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ton unloading. Pilotage. C. both ways. The charge for steamers is 195 reis per ton on entering, and the same on leaving. The charge is doubled for sailing ships. Officials. Port Officer, Capt. Polcarpo de Barros; H.B.M.'s Consul, W. A. Churchill.

PARAIBA, Brazil. Lat. 7° 06′ S; long. 34° 53' W. Pop. 13,000. Tr.-E. Cotton, sugar, hides, cotton-seed, maize. Accn. 18ft can be carried over the bar at LW. Vessels can load (always in deep water) alongside the wharf at Cabedello, to the deepest dft. that can cross the bar. At dead low water there is 24ft of water at the wharf. In extra springs vessels drawing 27ft can leave the wharf. The Great Western of Brazil Railway Co. has a commodious wharf at Cabedello, with rails and trucks alongside vessel. D. at wharf, 27ft LWEST. Loading and discharge rapid and secure. Pilotage. For a vessel of 125 reg. tons, and 1.8 met. dft is 488000 (48 mil reis) increasing 28000 for every 25 tons or fraction thereof, and 18000 for every 20 centimetres dft. Thus a vessel of 200 tons reg. drawing 3.65 met. (12ft), would pay 648000 (roughly at present ex. 3 4s.). Sailing vessels 20% more. Charged both in and out. Vessels remaining at Cabedello pay one-third less, and vessels going up to the Bridge of Sanhaua one-third more. Port of Paraiba now only used for coasting traffic. Ocean-going steamers load and unload at Cabedello, 12 miles down the river. Officials. Capt. of Port, G. A. Freire; Inspector of Customs, J. M. da Silva; H.B.M.'s ViceConsul, A. T. Connor.


PARANAGUA, Brazil. Lat. 25° 30′ 57′′ S; long. 48° 19′ 29′′ W. Pop. 6,000. Tr.-E. "Heroa mate,' hides, and wood. Accn. Harb. easy of access. Least depth on bar at low water, 15ft. Rise of tides from 3 to 5ft regularly. Crane belonging to railway company. Charges. On a sailing vessel of 200 tons, from £20 to £25. Pilotage. From sea to harb. and vice versa, £2 155, or 6 in all for a ship until 350 tons. H.B.M's. Vice-Consul, J. S. Gomés.

PARRSBORO, N.S. Lat. 45° 23′ N ; long. 64° 20' W. Pop. 2,500. Tr.-E. Lumber and coal. Accn. Safe port for a vessel drawing 20ft at ST. Vessels load alongside wharves on a mud bottom. Deal vessels load at West Bay. Parrsboro is the port for Springhill coal mines. Charges. Dues and charges on a vessel of 400 reg. tons about £10 8s 4d. Wharfage 2/1 day. Pilotage. C. By agreement. Officials. Harb. Master, Edward M. Beaty; Collector of Customs, W. Stewart Townshend.

PASAGES, Spain. Lat. 43° 19′ 20′′ N ; long. 1° 55′ 20′′ W. Pop. 3,000. Tr.-I. Coals, cotton, &c.; E. Ore, cider, wine, minerals, fruit, &c. Accn. Anchorage depth of 30ft at LW. Vessels of 2,000 tons can discharge alongside of quay; good cranage. Charges. Unloading, about 1.50 pes. ton. Pilotage. C. for coming in, but not for going out. For coming in at San Sebastian and Pasages :

1st Boat. Lo 10 9

I 2 6

Under 50 tons

From 50 to 100 tons

100 to 200



Above 200 tons

1 13 0

1 17 9

2nd Boat. Lo 10 4 0 16 3

I 4


I 12 6

Pilot Dues.
8 4

8 4

8 4

8 4

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Towage. The first boat reaching the vessel must be employed, each man in her is paid 2/6 sterling. The employment of other boats is optional, and the pay only 1/10 man. Officials. Capt. of the Port; H.B.M's Vice-Consul, Major Justin A. Nutt, and at San Sebastian. Broker. Julian de Salazar.

PASCAGOULA, United States.

