Sivut kuvina
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· per lb.


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Spices, including pepper and pimento, unground
Do., do., ground

Spirits and strong waters, the strength of which can be ascertained
by Sykes's hydrometer

...per proof gall. (No allowance beyond 16°5 under proof shall be made for spirits or strong waters of a less hydrometer strength than 16°5 underproof.) Spirits and strong waters, mixed with any ingredient in any proportion exceeding 33 per cent, of proof spirit, and, although thereby coming under any other designation excepting patent or proprietary medicines, or tinctures and medicinal spirits otherwise enumerated. per liquid gall.

Do., do., sweetened or mixed, when not exceeding the strength of
..per liquid gall.

Do., do., in cases shall be charged as follows, namely-
Two gallons and under, as two gallons; over two gallons and
not exceeding three, as three gallons: over three gallons and
not exceeding four, as four gallons and so on for any greater
quantity contained in any case.


Spirit, methylated
.per liquid gall.
Do, cleared from warehouse, methylated under prescribed conditions
per liquid gall.

Stationery and writing paper n.o.e.
Stationery, manufactured, viz., account books, manuscript books,
billheads, invoices, and statement forms, printed or ruled paper,
counter books, cheque or draft forms, tags labels, blotting pads,
sketch books, book covers, copying letter books, manifold writers,
albums (other than for photographs), diaries, birthday books, plain
or faint-line ruled books, printed window tickets, printed, litho-
graphed, or embossed stationery, Christmas, New Year, birthday
and Easter cards, and booklets....

Do., n.o.e...

Statues, statuettes, casts and bronzes

Steam-engines and parts of steam-angines, n.o.e.

Do., and parts thereof including the boiler, or boilers thereof,

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imported especially for dairying and mining purposes..

5% ad val

Stereotypes and matrices

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..per cwt.



Syrups, lime, or lemon juice, sweetened, rasberry vinegar
Tarpaulins, tents, rick and waggon-covers

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Textile piece-goods, other than cotton or silk.

•per lb.


20% ad val.

Tinctures and medicinal spirits of any recognised pharmacopoeia,

containing more than 50% of proof spirit

.per lb.


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15% ad val

per 100 ft. superficial


Do., do., dressed


Do., shingles and laths

Do. palings

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Do., posts.

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Do., rails..

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Tinware, and tinsmiths' furniture, n.o.e.


Tobacco, pipes, and cases, cigar and cigarette hoiders and cases,

25% ad val.

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Vinegar, table, not exceeding 6'5% of acidity. ......................................per gall.

20% ad val. - 6d.

Vinegar exceeding 6'5% of acidity to be treated as acetic acid.

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..per gall.


Do., Australian, containing not more than 35 per cent. of proof spirit,
verified by Sykes's hydrometer, per gallon, or for 6 reputed quart
bottles, or 12 reputed pint bottles

Do., other than sparkling or Australian, containing less than 40 per
cent. of proof spirit, verified by Sykes s hydrometer, per gallon, or
for 6 reputed quart bottles, or 12 reputed pint bottles
Wire mattresses and webbing.....

Woodenware and turnery n.o.e., and veneers


...per dozen

Do., of the kind known as "woolpockets," and not exceeding the measurement of 18 by 21 by 30 inches.

Yarns n.o.e...

Zinc tiles, ridging, guttering, piping.

Zinc manufactures n.o.e.

per dozen

N.B. In addition to any duty chargeable by law on any goods imported into the colony, a further duty of 20% ad val. shall be charged when the goods are prison made.



20% ad val.

20% ad val. 2S. 6d.


20% ad val.

20% ad val.

25% ad val.

Accoutrements for military purposes; but excepting uniform clothing. Acid, boracic, carbolic in bulk, fluoric, muriatic, oxalic, oleic, nitric, and pyrogallic. Action work and keys, in frames or otherwise, for manufacture of organs, har moniums and pianos, organ pipes, and stop-knobs. Almonds, Barbary, Sicily, and French, used in confectioners' manufactures. Anchors. Anchovies, salted. in casks. Apparatus and appliances solely for teaching purposes, as may be approved by the Commissioners. Arrowroot. Artificers tools. Artists' canvas, colours, brushes, and pallet-knives. Ash, hickory, and lancewood timber, unwrought. Axes and hatchets. Axles, axle arms and boxes.

