Sivut kuvina


300 tons, and piaster on every ton in excess, with a discount of 10%. Sanitary dues from 1 ton up to 500 tons ) piaster per ton, and from 500 to 1,000 tons 12 paras per ton, over 1,000 tons 8 paras per ton. (Exchange £i sterling=110 piasters ; 40 paras = 1 piaster ) Labourage from 2 to 2/6 per day. Disbursements of a steamer of 750 tons with cargo of grain io Marseilles £1635. 60. No pilotage. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul (Acting), 1. Falanga ; Merchant and Com. mission Agent, J. B. Amzalak. Broker. A. A. Fiani. JEDDAH, Red Sea. Lat. 21° 28' N ; long. 39° 13' E. Pop.

18,000. Tr.-I. Corn, rice, butter, tobacco, musk, timber from Java, gold, civet, incense, Manchester piece goods, and from Egypt and Abyssinia, manufactures from India ; E. Coffee, gum arabic, skins and hides, mother of peir), few pearls, almonds, leather, and balsam. Accn. The portion of the harb. occupied by vessels is two miles in length, half a mile in its greatest breadih, narrowing in certain places to zooyds. The harb. has a depth of from 17 to 20 fms. Jeddah is the port of Mecca. Harbo ir full of coral reefs, requires very careful navigation on entering and cliaring, Charges. Quarantine dues amount to about £3 on a stermer of 1,000 tons net. Anchorage dues, id per ton for first 500 tons, id per ton for next 500 tons, id per ton for every ton over 1,000

Officials. Chief Port Auth., Mohamed Bey ; Harb. Master, Ali Effendi ; Insp. of Customs, Riza Bey. H.B.M.'s Consul, G. P. Devey ; Vice-Consul, S. M. Husain.

JELLA COFFI, W.C. of Africa. See Kwitta (1} miles away) JENCHUAN, or GENSAN, Korea Lat. 39° 9' N ; long.

127° 33' E. Pop. 13,000. Opened to trade 1883. Tr.-1. General. E. Beans, fish, hides, dic. Tonnage dues, 30c per t.r. JOANA, Java. 108 miles W. of Samarang. Town 2 miles

from entrance. Bar, LWST. 7ft, LWNT. 6ft. One ti le a day. Tr.--No imports; E. Sugar. Labour and provisions plentiful. D. 7 miles off shore, 41fms. Official. Coll. of Cust. and Harb. Master, W. Tannenbaum. JORDAN RIVER, N.S. Lat. 43° 40' N; long. 65° 12' W.

Tr.-E. Deals. Accn. Considered a safe place in the summer for vessels of 16ft dft. A breakwater has been built ; it has 15ft at LT., bottom soft. Pilotage. No reg. pilots. Official Harbour Master, F. P. Thorbour. JUNIN, Chile. Lat. 23° S.; long. 71° W. Situated about

miles to the south of Pisagua. An im. portant place for the shipping of nitrate of soda, being connected by railway with mines in the interior. The bay is badly pro:ected, heing but little better than an open roadstead, but the anchorage is now good in 16 to 18fms, Several steam and hydraulic cranes, up to 6 tons. Charges. Pilotage 3c per ton inward, same outward. Hospital dues joc per ton, sailers and steamers; light and buoy dues 40c per ton sailers, 603 steamers Load. ing, discharging, see Pi-agua. Official. Br. Vice-Consul, L. J. Garratt. KABENDA, W. Africa. Lat. 5° 33' S; long. 12° 10' E. Pop.

10,000. Tr.--E. Ivory, honey, and wax. Accn. Harb, safe and commodious. Anchorage in 4fms.


