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· per oke


*Tobacco, unmanufactured (except tumbeki)

410 *Do., do , known as Tumbeki, or Persian tobacco

IS. 3d. *Do., manufactured (not including cigars,cigarettes, & snuff

35. *Do., do., cigars...

.the hundred

25. 4d. *Do., do., cigarettes

55. *Do., do., snuff Valona

per cantar Wax, viz. :- Beeswax

·per 100 okes Er Waste of beeswax

2s. 4!d. Parafline

L7 Wines in bottle :--Sparkling

.per gallon All other wines in bottle Wines in wood

IS. 4 d. Woollen yard and thread

6d. Zinc..

per 100 okes Goods, wares, and merchandise not otherwise charged with duty

nor exempted from duty and not prohibited to be imported.. 8% a.v. * If by Parcel Post 4. copper piastos, otherwise in packages less than 20 okes 10 per oke more.

THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF EXEMPTIONS. All goods imported for the Government of Cyprus to be used in the public service and duly certified as so imported by the Chief Secretary to Government.

All military stores imported by His Majesty's War Department and duly certified as such by the officer to whom they are consigned.

All goods imported for the use of the High Commissioner and duly certified by the High Commissioner to be so imported.

All articles of military equipment imported by and for the use of any officer of
His Majesty's land forces.

Goods and stores of every description supplied under contract with His Ma. jesty's War Department for the public use of His Majesty's land forces, duly certified as such by the principal Commissariat officer, such certificate to be countersigned by the Chief Secretary to Government.

Uniforms of public officers and professional robes of legal or judicial officers in the employment of His Majesty's Government, provided that such uniformis or robes are introduced for the personal use only of such officers, and have been duly authorised.

Fire-arms for the personal use of officers of His Majesty's naval and military forces.

Paving stones imported by inu vicipal councils in the island to be used for the paving of streets within the municipal limits, and duly certified as so imported by the president and cashier of any municipal council. Vats and staves and hoops for use in constructing casks and vats,

Microscopes and all microscopical and other apparatus or appliances for pur. poses of investigation and scientific research.

Gymnastic apparatus, mathematical, and generally all other instruments used in schools for educational purposes, which are imported for the use of schools.

Agricultural implements, atlases and maps, anchors and chains (ship's), bark, boats, charcoal, church furniture, and articles which are only to be used in the building and fitting up of churches and mosques, and vestments and other articles necessarily used for religious sarvices, coals, empty casks and sacks, fresh fish, gold, bullion, and specie, ice, lime, medicines, and medical appliances, pitch and tar, printed books, resin, sawdust, silkworms' eggs, sponges taken by licensed boats, stationery, printing paper, sulphur, timber, hewn or rough sawn, wheat, barley, cats, vetches, flour, chopped straw, cotton seed, fodder for cattle, and the following articles for use in the manufaciure and examination of wine, viz. ;--Grape and rasin crushers, separators, wine presses, wine pumps, wine filters, gauging rods, testing stills, hydrometers, saccharometers, gypsometers, mustimeters, ascetineters, ebullioscopes, sulphur syringes, and the following articles of machinery :

Machinery for carding, spinning, weaving, and finishing the manufacture of fibrous material, and card for such machinery, machinery for telegraphic purposes, printing machines and presses, type and type machinery, type writers sewing machines, knitting machines, locomotive engines, railway plant, machinery for steam-boats, mills, and foundries, steam boilers and engines of every description, steam boiler plates and tubes, grating bars, tile and brick-making machinery, machinery to be used in the cutting and manufacture of tobacco, punching, shearing, plate bending, plate cutting, rivetting, drilling, boring, planing, shaping, slotting, screw making, sawing, tenoning, mortising, moulding, rebating, tongueing, and grooving machines, Tathes, file cutting, engraving, bolt making, rivet making, and washer making machines, machinery to be employed in thc manufacture of ice, machivery for the manufacture of mineral waters,

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diving apparatus, weighing machines, pumps, and other apparatus for raising water, winnowing, threshing, corn mills and flour dressing machinery, grain separators, oil presses, hydraulic, lever, screw, or cam presses, cranes, derricks, crab winches, screw and other jacks.

