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with railway. Charges. Light dues, sailing vessels other than Inter-Colonial trading vessels and coasters, 6d per reg. ton; InterColonial trading sailing vessels, and all steamers except costing steamers, 4d per reg. ton; coasting vessels, 1/4 per reg. ton. Harbour dues, steamers 2d per ton for Ist day, Id per ton per diem for 5 succeeding days; sailers Id and d respectively. Wharfage: Inwards, cargo 3/ per ton; outwards cargo 2/ per ton. Labour 1/6 per day, overtime 2/6. Pilotage. Id reg. ton if pilo ed by signals from the staff only; 2d reg. ton for river pilotage; and 3d reg. ton if pilot boards and conducts a vessel beyond the bar. Official. Harbour Master.

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WARBERG, Sweden. Lat. 57° 6' N; long. 12° 14' E. Pop. 6,400. Auth. Board of directors for harbour. Tr.-I. Coals, artificial manures, oilcake, textiles, groceries, salt; E. Grain, salt fish, timber, granite, paving setts. Accn. Harb. has 14 to 17ft of water, easy of access, with good quay accn. Good anchorage in roads 18 to 20ft. Rail to Boras. Charges. Harb. dues for vessels larger than 10 tons, entering from or clearing to foreign port, 12 ore per ton; entering from or clearing to home port, 9 ore per ton (74 ore equal to Id); steamers calling here periodically on regular trade, vessels calling here from stress of weather or for provisioning, pay half of above harb. dues, bunker coals free. Goods pay different harb. dues, as per table of dues, Stowing pitprops about 74 per stnd., discharging coals 6d to 70 per ton alongside, Cranage dues moderate. Officials. Harb. Master, W. Geelmuyden; H. B.M.'s Vice-Consul, R. C. T. Jobson; Lloyd's Agent, Robt. C. Jobson.

WARNEMUENDE, Germany. Lat 54° 11' N ; long. 12°6′ E. Pop. 3,200. Tr. Same as Rostock. Accn. 17ft across the bar. Vessels drawing 16ft may float up to Rostock. Pilotage. See Rostock. Towage. See Rostock. Official. Pilot Master.

WARRI.-See Benin.

WELCHPOOL, New Brunswick. Lat 44° 53′ N; long⋅ 66° 57' W. Situated in Friar's Bay, on the W. side of Campobello Island. Accn. There is good anchorage in 8 to 10 fms close to the town, and there are 12ft close to Queen's Wharf at LW. ST. rise 22}ft, NT. 20ft.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand. Lat. 41° 17'′ 17′′ S; long. 174° 49′ 15′′ E. Pop. 50,000. Auth. Public Board of 11 members, part elected, part nominated, constituted and empowered under Acts of Parliament. Tr.-I. General merchandise, timber, coal. Transhipments: General merchandise, wool andskins, hemp; E. General merchandise, timber, tallow, grain, frozea and preserved meats, wool and skins, hemp, butter, cheese, &c. Accn. Port Nicholson is an excellent and spacious harb. W. of E.

mile at the narrowest part. D. There is sufficient water for the largest ships. Good anchorage. AST. 4ft; NT. 2ft Sin. THW. 4.30h. at en., 5h. at wharf. There is wharfage accommodation for vessels drawing 28ft; 10,567ft of berthage, having from 16 to 32ft at LW. Hydraulic crane 40 tons at berth having 22ft at LW., and 10ton crane at berth, having 28ft at LW. Twenty-six movable hydraulic

