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Metalloids and Miscellaneous Metals.

Reis, 759. Aluminium in bars, sheets, wire and powder*

.. kilog. 1,500 760. Antimony or regulus of antimony* 761. Arsenic 762. Bismuth.

3,200 763. Bromium

1,500 764. Cadmium

6,000 765. Sulphur, in sticks* Do' washed or hydrate of sulphur and precipitated sulphur*

800 Do sublimate or flowers of sulphur*.

60 766. Iodine®.

6,000 767. Mercury, metallic, or quicksilver (iron recipients, 30 p.c.; all other receptacles, 10 p.c.)...

... kilog. 1,000 768. Nickel, in cubes or sheets, for galvanising, &c. *

1,500 769. Phosphorous, white or red, in the mass or in sticks and amorphous phosphorous*

kilog. 1,200 770. Potassium

20,000 771. Sodium

2,500 772, Metals or metalloids not specially mentioned

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CLASS XXVII, Arms and other Gunsmiths' Wares, Ammunition and War Materials. 773. Blunderbusses, muskets, arquebuses and similar arms, with or without bayonets, with iron barrels...

......each 12,000 Do with bronze barrels

20,000 774. Scabbards for swords, foils, daggers, knives and bayonets, of leather and the like, with fittings or chapes of white or yellow metal..

...dozen 10,000 Do do without fittings or chapes

7,000 Do of iron, or of white or yellow metal

I 2,000 775. Bullets and balls, of iron [barrels or cases, 5 p.c.)


50 Do of lead and shot (same tare)...

300 776. Bayonets, sword-bayonets, and similar arins for rifles, &c.

.each 1,200 Note to No. 794 relating to scabbards is applicable to this number. 777. Barrels, for guns, blunder busses, carbines, &c.

3,000 Do for pistols of all kinds

1.500 778, Stocks, for pistols

1,000 Do for other arms.

1,500 Stocks with locks shall, in addition, be liable to the duty stipulated in No. 783. 779. Swords, with gilt hilt and scabbard, for generals..

...each 20,000 Do with gilt hilt, and partly gilt scabbard, for superior officers, naval officers, &c....

.each 10,000 Do with hilt and scabbard of white or yellow metal, or of steel, of whatever shape

...each 6,000 Do with hilt of white or yellow metal, or of steel, and scabbard of leather of whatever shape

..each 5,000 Do with hilt and scabbard of iron o: leather, of whatever shape....

3,000 780. Sabres, of iron or steel, for cavalry and fencing

4,000 Do of wood, for fencing .

2,000 781. Guns and carbines, military, with or without bayonets or sword-bayoncts, and with or without scabbards

.each 8,000 Do sporting of all kinds, single barrelled..

5.000 Do double barrelled

10,000 782. Percussion caps, plain (cases or boxes of cardboard or tin and similar wrappers, gross]

.. kilog. 4,500 Do cartridges, blank, primed or not, of cardboard (same tare]

2.000 Do do copper (same tare)

4,000 Do cartridges charged with shot or bullets (same tare]

1.000 783. Locks, for pieces of artillery...

.each 6,700 Do for muskets, carbines, pistols, and similar arms..

1,700 784. Foils and short swords, for naval officers, &c., with scabbards of leather or shagreen

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..each 6,000 Do do with scabbards of white metal, plain or gilt

12,000 785. Blades for swords, fancy foils, and short swords

3,700 Do for sabres, ordinary foils, and arms not specially mentioned.

1.400 786. Lances or pikes, with or without handles

4,000 787. Ramrods and worms (tare as 643)...

..kilog. 2,000 * Tare as No. 177.


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P.c. ay 788. Nipples for fire-arms (cases or boxes of cardboard, tin or wood, and similar wrappers, gross]

.... kilog. 4,500

50 789. Pistols, pocket, cavalry, military, and all other similar kinds, with one barrel

..pair 4,800 Do do with two barrels...

13,000 Do Revolvers of all kinds.

.......chamber 1,000 790. Gunpowder of all kinds [barrels or cases, 15 p.c., boxes of tin or cardboard, gross)

.....kilog. 1,300 791. Hilts for swords and foils, gilt ornamented

.each 2,400 Do plain : 792. Arms, other of all kinds, gunsmiths' wares, ammunition and war materials,

not otherwise mentioned Should the articles enumerated in the present class be ornamented or inlaid with ivory mother-of-pearl, or tortoiseshell, they shall be liable to a surtax of 30 p.c. Those with trimmings of gold or silver shall be dutiable at the rate of 60 p.c., av.

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793. Knives, small, pen, fruit, and similar small knives, with or without springs

or other accessories, such as nail scissors, corkscrews, or gimlets, with
handles of bone, wood, horn, or common metal..

