Sivut kuvina

are Europeans in the service of the Chinese Govt. Towage. Included in pilotage. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul-General, James Scott; Lloyd's Agents, Rowe & Co.

CAPE COAST CASTLE, Africa. Lat. 5° 6' 5" N; long. 1° 13' 40" W. Pop. 25,000. Tr.--I. Manufactured goods, coral, glasswares, spirits, gunpowder, hardware, mining machinery; E. Kolanuts, palm-oil, ivory, gold dust, wood. Accn. Open roadstead; vessels loaded and discharged by means of surf boats. Depth of water at entrance, 30ft. At berth 15 to 25 fms. Charges. For loading and unloading average about 9 per boat trip, but vary according to agreement. Light dues 8 per 100 tons net reg. Officials. Supervisor of Customs, R. Browne; Lloyd's Agent, J. H. Batty.

CAPE HAYTIEN, Hayti. Lat. 19° 46′ 40′′ N ; long. 72° 10′ 42" W. Pop. 12,000. Tr.-I. Lumber, provisions, fish, hardware, tobacco, naval stores, and drapery goods; E. Coffee, cocoa, logwood, honey, and hides. Accn. Quay or wharf is in ruins. Vessels of 18ft dft. cannot come nearer than one-third of a mile from shore. Loading and discharge of vessels done in lighters of 12 to 18 tons capacity. Charges. On a 500 ton vessel, ballast in, cargo out, £240. Lighterage, $15 Haytian per lighter. Pilotage. On a vessel of 500 tons, ballast in and cargo out, in and out and signal, $32.40 Haytian, plus 25 per cent. in American gold on $16.50 Haytian; pilotage to ballast ground, $6 Haytian; to the Government 1 10s plus 20 and 10 per cent; to ballast ground, 10s. Officials. Lloyd's Agents, Edward Lyon & Co.

CAPE PALMAS, W.C. of Africa (Harper). Lat. 4° 22' N ; long. 7° 44′ W. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, hardware, Venetian beads, spirits, &c.; E. Gold, ivory, palm oil, kernels, ostrich feathers. &c. Accn. Open roadstead 35ft depth. Port 18ft LW, 27ft HW; bar 7 to 9ft; cargoes discharged by surf boat. Charges. About £2 per 100 tons reg. Official. Lloyd's Agent, A. Woerman.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa. Lat. 33° 56' 3" S; long 18° 28′ 45" E. Pop. 97,240. Auth. Harb. Board Commissioners. Tr.-I. Woollens, cottons, hardware, furniture, haberdashery, paper, books, tea, sugar, timber, coal, cement, building materials, &c.; E. Wool, wine, hides, skins, horns, aloes, ivory, argol, dried fish, diamonds, gold, ostrich feathers, &c. Accn. Inner dock and outer harbour. Area of inner dock 8 acres, entrance 100ft; outer harbour area 64 acres. Inner basin, outer basin, jetties, &c., depth of water from 20ft to 24ft inside, 35ft LWOST outer harbour; further extensions are designed. Coaling and ballasting facilities are being increased; coal storage and electrical cranige provided. On completion of present works, length of berthage 24 miles. En. 100ft broad, 26ft deep HWST. South Pier, now 2,640ft long, and East Pier, 786ft long. Good anchorage, protected by breakwater 3,640ft long. Graving dock 529ft long, 68ft broad, 244ft depth on sill. Patent slip for vessels up to 1,500 tons. Sheer legs to lift 50 tons, and 3 cranes to 12 tons. Charges. Dock dues on steamers id per ton per day; with coal or in distress, or re entering within 40 days, unless to discharge original cargo, d per ton per day. Sailers, for first 14 days id per ton per day, then d. Vessels not occupying quay