All the machinery above stated, either whole or in parts, as also their fittings connections, and gearing.

sq. miles

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48. 6d. IS.



(Customs Tariff Ordinance, 1898.) Area

39,060 Imports...... .....£2,082,544 Population 1,043,500 Exports

£985,942 Wine, ale, porter, and beer of every sort, the imperial gallon or part thereof

is. 3d. Brandy, gin, rum, liqueurs, and miscellaneous spirits or strong waters

not being sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength cannot be ascertained hy Sykes' hydıo reter, the

imperial gallon or pirt thereof (West o R. Volta, 4s. 6d.) And for every degree or part of a degree over proof an additional duty, the imperial gallon or part thereof

2d. Brandy, rum, and miscellaneous spirits or strong waters, being sweet.

ened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength cannot be ascertained as aforesaid, the imperial gallon or part

thereof Gin and liqueurs being sweetened or mixed with any article so that

the degree of strength cannot be ascertained as aforesaid, the

imperial gallon or part thereof Manufactured tobacco, cigars, or snuff, the pouod or part thereof.... Uomanufactured tobacco, the pound or part thereof

4d. Gunpowder, the pound or part thereof

6d. Firearms of any description, each.. Cartridges, filled, the hundred or part thereof

Cartridges, unfilled, the hundred or part thereof
Percussion caps, the hundred or part thereof.
Lead in any form, the pound or part thereof

ad. All other goods of every description, not being specially exempted in

the second part hereof, an ad valorem duty of ten pounds sterling
per centum on the value of the goods at the port from which the
same shall have been imported.

FREE LIST. Agricultural and gardening implements; all goods imported by the Governor or his private use ; all goods imported with the sanction of the Governor for tbe use of His Majesty's troops ; all gods imported with the sanction of the Governor for the service of any Public Department of the Colony; all persona! effects when satisfactory evidence is given to the Comptroller of Customs that they are being re-imported after a previous importation; animals, living, including poultry and gaine; bags and sacks (other than dressing bags, hand bags, and travelling bags); boats and canoes, including their tackle, such as masts, oars, paddles, sails, anchors, chains, &c. ; books, newspapers, and printed matter; coins, British and other, legally current in the Colony; coopers' stores, including casks, shooks, hoops, rivets, rushes, tenter-hooks, and all materials in connection therewith; corkwood : carriages and carts ; educational appliances imported with the sanction of the Governor; filters and all appliances for the filtration of water; fish, fresh; galvanised iron and slates when to be used for roofing purposes ; harness and saddlery; ice ; instrum nts (a) mathematical, (01 scientific, (c) surgical; luggage, passengers' personal; machinery; meat and game, fresh; plants; produce, bona fide of British West African Colonies ; quicksilver ; railway plant and rolling stock : seeds ; steam launches, including requisite fittings ; tombstones ; tools of all kinds ; velocipedes ; water tanks.

IS. 1S.

TARIFF OF GRENADA. Area............sq. miles 133 | Imports

.£235,441 Population.... 6,762 | Exports

£283,565 Bread Butter

per pound id. Butterine, olcomargarine, and similar conipounds Candles, except tallow


.Per 100 lbs.




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12. IOS.

IS. 255. 12s. 26. 25.

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per gallon


IS. 28.

per 100 lbs.

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Candles, tallow

... per 100 lbs. 55 Cocoa...

TOS. Coffee

...per pound 2d. Fish, dried and preserved

. per 100 lbs.

15, Salmon, pickled or preserved.

.. per pound id. Mackerel and other descriptions...

.. per barrel

25. Flour :- Wheaten

45. Other kinds..

25. Grain :--Corn, oats, maize, beans, and peas

.. per bushel

6d. Barley

. per 100 lbs,

60, Gunpowder.

.. per pound od

per pound id. Live stock : Asses

.each 6s. Calves..

Cows, bulls, and oxen.
Swine and hogs
Malt, cider, and perry

6d. Do., in bottles

.. per doz, quarts Matches.

per gross of large boxes 28. Do...

per gross of small boxes
Meal: corn, oil, and oats
Meat, dried or preserved

per gallon

id. Oils :- Olive, sperm, lard, and all other kinds used for cooking Kerosene and paraffine

21d. All other kinds..

gd. Opium

per pound' is. Rice... Salt, coarse...