2-ton and 12-cwt. double-powered cranes, 3/6 per hour, and movable hydraulic 10-cwt. jiggers, 2/6 per hour, at sundry berths. Eight hydraulic dumping presses for wool and hemp. Hydraulic appliances in wharf sheds, and five hydraulic fixed cranes on wharves to facilitate handling of cargo. Patent slip will raise up to 2,000 ton ships; 300ft long. 16ft dft. Facilities for repairs both for wood and iron. Rlys. Wellington is connected by railway with the following districts:-Hutt, Wairarapa, and Hawke's Bay -Napier, 215 miles; Manawatu-Palmerston North, 89, Foxton 104 miles; Rangtikei and Wanganui-Wanganui 151 miles; Taranaki-New Plymouth 258, and Waitara 254 miles. Charges. Light dues 4d and 6d ton. Coasting vessels d reg. ton. Shifting Id ton. Port charges 2d ton on arrival, not exceeding 6d per half year. Vessels taking in coal or water only, and not using wharves, are exempt from port charges. Water at 6/8 per 1,000 gals. Ballast shipped at 2/6 clay and 3/6 clay rock. Goods transhipped to other ports 2/6 ton, including all labour and one week's storage. Wharfage on goods: Inwards, 2/ per ton, including receipts, labour, and one night's storage; outwards, 1/ per ton. Storage, 3d per ton for first night, 6d per ton each subsequent night. Wool, hemp, &c., wharfage in, out, or transhipped, 6d per bale. Storage, 3d per bale per week. Harbour improvement rate 3d per ton on imports, and on import transhipments. Pilotage. NC. Sailing vess Is: inwards 4d ton, outwards 3d ton. Steamers: inwards 3d, outwards 2d reg. ton. Berthage. Ad per ton per day. Towage. Three steam tugs and small vessels available from £io to 12 in or out, and £2 to £3 for moving in port. Officials. Harb. Master and Chief Pilot, Capt Henry Johnson; Secretary and Engineer, William Ferguson, M.A., M.I.C.E.; B. E. Wharfinger, Wm. Prince. Pilots, Capts. Shilling and J. E. Dawson; Lloyd's Agents, Bethune & Hunter.

WARRAMBOOL, S. Australia. 32 E. Bar 20ft; ous anchorage 700ft off, in 20 to 30ft. 3d t.r.; towage, 1/ t.r.

Lat. 38° 25' S; long. 142 good mooring but dangerCharges. Harbour dues

WASA, Finland. Lat. 63 40' N; long. 21° 37' E. Hari our 12 to 13ft, connected by rail with interior; 23ft at quays. Charges. Tonnage dues, 10 penni per ton; port, 20 penni. Pilotage. 2 to 3 marks per foot in or out.

WEYMOUTH, N.S. Lat. 44° 26' N; long. 66° W. Pop. 10,571. Tr.-E. Deals and boards, principally to Great Britain and West Indies. Accn. Vessels of 15ft dit. can cross bar at OST., and lie aground alongside of wharves. Charges. Port dues Id ton. Pilotage. Nominal, say 12/ to 15/.

WHAMPOA.-See Canton.

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WHYDAH, or Ajudah, Africa. Lat. 6° 13' N ; long. 2° 2′ E. About 13 miles E. of Great Popo (which see). Tr.-I. Every description of manufactured goods, powder, spirits, and tobacco; E. Palm oil, ivory and palm nut kernels. Accn. Vessels usually load about 1 miles off shore, in 8fms water. Water plentiful and good, 4s 6d per cask. Fresh provisions can also be easily obtained.