berth, one third rebate. All on gross tonnage. Dock Dues on goods: Imports from places beyond Cape Colony or Natal, 1/ per ton and per cent. ad. val.; places within ditto, 6d per ton and per cent. ad. val. Goods transhipped and ashes shipped, 1/3 per ton; coal transhipped, 2/; exports to places beyond Cape Colony and Natal, 2/6 per ton; shipments to places within ditto, 13. Coals having paid inward dues, free of outward. Soft goods, jewellery, &c., 7/6 per cent, ad. val. Transhipping coal to trucks, 1/9 bags, 1/3 bulk; general cargo, 16. Tonnage is per 2,000 lbs weight, or by measurement of 40 cf to the ton, or by number, according to scale. Sheer legs, from 2 10s per package under 5 tons, to £24 5s for 50 ton lift. Towage. Sailing vessels in or out, 4d per g.r. ton; assisting steamers, I tug £5, 2 tugs £7 10s; attendance 2 10s. Towing sailers, sea to anchorage, by arrange ment; anchorage to sea, under 600 tons, £6; above, by scale, up to £16 for 2,000 tons; over 2,000, £1 for every 250 tons or part thereof. Pilotage. NC. Steamers, in or out, under 2,500 tons, £2 10s; over, 3; sailers, under 500 tons, £1; 500 to 1,000 tons, £1 10s; 1,000 to 2,000, £2; 2,000 and over, £3. Pilotage beyond jurisdiction of Board, 10 per mile; inside, as for docking. Bil'ast, 4/ per ton put on board; water, 3/ per ton. Officials. General Manager and Engineer-in-Chief, R. H. Hammersley Heenan; Asst. Gen. Manager & Sec., F. Robb; Asst. Sec. J. F. Sandeman; Port Captain and Dock Superintendent, Capt. W. Stephen; Controller of Customs and Chairman of the Table Bay Harbour Board, A. H. Wilshere; Lloyd's Agents, Thomson, Watson & Co.

CARAVELLAS, Florida, U.S.A. Lat. 17 45 S; long. 39 15 W. Pop. 6,000. Accn. The river Caravellas admits vessels drawing 14ft at any state of tide. Inside bar there is a fine harbour with 23 to 33ft of water. The town is 4 miles from the entrance. Pilotage. This must be arranged for.

CARDENAS, Cuba. Pop. 6,000. Accn. Entrance blocked by small cays and shoals; therefore vessels above 13 ft dft. lie in the roads. Small vessels load at wharf in 7 ft, and 9 ft. at HW. Charges. On a barque of 430 tons, inward in ballast from Havana, outwards, cargo of molasses, about £194 12s. Pilotage. From 1 to 80 tons £2 145, 81 to 100 2 18s 6d, 101 to 150 £3 78 6d, 151 to 200 £4 15, 201 to 300 £4 195, 301 to 400, 5 12s 6d, 401 to 500 £6 65, 500 upwards £6 19s 61. Official. II.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, T. Fitzgibbon.

CARLOFORTE, Island San Pietro. Lat. 39 8' N; long. 8 19' E. Tr.-I. About 6,000 tons of Cardiff and Newcastle coals; E. About 100,000 tons of ores, calamine and lead for Belgium, France and England, lead ore, &c Accn. D. at the entrance from 25 to 30 ft at the first buoy, from this to second from 16 to 20 ft. Charges. Harbour dues, 1fr 40c per Italian reg. ton, as all ports in Italy. For loading 60c per ton, and 80 to 90c for discharging. Pilotage. NC. There is proper Government tariff, 6c for entrance and 3c for out. No reduction, no tugs. Officials. Port Officer, Poma Enrico Br. Vice-Consul, A. Armeni.

CARLSHAMN (or KARLSHAMN), Sweden. Lat. 56° 11. N; long. 14° 52' E. Pop. About 7,000. Tr.— I Coals, corn, cotton, copper, pork, sugar, salt, tobacco, wine, &c.; E Butter, iron, timber, granite, potash, pitch, tar, &c. Accn. Small but safe harb. protected by breakwater, can receive vessels of 18ft dft. at the loading bridge. Cranes 20 and 10 tons. Rys. Railway lines to different parts of Sweden. Charges. See Karlskrona. Pilotage. According to tariff. Officials. Burgomaster, Fr. Söderbergh; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, A. Palander. (See Karlskrona.)

CARLSKRONA.-See Karlskrona.

CARRIZAL, Chili. Lat. 28° 04' 11" S; long. 71° 11' W. Pop. 800. Tr.-I. Coals, bricks, mining machinery, merchandise, &c.; E. Copper, regulus, and copper ores. Accn. Affords shelter for 6 or 8 vessels from north and south winds, at anchorage 2 to 10fms. HW. at same absolute time as at London Bridge. Charges. Hospital dues 10c gold (nearly 2d) per reg. ton. Lighthouse dues, steamers, 60c gold (11d); sailing vessels, 40c (7d) per reg. ton. All dues paid once a year on registered tonnage. Coal discharged in lighters, about 1/ per ton put on shore; ballast put alongside, 2/6 per ton; discharged and taken to sea, I/ per ton. Pilotage. From £1 os 10d for vessels under 100 reg. tons to £3 2s 6d for vessels of 500 to 600, and so in proportion, Official. H. B.M.'s Vice-Consul, John King.