Bags, gunny. Bags made of New Zealand tow or flax. Band and folding saws, including frames. Bellows' nails. Benzine, in bulk. Belting for machinery, other than leather. Binder twine. Blacksmiths' anvils, forges, fans and bellows, Blindwebbing and tape. Bicycles and tricycles, fittings for, viz. :-rubber tyres. pneumatic tyres, outside covers and inner tubes, rubber and cork handles, and pedal rubber, also cheap forgings and stampings, baH-bearings, weldless and subtube in full lengths, rims, forks, and spokes in the rough. Boiler tubes, not exceeding 6 in. diameter. Bolts and nuts. Boiler furnaces, welded and flanged. Bookbinders' materials, viz., cloth, leather, thread, headbands, webbing, endpapers, tacketing-gut, marbling colours, marble paper, blue paste for ruling-ink, staple press, wire staples, staple sticks. Boot-elastic. Bootmaker's linings, canvas, plain or coloured, bag and portmanteau linings, of such material qualities and patterns as may be approved by the Commissioner. Boots, shoes, and slippers, viz., children's Nos. o to 3. Bottles, empty, plain glass, not being cut or ground; also jars up to 3 in. in diameter at the mouth. Bowling's expansion rings, furnace flues. Brace-elastic and brace-mounting. Brass and copper in pigs, bars, tubes, or sheets. Brass tubing and stamped work, in the rough for gasaliers and brackets. Bricks, other than fire bricks. Brushes for cream separators, and combined screens, Brush woodware. Building materials n.o.c. Bunting in the piece. Butter and cheese-cloth. Butchers saws and cleavers. Buttons, tapes, wadding, pins, needles, and such minor articles required in the making-up of apparel, boots, shoes, hats, caps saddlery, umbrella, parasols and sunshades, as may be enumerated in any Order of the Commissioner, and published in the Gazette.

Calico, white and grey, also cotton sheeting, in the piece. Candlenuts and candlenut kernels. Candlewick. Caps, per case of. Card or paste-board plain, of sizes not less than that known as royal." Card clothing for woollen mills Cardboard boxes, materials for, namely gold and silver paper plain and embossed, gelatine and coloured paper known as "box papers." Carriage and cartmakers' materials, viz., springs, mountings, trimmings, brass hinges, bolts and nuts, tacks, tire-bolts, shackle-holders, and other iron fittings. Canvas aprons and elevators, for reapers and binders. Carpenters' baskets. Carriage and cart makers' materials, viz., springs, mountings, trimmings, brass hinges, tire-bolts, shackle holders, step-treads, and other iron fittings (except steps, lamp-irons, dashirons, seat-rails, and fifth wheels) rubber cloth. Carriage and cart shafts, spokes and felloes in the rough, elm hubs, poles if unbent and unplaned. Cartridge

paper for drawing books. Chains, iron. Trace and plough chains, or metal articles required to repair or complete riding or driving harness, or saddlery to be repaired or made in the colony. Couch-roll jackets, machine irons, benter bars, and strainer-plates for paper mills. Charts and maps. Churns. Cloth-lined boards, not less than "royal," cloth-lined papers, enamelled paper, ivorite, and gelatine, metallic paper, not less than "demy." Cocoa beans. Cocoanuts. Coir. Concentrated extracts, or essences in liquid form or preserved in fat for perfume manufacturing purposes in manufacturing warehouses in bottles of not less than 1 lb. in weight. Coffee, raw. Coloured cotton shirtings. Confectioners' moalding starch. Copper, in pigs, bars, tubes, or sheets. Copper and composition rod, bolts, sheathing, and nails. Copying papers, demy medium and double foolscap in original mill wrappers and labels. Copy-books and ordinary books. Corduroy, cotton, in the piece. Cork soles and sock soles. Corn riddles and sieves. Corn sacks. Cotton-waste. Crucibles. Cyanide of sodium.