.....doz. 2,400

50 Do do with handles of ivory, mother-of.pearl, or tortoiseshell

I 2,000

50 Do small, for cutting or pruning trees, branches, and the like...... 5,000

50 Do with accessories or instruments for veterinary surgeons or for travelling, with handles of bone, wood, horn, or common metal ....doz. 8,000

50 Do do with handles of ivory, mother-of-pearl, or tortoiseshell


50 Knives with handles of a length of 4 centimetres, or less, will be dutiable as penknives, with rebate of 50 p.C. 794. Table knives, with handles of bone, wood, horn, iron, &c., table and dessert knives.....


1,400 Do do Carving knives


700 Do with handles of ivory, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, or white metal, silvered or not, table and dessert knives

...doz 7.000
Do do Carving knives...

Do without handles, table and dessert knives
Do do Carving knives


Do for shoemakers, saddlers, cooks, &c., with or without common handles
(tare as 643)....

...kilog. 900 50
Do pointed, for butchers, hunting, travelling, &c., with handles of bone,
wood, horn, iron, &c. (same tare]

..kilog. 1,000

50 Do do with handles of ivory, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, white metal, &c. (same tare]

... kilog. 5,000 50 Forks will pay one-half the duties on knives, whether imported with the knives or separately. Knives with sheaths of leather, cardboard, or common metal, and those with handles or sheaths of galvanised metal, shall, in the first case, be liable to a surtax of 40 p.c., and in the second case to a surtax of 60 p.c. Sheaths must be imported in the same package as the corresponding knives, and in equal number ; it is, however, not necessary that the knives be enclosed in their respective sheaths. 795. Razors of all kinds, with handles of bone, wood, horn, or common metal, doz. 4,000 50 Do with handles of ivory, mother-of-pearl, or tortoiseshell


SO Razors with more than one blade shall, for each blade, be liable to a surtax of 50 p.c. 796. Erasers, with handles of bone, wood, horn, or common metal ........doz. 2,400

50 Do with handles of ivory, mother-of-pearl, or tortoiseshell


50 797. Cutlasses, cleavers, &c., with or without guards [tare as 643)........ kilog. 1,000

Note to No. 794 is applicable to this number. 798. Scissors, for tailors, nails, &c., up to 16 centimetres in length ......doz.

3,000 50 Do do more than 16 centimetres in length...


50 Do Shears, small, for cutting flowers or pruning..


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10,000 Do do large, with handles of wood, &c., and for lopping...

15,000 Do various, clippers for hairdressers

20,000 Do do with or without springs, for clipping animals

6,000 Do do for cutting metal


50 Do do not otherwise mentioned...

50 Knives, razors, scissors, and other articles of this class, ornamented or fitted with gold or silver, shall be liable to double the respective duties ; those with handles of the said metals will be dutiable as if entirely of gold or silver, and those ornamented with ivory, mother-of-pearl, or tortoseshell, not enumerated in that state, shall pay a surtax of 30 p.C.


50 50 50 SO


Watches, Clocks, Works, &c.


p.c. a.v.

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799. Keys of copper and its alloys, or of iron and steel, for watches (tare as 643]

kilog. 9,600 so Do for wall or table clocks (same tare).....


50 800. Alarm clocks, small, of white or yellow metal, round or square .....each 2,000

50 801. Hands, escapements, spiral springs, chains, dial-plates, pendulums, wheels,

and other separate parts of works, for watches (same tare) ........kilog. 20,000 50 Do for wall and table clocks, and for musical boxes, with the exception of cylinders and reeds (same tare]

.. kilog. 4,000

50 802. Watches, with simple works, of gold .

..each 10,000 Do do of silver, plain, gilt, or oxidised

4,000 Do do of copper, plated with gold

4,000 Do do of other metals...

2,000 Do Chronographs, chronometers, repeaters, watches with independent seconds, and the like, of gold...

... .each 30,000 Do do of silver, plain, gilt, or oxidised

8,000 Do do of copper, plated with gold

8,000 20 Do do of other metals..

4,000 Do set with precious stones Clocks, wall and table, with wooden case, the largest size of which measures up to 65 centimetres .....

..each 5,000 50 Do do more than 65 cent, up to 100 cent.


50 Do do more than 100 cent...


50 Do Mantel, with wooden case, the largest size of which measures up to 65 cent.

...each 4,000

50 Do do more than 65 cent.

6,000 Do do with case of bronze, or of bronzed or gilt metal, marble, alabaster, &c...

