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GEORGETOWN, Demerara. Lat. 6° 50' N ; long. 58° 12' W.

Pop. 53, 176. Tr.-I. Breadstuffs, provisions, lumber, shingles, shooks, slates, rice, tobacco, liquors, manufactured goods, and coal ; E. sugar, rum, molasses, hardwood, timber, greenheart, gold, iron and copper, Wallaba shingles, molascuit, charcoal, cocoa-nuts, balatta, gums, isinglass. diamonds. Accn. Only soft on the bar at LW., but vessels drawing 19ft can cross it at HWST.; steamers 20 to 21st. The river is navigable at HW. for vessels drawing 15ft as far as Christianburg, 70 miles from he entrance. Dry dock 23ost. Cranes listing up to 15 tons. Charges. Tonnage dues, &c. : Vessels above 70 tons 25c. per ton. Pilotage. £15 for post or under. For vessels shifting moorings in the river 12/6. Vessels arriving to try the market and not coming to an entry are exempterl, unless they take a pilot. Towage. Over the bar, from £5 to £100, according to tonnage and draught of water. Vessels over 1,700 and under 1,800 tons, on 17.3ft dst, £100. Hire of tug's hawser, ki Os. iod. Officials. Government Har. bour and Pilotage Staff. GEORGETOWN, P.E.I. Lat. 46° 8' 47' N ; long. 62° 27' 40"

W. Pop. 1,100. Tr.-I. All kinds of general merchan lise; E. Timber, barley, oats, potatoes, fish, &c. Accn. The harb. has 17st to 28ft about half a mile from town, 6ft at pier-end at LW. : Sp. rise 8ft, N. 5ft. ; well protected from winds and has safe anchorage for 500 ships. Pilotage. Inwards 2/6 foot, outwards 1'3 foot ; not compulsory. GEORGETOWN, U.S.A. Lat. 32° 22' N ; long: 79° 10' W;

land locked and safe harbour, 18st on bar ard at wharves. Pilotage. 11/3 per foot in, same out. Towage. £465 8d. GHENITCH or GHENITCHESK, Azof. Lat. 46° 45' N ;

long. 38° 39' E. Tr. Grain exports. Ancho'age in 16 to 2ost Pilotage. See Kertch. Charges. Customs, 4d tir. Anchorage 21 to 24 per ton. Official, Brit. Consular Agent, P. G. Costala. GHENT, Belgium. Lat. 51° 3' N ; long. 3° 44' E. Pop.

200,000. Tr.-I. Cotton, colonial produce, tin, machinery, manufactured goods, pig-iron, copper, rape seed, guano, coals, salt, timber, sleepers, Russian flax, tow, hemp, wool, yarns, chemicals, drugs, petroleum, chin 1-clay ; E. Flax, tow, fruit

, hops, marble, white lead, refined sugar, chicory, ragş, rape oil, linseed and rape seed cake, grain, shoddy, potatoes, bark, linen, flax-waste, iron girders, window glass, glassware, manufactured straw, phosphates, paper, strawboards, yarns, cement, &c. Accn. Canal i9 miles from Terneuzen. Bridges and sluices have a width of 4oft. A large new lock is to be made at entrance, and canal improved and bridges widened to 5ıft. Can now receive into its docks vessels up to 295ft in length and drawing 18st bin with 381t zin. beam. The navigation, pilotage, police, railways, and Customs offices, are all on the dock. The only compulsory taxes on vessels are dock-dues, wnich are moderate. The use of the sheds, bonding warehouses, and appliances for loading, unloading, or moving of goods is optional, and the charges are moderate. The canal which joins the port to the sea is 183ft broad at water-level, and offers every


2ft gin.


security over its short extent of 30 kilometres. It is open both
night and day, and navigation thereon is entirely free. Dimensions
of dry docks :---
Breadth by Height of

Height of W


above sill.
Large 426ft. 42ft 7in.
Small 248ft.

36st iin.
2ft gin.

