patent slip railway for vessels up to 1,600 tons, and another for vessels up to 600 tons. Charges. Rates of dockage. Sailing vessels docking 10c. per ton; 8c. per ton each lay day. Propellers, docking 12c. per ton, 10c. per ton for each lay day; sidewheel steamers, docking 25c. per ton, 10c. per ton each lay day after 24 hours. Loading 35c. per 2,240 lbs.; unloading coal, 18c. to 25c; general, 30 to 33c. per 2,240 lbs. Pilotage. Foreign vessels are obliged to take the first pilot who offers his services, excepting those of 350 tons burthen or under, which having declined to take a pilot are only liable to pay half the regular fee. By law, 25% to be added to the rates of pilotage on vessels detained in quarantine over 12 hours (not enforced). Outward pilotage on vessels drawing 7ft. $1.65 per ft, 14ft $2 per ft, 20ft $3.25 per ft, 25ft $5 per ft, others corresponding rates. Inwards, vessels drawing 7 ft $2.64 per ft, 14ft $3.45 per ft, 20ft $4.25 per ft, 25ft $5 per ft, and others at corresponding rates. Hauling a vessel from the stream to a wharf (below the bridges), and for hauling a vessel from a wharf to the stream is included in dock pilotage. Towage. Outwards, as per agreement. Officials. H. B. M.'s Consul, Capt. W. Wyndham ; Vice-Consul, Lloyd's Agent, F. Peabody. BOUGIE, Algeria. The port is formed by a jetty commencing at the points known as Abd-el-Kader, and the point De la Kasbah, and is well sheltered. W. of E. 750 yards, the depth varying from 13 to 23ft. Accn. Good anchorage for vessels of any size. Floating crine to 15 tons. There is a breakwater SE. 48oft in length, which affords shelter from east winds. The jetty at Abd-el-Kader is 590ft long, and is to be extended to double that length. New quays now being constructed. Official. Lloyd's Agent, Chas Schiaffinis.

BOULOGNE-SUR-MER, France. Lat. 50° 44' N; long. 1° 35' E. Pop. 46,916. Auth. French Government. Tr.-I. Coal, cast iron, steel, Spanish iron ore, machinery, flax and tow, cotton, wool, jute, wheat, corn of all kinds, tar, and ice; E. Cement, fruits, potatoes, flour, silks, wine, brandy, eggs, coprolite, phosphate, fire-clay goods, flowers, and Paris goods. Accn. D. at En. ST 42ft, NT. 36ft, LWST. 16ft. Inside the harb. at ST. 33ft, NT. 24ft. Vessels drawing 28ft can enter dock at ST., and those drawing 22ft at NT. Inner harb. 32 acres, two-thirds dredged to 14ft LWST. Quays, 5.730ft. Outer harbour, sheltered by Cape Grisnez and Carnot Breakwater, 50 acres dredged to 30ft LWST. Moorings for Atlantic liners. A gridiron 316ft long, and another 62ft long for small vessels. Floating dock 15 acres; D. at entrance, 30ft HWST, 24ft NT. Steam cranes to 15 tons discharge 1,000 tons per 10 hours. I crane to 40 tons. Works now in progress will increase quay length by 725yds dredged to 14ft, and 275yds to 25ft LWST. LV. ss. 3,400 tons net reg. Charges. See Havre. Pilotage. Sailing vessels, in or out, loaded 2d ton, in ballast 1d; steamers 1d ton. Vessels having more than one-third of their cargoes pay full rates. Vessels windbound or in distress pay two-thirds. Towage 3d per reg. ton. Brokers. A. Holter, G. Huret, A. Watbled,


Official. British V.-Consul, H. F. Farmer.
Adam & Co.

BOURGAS, Eastern Roumelia.
27° 35' E. Tr.−I.
Anchorage in roadstead 4 to 6 fms.
paras, health 20, tonnage dues 5 per ton.
Constantinople. Official. British Acting

BOWEN. See Port Denison.

BRAILA. See Ibraila.

Lloyd's Agents

Lat. 42° 27 N; long Grain. General; E. Charges. Lights 10 Pilotage arranged at Consular Agent, D.E.