50 Do Marine chronometers, suspended

50 Do common, suspended and without pendulums, for vessels

3,000 50 Do not specially mentioned

50 In measuring wall and mantel clocks, the ornaments on the cases need not be taken into account. 803. Watch and clock glasses (net]

..kilog. 5,000 50 Silver watches with gold ornaments, or vice versa, and those of gold with ornaments of any other metals, shall, as regards the payment of duty, be considered as of gold. Clocks and watcbes, new, unfinished, cases without works, and works without cases, shall be dutiable as clocks and watches, hnished and complete, and the works shall be considered as destined to clocks or watches subject to the highest duty. The foregoing duties include those on the small common boxes in which the clocks and watches are imported.


..each 70.000


Carriages and other Vehicles.

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804. Carriages, cabs, cilashes, broughams, coaches, mail coaches, omnibuses,

diligences, and similar vehicles, finished, four wheeled ....(net)..kilog. 3,000 60 Do do two-wheeled

60 805. Do unfinished or white, four-wheeled

800 Do do two wheeled

500 30 By unfinished or white carriages are understood complete carriages with no ornaments or interior or exterior fittings. Carriage bodies, of wood, unfinished and imported separately, shall be liable to one-half of the duties. 806. Wagons, carriages, &c., for railways, for the conveyance


passengers and goods, and accessories for same.. 807. Wagons, drays, and carts, of all kinds, for carrying goods.. 808. Axle-trees, forks, naves, rims, &c., of iron, for carriages ...(net]..kilog.

400 50 809. Accessories of plated tin, for carriage fittings ...,

1,500 60 816. Wheels, shafts, spokes, naves, tyres, pieces of bent wood, fore-carriages and all other pieces for vehicles, plain, painted or varnished, of wood

(net)..kilog. 650 Do of wood and iron

450 60 811. All other parts and articles for carriages, wagons and carts not specially mentioned ....




.each 4,000

.each 32,000

CLASS XXXI. Mathematical, Physical, Chemical and Optical Instruments and Apparatus.


p.c. a.v. 812. Agates for magnetic compasses

.dozen 1,200

15 813. Alcoholometers (Gay-Lussac's and similar), of glass....

4,800 15 Do of metal

..each 1,000

15 814. Alidades, of metal with pinule

3,000 15 Do of metal with telescope, level, circle or semi-circle

10,000 15 815. Hour glasses, of wood


2,000 15 Do of metal

6,000 IS 816. Anemometers (Combes' and other), for measuring the velocity of the wind

.each 5,000

IS 817. Anemographs or anemometers and dial weathercocks ....

80,000 15 818. Electro-galvanic or electro-magnetic rings, collars and chains (as No. 643]

kilog. 16,000 15 819. Apparatus, gasogenes (Briet's and similar)

.each 4,000

50 Do do (Loth's and similar)...

1,300 50 Do not specially mentioned

15 820. Areometers, acid gauges, liquor gauges, syrup gauges and other similar instruments, of glass


2,400 15 Do of metal


15 821. Barometers of every kind..

8,000 15 822. Ships' logs of metal

6,000 15 823. Magnetic needles for compasses..

400 15 824. Compasses, small, plain or with meridian lines, watch shape or with diopter and declinations for plane-tables

..each 1,200

15 Do Geological, with metal case and prismatic compasses (Captain Kater's, Bournier's and the like)

15 Do for land surveying, large, with metal or wooden cases, plain.... 4,000 15 Do do with telescope and level......

7,000 15 Do do with telescope, level and semi-circle

8,000 IS Do Tranche-Montagne, set in wood or metal, with circle or semicircle

15 Do for ships, and compasses not otherwise mentioned

15 825. Chains for surveying, of iron, plain, galvanised or varnished [tare as 643)

kilog. 300 15 826. Cameræ Lucidæ, with prisms, and lenses, fitted in tubes or in wooden boxes, lenses and mirrors

... each 4,000

15 Do Obscuræ, with prisms, stands and curtains, for landscapes and portraits

..each 12,000

15 827, Compass pegs, chapiteis, of metal with agates

......dozen 6,000 15 828. Geodesical or reflection circles

.......each 40,000 15 829. Mathematical compasses, Verge's, elliptical and reduction, of one-fourth circle

..each 2.000 IS

3,000 15 830. Volta's condensers

...each 5,000

15 831. Thread-counters

...dozen 2,000 15 832. Pedometers and second-counters

..each 1,600 15 833. Daguerreotype or photographic apparatus..

15 834. Measures, graduated scales and other similar articles of bone, horn, wood or metal

.. each

300 15 Do of ivory

1,000 15 Do of boxwood or metal, for stereometric purposes

3,000 15 835. Squares for surveyors, octagonal or round, with or without compass.. 1,200 15 Do graduated in the centre, with or without compass


15 Do not specially mentioned


15 836. Cases or boxes with drawing.pens, compasses, protractors or similar

mathematical instruments : Do containing up to 12 pieces

.... .each 1,600 15 Do more than 12 and up to 18 pieces.

