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passengers in such port for the purpose of earning freight or passage money, the owner, master, or agent of such ship shall be required to pay the ordinary full rates of pilotage thereon, both inwards and outwards. Any such ship forced back within forty-eight (48) hours after having been piloted to sea shall be charged on half of the foregoing rate for pilotage services rendered subsequently to its original departure. These rates to be charged only on vessels exceeding 100 tons gross registered tonnage. Pilotage Auth. : The Marine Board of Victoria, J. Geo. McKie, Secretary. Towage. Sailing vessels and steamers not using their own steam, up and down the river from Hobson's Bay, 800 tons and under, 6d ton; for every ton over 800 up to 2,000 tons 4d; every ton over 2,000 tons 2d. Bay Towage: 2,000 tons and under 2d ton, and Id ton for every ton over 2,000 tons. Sea and Geelong Towages: To or from anchorage, Hobson's Bay, vessels 400 tons and under, via West Channel £15; via South Channel £17 103, every additional ton 6d; from Hobson's Bay to Geelong, and from Geelong to sea, South Channel rates will be charged. Intermediate distances as per agreement. Officials. Harbour Trust: Secretary, C. J. Clark; Engineer, John Halliday; Harb. Master, Thos. Sanderson; Ports and Harbours, Engineer in Charge, C. W. Maclean; Port Officer for Victoria, C. W. Maclean; Trade and Customs Dept., A. W. Smart.

MEMEL, Germany. Lat. 55° 43' 40" N; long. 21° 9' E Pop. 20,000. Auth. Königliche Hafen Polizei Commission. Tr.-I. Colonial produce, salt, herrings, dyewoods, superphosphate, tobacco, coals, &c.; E. Corn, wood, hemp, amber, flax, bristles, nails, hides, linseed, wax, pitch and tar. Ry. facilities Accn. Average depth on the bar 22ft; quayage 3,000ft; good cranage to 12 tons; patent slip; jetty 400ft Charges. Harb. dues and river pilotage, from I'd to Id per cub. met., entering and clearing. Charges for loading sleepers. 54d to 74d per load of 50 cub. feet; for deals and planks, 2/6 standard, St. Petersburg. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, H. Pietsch. MERS EL-KEBER, Algeria. Accn. Good anchorage at quarter to half mile from shore in 5 to 8 fms of water. The port is practically sheltered from all winds. MESSINA, Italy. Lat. 38° 11′ 30′′ N; long. 15° 34′ 31′′ E. Pop., with subs., 152,878. Tr.-I. Cotton and woollen manufactures, colonial produce, coals, hides, iron, petroleum, stock fish, cod, herrings glass, grain; E. Sulphur, citrate of limes, wine, oil, lemon juice, silk, lemons, oranges, &c. Accn. Deep water throughout harb., and large vessels can load and unload close to quays. Width of entrance 500yds. D. at En. from 42 metres to 64 metres; at quays from 6 to 10 metres. port is most secure and commodious. There are 4 cranes, and a dry dock 360ft long. Charges. Anchorage dues, steamers, 11.40cts. per ton sailing vessels. 80 cmes per ton. Porters 3 lires per day. Pilotage. Vessels under 101 tons, 20 lire; 101 to 200, 30 lire; 201 to 300, 35 lire; 301 to 400, 40 lire; 401 to 500, 45 lire; over 500 tons pay 3c per ton in addition to the fixed fee of 45 lire, provided the sum does not exceed 130 lire. Officials. Harb. Master, Cav. A. Basso; Director of Cust., Bignami; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, P. Wilkinson; Lloyd's Agent, G. E. Oates.


MEZANE (Mezen), Russia. Lat. 67° 00' N ; long. 44° 00' E. Pop. 400. Tr.-I. Machinery, c als, salt. E. Timber. Accn. In channel at LT. 19ft of water lowest depth, same alsc at loading berth near Pyia, at IIW. 38ft to 44ft, according to H. of T. Sheerleg rigged upon lighters to 15 tons. Telegraph, post to England II days. Nearest Ry. Archangel-Moscow. Charges. Stowage R.1.50 per standard wood, address money 2/9, lastage 20 cop ton. Pilotage. From the flag beacon at the mouth of the river to loading berths near Pyia, a distance of nearly ten miles, per vessel inward £2; outward £3. Towage. By a 70-h.p. boat, inwards 10d ton; outwards I/. It is not safe for vessels drawing more than 12ft to proceed Eigher up than the loading place near Pyia, opposite Point Tolstoi, called in C.P. "Russanoff's loading place." Navigation open end May to beginning October. Officials. British Vice-Consul, Sir Capel Wolseley, Archangel; Lloyd's Agent, Bruno Paetz, Archangel (to whom we are indebted for above information.)