WILHELMSHAVEN, Germany. Lat. 53° 32′ N; long. 8° 9' E. Pop. 13,972. A naval port., Tr.-I. Coals, timber, and bricks; E. Oats, beans, and peas. Accn. D at En. m9'50. A tidal harb. and three dry docks. Sp. rise 12ft, and N. 9ft. Charges. No harbour dues. Lockage dues, 4pf per cubic metre up to 1,000, 2pf the second 1,000, Ipf each c.m. above 2,000. Pilotage. On a brig of 180 tons, cargo in and ballast out, drawing 14ft, loaded: Sea pilotage to dock 87/, into dock 1, out of dock 6/, to sea 50/. Official. Port Captain, Polizei Behorde. WILMINGTON, Cape Fear River, U.S. Lat. 34° 14′ 6′′ N; long. 77° 56′ 38′′ W. Pop. About 24,000. Auth. Commissioners of Navigation and Pilotage. Tr.-I. Salt, kainit, hardware; E. Rice, turpentine, resin, timber, cotton. Accn. Depth of water 16ft to 18ft at LT. from the mouth of the Cape Fear River to Wilmington, 12 to 20ft alongside the wharves, with a rise of 4ft at bar and 2ft at Wilmington. 15 to 20 wharves and quays, I marine railway and steam three hoisters. The Champion Compress Docks have 20ft. Operations are continuously made that will deepen the channel from sea to wharves to 20ft LW. in a few months. D. at En. 22ft. The U.S. Government is improving the port by deepening and widening the river and bar channel. Vessels calling at Southport for orders or for coal are only charged half pilotage. Steamers loading cotton at Wilmington can be supplied with coal cheaper than by changing ports or calling at Newport News. The present charge for coaling is about $4.35 per ton trimmed in bunkers. Best quality. Steamers up to 3,000 tons net reg. now load at Wilmington without difficulty. Charges. There are no harb. dues except $3 for sailing vessels and $10 for steamers to the harb. master, which is optional with the shipmaster. This fee entitles the ship to all the benefits and personal attention of the harb. master in case of need. Pilotage as follows:FROM SEA TO SOUTHPORT AND


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Official. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, James Sprunt, to whom apply for medical attendance and fresh water arrangements.

WILMINGTON, California, U.S. Principal town, San Pedro. Lat. 33° 43′ N; long. 118° 15' W. Pop. 3,000. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, lumber, general merchandise; E. Grain, wool, wine, and fruits. Accn. 15ft on bar at average LW. ; 5ft in addition to above at high ide. Vessels drawing 194ft enter regularly. The harb. within the bar has a ship channel several miles in length, with a depth of 26ft at LT. at the lower end, shoaling after 2 miles to 16ft. Has two lines of Rys., Southern Pacific Co. and Los Angelos Terminal Co Charges. No port charges. Loading and unloading, 60c per ton of 2,240 lbs. Pilotage. Id. per gross reg. ton. Auth. Wilmington Transportation Co., E. Mahar, Superintendent. Official. H.B. M.'s ViceConsul, C. W. Mortimer.

WILMINGTON, Delaware, U.S. Lat. 39° 47' N; long. 75° 48' W. Pop. About 65,000. Tr.-I. Hides, skins, china, clay, drug stuffs, machinery, and general me. chandise; E. Powder, cars, morocco, patent leather, carriages, vulcanised fibre, machinery, watches, flour, corn, meal, &c. Accn. Vessels draing 21ft can reach the town at HW. Charges. None. Pilotage. None.

WINDAU, Russia. Lat. 57° 26' N; long. 21° 30' E. Pop. 2,100. Tr.-I Coal, transit goods, &c. E. Sleepers, flax, hemp, wood, grain, &c. Accn. Commodious harbour, with 20 to 40ft of water. Improvements proceeding. Grain elevator can load three steamers. D. on bar 19 to 20 ft. Two large piers nearly completed. Charges. Crown dues, 20 kop. per net ton. Pilotage Sea. 70 kop per foot; river, about 5 r. per vessel. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, E. H. Ruffmann.

WINDSOR, N.S. Lat. 45° N; long. 64° 9′ W.
Tr.—I. General merchandise;

Pop. 4,000. E. Gypsum, lumber and apples. Accn. D at E, HWST 50ft, HWNT 40ft. About 22ft mud alongside wharves. Wentworth is the Port of Windsor, situate on the St. Croix River; large gypsum deposits, Chevene at mouth of Avon opposite Hauteport under same regulations as Windsor. Navigation closes generally about the last month in the year and opeLs about the middle of March. Charges. Harb. master dues extreme limit $5 twice a year; sick mariner's dues 2c reg. ton 3 times a year; unloading 12c ton; whartage 4c; loading gypsum about 5c ton for stowage; 2/1 at custom-house the only port charge. Towage. In 2d, and out, loaded 4d ton. Officials. William O'Brien, Collector of Customs, Port of Windsor; Lloyd's Agent, J. E. Curren.