2d. Soap..

25. Spirits : Gin or rum, according to Sykes' hydrometer, and so on in proportion for each degree of strength greater or less than the strength of proof

Per proof gallon 55. Brandy or whisky, or any other kind of imported spirits or strong waters, except perfumed or methylated spirits. Do. do

os. Sweetened spirits, bitters, liqueurs and cordials.. per liquid gal. 55. Sugar, refined and crystals..

..per 100 lbs. 58. Ditto, muscovado.

ad. Tallow. Tea

per pound

6d. Tobacco.

gd. Long cigars

1S. Other Cigars

55. Cigarettes

4S, Wiaes, except medicated wines..

25% a.v. Wood :-Pitch pine, white, yellow spruce, and all other description of lumber except spars

per 1,000 ft. superficial 1os. Shingles

35. And after the above rates for any greater or less quantity of every such article.

Articles of any sort for which a specific rate of duty is not prescribed, and not contained in the list of exemptions from duty given in this Ordinance, shall pay a duty of 67 ros. per cent. a.v.


per 100 lbs.

per barrel per too lbs.

45. 45.

FREE LIST. Coin, bullion, diamonds, fresh fruit and vegetables, manures, straw, ice, fresh fish, coal, printed books, newspapers, and periodicals, plants of all kinds, works of art not imported for sale, tombstones and grave railings, old furniture not intended for sale, the personal baggage and apparel, professional apparatus, tools or implements of trade of passengers arriving, any articles for the use of His Majesty's service, or for the use of the Government or for the use of the Governor or for the use of any place of worship, articles for the official use of any foreign consulate (provided that a similar privilege is accorded by such foreign country to the British consulate therein); fire extingu shing apparatus, machinery, and imple, ments for waterworks, improved stills and other machinery and appliances considered

by the Governor in Council to be useful for the development of local manufactures or products, packages in which goods are imported (except new trunks, canisters, and puncheons); racehorses, and horses and other animals and appliances imported by circus companies, it exported within six months; patterns and samples of no intrinsic value, surgical implements and appliances, poultry and eggs, raw cotton, and cotton seed.

o'ci Ο ΟΙ

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oʻ02 o 10

.....100 lbs.



Area......... sq. miles 7,562 Imports ............$1,772,976
Population... 38,981


.$1,853,181 (The rates of import duties levied on British goods under the Tarif

Ordinances of 1895, 1897, 1900, 1901 and 1904.) Dols. cts. Beet (wet salted).

brl. of 200 lbs. I'00 Beer, porter, cider and perry ..

.gall. o'25 Blasting powder, dynamite, and explosives for blasting, Candles, tallow Candles, other

o'02 Cigars (and in addition 25 p.c. a.v.)


6.00 Cigarettes

2'00 Cocoa


o'o3 Coffee Cards..

.pack Fireworks..

.lb. o 50 Flour

brl, or sack of 196 lbs. o 50 Gunpowder

Ib. o'05 Hay and oats..

o'ro Lard

Ib. o'or Logwood

per ton, o'25 Lumber, rough, except palings.

....1,000 ft. Lumber, dressed

I'50 Mahogany..

· per 1,000 sup. ft. 075 Oils, mineral of 130° test and upwards.


o'o2 Oils, mineral below 130° test...

o'06 Oils, other, not in bottles

o'10 Opium

.ib. Pork (wet salted)

brl. of 200 lbs. I'oo Revolvers

..each 3'00 Rifles

1975 Soap

100 lbs.

o'25 Spirits, not methylated, cordials and liqueurs, not exceeding the strength of proof by Sykes' hydrometer, and in proportion for any greater strength than strength of proof

..gall. 2'50 Sugar, unrefined.

..Ib. o'o2 Sugar, refined

o'o3 Tea

o'05 Tobacco, leat..

o'08 Tobacco, other than leaf

o'50 Wines, sparkling (and 25 p.c, a.v.).

I'00 Wines, still (and 10 p.c. 21.)...

