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per day; foreman, $1.50; rigger, $1.50; water, 50c per ton. Steam vessels-Light dues, Ic per ton. Di charging, or loading general cargo, 12c per ton; do., rice, 10 c. Noting protest, $3.25; hatch survey, $15; general survey as per tariffs of Societies. To victual a European crew would run 40c per head a day to feed. Dollar at present rate of exchange worth 1/10). Pilotage. NC. Sailing vessels, in and out, not under towage, inside water of colony, $15; from or to outside water of colony, in or out of harbour, $20; moving, inside harbour, $10. Steamships, in or out of harbour, inside water of colony, $10; from or outside water of colony, in or out of harbour, $15; moving, inside harbour, $5. Towage. Sailing vessels, from outside to anchorage, $50; shifting berth, $20. Officials. Harb. Master, Capt. L. B. Lawrence, R. N.; Asst. Harb. Master, B. R. H. Taylor; Lloyd's Agents, Gilman & Co.

HONOLULU, Territory of Hawaii, U.S.A, Lat. 21° 17′ N; long. 157 55' W. Pop. 39.306. Tr.-I. Coal, manufactured goods, &c.; E. Sugar, wool, coffee, rice, hides, tallow, bananas, pineapples, &c. Auth. Collector of Customs and Harb. Master. Accn. Harb. has 30ft water on the bar at LT.; the principal port of the island of Oahu. Quays, 4,000ft long; D of W from 16ft to 27ft. There is a marine railway for vessels up to 1,500 tons in light ballast, Charges. Lighthouse dues 12/6. Buoys, 8/4. Harb. master's fees for mooring 12/6. Wharfage Id ton per day. Clearance 4/2. Pilotage. Anchoring outside harbour, £3 2s 6d; pilots for mail steamer 1,000 tons 10 in, 10 out; cargo steamer of 1,000 tons £15 in, and 15 out. Towage. Vessels under 200 tons, £6 5s; 200 to 300, £7 55 rod; 300 to 500, £8 6s 8d; 500 to 800, £9 7s 6d 8co to 1,000, £10 8s 4d; 1,000 to 1,200 £12 10s; 1,200 to 1,400, 15 12s 6d; over 1,400 5 c. per ton in addition. Water and fresh provisions at reasonable rates. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul. R. de B M. Layard; Acting Vice-Consul, T. C. Davies.

HORSENS, Denmark. (On the Cattegat.) Lat. 55° 52' N ; long. 9° 50' E. Pop. 23,000. Tr.-E. Corn, tallow, bones, butter, eggs, and cattle. Accn. For steamers drawing 18ft, and sailing vessels of 17ft dft.; 19ft in harb. Crane to 6 tons. Charges. Harb, dues about 14d ton, in and the same out, whether with cargo or in ballast. Ballast dues about d ton. Pilotage according to scale. Vessel of 1,000 g.r. drawing 14 to 16ft, in summer, from outside Hjarno, in or out, about £2 10s; winter 25% more. Towage. Vessels under 100 reg. tons, 3d for the first 100 reg. tons, and then 1d for each reg. ton more. Official. Harb. Master, L. O. Oestergaard.

HORTA (Fayal), Azores. Lat. 38° 30' 12" N; long. 28° 41′ 52" W. Pop. 7,572. Tr.-I. Same as Ponta Delgada; E. Butter, corn, cattle, hides, and straw hats. Accn. Anchorage in 6 to 9 fms. A b eakwater is being constructed with 20ft. inside. D. at entrance 11 to 12 fms. Charges. Harbour dues, 5 to 30 reis per day, according to time in port. Pilotage. 200 tons, 3,500 reis; 200 to 400 tons, 4,500 reis; 400 to 800 tons, 5 000 reis; 800 to 1,200 tons, 5,500 reis; 1,200 tons and upwards 6,000 reis. Captain of Port, J. A. d'Avila.

HUANILLO, Bolivia. Lat. 22° 39′ S; long. 70° 12' W. Is six miles N by W from Cobija (which see). Accn. Good anchorage in 16 fms. A mole runs out some distance, and vessels can lie at the end of this at all times in safety.

HUASCO, Chili. Lat 28° 27' S; long. 71° 16′ W. Tr.-E. Copper and other mineral ores. Accn. Anchorage in 5 fms. water, about half a mile off landing place. Not being a free port, but merely a port of call, vessels are not allowed to enter. Vessels are discharged and loaded by lighters. Foreign vessels desirous to discharge cargo or to load minerals have to obtain a licence from the Valparaiso Custom-house. Charges. Duties are levied on cargo discharged.

