Sivut kuvina


£12,788,675 £15,010,378

Area.........sq. miles 104,751 Imports Population (all)...... 897,657 Exports Nole.-n.o.e. not otherwise enumerated. The word "iron includes steel or steel and iron combined. Note.-Invoices of goods entitled to Preferential Tariff must bear certificate that they cover bona fide British and British Dominions' manufactures. The certificate must be written or printed on the invoices, and not gummed on. Note -For additional duty charged on imports from foreign countries, see schedules following free list. AMENDMENT ACT, 1900.

Acid, acetic, n.o.c., containing not more than 30% of acidity

For every additional 10% of acidity..

Do., tartaric

Bagging and bags n.o.e..
Bags, flour

Do., calico, paper, hessian, and linen

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Aerated and mineral waters and effervescing beverages

Ale, porter, beer, cider, perry, or six reputed quart bottles, or twelve reputed pint bottles..

Almonds in the shell..

[ocr errors]

Baking powder, yeast preparations, and other firments..
Baskets and wickerware n.o.c., not being furniture

Bellows other than forge

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per lb.


Do., shelled, n.o.c.

Animals, food for, of all kinds n.o.e...
Apothecaries' wares n.o.e.
Apparel and ready-made clothing, and all articles n.o.e. made up

wholly or in part from textile or other piece goods

Do., made by British or foreign tailors, dress, mantle, or jacket
makers, to the order of residents in the colony, and intended for
individual use of such residents, whether imported by the residents
themselves or by an importing firm
Axle grease and other solid lubricants
Bacon and hams..

Cards, playing,
Carpet bags


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.per gall.
..per lb.


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Bicycles, tricycles and like vehicles, also finished or unfinished or
machine parts of same n.o.e., including weldless steel tubing cut to
short lengths

Biscuits, ships' plain
Do., other kinds

•per lb.

Blacking and boot gloss



Blocks, wooden tackle


per lb.

Boiled sugars, comfits, lozenges, Scotch mixtures and sugar candy, including internal packages.

Boilers, land and marine

...per lb. ...per cent.

Boots, shoes, slippers n.o.c., goloshes, clogs and pattens, vamps, uppers, and laces

Boot and shoe vamps and uppers and laces..

Brass cocks, valves, unions, lubricators and whistles

Brass manufactures n.o.c...

per cwt. ..per lb.

Brick, known as firebrick.

Brooms, brushes, brushware 1.0.e...

Brushes, hair, and combs: toilet, clothes, and hat bruslies

Buckets and tubs, of wood

Calendars and show cards of all kinds

Candied peel

per lb.

Candles, or packages of that reputed weight, and so in proportion for
packages of greater or less reputed weight

per lb.

Caps, apparel

Do., percussion

per thousand

Cardboard boxes, complete, or cardboard cut and shaped for boxes (including match boxes)

per pack

[blocks in formation]

Carpets and druggets, floorcloth, mats and matting
Carraway seeds

Carriages, carts, drays, wagons, and perambulators, and wheels for same
Carriage shafts, spokes, felloes, dressed bent carriage timber, n.o.e. ..
Cartridge cases

...per 100


Do., shot, 10 to 24 boxes...
Do., n.o.c.


Cash registering machines

Cattle, horned



Cigarettes not exceeding in weight 24 lb. per 1,000
And for all weight in excces of 24 lb. per 1,000

Cocoa and ground cocoa shells

Coffee, roasted..

Do., essence of

Coffin furniture

Collars and cuffs, of paper or other material

per barrel
per ton Li

Chemicals, n.o.c. including photo. chemicals, and glacial acetic acid..

China, porcelain, and parianware

..per lb.

Chocolate confectionery, and all preparations of chocolate or cocoa, including internal packages..

per lb.

Do., do., in fancy of small packages.
Do., do., n.o.e. including inter-packages

per lb.


per lb. •per 1,000 .per oz. per lb.

Composition piping

Confectionery n.o.c. including internal packages

Copper manufactures n.o.c.

Copying presses.......

Cordage and ropes n.o.e.

Cordials, bitters and liqueurs (in bulk).

Currants and raisins

Curry powder and paste




Doors, plain..

Doors glazed with ornamental glass

Drainage pipes and tiles

Drained peel

Drapery n.o.c.

per liquid gall.

Corks, cut, including bungs

Cotton counterpanes

Do. piece goods, to include Turkey twills, dress prints (handspun
and plain woven), where the invoice value does not exceed 4d. the
yard, and cotton piece goods n.o.e.
Cotton piece goods, namely, tapestry, cretonnes, chintz, art crépe and
serges, velveteens, velvets, and plushes all kinds, damasks,
moquettes, sateens, linenettes, crepons, crimps, zephyrs, ginghams,
Turkey twills, prints, printed cottons, piques, vestings, quiltings and
marcelles, muslins of all kinds, nets, window nets, hollands,
curtains and blinds, diapers, ticks, including coloured Belgian,
towellings, laces

Crab-winches, cranes n.o.e., capstans, and windlasses

Cream of tartar

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Dressing case

Drugs and druggists' sundries.