Lat. 31° 21' N.; long. 87° 16' W. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, hardware, &c.; E. Timber, spars, pitchpine, resin, turpentine, &c. Accn. A safe and well-sheltered harb. with safe draught over bar 20ft; vessels drawing 10ft and less loaded, go up Pascagoula river. Marine ways for 400 tons. Charges. Harb. master 1. Pilotage. For 17ft or under $3.50 per foot, over 17ft $4. Same out. Official. Harb. Master, Jas. McFaul.

PATRAS, Greece. Lat. 38° 14′ 47′′ N ; long. 21° 44′ 47′′ E. Pop. About 40,000. Tr.-I. Woollen and cotton manufactures, grain, sugar, timber, staves and hoops. sulphur, iron, hides and leather, coffee, codfish, rice, and coals; E. Wine, valonia, olive oil, olives, wool, skins, and especially dried currants, &c. Accn. There is a mole about 800ft long, at the extremity of which the depth is about 4fms. and from which, about 150 yards, extends a breakwater 1,000 yards long, forming a western and eastern harb. fully protected against all weather. Large steamers can load at end of mole; small breakwater. Charges. Vessels under 5 tons are free of dues. Port, light, and health dues about 3d to 4d ton if land and load cargo. If land or load only, 2nd to 3d. 10/ doctor's fee; 5/ for interpreter; and 15/ to Captain of Port. Water plentiful, 1/6 per 60 galls. Com. and brokerage 5%. Pilotage. 20/ for bringing the vessel to her anchorage. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, F. B. Wood; Vice-Consul, G. W. Crowe.

PAYSANDU, River Uruguay. Lat. 40° 38′ S.; long. 58° W. 120 miles from Monte Video. Tr.-E. Salted hides, tallow, bones, bone-ash, tinned tongues, dry hides, wheat, maize, linseed, bales of wool, hair, &c. Accn. Four jetties with steam and hand cranes up to 15 tons. Midland of Uruguay Ry. connected with the port by branch line. D. of water varies in the river according to season. Operations are now being carried on to deepen the Almiron Pass, which, when finished, will allow ocean steamers to reach the port. Charges. Custom-house entering with cargo, 8d per t.r.; entering and clearing with cargo, 9d per ton. Pilotage. From Monte Video, 15 to 25. Officials.

Capt. of the Port, J. S. Hernandez; H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, John Chaplin ; Lloyd's Sub-Agency, Selves & Co.

SALADERO "NUevo Paysandu.”—Proprietor, Alberto Santa Maria. Situated 4 miles N. of Paysandu, accessible to all vessels crossing Almiron Bar. Has two jetties with steam and hand cranes. Pilotage from Monte Video, same as to Paysandu.

SALADERO "CASA BLANCA."-Proprietors, M. Etchebarne. Situated 4 miles S. of Paysandu, and below Almiron Bar. Has two jetties with steam and hand cranes. Pilotage same as to Paysandu.

PAYTA, or Paita, Peru, S. America. Lat. 50° 5′ 36′′ S ; long. 81° 5' 30" W. Pop. About 4,500. Tr.-E. Cotton, hides, bark, orchilla, Panama hats, salt, and goat skins. Accn. Harb safe, and ships of any dft can enter. Anchorage in 6 to 1ofms water. There are two landing piers. Charges. Ballast, I sole silver ton, alongside. Municipal tax on ballast, 10c sil. reg. ton of ship. Tonnage dues, 20c sil. reg. ton; labourage, I sole day. There are no light, health, or quay dues. Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, L. Blacker.

PEKALONGAN, Java. Lat. 6° 51' 30" S; long. 109° 43′ 40′′ E. Anchorage in 3 to 4 fms in soft ground,

1 miles from shore. PENANG, Straits Settlements. Lat. 5° 24′ 30′′ N ; long. 100° 21' E. Pop. 111,000. Tr.-I. From England various kinds of piece goods, iron, cutlery, &c.; E. Pepper, arrowroot, cassava flour, cloves, coffee, fish-maws, hides, horns, sugar, tapioca, tortoiseshell, betel nuts, rattans, gutta percha, indiarubber, tobacco, and some gold brought by the Malay proas from the main Sumatra, Java, and other islands to the eastward, and for which they receive opium, piece goods, arrack, dollars, &c. The Federated Malay States Rly. connecting Penang and Thaipeng will be completed early in 1902, at the same time the rly. extension is being carried on with an ultimate view of connecting Penang and Singapore. Ferry steamers convey passengers from Penang to Kwala Prai, the terminus on the main land. Accn. Approaches to harb. north channel 4 to 4 fms. LWST., anchorage ranges from 6 to 12 fms. Dry dock at Prei for 300 ft vessels. Government wharf 680 ft long, with 30 ft LWOS alongside; 20-ton crane. Charges. Light dues, 3c per reg. ton, but no anchorage dues or other port dues. Average rate about 20c per ton for loading and unloading. Pilotage. N.C. Vessels taking pilot in north channel are exempt, in south channel 3/ per ft. Official. Harb. Master, Commander Macingre, K.N. R.