HUDIKSVALL, Sweden. Lat. 61° 44′ N; long. 17° 8' E. Tr.-E. Deals, battens and timber, iron. Accn. Safe anchorage four miles from the Ago Light in 10 to 12 fms. The navigable surface is perfectly sheltered from all winds. D. at E, 25ft; at quays, 16 to 25ft. Quays and wharves extensive. D. alongside 16 ft. Charges. Light dues. Loaded, 27 ore ton; in ballast, 13 ore. Tonnage dues, 9 ore, in or out, loaded or in ballast; with cargo in, 9 ore ton for every voyage. Pilotage. A Government fixed charge. Towage. As per agreement. Officials. Harb. Master, G. J. Byland, British ViceConsul, H. Amneus. Lloyd's Agent, J. A. Arndt.

HUELVA, Spain. Lat. 37° 15' N.; long. 6° 50′ W. Pop 21,000. Tr.-I. Coals, coke, iron, steel, wine casks, &c.; E. Sulphur and copper ores, sulphate of copper, wine, cork, iron pyrites, carbonates and oxides of manganese, &c. Accn. D. at bar, HWST. 243ft, HWNT. 20ft 4in; rise and fall-NT. 7ft, ST. 12ft. Excellent anchorage in the river. The Captain of the Port fixes limit at which vessels can cross bar at between 2 and

3ft less than actual dft on bar. Entrance difficult in S. W. gales. Muelle de Hierro (Town Pier).-Quayage on either side, 506ft long, 75ft wide; D. alongside at the forward berths HWOST. 34ft, LWOST. 22ft; the after outside berth is not generally considered safe for large vessels. Rio Tinto Pier.-Quayage about 700ft; HWOST. 3oft 8in, LWOST. 18ft 6in. The Tharsis Company have also a pier, LWOST. 16ft. Cranage.-Rio Tinto: Electric ight; I hydraulic 4-ton crane, I hand 15-ton crane, 6 hydraulic 2-ton cranes, 4 hydraulic staiths shipping 250 to 300 tons per hour; Town Pier: Electric light; 8 steam cranes, capacity 90 tons per hour each: Tharsis Pier: 2 steam cranes lifting 15 tons each, and 2 small cranes for discharging, lifting 2 tons each. Charges. Loading and unloading merchandise, as per schedule. Pilotage. Vesse's from 201 to

250 reg. tons, 40 pts per ton, 251 to 300 42.50 pts, 301 to 400 47'50 pis, 401 to 500 52.50 pts, 501 to 700 55 pts, 701 to 1,000 57 pts. over 1,000 60 pts. Officials. Captain of the Port. Capt. Luis Valls; H. B. M.'s Vice-Consul, W. A. Bice. Broker. G. F. Poole.

HUSUM, Germany. Lat. 54° 29′ N; long 9° 3′ E. Accn. The river has 10 to 11 ft depth at HW. There are two artificial shores. In Husum road there is a small anchorage in 18f at LW., sheltered from all winds, and with good holding ground. Official. Br. Vice-Consul, C. Christiansen.

IBRAILA, or Braila (Ibrail in Charter parties), Roumania. Lat. 45 15 N; long. 28 24' E. On the Danube, and II miles above Galatz. Pop. 58, 123. Tr.E. Grain in large quantities. Accn. There are from 18 to 22ft water over the shoals of river, and steamers over 4,000 tons net can ascend river to Ibraila; D. at En. Lowest 18ft, ordinary 21ft, at berths over 21ft. No quays, but one is being built; vessels load and discharge by means of stages. Docks will accomodate 10 to 12 steamers, but only two can load at elevators at one time. There are 18 to 22ft water in the docks and 25 to 30 in the harbour. Large elevator, a 10-ton fixed crane at dock quay, floating 20-ton and shifting 14-ton steam crane in dock; also large floating clevator working 60 tons grain per hour, at charge of about 70% to £120 per ton. Charges. Quay dues both in dock and in river 20c per British reg. ton for every cargo discharged or loaded. In both places it is payable by thirds, viz., if quantity loaded or discharged is over one-third of reg. tonnage, twothirds is due, and if over two-thirds ship pays on entire tonnage reg. Vessels only pay quay dnes once, though loading and di charging at more than one Roumanian Danube port. Duchy coals rod per ton. Lighterage to Sulina and loading into vessels there, about £35 per thousand quarters. Pilotage. Both river and dock pilotage is compulsory; the former is included in the European Commission of the Danube Dues, which are now 1'40f per ton for steamers of 1,001 to 1,500 tons, and 170f on larger; the latter for steamers of 1,000 reg. tons net and upwards 4c per ton. Officials. Captain of the Port, Lieut.-Com. Poniciu, Roumanian Navy; H. B. M.'s Vice-Consul. Lieut. W. J. Norcop, R. N.; Lloyd's Agents, Watson & Youell.