Earthenware, stoneware, and brownware..

Earthen flooring and garden tiles
Do. gas retorts

Essences, flavouring, spirituous
Do., flavouring n.o.e...

Eucalyptus oil in bulk or bottle..
Fancy goods and toys

Feathers, ornamental, including ostrich and artificial flowers


Firearms-fowling-pieces, rifles and other kinds

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per cwt.
.per lb.

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Directories of New Zealand or of any part thereof, also covers for


per lb.

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..each ..Cách

•per lb.

.per liquid gall.

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Fireclay ground, and fireclay goods
Fireworks, all kinds

.per cwt.

Fish, dried, pickled, or salted, n.o.c.
Fish, potted and preserved, or package of that reputed weight, and so
in proportion for packages of greater or less reputed weight..per lb.
Do. paste


Forfar, dowlais, and flax sheeting n.o.c...

Flies, artificial.

Fishing tackle, including artificially baited hooks, other than flies Fruit, fresh, namely, apples, pears, plums, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, quinces, tomatoes

per lb.

Do., currants, gooseberries, strawberries and lemons.
Fruits, dried..

Do. preserved in juice or syrup

Fruit pulp and partially preserved fruit n.o.c.

Do. preserved by suphurous acid

Furniture and cabinet ware n.o.c., and other than iron.

Do., knife, and plate powder and polish


Galvanised-iron manufactures n.o.c.

Gasometers and other apparatus for producing gas, also gas meters
Gas-pipes, iron


Glass, crown, sheet, and common window .... per 100 ft. superficial
Do., plate, bevilled or silvered; mirrors and looking glasses, framed

or unframed....

Glassware, also plate glass, and glass polished, coloured, and other kinds n.o.e., globes and chimneys for lamps


Glue and size

factured n.o.e....

Granite, sawn on not more than two sides and not polished'

Haberdashery n.o.e.

Hair brushes and combs

Do. oil and composition, and leather dressing

Hats of all kinds, including straw hats, also caps

Heel plates, toe stiffeners, and plates


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per lb.

Glycerine, refined

Grain and pulse of every kind n.o.c...

Grain, namely, barley


Grain and pulse of every kind, when ground or in any way manu

..per 100lb.


Handbills, programmes, circulars, play bills, and printed posters
Hardware, ironmongery, and holloware


Do. fencing-wire

Do. barbed fencing-wire

Do. columns for buildings and other structural ironwork..

Do. doors for safes and vaults..

•per lb.

•per 100 lb.


Do., plain galvanized sheet and hoop

Do. nails

Do. pipes, and fittings for same, including main cocks
Do. tanks, exceeding 200 and not exceeding 400 gallons..

Do. tanks under 200 gals...

Ironwork and wirework

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Hosiery n.o.e...

Handbills, programmes and circular, playbills and printed posters


Ink, writing..

Iron bridges and iron material n.o.e. for the construction of bridges wharves, jetties, or patent-slips

.per lb.




..per cwt.

Do. galvanized tiles, ridging, guttering, and spouting

Do., galvanized corrugated sheets, screws, and nails

...per cwt.

Do. gates and gate-posts, staples, standards, straining posts, and

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Jams, jellies, marmalade, and preserves, or packages of that reputed weight, and so in proportion for packages of greater or less reputed weight

Japanned and lacquered metalware

.....per lb.

[blocks in formation]

20% ad val.

Is. 6d. 25.

5% ad val.


55. 20% ad val.

15% ad val.


25% ad val.

Jellies, concentrated, in tablets or powder

Jewellery, plate, gold and silver, greenstone, cut or polished
Lace and laces n.o.e...

Lamps, lanterns, and lamp wick


Lead in sheets

Do. piping..
Leather, chamois

Do., belting and belt, harness, bridle, legging, bag, kip (other than
East India), leather

...per lb.

Do., buff and split, including satin hides and tweeds
Do., Cordovan, levanted leather, roans, sheepskins, Morocco n.o.e.,



................ per lb.

Leather n.o.c.

Do., cut into shapes

Do., bags and leather cloth bags n.v.e.

Do., board or compo......

Do. leggings

Do. manufactures n. o. e.


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East India kip, Persians, lambskins, and goatskins (dressed other than morocco), kangaroo and wallabi skins (dressed), tan and coloured calf

...per lb.


per lb.


Lime and lemon juice, sweetened or aerated
Machinery n. o. e.

Do., electric, and appliances
Machinery for flour mills, woollen mills, paper mills, rope and twine
making, dredging, saw milling, planing and wood working (including
lathes), oil refining, boring, and also machinery for refrigerating
or preserving meat, leather splitting machines, and bands for same
Do., for stamping and blocking tin

Maizena and cornflower

Oil, Kerosine

Do., linseed..

per cwt.



Nets and netting..

