Sivut kuvina

P.C. a.v



50 50 50

50 So

Reis, 1039. Portfolios, cigar-cases, purses and tobacco casesDo without borders, of Chilian or Peruvian straw (as No. 643] ..gramme

50 Do do of ivory, mother-of-pearl, silk, velvet, or of straw not specially mentioned

(same tare)..kilog 32,000

50 Do do without borders, of tortoiseshell


50 Do do of leather, cavutchouc, celluloid, bark, composition, papier-maché,

buffalo and other horn, or of cotton, woollen or linen tissue (same

... kilog. 10,000 50 Do with borders of copper or other common metal Do do with backs of ivory, mother-of-pearl, or tortoiseshell (same tare]....

.....kilog. 22,000

50 Do do with backs of leather, straw, tissue of any kind, caoutchouc, cellu.

loid, composition, bone, horn, or gilt or silvered metal (same

.....kilog. 10,000 50 Do of tin-plate, plain or painted, and the like (same tare]

50 Do of any other kind, with ornaments or borders of gold or silver, and those not specially mentioned

50 Requisites for shaving, sewing and the like, imported in portfolios, shall, unless of gold or silver, be weighed together with the portfolios. 1040. Umbrellas and parasols, covered, with cotton or linen tissues........each 1.500 50 Do with woollen tissues..

3,000 50 Do with tissues of silk, pure or mixed with any other materialDo do plain

7,000 Do do trimmed with lace, fringes, embroidery or feathers........ 14,000

Do with ornaments or handles of gold, silver or with precious stones .... The duties on umbrellas and parasols include those on the ir sheaths or cases. 1041. Whips of all kinds not specially mentioned, with lash, and for vehicles

dozen 15,000

50 Do without lash (riding whips)

Do with handles of gold or silver, or with precious stones ...
1042. Chocolate, common, and sanitary chocolate of all kinds, sweetmeats and

bonbons not specially mentioned (cases or boxes of cardboard, tin or
zinc, bottles and similar wrappers, gross]

...kilog. 3.000

50 1043. Chignons and similar wares imitating human hair (tare as 643]


50 1044. Wreaths of immortelles, for tombs (same tare]


SO 1045. Dynamite and other explosives (tins, 10 p.c.)

1,000 1046. Rubbers for drawing (tare as 643]

6,500 1047. Mirrorrs and frames, small, with mouldings of carton-pierre or covered

with cardboard, or of common metal, plain, painted or varnished (same

....kilog; 1,000

50 Do do with mouldings of wood or composition, plain gilt or varnished

(same tare., kilog. 1,300 50 Do do do fancy painted or ornamented


50 Do do with mouldings of copper, silvered, gilt or nickelled, plain" or

ornamented, or covered with silk or velvet (same tare) ..........kilog. 6,000 50 Do not specially mentioned

50 Mirrors and frames having a superficies, including the mouldings, of 15 sq. decimetres or less, are considered as small. In the weight of the frames is included that of the glass, engravings, prints or lithographs, when such exist. 1048. Quick matches (barrels or cases, 10 p.c.)

.. kilog. 1,200 50 1049. Artificial flowers, of whatever tissue, straw or paper, loose, in bouquets or wreaths (With the exception only of cases or boxes of cardboard, gross]

gramme Do of wax or fine skin (same tare)...

80 60 Do buds, crowns, leaves, stems and pistils, for artificial flowers (same tare]

gramme 40 1050. Fireworks of all kinds, in iubes, snakes, crackers, rockets, &c. (cases or barrels, 10 p.c. ; other wrappers, gross]

... kilog. 1,800

50 Do other of all kinds (same tare]


50 1051. Waterproof stuffs of hemp, tissue, combined or not with paper, in the piece, or in made-up articles (net)

.. kilog. 1,300

50 1052. Tinder of all kinds (sacks, bales, cases, or boxes of cardboard, gross

400 1053. Pocket tinder-boxes of bone, horn, or common metal, with or without flint, steel, &c. (tare as 643].....

