Sivut kuvina

sq. miles

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5d. 7d.

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TOBAGO :Area .......q. miles 1,754 Area

114 Population 302,000 Population

19,000 Imports

42,326,450 Imports (about) £4,000 Exports 22,275,441 Exports (abrai) ...£11,655

Note.-n o.s. = not otherwise specified. Bread of all kinds

...per (60 lb.) barrel

ol. Boots and shoes

.....for every 6100 of value 46 Bricks.......

..per :,000 3s. Butter, ghee, or any edible preparation of fat other than lard or oleomargarine

id. Candles

28. 2d. Carriages on springs, four-wheeled.

..each 7 two-wheeled. Cement..

44 Cheese

id Cocoanuts.

. per 1,000 Corn, of all kinds, including oats.. Dogs

IOS. Fireworks

.....per lb, Fishi, smoked or dried

· per 100 lbs, Fish, pickled, viz.: Salmon

.. per barrel of 200 lbs.

45. Mackerel

35. Other kinds Flour

... per barrel of 196 lbs.

45. 2d. Grain of every description n.0.5., and beans, pease, and pulse of every

description and every kind, whether whole or split, per 100 lbs. Gunpowder Earthen and glassware

.. for every £100 of value 46 Furniture Lard and its compounds

.. per 100 lbs.

2d. Liquors, viz. :Malt liquor, in wood (1,050 degrees and in proportion)..gall.

7.1. (i doz. reputed pints, or 6 reputed quarts = i gall.) Methylated spirits, admitted as such by the collector of Customs

..per gall.

6d. All other spirits, strong waters, liqueurs, and cordials, if not

exceeding the strength of proof as ascertained by Sykes'
hydromeier (except tinctures admitted by the collector of
Customs as being for medicinal purposes only, and varnishes
containing spirits admitted as varnish by the collector of
Customs, which shall be charged at the rate 66 for every
4100 of value)

...per liquid gall. js. td. And for every degree of strength beyond that specified abors.

an additional duty of one penny per liquid gallon. Wines in bottle :Sparkling wines

.. per gall. All other wines in bottle containing less than the following

rates of proof spirit as verified by Sykes' hydroneter
except medicinal preparations of wine admitted by the
collector of Customs as being for medicinal purposes only,
which shall be charged at ihe rate of 6 for every $100

of value):42 degrees

........ per gall. 3s. 3d And for every additional degree, threepence per gallon. Wine in wood :Containing less than the following rates of proof as verified

by Sykes hydrometer, viz. :-23 degrees

· per gall. IS. 32 degrees

IS. 42 degrees

35. And for every additional degree, threepence per gallon. Matches, lucifer, for every gross of boxes or other packages, each box or package containing not more than 120 matches

ed, If containing more than 120 matches duty to be charged in



3d 9d. 3d.

per gross boxes



661. 6d.

...per lb.

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• Per 100 lbs.

..per lb.

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Match splints in cases containing each equal to 10 gross of matches of the ordinary length....

.. per case

125. Meal or other flour not wheaten

...per barrel of 196 lbs.

28. Muskets, guns, pistols, fowling pieces, gun barrels, and gun stocks.


5S, Meat, preserved of all kinds. Oil, cresote

.for every $100 of value 46 Cocoanut..

...per gall.


All other kinds
Oil Meal

IS. Oleomargarine Opium-including all goods, wares, or merchandise mixed or saturated with opium or with any preparation thereof (except tincture of opium, admitted by the collector of Customs as being for medicinal purposes only, which shall be charged at the rate of 66 for every 100 of value)...

155. Oxen, bulls and cows...

IOS, Rice

.. per 100 lhs, Slates (roofing), flag stones and tiles

..per 1,000 45.

Timber, sawn and hewn

..per 1,000 ft. super. 8s. Shingles.........

per 1,000 IS, Shooks

.. per bundle Staves...

...per 1,000

65, Vermicelli and Macaroni Wood hoops

per 1,000 35. Tobacco :Unmanufactured

Is. Cigars and cigarettes

5s. All other manufactured tobacco

38. Textile manufactures of all kinds, wearing apparel of all kinds, haberdashery........

..for every 100 of value 66 All other goods, wares, merchandise, and effects of every descrip

tion not previously enumerated, and not exempted in the following schedule

....for every 100 of value 46


. per 100 lbs,


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·per lb.

2d. 2d. id. 8d. 6d. 4d. od. 340.

per 100 lbs.


