Sivut kuvina

Wood, per every 1,000 ft. of white pine, or other lumber, by super measure oi i in. thick

149. Do., shingles, Cypress, more than 12 in. in length. per 1,000 6s. Do., do., Wallaba...

6s. Do., Boston chips, and all shingles not otherwise enumerated

per 1,000 49. On all other goods, wares, merchandise, and effects of every description not otherwise enumerated..

163 p.c., a.c. And after these rates for any greater or less quantity of such goods respectively.

FREE LIST. Agricultural implements. Apparatus and appliances used for generating storing, or conducting electricity. Asbestos and tar paper for roofing.

Bags and sacks made entire'y of fax, hemp, or jute. Beer, &c. Beef, smoked and dried. Beef and pork preserved in cans, not being wet, salted, or cured. Belting for machinery of leather, canvas, or india-rubber. Birds. Boats and lighters. Books bound and unbound, pamphlets, newspapers, and printed matter in all languages. Bones and horns. Bottles of glass or stoneware. Bran, middlings and shorts Brass, old scrap. Brick (not Bath bricks). Bridges of iron or wood or both combined. Brooms, brushes, and whisks of broom, straw. Bullion and coin.

Carts, waggons, cars, and barrons, with or without springs, of all descriptions, but not vehicles of pleasure. Clocks, and parts. Coal and coke. Cotton seed and its producis, meal, mealcake, oil, and cottolene. Cotton wool. Crucibles and pots of all kinds for melting metals.

Diamonds.. Drawings, paintings, engravings, lithographs, and photographs. Drugs, medicines, and medicinal preparations of all kinds, including patent medicines. Dyewoods.


Fertilisers of all kinds, natural and artificial. Fish, fresh on ice. Fishing apparatus of all kinds. Flax. Fruits and vegetables fresh or dried, when not canned, tinned or bottled.

Gas fixtures, including pipes and stoves, and all apparatus for generating measaring or storing gas. Gold and silver coin and bullicn. Guano and other manures.

Hand machines for preparing fibre or for spinning cotton or wool. Hay and straw for forage. Hemp. Hides, raw. Houses of wood complete. Hydraulic presses.

Ice. Implements, utensils and tools for agriculture, including axes, bill. hooks, cutlasses, diggers, forks, grass knives, hatchets, hoes, picks, shovels and spades. India-rubber and gutta-percha goods, including waterproof clothing made wholly or in part thereof. Iron, galvanised. Tron for roofing, doors and shutters, and every kind of iron doors and shutters.

Lamps and lanterns not exceeding 1os. each in value as defined in section 24 of Law 18 of 1877. Leeches. Lime of all kinds. Locomotives, railway rolling stock, rails, railway lies, and all materials and appliances for railways and tramways. Lymph or serumi.

Malt dust. Maps. Marble or alabaster in the rough or squared, worked or carved, for building purposes or m numents. Meat fresh, Mess plate and furniture, band instruments for the use of the army and navy, on the certificate of the military or naval commanding officer

Müls for grinding canes, paint, coffee, corn, or grain, or for sawing boards, raising water, or set in motion by steam, horse, wind, or water power, and all parts of said mills.

Molasses. Oil cakes, whole or in powder, and other prepared food for cattle and animals. Oysters preserved in cans.

Paper of all kinds, for printing, writing, wrapping, or packing, to include envelopes and bags. Patent fuel Pans for boiling sugar, whether copper or iron. Photographic apparatus and chemicals. Pipes for conveying fluids. Printers' ink, all colours. Printing presses, types, rules, spaces, and all accessories. Pumps for raising water.

Railway truck wheels. Resin, tar pitch, and turpentine.

Salt rock. Sarsaparilla. Sewing machines and all parts and accessories thereof. Shooks, tierces, puncheon and hogshead, and all descriptions of shooks, also tierces, hogsheads, and casks, including box shooks. Slates. Soda, ash or sub-soda. Specimens, illustrative of natural history, mineralogy and geology Starch of Indian corn or maize, Steam and power engines, and

machines, machinery, and apparatus, whether stationary or portable, worked by power or by hand, for agriculture, irrigation, mining, the arts and industries of all kinds, and all necessary parts and appliances for the erection or repair thereof, or for the communication of motive power thereto. Steam boilers and steam pipes. Stills, or any part of a still. Sugar, refined. Sulphur.

Tallow and animal greases, grease, or slush. Tan barks of all kinds, whole or ground. Telegraph wire, telegraphic, telephonic, and electrical apparatus, and appliances of all kinds for communication or illumination. Tiles, marble and earthen, as well as paving stones. Tongues, smoked and dried. Tortoise. shell. Tow. Trees, plants, vines, and seeds, and grain of all kinds for pro. pagation or cultivation. Turtle.

Varnish, not containing spirits.

Wall paper. Watches and parts thereot. Water pipes, of all classes, materials, and dimensions, and water metres. Wax, bees'. Wire fencing, iron standards, and also tomb railings. Wire for fences, with hooks, staples, nails, and the like appliances for fastening the same. Wood hoops. Wood staves and headings, red or white, oak or ash.

