Sivut kuvina

Rs. a. 2 50

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Asphall (124 c. per cwt.)

.. per ton Bacon, butter, cheese, and hams...

. per cwi. 3 o Barier, imported solely for brewing..

33 Beet, pork, humps, tongues, salted or corned

25 Beer, ale, porter, and all other malt liquors, in wood.

per ga!l. 0

13 in bottle

o 17 Benjamin..

per cwt.

50 Brassware

5 Camphor.


50 Castor oil

20 Cement

o 17 Chillies Cloves

25 Copperware

5 Coriander seed

o 60 Cotton goods, viz.--Grey cambrics, grey jaconets, grey shirting (on

an assessed value of 55 c. per Ib., for every Rs. ico of value thereof]

4 Grey domestics, grey long-cloths, groy mule twist, Nos. 30 to 60,

grey shectings, grey tea-cloths (on an assessed value of 45 c. per lb., for every Rs. 100 of value thereof)

4 Yarn, Turkey red (on an assessed value of 90 c. per Ib. gross weight, for every Rs. 100 of value thereof)..

4 Yarn, other colours (on an assessed value of 55 c. per lb. gross weight, for every Rs. 100 of value thereof]....

4 Other cotton goods, for every Rs. 100 of the value thereof..

4 Cummin Seed...

· per cwt.

15 Cutch

I 70 Dates

50 Fennel Seed

75 Fish (dried or salted), roes, fins, skins and blood, the produce of creatures living in the sea

050 Fish, Maldive (umbalakada) Flour (wheat)... Garlic

o 65 Ghee...

50 Ginger, dry

80 Kerosine oil.

..per gall.

25 Mace.....

.. per cut. Mathe seed Metals:-Brass, wire and nails

5 0 Brass, blocks, bars and tubes.

3 Copper, sheets and ingots

free. Copper, wire and tubes

3 Iron, corrugated (35 c. per cwt.)..

7 Iron, galvanised, viz., guttering, nails, piping, ridging, rivets, shects, and sheets corrugated, spouting, strapping, screws, ciles, washers, wire (75 c. per cwt.)

15 Iron nails and tacks of sorts and rivets

....per cute o Zinc, perforated

3 Onions

17 Opium Padily

.. per cwt.

33 Pepper, long

3 Pepper, whole.

I Poonac


25 Potatoes

38 Rice, wheat, grain, peas, beans, and other grain, except barley for brewing, and paddy

O 50 Salt

13 Sago.

35 Salipetre

50 Spirits (not being sweetened or mixed with any articles so that the

degree or strength thereof cannot be ascertained by Sykes hydrometer), for every gallon of the strength of proof by such hidrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less quantity than a gallon, provided that in no case shall duty be

less than at the rate of Rs. 5 per gallonBrandy..

6 0


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a. Gencva

per gall. 6 Gin

6 Rum

0 Whisky

6 Unenumerated

7 Other spirits, being sweetened or inixed so that the degree of strength cannot be ascertained as aforesaid, viz.: Liqueurs and cordials

6 Unenumerated

7 Soap, other than perfumed and toilet

per cwt.

55 Sugar-Candy and refined

3 Uprefined

75 Palm and jaggery

0 75 Tamarind

0 25 Tapioca (35 c. per cwt.). "Теа

25 Tobacco--Cigars and snuff.

50 Manufactured ....

40 Unnianufactured and hooka

0. 25 Turmeric...

per cwt. Twine

I 55 Wine-Claret, in bottle

per gall,

25 Still hock, in bottle

25 Ginger in wood or poule

50 Claret, 'n wood ...

50 Still hack, in wood

o 50 Sparkling wines in bottle.

per gall, 2 50 Other wines in bottle

50 Wines in wood, except claret, still hock, and ginger.. Cartridges, fuse, dynamite, detonators, percussion caps, and fireworks, for every Rs. 100 of the value thereof

20 All other goods, wares, merchandise and machinery not otherwise

charged with duty, or prohibited, and not comprised in the Table of Exemptions hereinafter set forth, for every Rs. 100 of the value thereof .....