. Per lb,

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Goods of all kinds imported or taken out of bond for the use of the Governor or for the public use of His Majesty's land or sea forces :--Articles, exclusive of oil and other illuminants, to be used in the construction, repair, and decoration of churches, and wine for use in public worship. Animals of all kinds, except dogs, oxen, bulls and cows, Arrowroot. Books, printed, not subject to duty under ordinance 14 of 1874, and not being account books; music, printed, not subject to duty under ordinance 14 of 1874. Bullion. Bark. Bones and horn, anmanufactured. Cuais. Coke. Cotton, iaw. Cocoa, unmanufactured. Coffee, Cassava bread and farine. Charcoal. Cloves. Cinnamon. Divi-divi. Earth, sand, and stone, in the rough. Eggs. Fruit, fresh, except cocoanuts. Fish glue. Growing plants and trees. Hides, raw. Honey. Ice. Lime. Machinery driven by steam, water, electricity, wind, gas, or compressed air. Steam boilers and parts thereof. Sugar pans. Water pipes and all machinery to be used in the manufacture of produce, if admitted as such by the collector of Customs. Rails and other articles for the formation or repair of tramways or railways on estates, vehicles, and iron work for vehicles to be used thereon if admitted as such by the collector of Customs, Manures. Mace. Newspapers, Nutmegs. Patent fuel. Specie. Seeds, bulbs and roots for propagation or cultivation. Starch, Tonca beans. Vegetables, fresh not prepared or manufactured.



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(Corrected up to Dec. 31, 1904.)

Argentine Republic

page 887

page1109 Austria-Hungary 892 Mexico ..

1121 Belgium 903 Nicaragua

1140 Brazil


1153 Chili


1162 China 978 Philippine Islands.

1163 Colombia 993 Portugal

1186 Cuba 1001 Roumania ..

1198 Denmark 1024 Russia

1213 France 1029 Spain

1 233 Franco-Italian 1054 Sweden..

1244 Germany 1056 Switzerland

1 252 Greece 1075 Turkey ..

1 261 Holland 1092 United States

1262 Italy 1094 Venezuela ..

1 288 For Russian concessions to Germany and to the United Kingdom, under the most favoured nation" clause, see page 1227.

For German concessions to Russia and the United Kingdom, under the " most favoured dation" clause, see page 1233.

For Spanish concessions to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and its Colonies, see page 1241.

For Norwegian concessi:ns to Spain, applicable to the United Kingdom, see page 1243.

For Swiss concessions to Spain,applicable to the United Kingdom, see page 1243.

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sq. miles 5, 102;2018 |


Imports ........£20,607,800 Population 5,102,248 Exports. £37,897,350 1. Foreign merchandise when imported and the produce of the Argentine Republic 7. White lead; ammonia, anhydrous, in cylinders; antimony, metallic ; sand and

when exported-unless duiy free ---shall pay the import or export duties set forth below. The following articles shall be taxed a.v. and pay the percentage duties specified. All articles for which a special duty is not fixed in this law or which are not exempted from duty

25 p.c., a.v. 2. Arms, their accessories and appurtenances ; harness, and harness-makers' wares

in general, complete or not; articles of any cloth or tissue, completely or partly made-up ; swordsticks : portmanteaux and trunks ; bags, leather, exceeding 25 centimetres with or without fittings ; boots and shoes, ready-made or in pieces ; vehicles, finished or not, also boulies and shafts in the rough for the same; cartridges for fire-arms ; rockets ; furniture, finished, or parts of furniture ; ammunition; perfumery in general ; gunpowder ; ready-made clothing ; mosaics. Hats or caps not subject to a specific duty

50 p.c., a.v. 3. Stockings of all kinds

45 p.c., a.v. Sacks of canvas (lienzo) or other tissue of cotton ; borax; iron safes of all kinds ; boses, empty, for matches ; hides and skins, tanned ; fine lace of pure or mixed silk : fine ihread lace ; buckles for harness, &c.; trimmings and cords of pure or mixed silk combined or not with metallic threads; tissues and all other articles of silk, pure or mixed, including those of floss silk ; knitted tissues ; screws, bolts, and nuts, of iron ; blankets of pure or mixed wool with warp of cotton, hemmed and fringed

40 p.c., a.v. 5 Unbleached cotton cloth, called lienzos

20 p.c., a.l. 6. Oak, cedar, spruce, white, and resinous pine wood, unplaned ; silk bolting cloth

15 p.c., a.v.

Note.--Imports shall pay in addition a tax of 2 p.c., a.v., if subject to a duty of 10 p.c. or more, and i p.c., a.v., if subject to a lower duty. Argentine Tariff subject to yearly change : see the Argentine Consul as to alterations. Note.-Samples of commercial travellers admitted duty free at Buenos Aires.