CARTHAGENA, Spain. Lat. 37° 36′ N; long. o° 58′ 42′′ W. Pop. About 76,000. Auth. Captain of the Port. Tr.-I. Coal, coke, wood, grain, flour, codfish, machinery, iron (in pigs, rods, and bars), steel (in rods and bars), charcoal, and general goods; E. Silver, lead, zinc and iron ores, esparto, fruit, sulphur, &c. Accn. Sufficient water for the largest ships. Average depth of harb. 28ft, alongside quays 21 to 24ft. Govt. floating dock available when not required for warships, capable of lifting 5,000 tons. Large Govt. dry dock in course of construction. Steam cranes capable of lifting 10 to 20 tons, and smaller ones for up to 5 tons; floating crane lifts up to 20 tons. Charges. Tariff on cargo carried, not on reg. ton. Discharging coal 125 ptas ton, coke 1'59 ptas ton, timber 2 ptas per standard ; loading ore 62c of a peseta ton, lead 62 c ton, stowing esparto 150 ptas ton. Pilotage. 15 to 30 ptas in and out, according to size. Movements in harb. half price, night work double. Official H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, J. C. Gray. (See Cadiz for tax on transports.) CARTHAGENA, Rep. of Colombia. Lat. 10° 18′ 58′′ N ; long. 75° 35' 19′ W. Pop. Nearly 25,000. Tr.I. All kinds of general merchandise, provisions, machinery, &c. E. Dye-wood, cedar, mahogany, coffee, hides, india-rubber, balsams, ivory nuts and cocoanuts, gold, silver, platino, tobacco, cocoa, and other produce. Accn. A fine wharf, 480ft by 120ft, 25 to 40ft depth, from which runs a Ry, to Calamar on the River Magdalena, 105 kilometres long. Cranage poor. Large building where custom-house officials receive and despatch cargo. Small ships come to old Customhouse wharf, where there is also a large iron depôt. One dry dock or slip for river steamships of about 250 tons. The channel to the anchorage well marked with 18 tripod beacons and very deep. Charges. Light dues, $5 gold for the first 100 registered tons, and

2 cents. for each ton of the rest; discharging, $3.50 Colombian silver per ton. Pilot from outside for s.s. $10 gold, taken at Bocastrica, $5, and $5 going out; sailing ships pay less in propor ion to size. No harbour dues. Stamps $15 in Colombian paper (which changes from 1/6 to 2 the dollar) for Custom House papers and clearing. Wharfage, regular steamship lines, 9d per ton landed and shipped, others from $10 to $50 per day of 24 hours, according to their registered tonnage. Clearance $100 in Colombian paper, plus stamps. Unloading $3.50, loading $1.25 in Colombian silver. All port charges are now payable in gold. There is no tonnage duty on export cargo, except catttle, $2 gold per head, only on importation per ton landed $150. All port charges now payable in gold, except Stamps. Officials. Port Captain; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, T. Ĉ. Stevenson.

CASA BLANCA, Uruguay.—See Paysandu.

CASABLANCA (Dar-el-Baida), Morocco. Lat. 33° 27' N ; long. 7° 46′ W. There is an open roadstead exposed to the NW., and there is sometimes a heavy swell from that quarter. Tr.-I. Cottons, general. E. Grain and seeds, eggs, skins, wool. Accn. Anchorage for steamers in 5 to 6 fms; for sailing vessels in 10 fms. Vessels are loaded and discharged by lighters from beach. These lighters are capable of carrying about 10 tons each. Rise and fall of tide about 8ft. No cranes. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, A. Maclean (Dar-el-Baida); Vice-Consul, G. B. Michell; Lloyd's Agents, Murdoch, Butler & Co.

CASCUMPEQUE, P. E. Island. Lat. 46° 48′ N; long, 64° 3' W. Tr.-I. Salt, all kinds of general merchandise, especially fishing gear, &c. ; E. Agricultural produce, cattle, fish, oysters, and canned goods. Accn. Bar harb. En. by channel over the S. end of bar. D. on bar OST. 13ft, LW. 11ft. Rise 3ft S., 2ft N. Anchorage inside bar 4 to 5fms, except just inside Heads. Good also outside bar. Closed by ice from Dec. to April. Charges. Tonnage dues, $1 to $2 50c (100 to 300 tons); Port Warden's certificate, $5. Pilotage. $1 to $1 50c per ft dft. Wharf at railway. No charges. Officials. Harb. Master, J. Kuich; Lloyd's Agent, F. W. Hyndman (L. C. Owen, ex-agent. resigned), Charlottetown; Port Warden, J. McCabe.