KAISER WILHELM CANAL. From Kiel Bay, Baltic to

Brunsbüttel Harb., North Sea, at the mouth of the Elbe. Tr.-I. & E. Coal, wood, stone, cement. The canal is 53 miles long, and has double sets of locks at each end, 492ft by 82ft. The width at wa er level is 19oft ; at 21st below, unft ; and at the bot om, 72ft. The depth ihr ughout is 27lt ioin minimum, the same at entrances, resting places, and quays. Vessels must be 443ft long, 651t sin broad, and 27ft zin deep or less, and height of masts must not exceed 131st 4in. The canal can be used day and night. Dry docks at Kiel and Hamburg: Charges. 400 tons reg. and under, 6opf. per ton ; 400 to 600, 40pf. per ton ; 600 to 800, zopf. per ton ; above Soo, 20pf. per ton : in ballast 20 per cent. less, October to March 10 per cent. is added to these rates. Towage. C., by Government tugs ; when using the regular tug trains sailing vessels pay 4opf. for first 200 tons reg., above 3opf. per ton reg. ; if not using tug trains 25pf. for first 200 tons reg., above 2opf. per ton reg. ; special tugs by agreement. Pilotage. From the Elbe io Kiel Bay is included in the above rates. The services of canal stecrsmen recommended but NC. ; charge, £ I ios per vessel. Officials. Harb Captain and Harl. Master, Imperial Dock Office. KALBOUT, Java. Lat. 7° 40'S; long. 114° E. Anchorage

ufms. Tr.-E. Sugar. Accn. Jetty and storehouse. Meat dear, pouliry and eggs.

KALMAR.-See Calmar.
KARACHI, India. Lighthouse on Manora Point is in lat.

24° 47' 37" N; long. 66° 58' 36" E. Pop. 121,000. Tr.-I. Metals, English piece goods and cotton twist, sugar, liquors, coal and coke, machinery, timber, stores (provisions), mineral oil, metals, drugs, fruit, tea, and railway plant; E. Grain, skins, bone meal, tea, hides, oil seeds, salt, fish, wool, cotton, dyes, &c. Auth. Port Trust, under Bombay Act VI. of 1886, and Amendment Act of 1902. Accn. In entrance channels HWST. 32}ft, NT. 29ft. Vessels drawing not more than 26st can enter port during the monsoon season; during fair season, Oct. to May 15, the largest vessels can enter and leave harbour. The maximum dst. allowed for entering or leaving port during the SW, monsoon is 26ft, but at the discretion of the Port officer, and during spring tides and fine weather, this might be increased in the case of vessels loading to 28fi. There is a dry dock 167ft long at Manora. There are fisty 35-cwt., lw0 12-ton, and one 30-ton hydraulic cranes on ship wharves at Keamari. Two bulk oil installations, for 11,500 tons oil, with pier 5jost long, from which oil is pumped from vessel to tanks. Charges. On sea-going vessels of 200 tons and upwards, obliged to receive a pilot on board, when mooring within port limits, 3 annas ton once in three months; hooking, 16rs; swinging moorings, from 2rs per diem for vessels under 200 tons, 3rs 205 to 500 tons, 4rs 500 to 800 t ns, and ir for every addisional 200 tons Fixed moorings ir in ao dition. Pilotage. C. In and out of port of Karachi sailing vessels and (The monsoon

May 15, and ends September 30.) From 100 to 300 tons fair season, 35rs ; monsoon season 52rs 8 annas, and 4rs for every additional 100 tons above 300. Removing from one part of the port to another or alongside a vessel, and to moorings, sors; sailing vesse's in and out half pilotage when towed. Towage. In or out of port 3 annas reg. ton; within the port it anna reg. ton. Officials. Port Trust; Chairmao, H. C. Mules ; Vice-Chairman, E. H. Aitken, Esq.; Manager and Secretary, R. W. Cooper, Esq.; Port Officer, Com. Lt. L. S. Warden ; Port Engineer, Edward Jackson, M.Inst.C.E.




KARLSHAMN.-See Carlshamn.


KARLSKRONA (or CARLSKRONA), Sweden. Lat. 56°

9' 29" N ; long. 15° 35' 40.5" E. Pop. . Tr.-I. Coal and coke, coffee, corn, copper, fish, iron and rails, hides, machinery, manure, pork, salt, sugar, oil, textiles, tobacco, wine, wool, &c.; E. Bark, berries, butter, cheese, fish, hats, iron plates, granite and stone, paper, oats, wooden wares, bones, ramie. Accn. It is a naval station of the first class. D. of W. at the main entrance about 4oft, and usually open throughout the year. Hlas a large, safe, and deep harb. with good anchorage, and divided into two parts. The outer one has about 5fms of water, and the inner one about 22ft. Vessels of post dít can discharge direct at the quay or into the warehouses. Larger vessels must load or unload in lighters. The quay has been enlarged. The Royal Dockyard has seven dry docks where vessels in case of need can be repaired, large cranes which lift up to 25 tons. A new dock is now built. Rys. Several railways. Steamship lines to all Swedish ports, Christiania, Copenhagen, Lübeck, Hamburg, Stettin, Hull, and Cape Town. Post, telegraph, and telephone. Charges. Chartering, 3 per cent. of amount of freight. Collection of freight, per cent. Ballast, Ikr per ton ; discharging ballast, about 25 ore per ton. Ilarbour dues, 12 ore per ton; light dues, 25 ore per ton ; tonnage dues, 10 ore per ton ; consulate duty, 2kr 25 ore per each vessel ; Custom House for each vessel, Ikr 50 ore; stamp for each vessel, ikr; navigation office dues, according to tariff ; clearance, according to tariff. For example:-Charges on a vessel of 800 reg: tons, coming from a foreign country with cargo in, and going to foreign country with cargo out

