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on exports, other than grain, are 1 to 2c. per 2,000 pounts There are no Customs fee; sive for extra services There are no light dues levied at any pori in Canada. Hospital dues 2c. ton reg. levied 3 times on vessels trading throughout the year with the Dominion. The stevedoring charges for loading and discharging are about, for unloading coals and general cargo, 23 10 30 c. ton, weight or measurement ; scrap iron, and other rough cargo, 10 to 20 c per ton extra, and by agreement ; heavy weights, over two tons, by special agreement ; rails, 22 to 25c. per ton: deals, 70c. to $1 25c. stan.; timber, 50 to 65c. load of 50 cubic feet. Pilotage. C. As only very small vessels now sail above Quebec, The rates for sai ing up or dowa which are higher than for steam vessels, are not given here. Steamships between Quebec and Mon. treal pay $2.50 per stilft. either way, while sailing vessels in tow pay $2 ; to Batiscan and Three Rivers, which are about half way, ihe rates are $1.75 and $1.50 respectively, while to Sorel which is about two-thirds of the way, the rates are $1.874 and $1.50. For moving a vessel within the harb. of Montreal, or to or from Lachine Canal, the rate is $5. Pilots shall be paid for all fractional paris of a foot of dfi pro rata to above taritl. Towage. By arrangement. Officials. President of Com , Robert Mackay; Secretary, Alex. Robertson ; Harb. Master, Capt. Bovassı; Chief Eigineer, John Kennedy ; Lloyd's Agent, W. R. Wonham. MORETON BAY, Brisbane, Queensland. Lat. 27° 28'

S; long. 153° 2' E. Pop. 101,000. Tr. -I. General merchandise, iron, machinery ; E. Sheep, horses, cattle, frozen meat, wool, tallow, hides, pressed meats, gold, tin, copper, silver, oysters, beche de mer, pearl-shell, tortoise-shell, sugar, fruit, timber, and coal. Accn. Vessels drawing 19ft to 25ft can pass up and down the river by night or day. Brisbane is about 16 miles from the entrance of the river. Wharfage accn. for vessels drawing up to 25ft (OST) shear legs up to 40 tons. Tide rises and falls zit. Dry duck 430st long, bost broad at entrance, depth on sill at HWOST 2oft ; also, stipways up to 25oft long. Railway to shipping.. Charges. Harbɔur dues paid by consignee. Vessels whose original port of clearance and final port of discharge are beyond colony 1/6 per ion on cargo and for each passenger landed or shipped, other vessels in and out 6d. per ton reg. each way. Removal in port according to tonnage and distance---min., 100 tons 3 miles 1; max., over 2,000 tons 30 miles £12. Commissions on freight or charter procured or passage money collected 5 per cent. Ship’s disbursements and outfit, when not in fund., 5 per cent. Stone ballast put on board from 3/6 ton, sand ballast put on board from 2/6 ton, towing 1/ ton for general cargoes. Water put on board from 4 ton. Pilotage. 6d. per ton reg. in, same out ; in ballast in or out or coals out, 3d ton reg: Towage. In and out 1/6 per ron, or inwards 1/ and outwards 11. Officials. Port Master and Chairman Marine Board, Captain John Mackay ; Sec. Marine Board, A. Morgan; Shipping Inspector, &c., W. 1. Forrester ; Engineer, Surveyor, &c., A. Cimpbell ; Coll. of Cust., W. H. Irving; Lloyd's Agents, C. Parbury & Co., Ltd. (See Brisbane.) MORLAIX, France. Lat. 48° 38' N; long. 3° 47' W. Pop.

About 18,000. Tr.-I. Coal, clay, earthenware ; E. Barley, pork, butter, &c. Accn. The dock about 6 miles up

the Morlaix river. Connects with rail ; entrance HWST, 17ft neaps, iait. There is a graving slip 164ft in length. Cranes to lift i to 2 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 85 reg. tons, ballast in, cargo out, drawing soft loaded, about 15. Broker's charge on inward cargo 5d per ton. Pilotage. C. over 80 tons.