ICHANG, Province of Hupei, China. One of the fou ports opened to foreign trade by the Chefoo Con. vention on April 1, 1877; is situated on the Yangtsze, about 370 miles from Hankow, and about 970 from Shanghai. Tr. -I. Shirtings, tea cloths, drills, sheetings, chin'zes, turkey red, cottons, cotton lastings, handkerchiefs, cotton yarn, camlets, lastings, iron, wire, buttons, brass, dyes and colours, medicines, and sugar; E. Bristles, feathers, ducks and fowl, hemp, horns, cow and buffalo, musk, nutgalls, native opium, rhubarb, v.getable tallow, white wax. Accn. The port is only accessible to vessels of light draught, and merchandise destined for Chungking and the interior has to be here transhipped into native junks. There is no cranage accommodation, and there are no dry docks or docks of any description. Charges. The charge for vessels over 150 tons burden is 4 mace per ton, and on vessels under that I mace per ton; dues payable at Shanghai. On reaching Chinkiang, the Customs provide a "river-pass," valid for four months. No other dues or charges. Auth. The Imperial Maritime Customs, under Sir Robert Hart, exercise control over the anchoring of vessels and the loading and unloading of cargo. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul officiating, H. Goffe; Commissioner of Customs, F. S. Unwin.

ILO ILO, Philippines. Lat. 10° 42' N ; long. 126° 42′ E. Tr.-I. Cotton goods, linens, opium, petroleum, rice, &c.; E. Sugar, Sapanwood. Accn. Fine harb., bar 17ft HWNT., port 20 to 30ft. Pilotage. C. Steamers inwards,

by scale-500 tons to 750 tons gross, $15; to 1,000, $18; to 1,500, $23; to 2,000, $28; to 3,000, $35; to 4,000, $45; to 5,000, $60; to 6,000, $75; to 7,000, $90; to 8,000 $110. Outwards the same; night pilotage double; mooring in bay one half. Sailing vessels in tow, quarter more; under sail, half more; outwards the same. Charges. Tonnage 6c U.S. currency, per reg. ton; stevedoring, average, 40 c. Officials. Coll. of Customs, Col. Cotton; Provost Marshal, Capt. Thos. Talbot; Lloyd's Agents, Smith, Bell & Co.; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, P. H. B. Jones.

IMBETIBA, Brazil. Lat. 22° 24′ S.; long. 41° 46′ W. Accn Jetty with 16 to 25ft. Charges. Anchorage, 8 net ton reg. Pilotage. In, 4 to 500 tons; same out. Protected by two breakwaters.

INHAMBANE, situated on East Coast of Africa, half-way between Lourenço Marques and Beira. Tr.I. General cargo nd bale goods; E. Wax, rubber, ground nuts, and maize. Accn. D. on bar HWST. 28ft, LW. 17ft.; R. of T. 11ft. Vessels discharge and load from lighters. Powerful revolving light on Burra Head with telegraphic communication with town. Charges. Same as Lourenço Marques. Unloading 7,6 per ton on landing. Official. Port Captain under the Military Governor Portuguese).

INVERCARGILL, New Zealand. Lat. 46° 36' S; long 163° 22' E. Auth. Borough of Invercargill. Accn. The New River barb. is accessible in moderate weather, and has a depth at LW of 14ft, and at HW of 21ft. The berthing space at Invercargill jetty is 200ft, at which vessels drawing 9ft may be berthed. There is a crane to lift to 3 tons, and also a siding connecting with the railway system. Motor lighter to tender vessels. Training walls have been built for 50 chains on each side of the channel near the jetty. Invercargill, situated on the east side of the estuary, about ten miles from the bar, is the principal town in the county of Southland. Tr.-E. Timber, wool, hides, grain, Charges. 2d per t. r.; berthing, 2d per ton per day; sailers, 2d per week; loading and discharging, about Is 6d per ton. Officials. Town Clerk and Treasurer, Wm Young; New River Harb. Board; Harb. Master, C. II. G. Clare; Lloyd's Agent, T. Brodrick.