14'3st. Cranes, i to lift 25 tons, i to list 15 tons, 25 under construction to list 2. tons, 16 of 11 tons. Charges. Ghent dock and quay dues, 10 first voyages 35c per reg. ton, 15 following 30c, 15 following 24c, all others, 18c. Loading and discharging general goods 75€ per ton, rough goods, &c., 50 to 60c per ton. No light dues. Pilotage. On steamers of 16ft dft., sea to Terneusen (entrance to Ghent canal) about £7; Terneusen to sea, £4 16s. Brokers, John P. Best & Co., G. C. de Baerdemaecker, L. de Brabant, Holson & Co., Charles Mestdagh, Zeyen & de Ceunynck, Van Ysselstein & Co., British and Continental Shipping Co. Officials. Capt. of Port, A. Catoor ; Lieut. of Port, J. Fouquet ; British Vice-Consul, J. P. Bagge ; Lloyd's Agents, A. Bulcke & Co. GIBRALTAR. The new Mole Head is in lat. 36° 07' 17" N;

long. 5° 20' 49" W. Pop. About 28,000. THW. 1h 47m ; Sp. rise 4ft ; N. rise 2!st. Tr.-I. Cotton, linen, woollens, hardware, coal, iron, silk, tea, tobacco, staves, coffee, grain, flour, petroleum, timber, &c.; E. Wools, lead, copper. Accn. Vessels of any size can anchor in the bay in 3) to 25 fms. the only danger in entering being the Pearl Rock with soft water on it; minimum at quays 2oft. Dry docks, three in construction for Government, one to be opened scon; Commercial Mole nearly complete, and will shortly be opened, and all services reorganiseri. Since November last it is possible to dock the largest battleships in King Edward (No. 3) Dock. Hand cranes for 2 and 3 tons. Charges. Under 10 tons free ; over 10 tons, for every 100 tons or fraction thereof 2). No charge for loading or unloading merchandise, except when makin use of cranes, when a charge at the rate of 6/6 per 20 tons is made. Officials. Acting Captain of the Port and Superintendent, Commercial Mole, W. J. Chalk ; Lloyd's Agents, Smith, Imossi & Co. GIJON, Spain. Lat. 43° 35' N ; long. 5° 57' W. Pop. 35,000.

Tr.-I. Hardware, pig.iron, &c.; E. Nuts, coals, butter, and ores. Accn. Vessels drawing ust can lie alongside the quay o inner port. Vessels of 17ft bin dft. can discharge on quays at the outer harb. and alongside the Fomento quays. Tidal harb. dry at LW. Vessels drawing 15ft can enter (Iry dock at ST. Cranes of 15 and 8 tons, three of 6 tons. Charges. Harb. and port improvement dues :

Pesetas Coastwise, loading coal, coke, and iron ore ...

0'075 iron, pigs

0*275 discharging coal, coke, and iron ore

0'075 Enrope, loading coal, coke and iron ore other cargoes...

0*35 discharging pitch, bricks, sand, clay, and flint Africa and America, discharging all cargoes except minerals




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other cargoes

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Cranes, one to list 3 to 8 tons, one to lift 5 to 20 tons, and three 1o 1:st 2!, tons. Charge 25 pesetas per day to load or discharge. Fomento quay dues 30 pesetas per toa of cargo, and 15 pesetas per clay while ship is moored at quay. Pilotage. Every vessel above 50 tons is compelled to take a pilot and a boat with a crew of nine men, for which the followir.g charges are made:-Vessels under 80 tons, summer 27-50 pes, winter 32*50 pes; 81 to 500 tons, summer 32-50 pes, winter 37' 50 pes; 501 to 8oo tons, summer 37-50 pes, winter 42 pes ; 801 tons upwards, summer 40*50 pes, winter 46 pes. The pilot is compelled under a penalty to moor the vessel well and efficiently. Vessels taking coast pilots ought not to accept their services to bring the vessel to the bar before making an economical agreement, in writing, if possible, with the conditon that the pilot is a competent and qualified person, to save disputes. Towage. As per agreement. Necessary clause in all charterparties and B/H ; "Fomento quay due, and discharging dues -'Impuesto de descarga '- to be paid by merchant.” Officials. H. B.M.'s Vice-Consul and Lloyd's Agent, A. Lovelace; Marine Commander, José de Duennas.

GIRGENTI, Italy. Lat. 37° 16' 55" N ; long. 13° 32'27".