From sea to Morlaix 4 2-100 ton. On vessel of 85 reg. tons, ballast in, cargo out, drawing roft, loaded in ki is 8d, out £1 8s 6d. Towage. 3d ton loaded, 2d in ballast. Brokers. L. de Fallois, C. Serurier. Official. Harb. Master, L. Durand. MORMUGÃO (GOA), India. Lat. 15° 24' 30" N ; long. 73° 47

E. 225 miles south of Bombay. Tr.-E. and I. same as Bombay. Auth. A Portuguese Naval Officer. The sea custom department is under the charge of the Portuguese authorities. All vessels on entering the harb. are boarded by the Portuguese health officer. The Rly. authorities work the port and the berthing of vessels alongside the quay wall. Accn. TIarb. protected by a breakwater 1,200ft long; quay wall runs at right angles to the breakwater and is capable of berthing several large ves els. . The harb. is spacious, covering about 99 acres, with plenty of water accommodation for the largest ressel. The port is open all the year round. D. 24ft alongside quay wall at LST. THW. f. and c. 1oh 33m ; ST., NT. 4ft. Mormugăo is the termicus of the W. of India Portuguese Guaranteed Kly in conjunction with the Southern Mahratta Rly. Loading and discharging is done by the Rly. Company, whose goods-wagons run alongside the vessels and opposite to the larze godowns built on the quay. One 25 ton and six 14 ton steam cranes, on the quay, constructed to plumb the hatches of any vessel ; others, and larger, being erecied. Charges: 5 tons, 10/; tons, 7/8 per day. Charges. Port dues, i anni per reg. ton, available for 30 days ; quay dues, i pies per reg. ton per day. Min. ior; min. quay, 250 ; reduction to regular traders. Vessels of 1000 t. r. and over, loating or bringing more than 500 tons to and from Europe, pay on - third quay and port dues. Average day's work of 9 hours for balcs or bags, 1,000 tons, discharging general cargo or iron work 500 tons.

Stevedorage 4 annas per ton. Sundays, holidays, and nights, rly. 3or, custonis nil, day or ni, ht, 15r, water Ir per too. Pilotage. NC. The leading line into the harb. is two lighthouses. The harb. at night has lights. Officials. Port Officer, Filomeno da Camara Mello Cabral; H.B.M.'s Consul, R. A. Becher. MOSJÖEN, Vefsen, Norway. Lat 65° 56' N ; long. 13. E.

Tr.-I. Coal. Accn. There is sufficient depth of water for largest ships, but vessels visiting this port shoull be well provided with cables. Charges. On vessel 380 tons, about £33. Pilotage. On a barge of 250 reg. tons, inwards from Villa, £7; outwarus to Villa, £7 12s. Pilots from Villa huve to stay on buard tour days without extra pay, after that, 2/3 day. Towage. Steamer's passing north ansouth every day can be had for towage. Official. H.B. M.'s Vice-Consul, E. Bathen. MOSS, Norway. Lat. 59° 27' N; long. 10° 40' E. Pop.

8,000. “Situated by the Christianiasjord, 36 miles south of Christiania. Tr.-I. Grain, flour, coals, salt, limestone, &c. ; E. Oats, bran, wood pulp, ice, felspar, spints, paper, &c. Accn. . Depth of canal 17 to i8ft in general, but large vessels prefer to go

round the Jeló island when there is nu ice in the sound. Ships are loade 1 alongside the quays where the depth of water is from 17 to 22ft. There are two ships' whvives here and a mechanical factory where ships are repaired very cheap. Two floating docks about 230 ft long, can be used together. Charges. Ships' charges are about 2/ per reg. ton, loaded in ballast out; light dues, 80 ore ; quay dues 8.15kr plus 10 ore per n. reg. ton ; discharging grain, 50 ore; coals, 45 ore for steamers, 40 ore for sailing vessels; ballast per ton, for sand 80 ore, for stone 1.20 ore. Pilotage. From Færder lighthouse round Jelo Island, vessel 1,316 n. r. ions, 18st, winter, 165.40kr; summer, 128•88kr (18.12kr=£1); ditio through Channel, 250 n. r., 12ft, inward, winter, 63.60; summer, 51.62kr ; outward, 39.96kr and 32.65kr respectively; outward to Færder, in ballast, 1316 n. r., soft, winter, 33.60kr (sic); summer, 61.6okr. Canal rates are for a ship of 400 reg. tons, summer, in ballast 14.90kr, loaded 22.35kr; winter, in ballast 23.13, loaded 34.70kr. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, J. H. Vogt ; Harb. Master, O. B. Ronneberg ; Lloyd's Agent and Brokers, Vogt & Holst. MOSSEL BAY, Cape Colony. 33° 10'S; long. 22° 30' E.

Tr.-E. Sheep skins, wool, ostrich feathers. Accn. Two anchorages. Inner, 3} to 4sms; outer, 7fm3. Good jetty opposite anchorage. Ships should be especially found in ground tackle, and be ready to run. Pilotage. Optional, but recommended; agreement about £3. Free port. Officials. Lloyd's Agents, Hudson, Vreede & Co. MOSTAGANEM, Algeria. Lat. 36° 7' N; long. 0° 25' E.