5 50 TABLE OF EXEMPTIONS. Aërated water bottles, animals (horses, mules, asses, neat catile, and all other live stock), areca-nuts, arrowroot, blotting paper, books and maps (printed), bricks and tiles and glass tiles, bullion, coin, pearl oysters, pearls and precious stones (unset), cardainoms, cards, blank (Christmas, wedding, and birthday), casks (empty), shooks and staves, castor seed poonac, coal, coke and patent suel, cocoanuts and cocoanut oil, coffee, co'r yarn, rope, junks, fibre, twine, and strands, copperah. cotton wool, cowries and shells (not tortoise-shell), dammar, diawings and drawing materials, drums (iron, for oil), felt, frozen or refrigerated meat, fruit (fresh, and not in any way preserved), grindstones, gunnies and gunny cloth and tilter bagging, hay and straw (cut or uncat), buop iron and hoop steel, hops, horns, ice; instruments (scientific, surgical, mathematical, &c.), jute, liquid fuel (the product of petroleum, with a flashing point not under 200°F.), lime and clay,

Machinery :-Prime movers and component parts thereof, including boilers and component paris thereof; also including locomotive and portable engines, steam rollers, fire engines and other machines in which ihe prime mover is not separable from the operative parts. Machinery (and component parts thereof), meaning machines or sets of machines to be worked by electric, steam, water, fire or other power, not being manual or animal labour, or which, before being brought into use, require to be fixed with reference to other moving parts, and which are intended for (a) the preparing, ginning, pressing, spinning, weaving, sewing, knitting, bleach ing, and dyeing of cotton, jute, hemp, silk, wool or other fibres, and any other process interveping between the raw material and the finished product as packed ready for market; (b) the smelting and milling of iron and other metallic ores, and the manufacture of iron, steel, and other metals ; (c) the manufacture of leather, sugar, indigo, silk, paper, soap, gas, oil, four, cordage, rope, and twine : (d) the milling of rice ; (e) the drying and rolling of tea; ( ) the pulping of coffee ; (2) printing presses ; (h) foundries and workshops of iron and other metals; (i) railway workshops : (j) the refining of petroleum and the manufacture of vegetable oils ; (k) the crushing of bones and bricks; (/) the manufacture of lac ; (m) ; (n) sawmills; (0) mining, navigation, agriculture, and pumping : ( such other manufactures and industries as the Governor in Executive Council may from time to time specify. Provided that the tern does not include tools and implements to be workeil hy manual or animal labour, and provided, also, that only such articles shall be admitted as component parts of machinery as are indispensable

or the

working of the machinery, and are, owing to their shape or to other special quality, not adapted for any other purpose.

Note.-Manchinery and component parts thereof made of substances other than metal are included in this entry.

Manures of all sorts, and ingredients imported solely for the manufacture of manures, and certified as such by the importer.

Metals (all unwrought), T and channel bars, angles, plates, sheets, and rolled joists, iron or steel, but not galvanised iron, brass sheets, iron (angle and Swedish bar, bar, flat, square, bolt or round, rod, and nail rod, pig, plates and sheets, not galvanised), lead (sheet, pipe, and pig), tin and zinc (in cake or slab), steel (blister and cast), tin plates, screws for tea boxes, sheets, iron, tea boxes (imported in shooks), solder, soldering fluid, tanks (iron), tea lead, tea lead foil.

Nets (fishermen's), oil (the produce of creatures living in the sea), olas, orchilla weed, palmirah fibre, paper and envelopos, Tuled and unruled, with or without printed heading: all exercise books and manuscript note books used for educational purposes, manuscripts, paper for lining tea boxes, passengers' baggage accompany. ing the passenger (wearing apparel, used bicycles, photographic cameras, and sewing machines, and instruments intended for the professional use of passengers), plants, teos and seeds intended for agricultural and horticultural purposes, plumbago, printing materials, printed labels and music, prints and pictures, printed almanacs and show cards, and plates with their frames, rattan, resin, regimental clothing, uniforms, necessaries, accoutrements, and band instruments imported for the use of His Majesty's land and sea forces, including volunteers, rifles for volun. teers, saltpetre (refuse of, for purposes and manure only, as certified by the importer), seeds (cotton, castor, rape, poppy, niger, mustard, and bird), senna leaves, slates (roofing), specimens and objects illustrative of natural history, stones (ballast coral, grinding, tomb, and table:s), tallow and grease, timber (not prepared), woods (dye, sandal, and of sorts), wood, metal, paper, or other material, or any combination of wood or metal, or any other material imported in shooks or in rolls, or in any form in which they may be used in making tea boxes. TABLE OF PROHIBITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS INWARDS.