Inward. Outward.

kr. ore

Pilotage ...
Tonnage dues at 10 ore per ton
Light dues at 25 ore per ton
Harbour dues at 12 ore per ton
Navigation office dues
Custom House.
Consulate duty

kr. ore 37 80 200 96

1 24

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490 23

464 50 Kr. 954*75 at kr. 18:20=652 95. 4d. Vessel which before in the same year has been four times in Swedish port has no lights dues. Vessels for coals or water free. Towage. Steam tug can be obtained. Pilotage. According to tariff, and f. ex. for one vessel of 1,500 reg. tons, 49kr in and 49 out. Winter tax plus 25 per cent. Officials. Chief of the Station, ContreAdmiral C. A. M. Hjulhammar; Chief of the Royal Dockyard,


Commander M. Hamilton ; President of the Merchants' Society, and Consul, Eric Albrecht; Harb. Masler, E. Fernstrom ; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, Ad. Palander ; Lloyd's Agents, Palander & Co. and coal merchants give on request every assistance to shipmasters. Prices moderate. Coals, water, and provisions always to be had. KARREBIEKSMINDE, Denmark. Lat. 55o II'N; long,

11° 39' E. Tr.-I. Coals, deal boards, cellulose, grain, oilcake, bran; E. Wheat and barley. Accn. about 12ft inside the piers. The harb. will be finished in the months June or July next; from that time there will be 18}ft depth of water in the harb. Unloading will take place in lighters of 85 tons burden. Unloading coals 55 ore per ton. Charges. dues, whether with cargo or in ballast, in or out, 12 ore Loading and unloading about 60 per ton. Government ship

Pilotage. 56 ore per st from Ist April to ist October, 75 ore in winter. Official. Port Master, N. R. Erichsen. KELUNG, Formosa. Japane e Treaty Port. Lat. 25° 30' N;

long. 121° 40' E. Tr.-1. Chinese merchandise ; E. Tea, camphor oil, coal, rice, &c. Accn. A large and deep anchorage. Ent. 12fms, berth 6:ms, quay ifm. Mines of good solt coal, suitable for domestic use, but will mix well with Welsh for steamers. Will form a station for the Japanese Navy. Construction of the harbour, dredging sea-bed, and breakwater will be completed gradually. Charges. Tonnage dues, 5 sen per ton. Official. Supt. of H.I. Customs, Mr. G. K. R. Nakamura. KERTCH, Sea of Azov, Russia. Lat. 45° 15' N; long. 36°

24' E. Pop. 41,000. Tr.-E. Wheat, barley, linseed, and wool. Accn. On the bar of Yenikale there is 16 to 2oft (19ft mean level) of water. Shipment by lighters; only ships of light dst approach shore. Charges. Lighterage over bar, and loading and unloading, about is 9d per ton. Pilotage. Up and down channel each way 7 cop. (14d.) per last (2 tons net); into and out of harbour, 3 cops, each. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, R. Michell. KEY WEST, U.S.A. La'._24° 35' 58" N ; long. 81° 48' 7" W.