BRAKE, Germany. Lat. 53° 2' N; long. 8° 3' E. Pop. 5,000. Tr.-I. Timber and lumber from the Baltic and United States, cedar, mahogany, coal, pig-iron, firebricks, slags, flint, china clay, slates, cork wood, tar, grain, ore, hemp, and bitrate; E. Sugar, moss litter, cork, bottles, German coal, coke, steel rails, iron in bars, all kinds of machinery, tobacco, and manufactures. Accn. Vessels drawing 23-27ft OT. can proceed up to Brake, a good dock 800ft long, 350ft wide, provided with a lock and offering every facility for shipping. The dock has been enlarged by a side basin 700ft long, and 150ft wide. Vessels of greater dft. than 19ft. discharge and load on a quay, erected on the banks of the river. 500 metres long, with grain elevator, working 1,440 tons per day, electric cranes, and connected with the railway. D. 74 metres at LW. Two graving docks, 313ft and 343ft in length. This is a free port. Labour and all supplies are cheap. Ballast about 1/1 ton Cranes to lift to 20 tons. Pilotage. NC. From April 16 to September 15, 2/7 per ft; September 16 to November 15, 3/3 per ft; November 16 to February 15, 3/5 per ft; February 16 to April 15, 3/3 per ft. For vessels piloted into dock, a compulsory rate is charged-up to 90 reg. tons 3/11, up to 120 reg. tons 4/10 Out of dock: up to 150 reg. tons 5/10, above 150 reg. tons 7/10. -up to 90 reg. tons 2/4, up to 120 reg. tons 3/2, up to 150 reg. tons 3/11, above 150 reg. tons 5/2. Charges. Harb. dues, 4 pf. on all vessels per 15 days and net c.m.; charges for unloading, grain, 35 pf. per ton; deals and beards (m.), 1.50 per stand. Officials. The dock, &c.. belongs to the Government of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg; Harbour Master, Köhne; British Vice-Consul, Karl Gross: Superintendent of Marine Board (Wassersdrout), J. Hendorff; Lloyd's Agent, J. Muller.

BRASS RIVER, W.C. of Africa. Lat. 4° 17′ N.; long. 6° 15' E. Tr.-I. Spirits, beads, hardware, tobacco, salt; E. palm oil and kernels, shea butter, cocoa nuts, copra, &c. Auth. The Niger Coast Protectorate District Commr., Government Representative. Accn. Shifting bar, 6 to 10ft. in ST., less in NT. Anchorage 5 miles from bar, 300 yards from shore in 6 fms. Charges. Nil. Pilotage. Captains pilot their own ships. Cable Station. Official. Lloyd's Agent, F. G. Devoran. BREMEN, Germany. Lat. 53° 4' 8" N; long. 8° 48′ 5′′ E. Pop. 163,297. Bremen lies up the River Weser, 34, nautical miles from Bremerhaven, distance to sea 68 miles. THW. 4h 53m; Sp. rise 6ft, OT. 4ft. Tr.-I. Chiefly tobacco, coffee, cotton, coal, petroleum, machinery, rice, skins, dye woods, wines, timber, hemp; E. Woollen goods, linen, glass, wheat, beans,


sheep, rags, wool, oil-cake, wooden toys. Big beer breweries, extensive shipowning, big lumber trade. Accn. The Freihafen, a tidal basin, 2,000 metres long, 120 broad. D. at LW. 8 metres. Area of water, 215,470 sq. metres-4 lines of rails each side. sheds, each 200 metres long, large warehouses behind them. Eighty-five hydraulic cranes; one to 4 tons, one to 10 tons. A floating crane to 40 tons. Two floating docks, 117 and 70 metres. Lumber harb., a tidal basin 1,500 metres long, 80 broad. A tidal basin has now been opened, 600 m. by 100, connected with lumber harbour, and vessels enter through it. D. at LW. 6.8 metres. Area, 117, 190 sq. metres-rails on both sides. The Sicherheitshafen (Safely harb.): D. below datum line 12ft. Area, 73,000 sq. metres. The waterway is kept open all winter by city authorities' ice breakers. Charges. Dock dues same as at Bremerhaven. Commission for doing ship's business, if sailer, £55s., if steamer, £10 10s.; this includes collecting freight money, but depends upon private agreement. Pilotage. C. Inwards, 13 pfen. per metre; outwards, 11 pfen. draught. Towage. Tugboats are obtainable outside the quay buoy, Bremerhaven. Captains generally inake the best bargain they can, irrespective of rates, which are, on outward-bound vessels from Bremerhaven to the lighthouse, from March 16 to November 15, 31d, November 16 to March 15, 4d reg. ton; for vessels from Bremerhaven to sea, from March 16 to November 15, 6d; November 16 to March 15, 7d reg. Officials. The Freihafen is managed by a Dock Co. It is bonded. British Vice-Consul, Robert Boyes; Lloyd's Agents, F. Reck & Co. Brokers. Wischu en & Kimme.


BREMERHAVEN, Germany. Lat. 53 35 N; long. 8 35' E. Pop. 20,000. 36 nautical miles from Weser Lightship. Tr.-Transit, passenger, shipbuilding, and repairing. Headquarters of North German Lloyd's. I. Cotton, cotton seed, meal, grain, timber, petroleum, coal, general. General. Geestemunde is the chief fishing port of Germany. THW.


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1h 18m; OT. rise 11ft. Accn. Wet docks, 112 acres, mostly bonded; free port district 455 acres Seven dry docks, largest 225m. long by 29.98m., by 10.75m. on S. H. W. The ports of Bremerhaven and Geestemünde are accessible for all kinds of ships at all times of the year, no matter how it may freeze. Tugs can be had by applying to the Union Tug Company at Geestemünde; this company also render salvage services. Bremerhaven, together with Geestemünde and Lehe is practically one town of about 65,000 inhabitants. Auth. Harb. Mister of the State of Bremen. Charges. Harbour dues-Kaiser harbour extension 3d per c.m.; Kaiser Harbour and New Harbour id per c. m; Geestemunde id per c.m. of net tonnage.

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