Accn, Pier available for small vessels. In bad weather vessels have to take retuge at Arzew (which see), 19 miles distant. The present jetty, 19 miles long, is being further extended, and another jetty is being built. A floating derrick to 35 tons, and two cranes to 2 and 3 tons. Official. Lloyd's Agent, T. P. Auziarn, MOULMEIN, India. Lat. 16° 3' OʻN; long. 97° 42' E. Pop.

about 60,000. Auth. Port Officer, appointed by Government. No Port Trust. Tr. I. Cotton goods, marine stores, sugar, and cocoanuts; E. Teak, rice, shellac, betelnut, ivory, sapan wood. Accn. There is no want of water in channels; ships drawing 23ft can enter during ST. at any time of year. Charges. The disbursements of a vessel of 500 tons about £250. Vessels supply themselves with water from the river. Locuing about 3 to 31 annas per ton d.w. Pilotage

Full. 1-5th. 2-5ths.

Minimum, below and up to 8ft. so 10/
Maximum, 25 to 26ft

£13 45
£39 125

452 16s Intermediate portions of a foot to be regulated as follows : 3in and under no addition ; between 3 and gin the medium between the two rates ; above gin the aft. of the next foot to be taken. Vessels taking steam aid to be charged 2-3rds of the rate for sailing vessels. Steamers under 15ft, half the rate of sailing vessels, above 15ft, 3-5ths of such rate. Vessels not taking licensed pilots, and above 100 tons, will be charged by Government at the rate of ild reg. ton. The charge for shifting a berth in the port, or removing a vessel, is 50%. Vessels that call for orders, or put into Amherst in distress, and proceed in and out without a pilot, shall be exempt from pilotage. A pilot may be detained 24 hours after arrival off town without

Dit of water.

4-5ths 40,



demurrage. The pilotage distance is divided into fifths for charging broken or intermediate pilotage ; but the least sum payable to a pilot for taking a vessel in or out of Amherst is £2 ios. ; outside Patch Buoy to New Channel 1-5th ; New Channel to Fishing Village 1.5th ; Fishing Village to Hallway Creek 1.5th ; Ilallway Creek anchorage to Natmoo anchorage 1-5th ; Natmoo anchorage to Moulmein 1-51h. Towage. Under !5ft dft. £30, and £10 extra for every additional foot of dft. Officials. Lloyds' Agents, Bulloch Bro3. & Co., Ltd. MOZAMBIQUE, Africa. Lat. 15° 4' S; long. 40° 44' E.

Pop. 8,000. Auth. Lieut. Geo. Aloes Dias, R. X. Tr.-I. Cotton goods, beads, brass and copper wire, bar. iron, dry goods of every description, guns, powder and lead, hard. ware, wines, spirits, beer, preserved meats, fruits, vegetables, French tiles and bricks, cattle from Madagascar ; E. Ivory, indiarubber, oil seeds, cowries, simsim, columba root, ebony. Accn. Bar 51ms LW., 7sms HW., but the space is limited, and has not been recently surveyed. Charges. Harb. dues about £6 per vessel ; tonnage dues, sail 150rs per ton, steam 5ors per ton, health officer, &c.; maximum 5,800rs, which includes pilotage and is equivalent to £10. Loading and unloading : This must be performed by means of lighters; the hire for one is about £2 per day, capacity 15 to 25 tons. Pilotage. C. Sors per ton ; maximum, tio. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, C. E. Chambers; Coll. of Cust., H. Alves Pias ; Harb. Master, A. M. de M. Ramallo ; Lloyd's Agents, W. Philippi & Co.

MUKULAU. -See Fiji Islands.
MUSCAT, Arabia. Lat. 23° 27' N ; long. 58° 35' E. Pop.

40,000. Auth. H. H. the Sultan. H.B.M.'s Consul, W. G. Grey. Tr.-1. Almonds, aloes, rice, sugar, coals, gum ammoniac, nitre, gum copal, assafoetida, frankincense, coffee, wax, British and Indian cotton goods, shawls, and china manufactures, &c. --most of these are re-exported to India and the East ; E. Dates, hides, asses, horses, salt, pearls, and drugs. Accn. Anchorage in 5 to 6 fms about 2 cable lengths from the landing pier. There is a cove which is well sheltered and has deep water in which vessels can D. at entrance, LW. Charges. No harb. dues. Pilotage. NC. Duty on imports, 5% ad val. Cost of landing bales and cases, 2 to 8 annas each ; bags i anna each. Vessels discharge into lighters which land cargo - Cust. House Pier. Cost of discharging coals into lighter, ro to 12 annas per ton. Coolies per day, 12 annas to i rupee each, double for night work. Merchants, W. J. Towell & Co. MUSQUASH, N.B. Lat. 45° 9' N ; long. 66° 15' W. Tr.