PENCO. See Concepcion Bay.

PENICHE, Portugal, nr. Cape St. Vincent. Lat. 39° 20′ N; long. 9° 22' W. A place for speaking vessels.

PENSACOLA, U.S. Lat. 30° 20' N ; long. 87° 16′ W. Pop. 20,000. Tr.-I. Salt, iron ore, cement, sugar. pyrites, esparto, fruits, phosphate, tobacco, grain; E. Pitch, pine, resin, timber, lumber, oak, cedar, breadstuffs, coal, and cotton. The timber is principally exported to Great Britain. The charters are usually made in England and Pensacola, vessels

carrying coals to the West Indies, Mexico, S. America, and from thence in ballast to Pensacola. Lumber is largely exported to Cuba and other West Indian islands, Mexico, Brazil, and the river Plate. Accn. At mean HW. depth on bar is 32ft near the channel, from the bar to the dockyard depth is 30ft, and from the latter to town 31ft; alongside the wharves at Pensacola the depths vary from 16ft to 22ft. There is a cotton compress plant, capacity 1,000 tons per day; also navy yard for repairing war vessels, with a dry dock. The Louisville and Nashville Ry. Co. have 3 wharves; No. 1, 1,200ft by 140ft, depth 28ft; No. 2, 2,500ft by 121ft, depth 22ft ; No. 3, 1,200ft by 108ft, depth 28ft LW., 13 coal shutes to 6,000 tons per day. Grain elevator, 500,000 bushels capacity. Marine railway; can haul up vessels up to 1,000 tons and more. Two British steamers ply between Pensacola and Tampico with coal for the Louisville and Nashville Rly. Charges. Custom House 6c per ton. Quarantine dues and fumigation fees abolished (station now in charge of Govt.). Stevedore's charges, loading timber-for steamers, 70c to 75c per load; sailing vessels, 70c to 75c per load. Loading lumber: steamers 90c; and sailing vessels, Soc to 85c per 1,000 superficial ft. Discharging ballast, 25c per top. Harb. Master's fee, $5 to $15, according to tonnage, and then $5 for each harb. movement. Dockage tariff, for 1st and 2nd day, each day, 20c per ton; for 31d and 4th day, each day 15c per ton; each subsequent day, 10c per ton. Most vessels chartered on the basis of $2 per load, the charterer paying all port charges. Towage. From Quarantine to city or city to Quarantine, 6c per ton; from city to White Point or White Point to city, 6c per ton; assisting steamers over the bar, $75. Pilotage. In, 10 to 14ft dft $4; 14 to 20ft $5; 20ft and upwards $6 foot. Out same. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, Fredk. Bonar; Harb. Master, J. E. Abercrombie; Collector of Customs, J. E. Stillman.

PERIM (Island). Strait of Babelmandeb, about 96 miles from Aden. Lat. 12° 40′ 20′′ N; long, 43° 25′ E. Tr. Coal, Accn. Good anchorage on S. side of the island. D. of water 3 to 8fms. Harb, easily entered by largest steamers night or day. Tugs, lighters, pumps, plant and gear for salvage jobs. Ship and engine repairs effected; engine and deck stores; fresh water, &c. Ice factory, 20 tons in stock. Charges. Lightage and buoyage,

1 Is per steamer day or night. Doctor, £1 IS. Pilotage, Pilots are supplied free of charge by the Perim Coal Co., Ltd., of Liverpool (Managers, Messrs. Hinton, Spalding & Co.). Official, Managing Agent of the Perim Coal Co., Ltd., Geo. E. Turner, Perim.