Disinfectants. Duck in the piece. Dye-stuffs, and dyeing materials, crude. East India kip, crust or rough tanned. Engineers' machine-tools. Essential oils. Emery grinding machines and wheels. Eyelets.

Felt, sheathing. Fire-engines. Fish hooks. Flannelette shirtings, including Merryweather's chemical fire engines. Flour-mills, patent porcelain or steel roller. Food preservative, n.o.e. Forfar, dowlas, and flax sheeting when cut up under supervision in sizes not exceeding 47 in. by 36 in., for making flour bags, and not exceeding 54 in. for lining wool mats. Fur skins, green or sun dried.

Galvanising bath welding. Gas-engines, hammers, and oil engines. Gelatine dry-plates. Glassmakers' moulds. Glass plates engraved for photo-lithographic purposes. Goatskins, crust or rough tanned, but undressed. Gold or silver lace or braid for military clothing. Grindery, except heel and toe-plates. Groats prepared. Gum-boots. Guttapercha, not being wearing apparel, and n.o.e.

Hand-made cheque paper. Hatmakers' materials, viz., silk plush, felt hoods, shellac, galloons, calicoes, spale-boards for hat-boxes, leathers and linings, blocks, moulds, frames, ventilators and tassels. Hawsers of 12 ins. and over. Hessians, plain or striped, and scrim. Hickory unwrought, hickory spokes and felloes. Hogskins. Honey and brown Windsor soap composition. Hydraulic cranes. Hyposulphite of sodium.

Ink, printing. Iron, boiler-plate and unflanged end-plates for boilers. Iron drums, empty, not exceeding 10 gallons capacity. Iron and steel cordage. Iron, plain black sheet. Iron, plates, screws and castings for ships. Iron, rod, bolt, bar, hoop, and pig. Iron rolled girders. Iron wire n.o.e. including fencing, plain, and barbed. Iron wire netting, also iron and brass wove wire, and wire gauze. Jars or other suitable vessels, containing free goods, subject to a fixed rate of duty, and being ordinary trade packages for the goods contained in them. Jute bagging, bags, and sacks.

Kangaroo and wallabi skins, undressed. Kerosene.

Lead, in pigs or bars. Leather, japanned, or enamelled-goatskins, dressed as morocco, coloured other than black. Leather-cloth. Lignum-vitæ. Liquid

chloride. Locomotives.

Macaroni and vermicelli. Machinery, all for agricultural purposes, including chaff-cutters, corn-crushers, corn-shellers, also articles used in manufacturing the same, viz., chaff-cutting knives, tilt-rakes, fittings for threshing-mills, forgings for ploughs. All agricultural implements. Machinery for dairying purposes. Machinery of every description for mining purposes, including machine pumps, but not including machinery for dredging. Machinery exclusively for the purpose of the manufacture of beetroot sugar. Machinery for agricultural purposes n.o.e. Machinery for gold saving purposes and processes. Machine saws. Medicinal barks, leaves, herbs, flowers, roots, and gum. Magic lanterns, lenses, and slides. Manures. Marble and other stone, hewn or rough sawn, not dressed or polished. Masticated paper. Metal fittings for trunks, portmanteaux, travelling bags, leggings, bags, and satchels. Metal frames for bags and satchels. Metal sheaves for blocks. Metallic capsules. Microscopes and astronomical telescopes, and lenses for same. Millboard and book-binders' leather board. Moleskin, cotton, in the piece. Musical instruments especially imported for volunteer bands.

Net makers' cotton twine.

Official supplies for consular officers of countries where a similar exemption exists in favour of British Consuls. Oil, candlenut. Oil, fish, whale, seal, penguin and palm.