Yeast cake and baking powders.
Zinc, tin, and lead in sheets.

All packages containing goods subject to the ad calorem duty imposed by this law. The packages or coverings in which any articles imported into the island are contained, being only the usual or proper packages or coverings. Provisions and stores imported for the use of His Majesty's army and navy, and consigned by bill of lading to the officer at the head of His Majesty's commissariat, the military storekeeper, or the naval commanding officer of the island on the production of the bills of lading and certificate of such officer that they have been solely imported for use of the army or navy aforesaid. Provisions, wines, spirits, and malt liquors imported for the use of the naval staff and naval messes in this island consigned by bills of lading to any naval officer or the president of a naval mess on the production of the bills of lading and the certificate of the officer, such certificate being countersigned by the officer commanding the naval forces, that they have been solely imported for the use of such officer or naval mess, and on an undertaking that they should not be sold in the island without special permission of the collector of Customs, such permission to be given only on payment of the duty.. Provisions and stores imported by the local govern. meat for the public service on the certificate of the Revenue Commissioner. All arms, ammunition, appointments, and other public stores and all uniforms. and musical instruments imported for the use of the militia (sec. 60, Law 35 of 1879). Articles of naval and military, and civil uniform for the personal use of the proprietor. All goods imported by the Governor for the use of his house. Hold alior himself as Governor.

...Sq. miles


705 Imports Rs.26,610,614 Population ... 376,000 Exports Rs.35,670,597 Note. -Kilog. = 2*204 lbs. avoirdupois; hectolitre = 22 imp gals.,

metre = 1'094 yds. ; rupee = 25. (nominal value); ad val. =

ad valorem. IMPORTANT.-A surcharge of 4% is made on all sums payable as customs duties, from July 14, 1902. Ale, beer, porter, cider, and perry:In casks

.. per hectolitre

7rs. 850. In bottles, each bottle not to exceed one litre,

per dozen bottles
do. do. five decilitres

бос. Almonds

per 100 kilos. Anchors and grapnels

ir, 65c. Animals :

Asses, horses, mules


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grs. 85c,

бос. . Cattle or oxen. Other live stock

IOC. Animal charcoal

per 1,000

30C. Areca nuts

per 100 kilos. Boiled

4rs, 5oC.

per head

hrs. 5C.





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2rs. 750. ir. 40C.

7rs. 5rs 8oc.

Ir. 200

Ir. 2rs. 850.


2rs. Ir. IOC.

Doc. 12rs. IOC 10% a.v.

ir TOC.

70c. ir 30C.


per 100'bricks

4rs. 50C.

grs. 12rs. 50C

3rs. 3rs, lors,

3rs, zrs. 30C.


200. Ir. 1OC. 2rs, 30C

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· per 100 kilos. Asphaltum or bitumen

per 1,000 kilos. Assafoetida

per 100 kilos.
Pacon, hams, sausages, and tongues
Bags, pockets, linen (empty).. per 100 pockets

Vacoa and Madagascar straw (empty)
Of all other descriptions (empty)

.per 100 bags Bark and dye wood

..per 1,000 kilos. Barley

per 100 kilos.
Beef and pork, salted
Biscuits (not sweetened)

Ornaments or manufactured articles.
Bricks and tiles.
Brimstone or sulphur, common

. per 100 kilos.

per metre Butter, margarine, or any substance sold or used as butter

per 100 kilos. Camphor, crude

Refined, and in powder
Candles : paraffin


Composition, and all other sorts
Caoutchouc (manufactured)
Caps (percussion);

per 1,000 caps Capsules (bottling)

per 1,000 capsules Cardamoms, common

per 100 kilos.
Cards, playing
Cartridges, empty.

.. per 100 cartridges
Casks, empty, new or old.

Cigarette paper, gross weight

·per 100 kilos.
Clay, pipe and fire

per 1,000 kilos.
Coals, coke, and patent fuel
Cocoa and chocolate..

. per 100 kilos. Cocoanuts

per 100 cocoanuts Coffee

. per 100 kilos. Coir: fibre Rope and cordage.

oiled Copper': old. Sheets, bars, bolts, nails, &c. (red)

(yellow metal)
Copperah or poonac

Corks and bungs

per 1,000 Cornflour

· per 100 kilos, Cotton : wool


Waste Detonators

per 1,000 detonators Dholl

per 100 kilos, Dynamite Eggs (fresh or preserved)

per 1,006 eggs val.

33rs. 25%

per 100 kilos.

.. per kilo.

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20€. 25C. 55C. 3oC. 4rs 315. IOC. srs.

2rs. 70c.

518. 5rs.

550. 13rs, 200.


5rs. 85c.

2rs 4rs. IOC

3rs. 8rs. Soc. 4rs. 400. IOC.

2rs. 2rs. 450. 550.

srs. Ir. 9oC. 2rs. 750. ir. 95C.