SCHEDULE C. Ammunition, arms, gunpowder, and utensils of war by way of merchandise cxcept by licence from His Majesty for furnishing His Majesty's public stores only or under the directions of the Collector by authority of the Governor.

Books wherein the copyright shall be first subsisting, first composed, or written, or printed in the United Kingdom, and printed and reprinted in any other country, and of which notice that copyright subsists shall have been given by the proprietor to the Commissioners of Customs, London.

Coin, viz., false money, or counterfeit sterling coin of the realı, or any money purporting to be such, not being of the established standard in weight or fineness.

Dangerous substances, viz., earth oil or mineral naphthas, fulminating powder, guncotton, nitro-glycerine, except by licence of the Governor and under regulations to be made by the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, from time to time, for the safe landing and deposit thereof.

Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, books, cards, lithographs, photographs engravings, or any other indecent or obscene articles.

Infected cattle, sheep, or other animals; also hides, skins, horns, hoofs, or any part of cattle or other animals which the Governor may by proclamation prohibit, in order to prevent contagious distemper.

Fish, grain, and other articles in a damaged, stinking, offensive condition, unfit for food and legitimate use, and likely to breed sickness or any contagious disorders.

Ganja and blang, or any substance containing ganja or bhang.

Paris of articles, viz., any distinct or separate part of any article not accompanied by the other part or all the other parts of such articles, so as to be complete or perfect, if such articles be subject to duty according to the value thereof.

TARIFF OF CYPRUS. Area.......... sq. miles 3,584 Imports...

-£, 386,661 Population.... 237,022 Exports

4387,541 Nole.—Dynamite, fire arms, powder, shot, caps, cartridges, and

kindred articles can only be imported at Larnaca and Limassol,

but then only with the High Commissioner's written permission. Animals, living, viz. :Horses

.each 12 Mules...

Ai 25.

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per oke

.. per oke

...per oke


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.per oke

.... per oke



Neat cattle (excepting milch cows)

.each {i 55. Milch cows

Not otherwise specified...

8% a.v. Arms, ammunition, and explosives, viz.. :Guns and pistols, not exceeding in value 42

...... per barrel Do., do., exceeding in value £2, but not exceeding in value £4

....each 41 Do., do., exceeding in value £4....

25% a.v. Side-arms, gun-stocks, and gun-locks

25% a.v. Shot

d. Gunpowder.....

8d. Blasting powder, blasting compound, dynamite, gun cotton, and fuze

6d. Cartridges, cartridge cases, percussion caps, and fireworks 20% a.v. Bicon and ham

ad. Beer, ale, porter and all other malt liquors in wood..per gallon Do., do., do., in bottle, per doz. reputed quart bottles and so

in proportion.... Biscuits : In bulk

...per oke In tins..

... per reputed lb. Botargo

4d. Butter, butterine, or any substance imported for mixing with or for use as butter, but excluding butter in tins

....... per oke

id. Candles

id, Cards, playing

per dozen packs

Caviar :

d. Red (tarama)

..... per 100 okes Cement:Known as “ Portland," per barrel of 150 okes and so in

proportion Other

6d. Cheese :

Kachkaval, touloum, and other similar qualities...... per oke
Other, that is to say, Gruyere, Dutch, Cheddar, Cheshire,

Stilton, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Roquefort, Brié, &c., and
their imitations..

1.d. Cocoa, chocolate, chicory, coffee, roast or ground.

2d. Coffee, raw

16s. Copper sheets, bottoms, and nails.

125. Copper-ware (pans, &c.)

1 Cordage rope and twine

. Cotton lamp wick

· per 100 okes

Cotton yarns and thread, viz:---
Single, unbleached, Nos. 4 to 14
Do. do., Nos. 16 to 24

125. 7d. Twisted, unbleache!, Nos, 16 to 32

17. 3d. Single, bleached

16s. Twisted, bleached

18s. 3d. Do., of two or more threads, known as "Tireh

18s. 44. Turkey red

18s. Dyed other colours.