Pop. 22,000. Tr.-E. Cigars, sponges, pineapples, &c. Accn. Excellent harb. D. Wharves having about 23st at head ; AST. about 2£tt. En. Ship channel zoft, SW. channel 24st, SE. channel 24ft. NT. ift noin ; OT. 2st. f. and c. of moon. W. WSW. LV. U.S. warship Maine, 6,000 tons. Loading or un. loading by day or special contract. One tug, belonging to Key West Salvage and Towage Co. Pilotage. C. Vessels drawing 6 to soft, 12s 6d per foot; 10 to 14ft, 16s 81; 14 to 2oft, £i os rod; over zoft, bi 5s. Vessels for orders delivered outside or coming in pay one pilotage. Officials. Coll. of Cust., Geo. W. Allen; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, W. J. H. Taylor (Mes-rs. Taylor & Co.), to whom all vessels calling for orders should communicate at least 24 hours before vessel is expected to arrive. This is to avoid delays in entering port. KIEL, Germany. Lat. 57' 19' N ; long. 10° 8' E. Pop.

About 140,000. Tr.-1. Coals, Indian corn, timber, grain, and bricks; E. Grain, flour, timber. Accn. Two floating docks,

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with sections of great lifting power; two iron shipbuilding yards.
D. In the interior of the harb. 23 to 25st; alongside the quays,
about 2oft. Station for the German Navy and an Imperial Dock-
yard. Several crine; lifting 5 to 30 tons ; two Government floating
cranes li'tiog 50 and go tons, and two cranej listing each 150 tons
(dockyard). Charges. On a ship of 264 tons p.r., timber inwards
and ballast out, about 4 15; on a ship 953 tons n.r., pitch pine in,
ballast out, about £55, ballast included. The eastern entrance of
the canal between the Baltic and North Sea is in Kiel Bay.
Pilotage. NC. During summer 45 91 meter, winter 5s 6d meter.
Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, A. Sartori. Brokers. Sartori
and Berger. (See also Kaiser Wilhelm Canal.)
KINGSTON, Jamaica. Lat. 18° 01' N ; long. 76° 48' W. Pop.

to,coo. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, wheat, four,
salted provisions, manufactured and leat tobacco; E. Rum, sugar,
coffee, dyewoods, bides, cigars, pimento, fruit (chiefly pineappies,
bananas, oranges, and mangoes). Accn. Vessels of large aft lie
alongside of wharves of town, above which water deepens to 9 fms;
the harb. is a large and spacious inlet running east and west, and is
capable of containing any number of vessels of large size. It is an
important coal depôt for steamers. Slip dock for vessels up
to 1,coo tons. Charges. Light dues id reg. ton for steamers
and 3d reg. ton sailing vessels that enter at any port of the
island. Vessels trading between the tropics 75 6d, beyond
trop cs 155 ; over 70 tons ard under 160 tons, ios and £1; 850
tons and over, & 1 and 42, once in three months and local vessels
once in twelve calender months. Pilotage. Rates--Sailing ships
not exceediog 7st, inwards £2 55, outwards £18s; for each addi.
tional foot and part of a foot, inwards 6), outwards 4/; steamers
50 per cent. less. Harlo ir Master, C. Thompson. Ship Broker,
Coaling, &c. E. A. H. Ilaggart. Hotels. “Constant Spring
and “Myrtle Bank.”
KINGSTON, St. Vincent, W.1. Lat. 12° 23' N ; long. 61° 13'

W. Good Anchorage. No Pilotage. Charges.
Port ship, £2, stearners £1.
KIUKIANG. Open Trealy Port on the Yangtze River, about

445 geog. miles from Shanghai, 187 from Han•
kow. Lat. 29° 42' ; long. 116° 08' Pop. About 55,000. Auth.
Imperial Maritime Customs. Tr.--1. Chief import, opium ; E.
Chief export, tea. Accn. Abundant room for anchorage. Six
hulks connected with shore by ponto ns, alongside of which vessels
of any size can lie to ship or discharge cargo. No tide. D. Varies
from 8ft on a shoal below the port in winter to 45ft in summer.
LV. H.M.S. Glory and Endymion, the French ist class cruiser
Montcalm. Charges. Tonnage dues on vessels. Pilotage. NC.
Pilots are always engaged in Shanghai. Officials. II.B.M.'s
Acting Consul, W. J. Clennell ; Chinese Government Foreign Cust.
Service--Com. of Cust., W. F. Spinney (Acting, H. W. Brazier);
Harb. Master, W. C. Howard.
KIUNG CHOW, China, is the name of the prefectural city,

three miles inland. The name of the pori is Iloihow, which see. Tr.-I. Petroleum, piece goods, opium, matches, &c;E. Pigs, sugar, drugs, hemp, &c. Accn. About 2oft at LW, in anchorage limits. No tugs, pilots, quays, cranage

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