5rs. Ir. 1OC.

14rs 2rs. 20C.

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бос. 3rs. 30C.

15C. 16rs. 50%

Ir. ir. 350. 2rs. 50C.


...per kilo.

215. 20C.


12rs. Ir. 65с. 10 % as,

100. 3rs. 30C. Ir. JOC. ir. IOC. 2rs. 20C. 8rs. Soc.

6rs. Ir. 1OC.

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150. 2rs. 75C.

grs. 3rs, 30с. 4rs. 95C, 4rs. 15C.

3rs. ir. 65c.

85c. 50. 50C.

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17rs. 6oc.

.. per kilo.

Felt sheeting

per 100 sheets Fibre jute, rafia, and all other sorts

. per 100 kilos, Firewood..

per 2 cubic metres Fireworks val. Fish, dried or salted

per 100 kilos. Pickled Fruits, dried (except cocoanuts)

and vegetables (fresh) per package of so'kilos. Gambier or cutch

Per 100 kilos.

· per 100 kilos.
Ginger, dry.
Glass, window
Bottles, empty

per 100 bottles Glue

per 100 kilos.
Grease, cart.
Gum, arabic

Gunpowder, sporting

Hay and Straw
Hemp, undressed

Hides, raw and salted

Hogs' lard

per hectolitre Hops and malt

per 100 kilos. Horns

per 1,000 horns Horse hair

· per 100 kilos. Indiarubber (manufactured) Indigo, Prussian blue, ultramarine blue, any like prepara

tion sold or used for laundry Iron-Wire netting and galvanised

.. per 100 kilos. Pig ...

..per 1,000 kilos. Bars, hoop, pipes, wire, nails, galvanised sheets, ridging, chains, &c...

..per 1,000 kilos. ams, jellies, and marmalade..

.. per 100 kilos. Lead, sheet and pipes

Leather, sole
Lime and lemon juice

·per hectolitre Macaroni and vermicelli

per 100 kilos. Mac Machinery and apparatus for the manufacture and iinprove. ment of sugar, rum, or other produce of the colony,

per 1,000 kilos. Machinery, when using the crane..

· per 1,000 kilos. Maize

...... per 100 kilos. Malt ......

Per 100 kilos. Manure of all sorts; and the following substances when

Ir. TOC.

3rs. 2rs. 200.


3rs. 5oC. Ir. 40C.

3rs. Örs. 65с.

20C. 3rs. 300. 3rs. 30с.

бос. .

, per kilo.

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imported for the purpose of being used in the prepara:
tion of manures or other colonial produce, or as dis-
infectants, viz. :-

1. Ammoniacal liquor
2. Bones, bone dust, bone oil, and

dissolved bones
3. Carbolic acid
4. Carbonate of baryte..
5. Chloride of lime and of potassium..
6. Chloride of manganese

iper 1,000 kilos 7. Chloride of soda, solution of soda.. 8. Chloride of zinc. 9. Coal and wood soot 10. Dried muscular flesh and dried blood 11, Ether


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per 100 kilos,

12. Fish and other substances damaged

and condemned by the Customs
sanitary officers as fit for manure

13. Lime, carbonate of lime, sulphate

of lime or gypsum, phosphate and

superphosphate of lime. 14. Nitrates, silicates, and carbonates

of potash and soda..
15. Perchloride of iron
16. Permanganate of potash.
17. Phosphate of soda..
18. Phosphoric acid (solid)
19. Substances imported by agricul.

peri,000 kil)s
turists, and to be used in the
destruction of insects or other

parasites prejudicial to agriculture
20. Sulphate of iron..
21. Sulphate and muriate of ammonia

and other ammoniacal salts. 22. Sulphate of potash, su'phate of

potassium .. 23. Sulphate of zinc. 24. Sulphuric acid

23. Urate and sulphurated urine. Marmalade

.. per 100 kilos. Matches

.. per gross (On boxes containing 100 matches each, and a propor

tional duty on boxes containing more than 100 matches.)
Mats and matting
Molasses and treacle..
Mustard (prepared)


VI other sorts.
Oats ..

Gingely, mustard, and pistachio
Cocoanut (when not imported from the Oil

:: per hectolitre
Cocoanut' (when imported from the Oil

Islands), in addition to a sum of 4,000 rs.
paid under Ordinance No. 41 of 1895 by
the proprietors of the Oil Islands
Olive in cases

per case not exceeding 12 litres

..per hectolitre

All other sorts (except perfumed)
Opium, crude

Paper, cigarette
Pepper, white

Pitch and tar
Plaster of Paris
Rabannas (not exceeding 2 metres each)

..per 100 pieces Rattans.

per Too kilos.

2rs. 75C.

10. Tors. 3r. 300


5r. Ir. I. 5rs. 50C

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3r, 60,


2rs, 501 475, 501 3rs, 30C. Ir. 650 ir. 10 3rs. 30c. 2r. 75C.

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•per kilo. gross weight

• per 100 kilos.

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