Paintings, statuary, and works of art, presented to or imported by any museum, public library, or other public institution for use therein, or for public exhibition. Paints and colours, n.o.e. Paper, for printing purposes only. Paper, hand-made or machine-made book, or writing, of sizes not less than the size known as "demy," when in original wrappers. Paper, paper-hangers' scissors, albumenised. Paper maker's felts. Passengers' baggage and effects, including only wearing apparel, and other personal effects that have been worn or are in use by persons arriving in the colony; also implements, instruments, and tools of trade, occupation

or employment of such persons; and household effects not exceeding 100 in value used abroad for more than a year by the persons or families bringing them to the colony and not intended for any other person or persons or for sale; also cabin furnishings belonging to such persons. Peanuts, for manufacture of oil. Perambulators, and the like vehicles, fittings for, n.o.e. Perforated or cellular sheet zinc or iron. Photographic cameras and lenses. Photographs of personal friends in letters or packets. Picric acid. Portable engines on wheels, with boiler of locomotive type; also traction engines. Picks and mattocks. Pitch and tar. Plaster of Paris. Ploughs and harrows. Powder, blasting and meal. Precious stones cut or uncut and unmounted. Printed books, papers, and music, n.o.e. Printing type, and materials n.o.e. Prussiate of potash.

Quartz and rigging rammers.

Rails for railways and tramways. Reapers and binders, reaping and mowing machines, and extra parts for same, materials for manufacturing agricultural machinery, namely, reaper-knife sections, fingers, brass and steel springs, malleable castings, discs for harrows, mould-boards and plough-shares, mould-board plates and steel share plates cut to pattern, skeith-plates, ploughs and harrows, combined threshers. Reaping_hooks. Riddles and sieves. Rice. Rice starch in bond. Rock salt. Rosin. Rivets and washers.

Saddlers' ironmongery (except bits and stirrup irons), hames, and mounts for harness; straining surcingle brace girth and roller webs; collar-check, of such quality as may be approved by the Commissioner; legging buckles. Saddle-trees. Saffron. Sago and tapioca. Sailcloth, canvas, and unbleached double warped duck in the piece. Salicylic, sulphuric. Salt. School slates and educational apparatus. Scientific and assaying balances, retorts, flasks, and other appliances for chemical analyses and assay work. Scrub-exterminator. Scythes. Sealskins, undressed. Sensitised surfaces for photographic purposes. Separators and coolers for dairying purposes. Set screws, engineers' studs and split pins. Sewing, knitting, and kilting machines. Sewing cottons, silks, and threads, crotchet, darning, and knitting cottons, angola mendings not exceeding 45 yards in length. Shale oil once run for gasmaking. Sheep-dip. Sheep drenches. Sheep licks. Sheep shears. Shipchandlery, n.o.e. Ships rockets, blue lights, and danger signals. Shirtings, coloured cottons, in the piece. Shirtings, union, in the piece, the fair market value of which does not exceed 7d. the yard. Sieves, hair. Silica fire-bricks. Silk, for flourdressing. Silk twist (shoemakers' and saddlers'). Soldering irons. Spades, shovels, and forks. Spiral springs (except sofa and mattress springs). Spirits of tar. Starch, confectioners' moulding. Staymakers binding, eyelet-holes, corsetfasteners, jean, ticks, lasting, sateen, and cotell. Steam and hydraulic pressure and vacuum gauges. Steel. Steel rams, black or finished, for hydraulic cranes or jiggers. Stones, mill, grind, oil, and whet. Surgical and dental instruments and appliances. Surveyors' steel bands and releasing tapes. Swords.

Tacks of all kinds. Tailors' trimmings, viz., plain, coloured imitation haircloth, canvas, plain Verona, and plain diagonal and such patterns of checked Italian cloth as may be approved of by the Commissioner of Customs; Italian cloth of cotton and wool, black and brown canvas, buckram, wadding, padding; silk, worsted, and cotton bindings, and braids; stay-binding; hessians, brown linen. silesias, union body linings, jeans, striped and checked drills, pocketings Tailors' buckles. Tanning materials, crude. Tea-packing lead. Tin, pig, bar or sheet. Tincture and medicine spirits of any recognised pharmacopoeia containing less than 50% of proof spirits. Tinsmiths' fittings, including stamped or blocked tin, planished or unplanished. Tins, tops of, ornamented. Tobacco for sheepwash or for insecticide, after being rendered unfit for human consumption, in accordance with prescribed regulations. Tools, artificers'. Treacle and molasses, mixed with bone-black in proportions to the satisfaction of the Commissioner. Tubular woven cotton-cloth in the piece, for meat-wraps. Turpentine, driers, and terebene. Type-writers.