...kilog. 1,400

50 1054. Games of draughts, backgammon, chess, dominoes, &c., of carton-pierre. common wood or composition (same tare)..

... kilog. 2,000

50 Do lacquered or of Chinese lacquer, papier-maché or any kind of fine wood (same tare)..

.... kilog. 4,000 50 Do not specially mentioned

50 The above duties do not include those on the counters, pieces and dice, when of ivory or mother-of-pearl.







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50 50 50


p.c. a.v. 1055. Sealing wax, in cakes, for bottles

(same tare)..kilog.

50 Do not specially mentioned.....

2,000 50 1056. Night-lamps of all kinds

1,600 60 1057. Lamps for carriages, locomotives and ships, plain, as well as those lined or with fittings of white or yellow metal (net)...

..kilog. 2,000

50 Do lined or with fittings of plated, gilt or silvered metal (net]

3,500 1058. Fans, common, of paper, with plain ribs of cardboard, wood or bamboo


50 Do of polished or lacquered wood, with or without lace ornaments, of paper

...dozen 6,000 Do do of silk

36,000 Do do of any other tissue ....

16,000 Do of thin skin, paper, tissue of any kind, plain embroidered or trimmed

with ermine, lace or feathers, with ribs of leather, bone, buffalo or other
horn, sandal wood, Chinese lacquer, caoutchouc, composition or common

...each 3,000

50 Do do with ribs of ivory, mother-of-pearl or tortoiseshell

25,000 50 Fans made of one material and specially mentioned in their respective classes of the tariff are not included in this number. The above duties likewise include those on the common boxes in which the fans are imported. Fans, the ribs of which, applied on the outside of the paper, silk or skin, reach the upper extremity or border, shall be liable to a surtax of 20 p.c.; and those with ornaments of gold or silver, to a surtax of 50 p.c., unless such ornaments be insignificant. The rings, clasps, &c., forming part of fine fans, are not considered as ornaments. Fan fittings of mother-of-pearl, ivory or tortoiseshell shall be assessed at 120,000 reis per kilogramme at the rate of 50 p.c., and when of other materials, they shall be dutiable as complete fans, according to quality. 1059. Manikins covered with cloth, with or without pedestals

..each 10,

50 1060. Masks, of silk tissues or covered with silk.. ..[tare as 643].. kilog. 35.000 50 Do other of all kinds

8,000 50 The accessories, i.e., eyes, spectacles, beards, &c., generally belonging to masks, are included in the weight. 1061. Matches of wood (cases or boxes of cardboard, wood, tin, and similar wrappers, gross]

..kilog. 3,200 Do other of all kinds (same tare]

4,500 50 1062. Sauces or liquid condiments of all kinds (tins, bottles and similar receptacles, gross]

.....kilog. 1,000

50 1063. Manufactures of cocoa-nuts, ornaments, bracelets, brooches, and similar articles

..[tare as 643)..kilog. 10,000

50 Do other of all kinds not specially mentioned

4,000 1064. Wafers of wheat flour and the like..

1,200 Do of gelatine and other not specially mentioned

8,000 1065. Emery cloth and paper of all kinds...

300 1066. Wood for matches (iare as 643]

80 1067. Paraffin, crude (vaseline), in the mass


50 Do Candles (barrels, 10 p.c.; cases, 20 p.c. ; boxes of cardboard and similar wrappers, gross]

..kilog. 1,500

50 1068. Skates

.. pair 3,500

50 1069. Powders and other preparations for destroying insects and other animals

kilog. 2,000

50 1070. Chaplets or rosaries, common, with beads of wood, cocoanut, porcelain, glass, &c. ......