E. Dcals. Accn. Entrance about a mile wide. Vessels of post dft can go in and out, and lie afloat loading in berth at all times. Charges. By agreement. Pilotage. C. In 7/3, out 4/2. MUSULIPATAM, Madras. Lat. 16° 9' N ; long. 81 8' E.

River and roadstead; anchorage 31 miles off in 20 to 25ft. No pilotage. Charges as Madras.


NAGAPATAM, Coromandel Coast: Lat. 10° 46' N ; long,

79° 50' E. Anchorage i mile off in 24 to 3oft ; also

NAGPORE, sub port to above ; dangerous in NE monsoon. NAGASAKI, Japan. Lat. 32° 44' N ; long. 129° 48' E. Pop.

154, 727. Tr.-1. Manufactured goods, iron, sandal wood, lead, and general merchandise, except munitions of war, which can only be sold to the Japanese Government and to foreigners ; E. Tea, isinglass, paper, coal, vegetable wax, gall nuts, dried fish, sca slugs, seaweed, camphor, crockery, planks, mush. rooms, cuttle-fish, and rice. Accn. The port is large and commodious, and available for ships of all classes, the harb. being perfectly sheltered. It is the coaling port of many of the principal steamship lines touching Japanese ports, and bunkers can always be obtained on the shortest notice with quick despatch. Shipbuilding yard of great capacity: D. 221ms at entrance of outer harbour and 16fms at inner. Good anchorage in u to 6ʻms, and 6 to 3şims. No quays. Dry docks : Dock No. 1, 525ft hin x roist x 26st 6in (depth of water on blocks), entrance 89st wide ; Deck No. 2, 371st x 78ft x 25st, entrance 6611 wide ; Dock No. 3, to be finished February, 1905, 714ft x 34ft 6in on keel blocks, entrance 96fc zin wide; Dry dock under construction outside harbour, 28oft x 17st on sill HW, to be finished January. 1905. A patent slip for vessels of 1,000 tons. Shears to lift 100 tons. Charges. Entrance and clearance charges abolished. Tonnage dues substituted ; ssen per reg. ton net for a single call, commuted for a year at 15sen per ion is paid on first entrance of ship. Pilotage. NC. but advisable. Steamer: 30 yen, sailing ships 20 yen, sor vessels not exceeding 1,coo gross ieg. tons and 12ft deepest draught, and 3 per cent per ft and per 1,000 tons or fraction thereof. Towage. No official rate, but averages 50 to 75 yen, in or out, The

yen is 25. 0.1d. Private tugs or small boats. Pilot must be in charge. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, F. W. Playfair ; Harb. Master, Comr. Kawamura ; Lloyd's Agents, Holme, Ringer & Co. NAKSKOV, Denmark. Pop. 5,278. Tr.-I. Manufactured

goods, coal, iron, wine, timber, colonial produce, salt, manures, feeding stuffs; E. Grain, especially wheat and barley, Aour, butter, eggs, cheese, wool, hiles, cattle, sheep, and pigs. Accn. 14st in the fairway of the fiord leading up to the harb. and 14st inside (Danish). Nakskov is on the W. coast of the Isle of Lolland. Charges. Government dues uniform for all Danish ports, 50 ore per reg. ton. Harb. dues, in and out, 8 ore per ton ; ballast dues, 4 ore per ton ; ballast, 80 ore per ton. Pilotage. In (summer) 1'36kr per st, cut 1'04kr per fi; in (winter) 1.8ikr per ft, out l'39kr per st. Pilot's travelling expenses back, 2kr. Towage. From Albue 25 ore, froin Slote 15 ore per ton. NAMSOS, Norway, Lat. 64° 28' 10" N; long. 11° 30' 40" E.

Tr.-I. Coal, salt, and grain ; E. Deals, battens, boards, mining timber, and herrings. Auth. Harbour Board. D. at En. for vessels of any size ; alongside quays 2oft at least. Accn. Good anchorage close to the town, and convenient

quays for loading timber. Shipbuilding yarc's for wooden vessels. Charges. About 5d reg. ton ; outwards 7d. Harb. dues, about 5/ per 100 reg. tons, Light dues, uid per ton, when loaded ; no dues in ballast.

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