MIDDELBURG, Holland. Lat. 51° 32′ N; long. 3° 39′ E. Pop. 18,000. Tr.-I. Coals, coffee, tin, and timber; E. Corn, potatoes, onions, fruits, vegetables, and cattle. Accn. Vessels drawing 24ft can proceed up channel from Flushing to Middelburg. There is a dry dock 413ft in length. Charges. With the 1st of May, 1900, Government harbour dues and sluice dues are abolished. Town harbour dues in Middelburg, Steamers or sailing vessels :-Mea uring under 200 cubic met. 2f; 200 up to 300 c. met. 4; 300 up to 400 c. met. 6fl; 400 up to 800 c. met. 84; 800 up to 1,200 c. met. 10fl; 1,200 up to 1,600 c. met. 12fl; 1,600 c. met. and upwards, 148 (Dutch currency). Pilotage. Obligatory. Tariff according to dft of water. (See Flushing.) MILAZZO, Sicily. Lat. 38° 13' N; long. 15° 14′ 30′′ E. Pop. 14,207. Tr.-I. Grain and coal; E. Wine, fruits. Accn. Vessels drawing 20ft can enter harb. Charges. See Messina. Pilotage. £2 any size. Official. H.B.M. ViceConsul, S. Trifiletti.

MIRAMICHI, N.B. Lat. 47° N; long. 65° 19′ W. Tr.-E. Lumber, fresh and preserved fish, woodpulp, &c. Accn. There are 22ft of water over the bar at ST. Vessels of that dft. can lie in the river with perfect safety in the best anchorage. Chatham, one of the principal towns on the S. bank of river, has a Pop. of 6,000. Vessels drawing 22ft can safely load there. Charges. Harb. dues-On vessels over 100 tons and under 200, 6/2; over 200 and under 300, 8/3; over 300 and under 400, 10/3; over 400 and under 520, 12/4; over 500 and under 700, 16/5; over 700 and upward, 20/6 each; sick fund, Id per ton. Pilotage. Inwards 9/4, outwards 8/3 per ft; steamers id per ton additional; transporting 4 miles and under, 165; over 4 miles, 24/8. Transporting rates: From Black Brook to Chatham Id, to Newcastle or Nelson, 1d; Chatham to Newcastle or Nelson, id; Middle Island to Douglastown or Chatham, d per ton; rates for vessels under 300 tons subject to special arrangement. The above rates do not apply in cases of assistance to vessels in distress. Towage. For vessels over 300 tons on the Miramichi river, from or outside bar to Chatham 4d, between entrance and Robicheau Buoy to Chatham 34d, between Robicheau Buoy and Napan Bay to

Chatham 3d, above Napan Bay to Chatham 24d per reg. toa; vessels for Newcastle ad per ton additional. Official. Coll. of Cust., D. Ferguson.

MOBILE, U.S. Lat. 30° 13' 48" N; long. 88° 0' 25" W, Pop. 31,205. Tr.-I. Salt, coffee, &c.; E. Cotton, timber, naval stores, &c. Accn. Vessels of 23ft dft can always cross the bar; those of 21ft dft. can reach the wharves at the city. Pilotage. Pilotage not compulsory. If spoken by pilots on arriving and departure, and not wanted, only half pilotage is collected; if not spoken, there is nothing to pay. Rates, $2.50 to $6 per ft. graded. Towage. £2 2s 34d to £10 IIS 54d, as per dft and contract; on loaded ships to sea 4d to 5d ton. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, E. J. Seiders. Broker. Louis Donald.