.... kilog. 2.000 1071. Hand screens with handles of cardboard or wood, of cotton tissue ..doz. 5,000 Do do of silk tissue

15,000 Do do of paper

2,400 Do with handles of ivory, mother-of-pearl, or tortoise-shell, and of any kind of tissue or paper

...each 8,000

50 FREE LIST. The following goods and articles shall be exempt from import duties on such bond being given as the Inspector of Customs or the Administrator of the Treasury may judge necessary :


Models of machines, vessels, instruments, and of all kinds of inventions or improvements made in the arts.

Agricultural implements, and instruments for any of the liberal or mechanical arts; also articles for use of planters, artists, and artisans coming to reside in the Republic, and necessary for the exercise of their profession or industry.

All articles for personal use of foreign Ambassadors and Ministers, and persons belonging to the diplomatic service in the Republic. Goods and effects imported by Ambassadors, Ministers Resident, and Chargés d’Affaires, &c. Personal effects of Chiefs of Brazilian Diplomatic Missions who return to the country.

Goods and articles imported for the use of men-of-war, their officers and crews, by request of the competent Legation or Chief of the naval station.


50 50 50 30 50

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National products of the soil and industry, having been exported, returned within one year from the time they left the national port.

Instruments, books, and implements for the personal use of literary men, or of any scientific person coming to explore Brazil.

Clothing and baggage of travellers, and articles of daily use or necessary for the exercise of their profession.

Used clothing and baggage of shipmasters and crews, nautical instruments, books, charts maps, plans, and implements.

Commercial books already ir: use and manuscripts ; family portraits ; books for the use of travellers ; finished or unfinished drawings and sketches; and all used implements and articles necesssary for their art or profession.

Casks, barrels, kegs, cases, eptacles of common dark, blue, or greenish glass, or of earthenware or stoneware : boxes of tin-plate, iron, lead, tin, or zinc ; sacks and wrappers of coarse packing cloth and other common tissue, and all other similar packages in which goods not subject to duty on gross weight are packed, provided that such packages be not empty or be not, for any reason, emptied or completely separated from the goods they contain.

Pieces destined to the building of vessels and steamers in national dockyards.

Articles belonging to the lyric, dramatic, equestrian, and other travelling companies destined to give public representations ; scientific collections of natural history, numismatics, and of archæology ; statues and busts of whatever material, destined to a public exhibition or representation ; also foreign goods intended to be exhibited in industrial expositions established in the country.

Boats and skiffs of ships declared unseaworthy, when sold with them at public auction,
Medicines, supplies, clothing, &c., for charitable institutions.

The following chemical products when imported as manures and fertilisers-Phosphate and superphosphate of lime, mineral or procluced from bone; nitrates of potash and of soda ; sulphates of ammonia, copper, iron, or potash; sulphur; artificial manures; kainite: chloride of potassium ; ant-killing substances (forinicide).

Animals imported for the improvement of the native breed.

Works of art, paintings, sculptures, and the like, by national artists, and imported into the Republic ; also similar works of foreign artists when imported by Academies of Fine Arts ; also works of art for study or models.

Receptacles of glass and earthenware imported for the natural medicinal waters of the Republic
Bovine and caballine animals introduced across the frontier.
Materials for schools, books, and reagents imported by institutions and superior schools.

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..sq. miles 290,741 Imports......... .$132,645,000 Population 3,800,000 Exports

$186,880,000 NOTE.-According to the Moniteur Officiel du Commerce of Jan. 23, 1902, Chili has abolished import duty on provisions and eatables destined for use on home and foreign merchant (and naval) ships, whether foreign-going or in the coasting trade.

NOTE.—Raw cotton and cotton machinery will be exempt from Customs duties for ten years from January 9, 1899.

NOTE.—The officially declared values are the same as under the decree of December 14, 1895. Declared values corresponding to the present tariff is in preparation.

Article 1.-All products or merchandise from foreign countries shall pay on being taken out of the Custom House for home consumption an import duty of 25 p.c. a.v., with the exception of those which shall pay 60, 35, 15 and 5 p.c.; of those which shall pay specific duties; and of those which shall be admitted free as hereinafter mentioned.