PERNAMBUCO, Brazil. Lat. 8° 4' S ; long. 34° 52′ W. Pop. 180,000. Tr.-I. Cotton and linen clothes, hardware, cutlery, silks, wine, beer, flour, salt fish, &c.; E. Cotton, sugar, rum, hides, sheep skins, rubber, wax, alcohol cotton seed, and dyewoods. Accn. Vessels drawing not more than 23ft 6in can now enter or leave at ST. Difference between HWOST and N. about 3ft. Immediately northward of the "Recife," outside the harbour, is a basin called the "Poço," or Well, having a depth of 20ft at LW. One steam and several hand cranes. Charges, Average on vessel with cargo, in and out, about 1 25 6d per reg. ton, but depends on unstable exchange.


repairs at moderate charges and good for provisions. Dues and charges on vessel drawing 13}ft £180. Pilotage. C. On vessel of 237 reg. tons, cargo of fish in and sugar out, 13ft dft., pilotage inwards and mooring £12 16s 6d, outwards 11 8s. Towage. Inward and outward the same, but not compulsory. For the first English or American 100 tons £5 16s 8d; exceeding 100 tons about Is per reg. ton. For the use of hawser, if furnished by the tug, 20 per cent. is added to the above. For towing a lighter to where the vessels usually anchor and bringing it back £5 12s 6d. Officials. H.B.M.'s Consul, P. J. Staniforth; Vice-Consul, A. Ll. G. Williams; Broker, A. B. Dallas.


PERNAU, Russia. Lat. 48° 21′ N.; long. 24° 28′ E. Pop. about 20,000. Tr.-I. Salt, herrings, coals, corkwood; E. Corn, flax, sleepers, Norwegian cut baulks, timber and pitprops, planks, &c. Accn. Depth of water on bar and in channel 16ft. Usual anchorage for large vessels in 3 fms, good holding ground. Three electric cranes by which coal, sulphur ore and machinery are discharged (day and night) Charges. Custom house dues 10 copecs per net reg. ton, in or out. Town dues abolished. Pilotage. In and out, 12 copecs per last (equal to 6 copecs per net reg. ton). Loading: hand-stowing flax, 70 copecs; codilla, 105 copecs; stowing grain or seed 15 copecs per ton; Norwegian cut baulks, 135 copecs per tult; sleepers 35 copecs per load. Discharging coals, iron pyrites and salt 35 copecs per ton inclusive. Towage. Sailing ship, in ballast, in or out, per last, 16 copecs, loaded, 20 copecs. New powerful steamer (220 i.h.p.) for towing and icebreaking, with pumping arrangements, assists and tows vessels per agreement. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice Consul, J. Dicks; Captain of Port, W. Nasarow; Pilot Master, C. W. Meybaum. Brokers. J. Dicks & Co.

PERTH, Western Australia. Lat. 31° 57′ S; long. 115° 52′ E. Pop. 36.274. Small river steamers and lighters of not more than 6ft dft ply between Fremantle and Perth, and carry cargo and passengers. Goods consigned to Perth are taken from ship's tackle at Fremantle into lighters, or on railway trucks and delivered at Perth. (See Fremantle.)

PESARO, Italy. Lat. 43° 55' N; long. 12° 54' E. Pop. 20,000. Tr.-E. Wine, olives, silk, and glass bottles. Accn. Vessels of oft draught anchor inside entrance, between two jetties; vessels of larger draught in 5 to 6 fms. in fine weather. Charges. Regulated by law of Italian Kingdom.

PETSCHORA, Russia. Entrance to Petschara Bay commences lat. 68° 52′ N; long. 55° 50' E; between the islands N. 3 and 4, whence the smallest depth is 25 feet, until approaching the bar buoy at 68° 28′ N; 54° 32′ E. Accn, DE, lowest 9ft on bar, rise from 24ft to 5ft. The Stella Polare Sawmill Co.'s, and Nordryska Trävarnaktieholaget Sawmills are about 70 miles up the river from the bar buoy. Ships are loaded alongside the dealyards to 11ft or 12ft dft, and completed outside. The sawm Ils have their own repairing hops for their mills and tugs, so that ordinary repairs can be done. No dry docks or cranage. Charges. Harbour dues, 20 copeks per n. r. ton. No address, commission, or other charges. Stevedoring of wood, I rbl. 50

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