MOGADOR, Morocco. Lat. 31° 50' N; long. 9° 20' W. Pop. 16,000. Tr.-I. Amber beads, bagging, brass plates, candles, chemicals, china, cloth, coffee, confectionery, coral, deals, dyes, empty casks, hides, matches, petroleum, rice, silks, spices, spirits, wine, zinc pails, woollen and cotton stuffs, tea, hardware, mirrors, linens, tin, iron, steel, earthenware, glass, sugar, pepper, beer, &c. ; arms, ammunition, and tobacco prohibited; E. Bones, citrons, cummin seed, sesame, wool, gums, goat skins, ostrich feathers, almonds, beeswax, olive oil, maize, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, marrows and bananas at duty of 5 per cent, ad val.; cattle, and arms prohibited. Accn. Anchorage about half a mile from shore in deep water. Rei buoy with flag marking o'd wreck in bay with 7ft over it at LW. Vessels 19ft dit anchor outside. D. at entrance, about 7 fms. Small dock and quay for boats and lighters, available about three hours of tide, and a new crane on quay. Charges. $4 for every steamer, sailing vessels according to tonnage from $1 to $2 (i.e. dollar); pratique boat according to anchorage, 4 or 6; sanitary officers according to tonnage, 24d to 6; sanitary delegate's charge, 5/; water, 2 per 100 gal. f.o.b. Discharging or loading ballast, about 1/4 ton. Anchorage.-Under 50 tons, 4/; 50 to 100, 8/; 100 to 150, 12/; over 150. 14/. Pilotage. Ships regularly visiting the port and knowing the anchorage pay no pilotage; strangers pay. Sailing vessels, any tonnage, in and out, 35/, or half that amount for entrance only; steamers about £2 in and out; chief second stevedore 1/8. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, Archibald M. Madden. Port sanitary delegation is now taken over by the Consular body.

MO-I RANEN.-See Guldsmedvik.

MOJI, or Mozi, Japan. Lat. 33° 58' N ; long. 130° 57' E. Is on the opposite side of the Strait to Shimonoseki. Tr.-I. Iron ore, raw cotton, and general; E. Coal, cotton yarn, rice. Accn. Good anchorage in 5 to 7 fms 2 cables from shore. No quays or berths. Cranes up to 10 tons from or to lighters. Only small repairs possible. Charges. 5 sen per n.r. ton p r call, or 15 sen per n.r. ton per year: does not cover other ports, Loading and unloading merchandise: Handy general, 30 sen per ton. Officials. Lloyd's Agents, Holme, Ringer & Co. Harb. Master,


MOLFETTA, Italy. Lat. 41° 13′ N; long. 16° 38′ E. 31,465. Tr.-E. Wine, almonds, olive oil; I. Coal, iron. The port, formed by a mole, is sheltered from all winds except the W. There are 12 and 13ft alongside the quay where vessels can load.

MOLLENDO, Peru. Lat. 17° 1′ S. ; long. 71° 56' W. Port of Arequipa, with which it is connected by rail. Tr.-I. Manufactures of all sorts, prouisions; E. Wool (alpaca and sheep's), bark, hides. Accn. Open roadstead, good anchorage, 20 to 25tms, 34fms half-cable from mole, on which are two steam cranes. Sheer legs up to 10 tons. Charges. Tonnage dues 20c per ton, steam and sail. Total disbursements: Of 1,481-ton steamer cargo in or out, $362-30; of 1,998-ton sailer, coal in, ballast out, $1,888 75. Pilotage. NC. See Iquique. Official. Bri ish ViceConsul, P. Y. Smart.

MOMBASA, East Africa. Lat. 4° 04′ S; long. 39° 41′ E. Pop. 30,000. Auth. East Africa Prot clo ale, administered by H.B.M.'s Secretary of State for Foreign Affa rs. Tr.-I. Piece goods, ice, brass wire and beads, provisions, liquors, &c.; E. Ivory, rubber, cattle and gcats, grain, copra, gum, copil, hides and horns, timber (borites). D. at entrance, 5 fms. LW. Springs at anchorage, 5 to 27 fms. Accn. The port has two haibe. Kildini, the largest one at the west of the island, is the finest sheltered harbour on E, Coast of Africa, spring rise 12ft, neaps 8ft Mombasa, the barb. on the east of the island, is safe and capacious, with sufficient water for vessels of 30ft dft, and is used arely by dhows from Arabia, Muscar, and India. Sp. rise about Ift, neaps 8ft. Cranes: two 3-tons at Momba a pier, three 3 t ns and a 12-ton shears at Kilindini. The railway from Mombasa and Kilindini pier to Uganda is now completed, and has materially increased the amount of shipping visiting the port. Charges. No harbour dues, B/H 1ors, mooring 10rs first day, ors after. Loading and discharge, 3rs. per ton including lighterage. Officials. Commr., Sir Donald Stewart, K.C.M.G., Port Officer, H. Pidcock; Health Officer, W. H. Macdonald; Chief of Cust, A. Marsden.