Article 2.-The following articles shall pay the exceptional duty of 60 p.c. :--Starch, Canary-seed. Articies of whatsoever material, printed, lithographed or engraved with or without pictures, with the exception of books, periodicals, and newspapers. Articles made of furs, cardboard, paper, or iin plate with the exception of tools. Coffins and caskets. Red pepper, Anise-seed Oats. Playing-cards. Walking-sticks. Hair and articles made thereof. Boxes and the like for confectionery. Boxes set up and in pieces. Boots and shoes in general with the exception of those of 15 centimetres, or less in length, and those of indiarubber. Baskets, empty. Carriages, carts, wheelbarrows and hand carts, set up or in pieces, with the exception of axle boxes, axles, and carriage springs.

Kitchen ranges. Mattresses. Tinned foods, excepting salmon and sardines. Cuminin-seed. Wreaths, floral crosses and other funeral ornaments. Cravats, all kinds. Corsets. Hair stuffing, vegetable or animal. Sweets and all kinds of confectionery, excepting medicinal. Musicial strings. Brooms, band brushes and brushes, with the exception of tooth and nail brushes. Labels and printed wrappers for bottles and other uses Vermicelli. Fruits, dried preserved, in spirits. Biscuits. Hams. Syrups. Account books, with or without printed lines, Lumber dressed that is to say, planed, matched, turned, &c. Handles for brooms and tools, P cture fra ines. Masks excepting fencing and beehive keepers'. Maize. Malt. Mallets, wooden. Mouldings of all kinds. Furniture, set up or in pieces, varnished, or plain, Raisins. Caramels, excepting medicinal. : Perfumery. Do rs or w ndows of wood, set up or in pieces. Cheese. Iron r steel balconies, window railings for gardens and other uses. Ready-money clothing, excepting that without stitching and that subject to other duties. Sod., ash, hydrate and unhydrate carbo ate. Sausages and their congeners. Sauces of all kind. Tiles, Hagstones and bricks for pavements, friezes, and ornaments. Bacon.

Wax candles. Vinegar.

