Sivut kuvina

sailing vessels with wheat, 2/8 per ton cargo. Tax on passengers : 301 to 400, 750; 401 to 500, 62c; 501 to 600, 50c; 601 to 700, 32}c ; above, 25c ; available for two days by same company's boats. Loading and unloading timber 2fr per standard, coals isr, iron ore ifr, sugar 75c, phosphates, chalk, &c., 500. Towage. Tugs always ready; one, the Calaisien, 650 h.p. From any part whatsoever of the tidal basin, the stranding harbour, or the channel to the distance of a mile beyond the pier-head and reciprocally, inwards 40c, outwards 20c per ton reg. ; ditto, to four miles off the pier-head and reciprocally, inwards 60c, outwards 400 per ton reg: ; ditto, to seven miles off the pier-head and reciprocally, inwards goc, outwards goc per ton reg. Movements within the harbour: For ships shifting from any part whatsoever of the stranding harbour, ihe tidal basin to one of the floating docks and reciprocally, 1oc per ton reg. ; for ships shifting within the floating docks, 4c per ton reg: ; for steamers not being taken in tow but assisted in their shifting by a steam tug, ioc per reg ton. Pilotage. Steamers 12}c inward, same outward ; ships 250 inward and 12}c outward per net reg. ton. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, Chas. A. Payton ; Vicc Consul and Lloyd's Agent, E. H. Blomefeld ; Captain of Port, Capt. Th. Dupendant. Brokers. G. Duniagou, G. Foissey, A. Henry, and F. Magnier. CALCUTTA, India. Lat. 22° 33' N ; long. 88° 20' E. Pop.

over 847,796. Tr.-I. Salt, coal, iron, piece goods, cotton yarn, wearing apparel

, stationery, hardware, machinery, malt liquors, wine and other spirits, petroleum, flour, tobacco, &c. ; E. Cotton, rice, dye stuffs, oils, seeds, shawls, hides, spices, cutch, gunny cloths, hemp, indiarubber, jute, opium, safflower, tea. Accn. Ships of 8,000 tons can ascend to city, where there is jetty and mooring accommodation. The pilots practically take vessels of any dit. up and down the river, but the maximum dst. may be called 27st. There are ten graving and dry docks, running from 225ft to 710ft in length. Ample cranage accommodation, both fixed and floating. Pilotage. C. above Eastern Channel Ligh“. Sometimes, owing to the alteration of the channels, inward vessels drawing over 24st have to lighten at Diamond Harbour. This takes place (luring the months of December to May inclusive. Rates, inwards and outwards, for broken and full clistances :-

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The pilotage is divided into twelfths for the convenience of charging intermediate or broken pilotage--viz., from sea to places short of Calcutta and from and to intermediate places, as also for the purpose of the proportionate reduction (one fourth) being made when vessels are tugged by steam any portion of the distance. Steamers or sailing vessels taking steam from any part of the distance are entitled to a reduction of one fourth from the charges for such portion of the distance. Charges. Harb. master's fees vary according to the work required of him, Hospital dues 9 pies per ton. Transporting, each way 14r. Hauling in and out of moor. ings, 16rs each operation. Mooring hire ranges from ifrs for vessels under 200 tons to 15rs for vessels of 3.000 tons and upwards. Port dues 4 annas per ton. Loading and unloading: General, 3} to 4 annas per ton, and 5 annas per ton for timber. Towage. No tariff.

A written agreement is always drawn up. Officials. Port Officer, Comr. Ē. J. Beaumont, R.I.M.; Lloyd's Agents, Gladstone, Wyllie & Co. CALDERA, Chili. Lat. 27° 5' 20' S; long. 70° 52' 45' W.