150 Wine, claret

o'50 All other goods not free of duty, and not otherwise charged with any

duty, according to the invoice or assessed value, including the cost of packages

10 p.c. FREE LIST. Agricultural implements. Animals, living. Asbestos paint. Beef and pork, heretofore paying rated duty: Books, printed, not being account. Bread, navy and pilot. Bricks, roofing slates, and tiles. Bullion and coin. Cane bills, cane knives, and hoes. Carts for use in logwood works, and parts thereof. Cement and lime. Chicle. Church decorations and vestments imported specially for any church. Cocoanuts. Coal and coke. Drain pipes. Fire engines and appliances, or parts thereof. Firewood. Fish, salted dry or wet. Four.

Fresh fish and oysters (not preserved in any way). Fresh fruit. Furniture and household effects of bona fide immigrants. Hides and skins, raw. Ice Indian corn. Iron \fencing and galvanised iron netting (including staples and railings). Iron framework and girders (for iron buildings and bridges). Iron roofing, waterheads, brackets, including downpipes, guttering, ridging and screws. Launches of all kinds. Machinery, agricultural, marine, and manufacturing, mining, mowing (when the Collector of Customs is satisfied that such are imported for




agricultural purposes). Manure and fertilisers. Maps and charts. Meat, fresh (not preserved in any way) Palings for fences. Passengers' luggage (containing apparel and articles of personal use, and professional apparatus). Patterns and samples of no saleable value. Pitch and tar. Plants, seeds, bulbs, and roots, Plant of materials for railways telegraphs or telephones, tramways, electric lighting. Poultry and other live birds. Pumps and other apparatus for raising

Rice. Rubber, unmanufactured. Salt (other than table salt). School appliances imported specially by the manager of any school. Shooks, staves heads, and hoops for (asks, and rum casks. Sponges, raw. Siones, sand, gravel, and soil.

Tanks and vats Timber, logwood and other dyewood, being indigenous to the colony. Tombstones and memorial tablets. Tortoiseshell

unmanufactured). Trucks for use in mahogany works, including the axles, ironwork and chains forming part thereof. Turtle, live. Uniforms and appointments imported by civil officers. Vaccine lymph and curative and preventative Vegetables, fresh. Vessels. Windmills or parts thereof.

TARIFF OF BRITISH INDIA. Area ... sq. miles 1,767,000 Imports £88,481,000

Population ....294, 361,000 | Exports •£113,193,000 [Revised as per Circulars No. XIX., 1899, XXI., 1900, III. of

1902, 11. of 1903 and I.. of 1904). ABBREVIATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS.-n.o.p.=not otherwise provided for.

For table of money equivalents and subsequent changes see p. 7.

EXTRA DUTIES (plus the 5 p.c.) IMPOSED os SUGAR IMPORTED FROM THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC, CHILI, DENMARK, and Russia. Both the Addit oual" and the Specialduties are levied. ADDITIONAL DUTIES.

Rs. a pice. ARGENTINE REPUBLIC.-All kinds (except sugar exported

from the Argentine Republic without payment of internal revenue tax)


a. pice. ARGENTINE REPUBLIC.-Refined sugar

........ per cwt,

5 7 5 Unrefined sugar.

8 DennaRK.-Candy and sugar in whole or broken loaves,

plates, cakes, &c., whatever the colour may be, and white pulverised sugar, which is lighter than the Am

sterdam standard sample, No. 18 ....... per cwt. RUSSIA.-Refined sugar

9 Unrefined sugar

5 15 Arms, Ammunition, and Military Stores, including also “arms "or

"ammunition" within the meaning of the Indian Arms Act, and articles which the Governor-General in Council may declare in the Gazette of India to be "military stores" for the purposes of this Act.

Tariff Val. Duty:
Rs, a.

Rs. a. Firearms other than pistols.

.for each Barrels for the same, whether single or double

30 Pistols....

15 Barrels for the same, whether single or double.. Springs used for firearms Gunstocks, sights, blocks, and rollers... Revolver breeches Extractors, nippers, heel-plates, pins, screws, tangs, bolts, cwt.



9 8

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8 IO


2 10


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10 8

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5 2

thumb-pieces, triggers, trigger-guards, hammers, pistols, plates, and all other parts of a firearm not herein otherwise provided for, and all tools used for cleaning or putting together or loading the saine

...for each

18 Machines for making or loading or closing cartridges Machines for capping cartridges

10 0 2 8

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