CASTELLAMARE, Italy. Pop. 29 267. Tr. E. Chiefly. wine. Accn. Vessels moor off Mole Head in 5 fms. Charges. On a vessel of 300 tons, ballast in and cargo out, £21 11s id. Steamship, 140 lire per ton if coming from foreign countries, o'50 lire if from Italian ports only. Steamers made to pay threefold this tax for twelve months. Officials. Port Captain, Tassalacqua Salvatore. H. B.M.'s ViceConsul, J. Drinkwater.

CASTRIES, Santa Lucia, West Indies. Lat. 14° W; long. 61° N; 24ft at 120ft from wharf. A coaling station with some other trade as well. Central wharf 300ft long, with 16ft water at LW; Northern wharf, 640ft, with 27ft at LW. Charges. Port dues, 2/6; tonnage dues, 1/- per ton. Pilotage. 3 in or out.

CATANIA, Italy. Sicily. Lat. 37° 28′ N; long. 15° 5 E. Pop. 153,000. Tr.-I. Manufactures on a large scale. Colonial: Iron, coal, machinery; E. 12 sulphur refineries, producing about 100,000 tons per ann.; I cotton spinning mill, 300 hands; 10 mandoline factories, producing from 250 to 300 per day; 6 licorice factories; wheat, barley, rice, beans, maize, linseed, hempseed, oranges, lemons, almonds, asphalt, shumac, and a large variety of other produce. Accn. A large harb., capable of accommodating, with facility and safety, the largest ships. D. of water in old port, from 23 to 26ft; in new port or Commercial Basin, from 26 to 49ft; in outer harbour, from 39 to 55ft. W. of En. 700 metres. The best harbour in Sicily for quick despatch-600 tons of coal per day. Quays lit by electric arc lights. Three cranes 10 tons each. Charges. Port charges (including Consular) and other usual expenses for a steamer of 700 tons reg. to discharge 1,500 tons coal and fuel :-Pilotage, inwards 8c per net reg. ton up to 1,000 tons, with a maximum of 80 lires; outwards 4c ditto, with a maximum of 40 lires. Mooring and unmooring ship, 50 lires; stevedore to discharge 1,500 tons coal and fuel, 1,500 lires; fresh water 8 tons (if required), 40 lires; health office interpreter, 4 lires; manifest in and out, 15 lires; anchorage and sanitary dues, 1.40 lire per reg. ton, or 4.20 lires per reg ton per annum; Italian bill of health, 3.10 lires; nulla osta, 2 lires; stamp to the bill of health, 60c; harb. fees for fire guards, 4 nights 12 lires; gratuity and permits, about 25 lires; cab hire and sundries, about 25 lires; consul fees, 9.50 lires; interpreter's attendance, 50 lires; total 2800 15 lires, exchange at 26/ = 107, 140.0. Charges and expenses on a vessel of 700 tons reg., to discharge 1,500 tons of wheat in bulk 2.820.15 lires, exchange at 26/ = £108 9s. 4d. On the same size ship, to load 1,5co tons of sulphur, 2,628.95 lires, exchange at 26/ =101 2s. 3d. Shipbrokers. Messrs. Bonanno Bros., and Munzone Mineo & Co. Official. H. B.M.'s Vice-Consul and Lloyd's Agent for Provinces of Catania and Syracuse, Arthur W. Elford.

CAUDEBEC, France. River Seine, below Rouen.

CAYENNE, French Guiana. Penal Settlement. Lat. 4° 56′ 28" N; long. 52° 20′ 36′′ W. Pop. 12,000. Tr.— I. Cotton, flour, skins, mining implements, preserved provisions, and manufactured goods: E. Maize. coffee, rice, tobacco, pepper, cocoa, indigo, vanilla, gums, woods, hides, &c. Accn. Two quays. Vessels drawing more than 14ft anchor 6 miles from C. Tides rise 6 to 7ft. No graving docks. Two small quays. Charges Tonnage dues Ifr 50c per ton; water rate for vessels under 200 tons, 20 fr; under 300, 30fr; over 300, 40fr. Changing anchorage 6fr. Pilotage. In or out, under 50 tons, 30fr; 100, 50fr; 150, 70fr; 200, 90fr; 300, 100fr; 400, 125fr. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, F. E. Le Blond.

CEARA, Brazil. Lat. 3° 42' 5" S; long. 38° 27' 31" W. Pop. 40,000. Tr.-I. Breadstuffs, general merchandise, manufactured goods, metals, leather, wine, beer, kerosene, lumber, machinery, &c.; E. Cotton, cotton seed, hides, skins, sheep and goat skins, indiarubber, coffee, and sugar. harbour is totally filled up with sand. water for vessels up to 20 feet, but the

Accn. Part of the inner The part remaining has entrance is not safe for.

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