Pop. 2,000; of valley 30,000. Tr.-1. Coals, iron, bricks, sugar, candles, paper, and machinery, &c. ; E. Copper, gold and silver ores, bar silver, copper, regulus and Chinchili skins. Accn. Vessels of 18ft dst. can lie alongside the mole. Railway Co. donkey engine $20 per day, discharge 100 to 150 tons of coal per day. Charges. For doing ship's business in Custom-house about $75 inward ; $50 out ward. Pilotage. From $7 for vessels of 100 to 200 reg tons, to $23 for vessels of 1,000 to 2,000 r*g. tons, and $25 for vessels over 2,000 reg. tons. Pilotage NC. $1 gold. Towage. No tug boats here, but when necessary ve-sels can employ whaleboats at a cost of £l or a little more. Officials. Gov. ernador Maritimo de la Provinca de Atacama ; H.B.M.'s ViceConsul, H. B. Beazley. CALETA BUENA, or Bueno Cove, Chile. Lat. 19° 54' S. ;

long. 70° 10' W. Well sheltered, vessels may moor in 8 to 12 fms, within a short distance of the mole.


Tr.-I. General ; E. Nitrate. Accn. There are three moles—two for discharge, and one for loading launches. Steam cranes on dis. charging moles and despatch is good. Charges. Dues paid yearly by all vessels entering a port in Chile are: Hospital, roc per net reg. ion; lights and buoys, sailers, 400 per net reg. ton; steamers, 600 per net reg

These charges are in gold, is 7d. to the dollar. Launch hire for nitrate, $2 per 1,000 quintals, and when supplied to vessels in the ballast ground, which is £-mile N. of anchorage, ti per 1,000 quintals extra. Dues for mooring and unmooring, 3c per ton. Pilotage. From sea, 80 to 1,500 tons, $35 ; 1,500 to 2,000, $45; 2,000 to 2,500, $50; 2,500 to 3,000, $55. Officials. Harb. Master, Lieut. Lalada ; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul and Sub-Agent of Lloyd's, A. E. Danks. CALICUT, India. Lat. 1° 15' 10" N ; long. 75° 46' o” E.

Pop. 66,078. Tr.-E. Pepper, coffee, cardamoms, rice, coir rope, timber, wax, sandal - wood,' &c. Accn. The White Buoy, surmounted with a black pillar, marking the southern and estern limits of the anchorage at Calicut, is moored in 4 fms LWST. Vessels anchoring to the southward of this buoy should be caresul not to bring it to bear to the westward of north, as there are dangerous patches of foul ground inside of that bearing. The shore may be approached with safety in the fine season to the north of the buoy or inside of it in a line with the pier end on, but on ro account should vessels drawing more than 9 or rost an hor inside of the buoy with the south side of the pier open. When passing between the anchorage of Calicut and Beypore, vessels shouli not approach the coast under 5 or 54 fathoms LW. There is I crane of 2 ions and 2 of 3-ton each for loading and unloasling cargo on the screw pile pier. Charges. Tonnage dues : From the pier, 12 annas per ton ; from the beach, 14 annas per

Vessels calling at only one port within the eastern or western group, 3 annas; vessels calling at more than one port within the eastern or western group, ij annas in addition to the due chargeable at the first port called at. The due is payable once for the voyage. Officials. "Port Officer, N. A. W. Hamilton ; Lloyd's Agents, Andrew & Co. CALLAO, Peru. Lat. 12° 08' S; long. 77° 14' W. Pop.

About 20,000. Tr.-I. Coal, railway material, machinery, &c., from England ; coal and wheat from Australia and New South Wales ; wheat and four from California and Chili; rice from Rangoon; and dry goods from all parts, principally from England, France, and Germany ; E. Ores, chemicals, sugar, salt, wool, cochineal, coffee, tobacco, rice, cocaine, hides, &c. Accn. A good mole has been erected. There is also a dock. Total quayage 5,635ft. HW. f. and c. 5h 47m. Springs rise 4't. D. at ent. 25't H W., and 21st LW.; at steamers' berths 23 to 27st; sailing vessels' berths 13 to 23ft. LV. 6,508 tons gross Anchorige good n 7 and 10 fms.