Nuts of all kinds, except cocoanuts


Do., rice

Mantelpieces, other than stone

Manufactures n.o.c., of metal or of metal in combination with any

Mouldings, in piece; for picture frames, cornices, or ceilings
Musical instruments, of all kinds, n.o.e.


Nails, n.o.c. ........

•per lb.

........per 100 lb.
...per lb.
..per bush.
.......per lb.

other material...

Marble, granite, and other stone, sawn on not more than two sides,
dressed or polished and articles made therefrom, including mantel-

Wooden, in boxes containing not more than 60 matches

per gross of boxes Do., in boxes containing over 60 and not more than 100 matches per gross of boxes Do., in boxes containing more than 100 matches, for every 100 matches or fraction thereof contained in one box,per gross of boxes Wax, "plaid vestas," in cardboard boxes, containing under 100 matches .....per gross of boxes Do., "pocket vestas," in tin or other boxes, containing under 100 matches ..per gross of boxes Do., "sportsman's," 'ovals," and "No. 4 tins vestas," in boxes containing not more than 200 matches.. ..per gross of boxes Other kinds, for every 100 matches, or fraction thereof, contained in one box

per gross of boxes

Meats, potted or preserved

Milk, preserved

Millinery of all kinds, including trimmed hats, caps, and bonnets..
Do., n.o.e...

..per ton Li

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..per lb. per cwt. •per gall.

per lb. per gall.

4d. 20% ad val. 25% ad val. 15% ad val. 20% ad val. Is. 6d. 35. 6d.

20%, ad val.

[ocr errors]

2d. id..

224% ad val. 20% ad val.

4d. 224% ad val. 20% ad val.

15% ad val. 15% ad val. 20% ad val. 20% ad val. 10% ad val




5% ad val. 5% ad val.



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od. d,

[blocks in formation]

Oil, mineral, including shule-waste, or unrefined mineral oil, n.o.e.

per gall.

Do., olive,

Do., perfumed

Do., vegetable, in bulk, n.o.e.

Do., vegetable or other, in bottle

Do., n.o.e...


.per gall.

per gall.


..per ton
..per lb.

Oysters, preserved, or package of that reputed weight, and so in pro-
portion for packages of greater or less reputed weight
Paintings, framed or unframed

...... per lb.

Paints and colours ground in oil or turpentine.

Do., mixed ready for use

Paper bags, coarse, including sugar-bags

Do., n.o.e.


Perfumery, n.o.e....

Perfumed spirits and Cologne water

Photographic chemicals, n.o.e.

Paper, wrapping, viz., blue candle, glazed caps, glazed casings, small hands, number bands, and tissue, brown..

per cwt.

Do., do., other kinds, including brown cartridge, and sugar-paper
Papier-mâché ware..........

Patent medicines

Do., do., or medicaments, (1) bearing the name of proprietor
on label or package, (2) bearing a prefixed name in the possessive
case, (3) n.o.e. prepared by any occult secret or art
Pearl barley

Peas, split..

Pepper, cayenne

Provisions, n.o.e.

Prepared calf meal .......
Pumps and other apparatus for raising water, n.o.e.


per cwt.

Railway and tramway plant and materials, n.o.e.
Raspberry vinegar

[ocr errors]

Ribbons and crapes of all kinds...

Rugs, woollen, cotton, opossum, or other
Saccharine, except in the form of tabloids or tablets
Sacks, other than corn sacks and jute sacks...
Saddlery and harness, whips and whip-thongs

Sardines, including the oil...




Sausage skins and cases, including brine, or salt
Sashes, plain...

Do., goods, n.o.e.

Pickles, pints or reputed pints, and in the same proportion for larger
or smaller reputed sizes
..per gal.
Pictures, engravings, paintings, drawings and photos, framed or un-
framed, picture or photo frames and mounts
Pipes, tobacco,

Plated ware

Sashes, glazed, with ornamental glass


[ocr errors]

Portmanteaus, trunks, travelling-bags and brief bags of leather or
leather cloth, to inches in length and upwards, and carpet bags
Powder, sporting..
..per lb.
Printed matter, relating to patent medicines, trade catalogues, price
lists and fashion plates of goods or firms in the colony
Printing machines and presses

.per cwt.

[ocr errors]

...per ton

...per cwt.

..per oz.

..per pound

...per gall. ...per lb. .per pair .....per pair


...per cwt.

Silks, satins, velvets, plushes, n.o.e., composed of silk mixed with any other material, in the piece.


Soap, common, yellow and blue mottled

Do., scented and fancy..

Do., powder, extract of soap, dry soap, and soft soap
Do., n.o.e...

.per liquid gal. 1 10s.

...per lb.

..per cwt.

[blocks in formation]

15% adval. 20% adval.


20% ad val. 15% ad val. 20% ad val.

25% ad val.


25% ad val 5% ad val. 20% ad val.


20% ad val..


20% ad val. 20% ad val. 25% ad val. 20% ad val.

IS. 6d. 15% ad val. 20% ad val. 20% ad val.


15% ad val.





20% ad val.


25% ad val. 75.


25% ad va!. 20% ad val. 25% ad val.


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