16s. Not otherwise specified

8% a.v. Cotton piece goods :Grey or unbleached (Kassarsiz)cotton sheetings, linings, drills,

ica cloths, domestics, known as American bezi, dimi bezi, Tcharshaflig, and Asdarlig.

per too okes White or bleached (Kassarli) cotton shettings, drills, tea

cloths, domestics, known as American bezi, Tcharshaflig, Dimi

.. per 100 okes

165. 8d. Shirtings and Madapolams, highly dressed and finished with

stiffening material Do. do., not dressed or finished with stiffening material, or but slightly so dressed

per 100 okes Er is. Muslins, known as Kaba Tulbent, Tanjib and Tenzif

& 6s, 6d. All other manufactures of cotton

8% a.v. Fish, dried, salted or pickled

. per 100 okes


.. per oke

per 100 ökes

per oka


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per oke


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3d. .



per oke

per ton · per 100 okes


2d. 4dd. id.

per oke ..Per oke

· per 1oo okes

Fruit, viz.;-Nuts of all sorts (except cocoa-nuts)......per oke

id. Olives

d. Fruits, bottled, or in tins or jars, per dozen pints and so in proportion

43d. Not otherwise specified

8% a.v. Glass :- Common window glass of natural colour, in sheets,

imported in cases not exceeding in!weight 40 okes net per case
Glass bot'les of the reputed capacity of 1,000 drams.. per 100
Do. do. of 300 drams.
Do. do, of 200 drams.
Glass demijohns of the reputed contents of 20 okes, and so in


11.d. Glass manufactures not otherwise specified

8% a.v.
Gum mastic
Do. bark.
Hides and skins, raw :-Of camels


5d. Of buffaloes.

6 d. ,, oxen, exceeding in weight 3 okes dry or 6 okes fresh

43d. do, not exceeding in weight 3 okes diy and 6 okes fresh,,

2d. goats

2d. Not otherwise specified

8 % a.v. Indigo....

id. Iron bars, ruds, plates, sheets, and bundles..

135. 450. Iron piping, wrought

25. 2d. Do., cast.

15. 7d.
Iron nails
Jams and jellies, per dozen reputed Ibs. and in proportion
L'ad sheets and piping
Leather :-Sole leather

Not otherwise specified.

8% a.v. Logwood

is, 7d. Macaroni and vermicelli

55, Matches, wooden :--Forevery gross of boxes, containing in cach box not more than 100 matches

.. per 100 okes

1 d. And so on for each gross of boxes, for each additional 100 matches, or part thereof..

per too okes

id. Mineral and aërated waters, per dozen reputed pint Tottles ....

3d. Oils in bulk :- Olive oil..

6s. Linseed oil

45. 4d. Ocher oils..

£2 Paints and colours (except artists' colours)

45. 4d. Petroleum in cases, not exceeding 25 okes each, netweight

per case Do., exceeding 25 okes each net weight and in barrels..per gallon

1.d. Provisions, tinned, of all descriptions not otherwise specified 8%, a.v. Rice..

178. Sal ammoniac.

75. Salt, refined for table use

ad. Salıpetre

id Silk thread Soap, perfumed and toilet

ifci. Do., other.

12d. Spices, viz. :-Cassia lignea..

d. Cloves..

id. Ginger, whole

d. Pepper, whole

id. Pimento Not otherwise specified

8%, a.v. Spirits of all sorts, spirituous cúmpounds, liqueurs, and cor. dials

:per gallor.

6s. Spirits imported in the island of Cyprus mixed with any ingredient, and although thereby coming under some other designation, shall nevertheless be deemed to be spirits,

and be subject to duty as such. Starch Steel

45. 4d, 3$.

id. Sugar, crushed, common quality

75. 7d. Do., other..

8s. 2d. Tea Tiles

per thousand

55. Timber, hewn or rough sawn.. Tins, bars, and ingots

· per 100 okes for

per too okes


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Per ton per 100 okes

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