IQUIQUE, Chili. Lat. 20° 12′ 15′′S; long. 70° 11′ 15′′ W. Pop. in 1895, 33,106. Tr.-I. Coal manufactures, machinery; E. Nitrate of soda, borate of lime, copper and silver ore, iodine, silver bars, and hides. Accn. There is a good anchorage in Ifms. The shipping and discharging of cargoes are performed by launches. Facilities for coaling are good. Repairs on a small scale can always be executed at this port. Regular steamer service north and south twice a week. Cranes on shipping moles. Tides rise 4ft. LV. Potosi (German) and France. Rly. 125 miles, connects Iquique with Pisagua, tapping nitrate works en route. Charges. Loading nitrate, £2 per 1,000 Spanish quintales; hospital dues, 10c reg. ton; light and baoy dues, 40c gold per t.r., both once yearly. Pilotage. NC, otherwise 3c reg. ton. The Captain of the Port should be the first on board to direct the ship to her anchorage. Towage. As per

agreement, about 4d. per ton. Mooring £3 to £4. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul and Lloyd's Agent, C. Noel Clarke; Vice-Consul and Lloyd's Sub-Agent, H. Ross Lowe.

IQUITOS, Brazil. Lat. 3 30' S; long. o 73 W. On the Amazon, 1,250 miles above Manaos, and 2,100 from mouth. Steamers drawing 15ft have reached it. Labour, 4/ per day; sand ballast free.

ISABEL, Fernando Po, W. Africa. Lat. 3° 45′ 43′′ N. long., 8° 47' 42" E. Pop. about 400. Tr.—I. Coal; E. Are of no great value. Accn. No docks, &c. Goods are discharged into boats and landed on the beach. Safe anchorage in 8 to 14 fms. Charges. The port is free. Anchorage dues: Vessels of 50 and under 350 tons, 50 reals; from 350 to 700 tons, 100 reals. Lloyd's Agent, John Holt.

ISLAY, Chili. Lat. 17 S; long. 72° W. Tr.-I. Coals, iron, &c.; E. Copper ore. Accn. Roadstead, deep water close to pier. Charges. 1/ ton, anchorage £1 125, por captain 1. Pilotage. None.

ISMAIL, Russia, Kilia Branch of the River Danube. Lat. 44° 23' N.; long. 28° 52' E. Tr. Large shipments of grain are made from this port. Charges. See Galatz. ISTAPA, Guatemala. About 56 miles WNW. of Acajutla and 8 miles E. of San José This port is under constraction, but at present nothing is being done, and it is not a port of call. There are several large buildings on the beach, which must not be mistaken coming up the coast in the daytime for buildings in the port of San José, which is 8 miles further to the northward.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. Lat. 30° 20' N ; long. S1° 40' W. Pop. 40,000. Auth. Coll. of Cust. Tr. --I. General; E. Fruit, timber, turtle, lumber, cotton, naval stores, and phosphates. Accn. Bar harb. (St. John River). LW. on bar 19ft, HW. 24ft, at quays 22ft. to 26ft. R. of T., 5 to 8 ft. Harbour and channel being dredged to 24ft. Good anchorage and coaling. Wharves, 10 to 20 t LW. Ample cranage. Marine railway up to 1,500 tons. Charges. Port Warden, $10. Pilotage. C. Inward, $2 per ft. Outward, $3 per ft. Towage. In and out, $7 per ft. Official. I.B.M.'s Vice-Consul and Lloyd's Agent, E. Sudlow

JACMEL, Hayti. Lat. 18 17 N.; long. 72° 33' W. Tr.I. Linens, cottons (mostly Enlish goods), hardware, provisions of all sorts (mostly from United States); E. Coffee, logwood, cotton seed, orange peel, turtle shells, goat skins and hides. Accn. Bay 2 to 3 miles deep; depth at anchorage, 6 to 7 fms; depth water at end of wharf, ioft. Charges. Harb. dues for steamers :--Doctor's fee for sanitary visit $14.50, Government duty on ditto $22 92, tonnage dues $1 833 per ton. Pilotage. $15, Government duty on ditto $1170.

JAFFA, Palestine (Syria). Lat. 32° 3' 14" N.; long. 34° 44' 45" E. Pop. 40,000. Tr.-I. Cotton goods, dry goods, and hardware; E. Wheat, barley, wool, oranges, s ed. Accn. Open roadstead. Anchorage in 8 fms summer, and 10 or 11 fms in winter. Unsafe in winter. Charges. Light dues piaster per ton under

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