The town lies 5 miles inland, occupies the crest of Mont Camicus, which rises to the height of 1,240ft above the sea. Pop. 20,000. Tr.-I. Coal from England (about 25 000 tons), petroleum, and timber ; E. Sulphur in great quantity (about 180,000 tons to the U.S. of America, France, England, Baltic ports, and other countries), rock salt, almonds, other goods. Accn. D. at En. 23ft., quays, 21 to 21 ft. Porto-Empedocle, the shipping place of Girgenti, has secure and modious harbour ; pop. 10,000. Charges. Port charges as any other Italian port. Loading sulphur and discharging coal 1od per ton. Pilotage. 80 lire for in and out assistance, including mooring service. Towage. From 7/11 to 19/9. Official. H. B.M.'s ViceConsul and Lloyd's Agent, E. A. Oates. The authorities reside at Girgenti, Port and Consular Officers at Porto-Empedocle.


GLOUCESTER, U.S.A. Pop. 30,000. Accn. Harb, safe

and deep enough for largest vessels. Depth varies from 22 10 16ft. W. of En, about -mile. D. at En. about 6sms. W. S. to SW. in summer, NW. to w. in winter. Rise of tides, springs, 14ft; neaps gst. Pilotage. Vessels drawing from 7 to nift, out and in, $1.50 per ft ; 12ft out $1•78, in $2.85; 13ft out $2, in $2'95; 14ft out $2, in $3:45; 1510 out $2'10, in $3.50 ; 16ft out $2-25, in $3.55 ; 17st out $2'50, in $3-75; 18ft out $275, in $3.80 ; 19ft out $3, in $4 ; 2oft out $3-25, in $4:25; 21st out $3'50, in $4.50 ; 22st out $375, in $4'50 ; 23st out $4, in $5; 24ft out $4'25, in $5; 25ft out $5, in $5. Towage. regular rates for large vessels. Captains make their own bargains. GLUCKSTADT, Germany: (Near the mouth of the Elbe.)

Lat. 53° 51' N ; long. 9° 20' E. Pop. 5,483. Tr.-I. Coal, wood, &c.; E. Oil-cake, &c. Accn. 20 to 22st of water in outer and from 14ft to 18ft in inner harb. at HWS. In outer harb. two steam cranes of 1,500 kilos and one hand crane of 5.000 kilos. Charges. Cost of lighterage between here and Hamburg 2/ ton. Harb. dues, 10of per cubic metre, in or out ; ballast, one-half either way. Pilotage. Same as Hamburg. Official. Merchant, Wm. Lübeke.

GOA, India. Lat. 15° 30' N ; long. 73° 54' E. Pop. 484,000.

Tr.-1. Piece-goods, salt, kerosine oil, twist, and railway materials ; E. Cotton, grain and seeds, cocoa-nuts. Accn. Anchorage in 4 to 5 fms. There are 13st on bar of river, at low water, during fine season.


GONAIVES, Hayti. Lat. 19° 25'42" N ; long. 72° 42' 52"

W. Pop. 3,000. Tr.-E. Mahogany, coffee, cotton, lignum vitæ. Accn. A fine harb. Anchorage about a quarter of a mile off the shore in 38 sms. Charges. About $3 reg:

Pilotage. About 20, in or out. GOPALPUR, East India. Lat. 19. 13' N. ; long. 84_52' E. R. of T. 6fft. spring, 4jft. neap:

Tr.JJ, Cottons, twist, iron, gunny bap; E. Rice, paddy, hides, hemp, sleepers, sugar. Passenger trade with Burma by B.I.S.N. Co. Accn. Open roadstead. Cargo mostly landed and shipped on beach, but there is a small pier. Anchorage in 6 to 7fms. sand and mud. Charges. Working cargo about 4 annas per ion. Official. Shipping Master, H. J. Boas. GOREE, Africa. Lat._14° 39' 55" N; long. 17° 24' 20" W.

Pop. 2,068. Tr.-I. Perfumes, soaps, wines, tobacco, carthen and glass ware, paper, &c. ; E. Skins, gold dust, ivory, wax, gums, &c. A free port. Nearly all trade has moved to Dakar and Rufisque. Few vessels call now. Accn. A small harb. Can receive vessels of about roft dft. Anchorage from 6 to 8 fms. Charges. Vessels touching at Gorec, Dakar, or Rufisque pay af per ton reg. for light, quay, and health dues, but paying the charge at one port frees them of the other two. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, Dakar, Captain C. F. Cromie ; Vice-Consul, H. G. Mackie.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden. Lat. 57° 42' 4" N ; long. 11° 57'