A floating dry dock 300ft long for vessels of 3.000 tons. Srea'n cranes to litt 5 tons ; iron shears 35 tons. Rys. The Central R'y., of which the Peruvian Corporation are the concessionaires tren is towards ENE., the English rly. towards E. and S. Charges. Discharging : foreign merchandise 5/8 per metric ton, coal 4/3, lumber per ton of 423146ft 4/3, merchandise (Peruvian coast) 2/10 ; also a fiscal charge of 300 silver per ton, all


chargeable to merchandise, and 12c per ton dock charge on ship's account. Loading : all kinds of merchandise about 2/10 per metric ton and 30c per ton. Hospital tax 40 ton. Light dues ac silver per ton, payable every time ship enters port Established steamship companies only pay fc per ton. Anchorage dues 20c per ton payable every six months; 6/10 for stamped paper for obtaining clearance from Prefecture and Custom House; and 10 to the Captain of the Port for signing sailing licence and crew lists. Ballast, 5/1 per ton when supplied inside basin and 6/9outside. Pilotage. NC. No pilots, except those employed by the Dock Company for taking vessels into dock. Officials. H.B.M.'s ConsulGeneral, A. St. John, C.M.G.; Vice-Consul, G. G. Wilson ; Prelect, Colonel Pedro Ugarteche ; Sub.Prefect, Juan Tizon; Mayor, R. de St. Seine ; Captain of Port, Captain Juan José Raygada ; Dock Master, Captain Chas. Steel; Post Master, Eustaquio Dávila. CALMAR, Sweden. Lat. 56° 39' 15" N ; long. 16° 22' 20" E.

Pop. About 13,000. Tr.-1. Coals, salt, colonial produce, herrings, wheat, rye, pig-iron, and lead; E. Deals, timber, paper, limestone, flour, and cattle. Accn. Inside harb. close to pier 21st. Dredging to poft promised by this year. There is a patent slip for vessels up to 500 tons. Hand crane 12 tons. Charges. Port, 16 ore per ton reg. Pilotage. Under 100 tons, kr. 4; 100 to 200, kr. 5; 200 to 300, kr. 7; 300 to 400, kr. 8. Other dues, kr. 131. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice - Consul, J Jeansson, Jun. CAMEROONS, W.C. of Africa. Lat. 3° 50' N ; long 9°

35' E. Tr.-I. Manufaciured goods, beads, spirits, &c. ; E. Palm oil, ivory, gold, kernels, &c. Accn. River has a bar, with 9 to 1oft. Rise of tide 5ft. Anchorage outside bar 30 to 40ft. Charges. Nil. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, A. Nightingale, resides at Loanda ; Lloyd's Agent, A. Grossberger. CAMPANA (Argentina). Lat. 21° 59' S; long. 45° 28' W.

On the Parana river, 53 miles from Buenos Ayres. Tr.--I. Coal, railway materials, articles for refrigerating installations or establishments; E. Frozen beef, mutton, tallow, h des, grain. Accn. Entranc: about 20-t. At quays 2oft to 25ft. Two wharves. Charges. Ballast costs about 5s. per ton along-ide. Pilotage C. £2 for taking vessel in and out. Officials. Captain of Port; Br. Vice-Consul, R. MacLaren. CAMPECHE, Mexico. Lat. 19° 50'N ; long. 90° 35' V. Pop.

16,000. Tr.---I. Silks and manufactured goods ; E. Wood, salt, sugar, skins, wax, &c. Accn. Anchorage perfectly safe ; vessels drawing roft can approach to within a mile of coast. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, A. Peirce. CANDIA, Crete. Lat. 35° 21' N ; long. 24° oi' E. Pop.