Umbrella-makers' materials, namely, reversible and levantine silk-mixtures. gloria, and satin de chéne of not less than 44 inches in width; alpaca cloth, with border; zanella cloth, with border, also other piece goods on such conditions as the Commissioner may approve, sticks, runners, notches, caps, ferrules, cups, ribs, stretchers, tips, and rings. Union shirtings, the invoice value of which does not exceed 6d. the yard. Upholsterers' webbing, hair-seating, imitation hair-seating, curled hair, gimp, tufts and studs.

Waterproof material in the piece. Water hardening chemicals for brewers' use. Wax, bottling. Wire, brass, copper and lead. Wooden handles for tools. Wool packs and wool pockets. Yarn, coir, flax and hemp.

Zinc, plain sheet. Zinc plates and copper plates for photo-lithographic work. Articles and materials (as may from time to time be specified by the Commis sioner) which are suited only for, and are to be used and applied solely in, the fabrication of goods within the colony. All decisions of the Commissioner in reference to articles so admitted free, to be published from time to time in the Gazette.

And all articles not otherwise enumerated.


Goods imported from foreign countries, not being from British Dominions, shall be subject to duty in addition to that shown in the foregoing tariff as follows:First Schedule.-A duty shall be added equal to the amount payable under the tariff.

Second Schedule.-A duty shall be added equal to one half of the amount payable under the tariff.

Third Schedule.-A duty shall be charged of 20% ad valorem.
First Schedule.-Cement.

Second Schedule.-Basket and wicker ware, n.o.e., not being furniture; bicycles, tricyles, and the like vehicles, also finished or partly finished or machined parts of same, n.o.e. including weldless steel tubing cut to short lengths; boots, shoes, and slippers, n.o.e.; goloshes, clogs. patterns, vamps, uppers, and laces; candles; carriages, carts, drays, wagons, and perambulators, and wheels for the same; china porcelain and parian ware; clocks; cordage and rope, n.o.e.; cream of tartar; earthenware, stoneware, and brownware; fancy goods and toys; firearms, all kinds; fish potted and preserved; furniture and cabinetware, n. o. e. and other than iron; glass, crown, sheet, and common window; glassware, also plate glass, and glass polished, coloured, and other kinds, n.o.e. ; globes and chimneys for lamps; hardware, ironmongery, and holloware; hops; iron nails; iron pipes and fittings for same, including main-cocks; lamps, lanterns, and lamp-wick; musical instruments: viz., pianos į paperhangings; papper, wrappings: viz., blue candle, glazed cap, glazed casings, small-hand, lumber-hand, and tissue; paper wrapping, other kinds, including brown, cartridge, and sugar papers; plate and plated ware; pumps and other apparatus for raising water.

Third Schedule.-Bicycles and tricycles, fittings for, viz.-rubber tires, pneumatic tires, outside covers, and inner tubes; rubber and cork handles, and pedalrubbers; also drop forgings and stampings, ball-bearings, weldless steel tube in full lengths, rims, forks, and spokes in the rough; gas-engines and hammers and oil-engines; gumboots; i on and steel cordage; iron, plain black sheet, rod, bolt, bar, and plate; printing paper; rails for railways and tramways; sailcloth, canvas, and unbleached double-warped duck; surgical and dental instruments and appliances.

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per ton 8s.

Spirits Brandy, cordials, geneva, rum,whisky & other spirits per gallon
Under Ordinance 16, 1904, an additional duty of 1s. for proof or imperial

[blocks in formation]

Do., manufactured

Under Ordinance 16, 1904, 1d. per lb, additional is charged.

per lb.

7s. 6d. 4d.

Wine, except claret

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Do claret

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Ten per cent. ad valorem duty on other goods not liable to specific duty. Free list includes agricultural implements, coal, fuel, tools, and miners' and prospectors' tools and implements, printing machinery and appliances, ink and printed literary matter and music.

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