2,400 15 Do


5.000 15 Do 24 pieces

Do plain


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10,000 15 Do with mineralogical necessaries or accessories, small

10,000 15 Do the same, large, and Plathner s complete cases ..

48,000 15 Do not specially mentioned

15 837. Syphon bottles or vessels

.each 1,000

15 838. Geographical globes, up to 20 centimetres in diameter.

1,500 15 Do more than 20 and up to 40 centimetres in diameter..

4,600 15 Do


12,000 15 Do 60 centimetres in diameter..

20,000 15 839. Graphometers, with pinule and compass

3.000 15


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Reis. p.c. a.v. Graphometers, with telescope, pinule and compass

..each 8,000

15 Do not otherwise mentioned

15 840. Gravimeters....

..each 8,000 15 841. Artificial horizons, of glass, with level..

3,000 15 Do of metal, with mercury...


15 842. Hygrometers, common, with figures or hair, mounted on cardboard or wood

..each 500 15 Do of metal, with hair

2,000 15 Do Daniell's and Mounier's


15 Do Allward's, Crova's and Regnault's

12,000 15 843. Hypsometers...

8,000 15 844. Magnets, artficial, of all kinds (tare as 643]

. kilog.

2,000 15 845. Kaleidoscopes

.dozen 6,000 50 846. Magic lanterns and dissolving view apparatus, common

..each 4,000 50 Do with stands on wheels and reflectors.

20,000 50 Do with megascopic apparatus


50 Small common magic lanterns and dissolving view apparatus for the amusement of children, are dutiable as toys. The duties on special apparatus for magic lanterns are included in the above duties. Slides or pictures are dutiable separately. 847. Lenses, mounted in metal, convex or concave, for use in physics ....each

3,000 15 Do for clockmakers, engravers, &c.

..dozen 3,000 15 Do in cases, with a single glass

3,000 15 Do do with more than one glass

6,000 IS 848. Telescopes, micrometric, Rochon's, &c., for measuring distances ....each

12,000 15 Do mural for observation..

30,000 15 Do meridional, and those not specially mentioned

15 849. Electric, hydrogen, platinic pneumatic and other machines

15 850. Steam-gauges, manometers

..each 5,000

15 851. Tide-gauges

120,000 15 852. Sun-dials of marble, &c., plain.

2,000 15 Do detonating

6,000 15 Do not otherwise mentioned

15 853. Microscopes, plain, common, with from one to three lenses

..each 3.000

15 Do compound or achromatic, with more than three lenses.

12,000 15 Do solar and the like

32,000 15 Do not specially mentioned

15 854. Turnstiles, Woltmann's

.each 8,000 15 855. Marine globes

8,000 15 856. Levels, plain, spirit, with or without tube of brass or steel..

.dozen 7.000

15 Do with tube of brass and handle of glass or clinometers...

...each 3,000

IS Do water large, with tube of tinned sheet-iron and glass cylinder

2.000 15 Do do with tube of brass and glass cylinder

4.000 15 Do do not otherwise mentioned ..

14,000 15 857. Glasses, opucal, &c., perspective, of cardboard of all kinds .......dozen 6,000 IS

Do do of brass, with tubes of wood, bone, horn, &c., covered or not with
leather, up to 20 centimetres long..

..each 1,600

15 Do do do more than 20 and up to 50 centimetres long

2,800 15 Do do do


5.000 15
Do do do

10,000 15 Do do do more than 150 centimetres long..

20,000 15 Do do not otherwise mentioned

15 Do binocular or opera, of tin-plate, brass, porcelain, buffalo or other horn, plain, painted, varnished, or covered with leather..

...each 5,000

50 Do do of ivory, mother-of-pearl or tortoiseshell, with or without gilt tubes...

... each 12,000

50 Do do not specially mentioned Do spectacles, single and double, eye-glasses, pince-nez, quizzing glasses, goggles, &c.Do do of horn, composition, bone, buffalo horn, caoutchouc, iron, steel, nickel, aluminium or any other common metal

....dozen 3,600 Do do of tortoiseshell..

10,000 50 Do do of silver, gilt or not.


15 Do do of gold

45,000 15 The mountings without glasses shall be liable to the same duties as those stipulated, according to quality. The foregoing duties include those on the common boxes or cases in which the glasses, &c., are imported. Perspective glasses with tubes of tortoiseshell, ivory or mother-ofpearl, shall be subject to a surtax of 30 p.c. in addition to the duty leviable on those with tubes of wood, bone or horn. 858. Palinuros, nautical instruments

..each 8,000 15 859. Pantographs, common, with ruler of white wood..


15 Do do do of ebony, in boxes

4.000 15 Do do do of netal, in boxes...

24,000 15





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