stone, imported on vessels as necessary ballast ; baryta, pulverised, or impure sulphate of baryta ; coal tar or pitch ; pitch, mineral ; cocoa, in the bean ; special carts for the conveyance of cereals ; vessels or boats of all kinds, of a small tonnage, fitted together or not; tin in bars or ingots ; degras ; wicks, plaited or not, for candles ; aloe fibre (pita), jute or hemp, spun, for plaiting : lead in sheets ; sulphate of lime ; iron pillars for bridges, &c.; so-called Brazil or Paraguay cocvanuts; malt; machines of all kinds, n.o.s. of a value of 100 pesos and more, and extra parts thereof ; fence-posts of the Paraguayan palm ; silk

sewing and embroidering, motor cars and vehicles and their parts 10 P.C., a.v. 8. Cork in square pieces or roughly shaped ; jewellery; wire of iron or steel,

galvanised or not, up to No. 14 inclusive ; wire of iron or steel, barbed, for fences ; needles for sewing machines; Fontainebleau sand; sulphur, of all kinds ; cocoa and cocoa busks; twine for reaping and binding machines ; thread for sewing canvas sacks : iron in ingots, for foundries; iron, malleable, in bars, hoops, or plates, unwrought; old iron of all kinds; tin-plate, unwrought, cut or not ; fire bricks; lead in ingots or bars; fire clay; zinc in ingots or bars; sewing machines, and extra parts thereof; tar oils, heavy; ploughs and spare parts thereof; saffron ; quicksilver : resin-pitch ; aloe fibre (pitu), jute or hemp, raw neither combed nor spun, and hemp yarn ; wire or cables more than 5 millimetres in diameter for conveying electricity, also implements for laying cables under. ground; machines and mains for the installation of public supply of gas, electric light, or water, or for sewers ; shearing machines, with or without motors, and spare parts thereof; machines for agricultural use, with or without motors, and spare parts thereof; motors, or locomobiles, imported separately; traction engines, tricycles, and automobiles of all kinds, and spare paris thereof; nitrate of potash, crude, for industrial purposes ; fodder presses; matting (esterilla) fibre; kaolin ; woollen or worsted yarn for wearing ; ploughshares of cast iron ; curry combs ; watches of gold or silver ; carbonate of soda, soda ash, industrial silicate, nitrate and impure sulphate of soda, and caustic soda; sulphate of aluminum, impure ; articles of gold or silver

5 p.c., a.v. Sackcloth or canvas of crude aloe fibre (pita)

4 p.c., a.v. 10. Cotton, raw, ginned or not, and cotton yarn, for weaving : Trinidad asphalt;

sulphur, not purified, for industrial purposes ; precious stones; zinc in smooth sheets, not exceeding No. 4, cut for boxes, &c.; yarn for wax matches ; caouIchouc in natural state ; Guayaquil nuts (vegetable ivory); fibres or wood pulp, for the manufacture of paper ; hops ; paper, natural white, in discs of from 1 to 2 centimetres in width, exclusively destined to the manufacture of paper matches ; rabbit-skins; "quillay" bark; gelatine for use in the preparation of preserved meat

24 p.c., a.v.


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Dollo. 010 0'05 o'10 o'04 o'08 o'05 o'03 o'01 o'08 o'o6 010 o'05 o'08 o'or o'o6 o'or o'01 o'02 o'05 o'08 o'02 oʻood 0'03 0.05 o'Or oort o'09 007

Dried peas



Lupines, in the grain

Smoked herrings in hogsheads.

In boxes

Hazel-nuts, unshelled

Vetches, in the grain
Oats in grain
Sugar, white.....

Unrefined ......

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Cod and other similar fish.

Cut up and boneless
Biscuits in general
Coffee, unground....

Chicory, in packages

Shrimps, dried..
Cinnamon, unground.
Salt meat in casks
Chestnuts, peeled

Barley, peeled

Onions in general
Rye in grains
Chocolate, either in paste or powder
Prunes ...
Chilian cocoanuts
Cumin seed
Comfits, bonbons and loose pastilles.
Vegetables preserved in jars or bottles
Preserves of fish, shell fish, and mushrooms, with the excep-

tion of sardines
Preserved meat with the exception of salt meats
Dates in casks up to 2 kilos...

In larger casks...,
Stoned dry peaches
Jams and nougat...
Tinned meats, including the gelatine.
Pickles in bottles

Any other class
All sorts of ground spices...
Vermicelli and macaroni
Fruits in the juice and in syrup and compote of fruit

Preserved in water or spirits, and m natural state
Biscuit, common....
Dry beans....
Edible flour in general, in tins or packages, with the

exception of corn and wheat flour In boxes,

gs, or any other casing Dried figs in cases up to two kilos......

In larger cases
Eggs in general
Condensed milk
Cod fish tongues
Hog's laid..
Dried apples, pears, or cherries, including the casing
"Mazacote” (a preserve made of brown sugar)..
Honey in general
French or English mustard
Raisins in cases up to 2 kilos

In larger cases.....
Anchovy paste
Tomato paste
**Pez de palo" (stock fish)
Salt or pressed fish....
Red peppers.........
Pine sceds.
Unground pepper .......

*20 O'20 O'10 o'06 o'05 023 0'30 oro o'07 012 oʻood o'07 025 0925 o'02 o'04 o'ou

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