MONROVIA, Liberia, W.A. Lat. 6° 19' N; long, 10° 48′ W. Capital of the Liberian Republic and the seat of government. Pop. 6.000. Tr.-I. Manchester goods, powder, tobacco, spirits; E. Palm oil, camwood, ivery and cotton. Accn. Anchorage 7 fms, sand. There is a harb. inside the Iar where the landing is good; the harb. has a pier. There are very few occasions when the bar cannot be crossed by surf boat or such ight craft. HW. f. and c. 6h om. ST. rise 6ft. Charges. Anchorage dues, usually £3 5s Officials. H. B. M.'s Consul, E. MacDoneli; Vice Consul, W. Ring. MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica. Lat. 18° 29' 25" N; long. 77° 56' 56" W. Pop. 5,000. Tr.-I. Food stuffs, manufactured goods, clothing, hardware, spirits, tobacco; E. Sugar, rum, dyewoods, fruit, oranges, bana as, pineapples, pimento, coffee, ginger, coconuts. Accn. Open roadstead, 7 to 1ofms at anchorage; safe, but subject to northers during winter months. D. 6 to 7ft at quays, harb. 7 to 8fms. Cranage good and plentiful. Pilotage. C. inward, 30/ for first 7ft and 4/ for each additional ft; outward, 25/ for first 7ft and 3/ for each additional ft; steamers,

half rates. Charges. Light dues, id per ton for steamers and 3d per ton for sailing ships running for 3 m nths; harb. dues, 160 tons and under 10/, above 1; loading and unloading: no fixed rates for loading and discharging, about 2/ to 3/ per ton including lighterage. Fresh water, when taken 1/ per 100 gals. Officials. Coll. of Cust., E. H. E. Maclaverty; Lloyd's Ageat, J. E. Kerr.

MONTE VIDEO, Uruguay. Lat. 34° 53′ 15′′ S; long. 56° 14' 15′ W. Pop. 170,000. Tr.-I. Cotton and woollen fabrics, hardwares, boots and shoes, wine, tin, rice, salt, beer and ale, coals, silks; E. Wool, hides, sheepskins, tallow, grease, horsehair, beef, extract of beef, bones and bone ash, horns, wheat, &c. Accn. Vessels to 17ft or 18ft can enter the inner harb.; in the outer roads vessels to 24ft can anchor with all safety. Cibils dock, length 500ft by 40ft, for ships of 16ft. Cranes or shears to 30 tons. Mana dock, length 265ft by 5oft, for ships 12ft; shears to 25 tons. Mud bottom, outer or inner harb. Charges. Light dues, 8c Uruguay gold per ton if procee 'ing up river, 6 c seaward. Custom House entry and clearance about $38. "Patente tax, notarial fees and petties about $15. Lighterage $150 per ton weight or measurement. House charges for porterage, wharfage and cranage about 8oc per ton; coal and other rough cargoes Soc per ton; no wharfare or cranage, as these cargoes are landed at private wharves. Pilotage. Monte Video to Buenos Ayres $40 per ship. Officials. Captain of the Port, Colonel Sebastian Bouquet; H.B.M.'s Minister and Consul-Gen., W. Baring; Consul, V. K. Kestell-Cornish; Lloyd's Agents, E. Cooper & Son. MONTREAL, Canada. Lat. 45° 30' 17" N; long. 73° 54′ W. Pop. About 250,000. Tr.-I. E. and W.I. produce, European manufactured goods, coal, iron, salt, cement, &c.; E. Corn (wheat, maize, oats, peas, rye, barley, buckwheat, flax seed), flour and meal, meals (fresh, salted, and canned), cheese, butter, eggs, preserved fish, apples, canned fish, fruits and vegetables, pot and pearl ashes, cattle, horses, sheep, phosphate, copper and silver ores, iron goods, logs, deals, boards, staves, and agricultural produce. Auth. Commission. Accn. A perfectly safe harb., lined with wharves having a frontage extent of nearly six miles, but closed by ice from end of November to 20th April. The Ship Channel has a depth of 271ft at ordinary LW, except at a few points between Quebec and Batiscan, a distance of 51 nautical miles towards Montreal of the intervening distance of 139, at all of which a slight rise of tide, however, gives full depth. The dredged portions of the channel are 300ft wide, and wider in many places, especially at the beads where they are from 450 to 600ft wide. Two dry docks, each 400ft long, depth on sill 1oft. Charges. Wharf dues are levied on all property passing over the wharves, or transferred from one vessel to another, which are payable by the owners of the goods. In June, 1896, a reduction of 20% in the tariff, which had been in force since 1881, was made, and the principal rates are now per ton of 2,000 pounds or 40cub. ft measurement, as follows:-Coal and grain, 7c.; ballast, cement, earthen drain pipes, fire bricks, stone and salt, 10c.; fruit, provisions, cattle, hay, 15c.; pig and scrap iron, pot and pearl ashes, 20c.; manufactured goods and other unenumerated wares and merchandise, 25c. The Port Warden's dues chargeable

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