45" E. Pop. 133,625. Tr.-1. Coal, iron, bacon, manufactures of silk, linen, and cotton, petroleum, machinery and implements, salt, and colonial produce, &c. ; E. Iron ores, wood, pulp, grain, dairy produce, cattle, paper, matches, soap, &c. Accn. Has three shipbuilding yards for sailing vessels, and three for steamers; one dry dock 400!t long, 6oft broad and D. on sill 2oft ; four patent slips, from 528 to 66oft long, lifting power from 500 to 1,200 tons. Vessels not drawing more than 20ft go up alongside quays, which are very extensive, say, 16,00ost. Shears to list 18 ions, and cranes 60 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 162 reg. tons about £22. Pilotage. C. When entering to Gothenburg by Winga, and vice verså, for vessels of 8ft dst., from 12/24 in summer, May I to Sept. 30, and 15/3) in winter, Oct. i to April 30, to £2 2s iod and £2 135 5d respectively for vessels of 22ft dít. Towage. No tariff, according to agreement. Officials. Capt. of the Port, Capt. K. T. Borgstedt ; three harb. masters; H.B.M.'s Consul, J. Duff; Vice-Consul, R. Duff ; Lloyd's Agents, J. Sinclair & Son.

GRAND BASSA, Liberia. Lat. 5° 54' N ; long. 10° 4' W.

HW. f. and c. 6h. 6m. ST. rises 6t. Accn. .lochorage good in 6 or 7 fnis ; black mud about a mile outside. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, agricultural tools, &c. ; E. Palm vil, kernels, ivory, and coffee. Official. Lloyd's Agent, A. Woerman. GRAND BASSAM, Africa, W.C. Lal. 5° u' N; long.

10 4' W. HW. f. and c. 6h. ST. rise 61t. Accn. Open roadstead with plenty of water. No docks or quays. Iron pier or wharl is now built. Vessels lo ded and discharged by means of ligoters. Good anchorage on sandy bortom, no rocks. D. 7 to 9 fms. There is sometimes a strong current from the viver Akba. No bar, but frequently a surf which is impassable by ligliters. Officials. Br. Vice-Consal, J. P. Armstrong; Lloyd's Agent, L. Barthe. GRANVILLE, France. Lat. 48° 50'7" N ; long. 1° 35' 57". W.

Pop. 11,000. Tr.--1. Coal, iron, lumber, liemp, tar, wool, phosphates, &c. ; E. Eggs, salt fish, oysters, &c. Auth. Harb. Master. Accn. Two floating basins, can receive vessels of the largest tonnage ; Sp. rise 37ft ; N. rise 27. ft ; mean NT. range 16}ft; D. on lock's sill 16 10 32st. Repairs of every kind can be effected, and shipbuilding is extensively carried on. Three steam and 2 hand cranes, I of 10 tons. Dry dock 226ft, and 2 grijirons 1ooft each. Charges. Brokerage 2id ton. Dock dues, entering and leaving, zc per ton on first 100 tons reg., then 2c per ton; night tides, 6c. Salvage dues, 10c per tir. Loadirg and unloading i fr per ion, includiig cranage. Pilotage :

ist distance, and distance, 3rd distance. Vessels under o reg. tons (optional) Lo 8 o Lo 10

LO 14 7! From Bo to go reg. tons....


084 199 200 1,249

, 299 300 349

350 399 Above, extra per reg. ton Pilots kept on board until vessels enter the docks are entitled te 33 in plus of pilotage. l'ilotage from Cape Fréhel to the third disiance is optional, but when it takes place the rate is 1.) d per reg. ton, steamers pay half ; under 100 tons free. One-half more for night services. 'Brokers. Er. Guillebot, H. Guillebot ; Lloyd's Agent, Saillard. GRAVELINES, France. Lat. 51° O'N ; long. 2° 6' E. About

12 miles SW. of Dunkirk. Pop. 8,416. Tr.1. Coals, &c.; E. Liqueurs, timber, salt fish, &c. 'Accn. A small tidal harb., quite accessible to steamers of 600 to 700 tons reg. with 16ft to i8ft dst. ; a dock, enérance 33st broad ; 17st to 18ft HWST.; 14ft LWST. Shipbuilding is carried on, and there is a gridiron for vessels up to 500 tons. Charges. Harb. dues id ton. Pilotage. Inwards or outwards 140 per reg. ton. If the pilot be detained on board, he is paid 2/43 day, with victuals. Towage. 12/3. Received, 1896, 60 steamers, 1897, 90 steamers with wood and pulpwood. Broker. A. Parisis; Lloyd's Agent, F. Merlin.




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