22,500. Tr.-I. Calico, cotton twist, flour, leather, sugar, rice, barley, &c.; E. Olive oil, soap, wine, raisins, &c. Accn. Harb. very narrow, II and 12ft inside where it is quite safe. Pilotage. 10/ on entering and 10 on clearing. Mooring about £ I 5s. Official. II.B.M.'s Vice-Consui, W. E. Lawson. CANEA, Crete. Pop. 14,000. Tr.-I. Calico, cotton twist,

flour, leather, sugar, rice, barley, tobacco, timber, coffee, woollens, rum and spirits, iron, soda ash, codfish, herrings, jute, sacks, coals, &c. ; E. Olive oil, soap, wine, carobs, raisins, oranges, valonia, cheese, &c. Accn. Harb. has 17ft at entrance, but 12ft only where ships moor. Charges. Mooring 25/. loc per ton when vessel is in harb., 5c per ton when outside harb. Towage. About 2d per 100 kilos charged by the Steam Companies. Pilotage. 8/ to 12/ in or out. Officials, Captain of the Port, appointed by the Cretan Government ; H.B.M.'s ConsulGeneral, E, Howard ; Vice-Consul, G. Lascelles.

CANNANORE, India. Lat. 11° 51' N. Pop. 26,386. Tr.-

I. Rice and paddy in large quantities, piece goods, twists, liquors, wine and spirits, oilman stores, tobacco, almonds, sugar, Arabian dates, onions, grams, and molasses, &c.; E. Pepper, cardamoms, sandal-wood, arica-nuts, coir yarns, cop. peras, cocoa-nuts, salt fish, deer-horns, bamboos, and timber of all sorts from sub-ports. Accn. Military station. Anchorage in 51 to 6 fms. about 22 miles off shore. No docks or quays. Charges. Port dues. All coasting vessel, including country crafts, 2 d per ton; coasting steamers, 6id ; foreign vessels, 4.d. Entering and clearing at Customs 8). Boat hire : According to agreement. Tonnage about Rs. 1-6a per ton. Officials. M. Heerjee & Sons Percy M. A. Toul, Superintendent of Sea Customs. CANNES, France. Lat. 43° 33' N ; long. 7° 1' E. Pop. about 25,000.

Tr.-I. Coal and grain chiefly, also building timber from Norway ; E. Perfumery, oil, soap. Accn. D. at entrance 22ft. This is marked by a buoy. The liarbour with an average depth of 18ft affords good protection against all except the occasional strong SW. winds; protection against this wind is afforded by a breakwater. Not more than one large vessel is able to discharge alongside the quay at a time. No cranage accommodation. No professional pilots, the work being done by the local fishermen. Charge usually roofr (44) in and out. Port charge of 35 cents per reg. ton on all ships entering to load or unload.

There are 50 cents per reg. ton levied by the Customs, and called “Droits de Navigation. In this port a vessel is not considered to be ready to discharge unless she is alongside. This is important for freighters 10 note, in order to avoid useless expense in noting protests for demurrage. Brokers. Lloyd's Agent, Th. Louis; J. Challot, E. Sue. Officials. Lieut. de Port, G. Eckert; H.B.M.'s ViceConsul, John Taylor. CANTON, China. Lat. 23° 7' 10" N ; long. 113° 14' 3" E.

Pop. Estimated 1,600,000. Tr.-I. Opium, cotton and woollen piece goods, kero:ine, and native imports, such as rice and sugar ; E. Tea, silk, matting, preserves, &c. Accn. 13 to 17st on the bar. Vessels of 1,000 tons can ascend as far as Canton. Steamers drawing over jóft lighten at Whampoa, about 14 miles below Canton, and all sailing vessels anchor there. Nearest docks, Hong Kong. Charges. Tonnage dues 1/6 per reg. ton at present rates of exchange, which include harb. light, mooring dues, &c., and exempts ship 4 months in China ports. Pilotage. For steamers, Whampoa to Hong Kong, Macao, or sea and vice versa, 6 to rost $12.50 ; over 10 to 18ft $25; over 18ft to 2oft $30; over 22 to 23st $50; over 23ft $60. Whampoa to Canton and vice versiî, under 12st $ro; over 12ft $15; sailing vessels, Whampoa to Hong Kong and vice versa, 5c per ton. The Commissioner of Cust. and Harb. Master

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