WISBY, Sweden. Lat. 57° 40' N ; long. 18° 16' E. Pop. 7,062. Tr.-E. Marble, lime, cattle, and hops. The forests produce large trees fit for exportation. Accn. 14 to 16ft in the new harb., and in the old harb. 11 to 13ft. Charges. Moderate. On a vessel of 129 reg. tons, cargo of coals in and ballast out, about £10. Pilotage. On vessel drawing 11ft in and Sft out, 14/3. Officials. Lloyd's Agent, A. H. Ofwerberg; Br. Vice-Consul, E. Cramer.



WISMAR, Germany. Lat. 53° 54′ N; ong. 11° 28′ E. Pop. 20,000. Tr.-I. Coals, timber, chalk, iron, fire bricks, and wood pulp; E. Wheat, rye, seeds, sugar, molasses, bricks, rock salt, and kainit Accn. Bay completely sheltered from all winds, and affords good anchorage all over. D. of water in Fairway channel influenced by winds. Easterly producing HW., Southerly LW. Vessels drawing 17ft can enter port easily. One steam and I hand crane. Charges. Harb. dues: Vessels over 170 cub. met. net reg., 26pf per cub. met.; vessels of less capacity pay half this rate. Lighterage about I mark ton; sand ballast the same; stone ballast higher; unloading coals 15m per keel. Pilotage. C., 3 pf cub. met. in and 3 pf out for vessels of more than 65 cub. met. net reg. Towage. From the Outer Road to the town and vice versa, 18 marks for vessels of 250 cub. met., and 3 marks more for every additional 100 cub. met. Officials. H.B.M.'s Vice-Consul, II. Podeus, jr.; Lloyd's Agent, R. Nilsson.

WOLGAST, Germany. Lat. 54° 4' N; long. 13° 52' E. Pop. 8,300. Auth. Town Council. Tr.-I. Timber, iron, granite; E. Wheat, cement, chemicals. Accn. Vessels drawing more than 18ft must lighten at Ostertief. LV. 800 tons reg. Rys. Cranage accommodation. Charges. Port charges of a vessel 400 tons reg. 8. Ballast 1/ per ton. Pilotage. In and out: On vessel of 400 reg. tons loaded £3 10s. Towage. As per agreement. Official. Harb. Master, Müller.

WU HU, China. A district city in the Province of Anhui, situated on S bank of the River Yangtze, about 285 miles from its mouth, 256 miles from Shanghai, and 60 miles above Nanking. Opened to foreign trade as a Treaty Port on 1st April, 1877. Lat. 31° 18' N; long. 118° 21' E. Pop. 80,000. Auth. Superintendent of Customs, Chinese; and Commissioner of Imperial Maritime Customs, a foreigner. Resident British Consul, who is in charge also of Austro-Hungarian interests. Tr.-I. Cotton goods, opium, and sugar; E. Rice, wheat, silk, and feathers. There is one albumen factory employing duck eggs, and one steam factory for hulling rice and grind ng flour. (Exchange 2/8_per_tael). Accn. Anchorage for vessels within mile from south bank of river. within limits fixed by Chinese Customs Authorities. Not affected by tide, except occasionally in the depth of winter, when the water in the river is at its lowest ; in summer, when the river is in flood, there is a current running of from 5 to 7 knots at times No docks or quays; no rys. Charges. Ships over 150 tons, 40 tae. cents per ton; under 150 tons, 10 tael cents per ton. One payment good for 4 months for vessels employed in coast trade. Coolie hire, loading, about 6d to 8d a day. LV. Glenshiel, of London, 2,240 reg. tons. Pilotage. N.C., but necessary. Yangtze pilots can be engaged at Shanghai. Official. H. B. M.'s Consul, W. P. Ker.

WYBORG, Russia. Lat. 60° 43′ N; long. 28° 45′ E. Pop. 30,000. Tr.-I. Sugar, coffee, salt, coals, wine, spirits, grain, herrings, tallow, &c.; E. Timber, butter, woodpulps. Accn. Vessels drawing 13ft can ascend to Wyborg. Charges. Last money 10 pennis reg. ton; light dues 44 pennis

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