Article 3. -The following shall pay 35 p:c. :--Fans. Curtain holders. Albums, with or without printing, for portraits, music collections, &c. Carpets and church mats. Almonds. Opera glasses. Side or fire arms. Mouth or bellows harmoniums. Manufactured articles and textiles containing silk, or its imitations, with the exception of those constituting readymade clothing, those of linen or of cambric, of felt for men's hats, of epaulettes, of metal lace and of metal thread. Articles manufactured of knitted textiles containing linen, of wool and tricote. Articles manufactured of leather or skin, excepting belting for machinery. Manu actured articles, containing gold or silver, with the exception of jewellery, watches, spectacles, epaulettes, and gold and silver lace and thread. Articles manufactured of metal, gilt or plated. Articles manufactured of willow, straw, palm, cane, and all kinds of twigs, roots and fibres of trees and plants, with the exception of hats and baskets, Mosaic tiles. Wooden buckets and pails set up or in pieces. Crowbars. Lawns, sheetings, britannias, damasks, hollands, linen, and cambrics which contain linen. Trunks, portmanteaus and travelling bags. Blacking and varnish for boots and shoes. Blonde lace and band-made lace. Iron and steel bridle bits. Mouthpieces and pipes. Buoys, iron and steel, with chain and mooring tackle. Musical boxes. Toilet powders. Cashboxes. Manufactured tortoisesbell., Cartridges and capsules for firearms, Iron, steel, and wooden houses. Tooth and nail brushes. Cigar and tobacco cases and pouches. Waist belts, Rockets and fireworks. Coaches for children. Glue. Cornices, poles and their accessories for curtains. Glassware, fine. Pocket knives. Curtains, trans. parencies, and venetian blinds. Paintings, engravings, painted or lithographed, drawings, photographs, prints and other ornaments loose or in frames. Shawls, fine cashmere, called Ternaux. Grates and mantelpieces, bronze, marble, wood, and composition. Chocolate in paste or powder. Looking-glasses exceeding 80 centimetres in length. Statuettes and busts. Jewellery cases. Vases, crystal or glass. Carriage lamps. Mats. Fringe. Artificial flowers and plants. Flower vases, flower stands, and all ornaments for tables. Footwarmers. Boilers and coppers. March boxes of mother-of-pearl. Matches. Pocket flasks in cases. Blanket, woollen or mixed with cotton, fine. Percussion caps. Gun covers. Metal lace, imitation. Caps Fat, pure or mixed. Gloves Musical instruments and their accessories and duplicate pieces, with the excevtion of wires, pegs, pieres with mechanism for pianos, keys, and elt civered hammers. Bird cages. Jew ll rv, imitati n Games, tich a chess, dice, draughts, lotteries, and othes, Toys Books, printed, with covers of tortoiseshell, moth r.of.p arl, ivory or their imitations, or that are ornamented with pieces of gold or silver, or with silvered or gilt metal. Liquor cases. Garters. Silver-plated _lass fo mirrors exceeding 80 centir etres in ength. Timber build ng, rough o sawn, exc vting pine. Bers fat, pure or mixed. Cuffs and muff, exc pting fur. Poncho. la le loths and napkins containing linen. Manufactured ivory, with ihe exc ption o piano keys. Polished marble. Billiard tables and thelr accessories, Game bags. Shot. Lateen metal. Billiard table cloth. Handkerchiefs containing linen. Cigarette papers. Paper hangings, gilt or silvered, burnt in, and imitation leather. Fish, dried. Fur skins, prepared for ornament or wear. Pieces of timber prepared for pavement, friezes and ornamentations. Cordage, cord, and twine of hemp, esparto, manilla, or jute, not exceeding 30 millimetres in circumference. Iron sheets enamelled for advertisements. Iron (galvanised and corrugated). Feathers for ornament and for articles made of them. Feather dusters. Sporting powder. Powder and shot flasks.

Porcelain. Portemonnaies of mother-of-pearl. Clocks. Duplicate and loose pieces for billiard tables, with the exception of cushions and slates. White bedclothing. Sardines. Table covers. Hats, with the exception of the ordinary ones called petate, viruta, junco, palma and oilskin. Billiard cue tips. Wads for guns and rifles. Baths. Inks, writing. Braces, trouser. Carpeting, with the exception of tapestry. Truffles, Candles, sperm or composition and cerillas. Window glass, coloured, with designs or painting, corrugated, or ground. Glass exceeding 4 millimetres in thi:kness and 80 centimetres length. Manufactured zinc

Article 4.-The following articles shall pay 15 p.c. :-Straw ornaments for hats and other uses. Turpentine. Cruets. Saffron. Sticks for parasols and umbrellas. Boat-hooks and rowlocks. Axle boxes, axles, and trompas for carriages. Bottles, glass and earthenware for liquors. Boats, whaleboats and wooden lighters, put together or in pieces, steam or electric Pítch, mineral. Easels for painters. Chains, iron or steel, circumference of link not exceed: ing 40 millimetres. Boilers for steam engines. Hat covers. Cement, Roman cr Portlard Chloride of potassium. Coral, worked up or in the rough. Knees, iron or steel for em. barkations. Dynamite and other explosives. Coopers' staves.

Canvas for embroidery Stearine. Horn lanterns. Lace, gold or silver, although containing silk or its imitations. Grease or tallow, vegetable. Thread, twist, bugles, wire, of gold or silver, although containing silk or its imitations. Leaf gold or silver, or imitations or gilding and silvering Leaves for artificial flowers. Spectacles and glasses, mounted in gold or silver, or imitations. Hay forks, wooden. Sacking, hemp and jule and cotton, up to 16 threads woof and weft. Firebricks Canvas, hemp or cotton, trom No, i to 7: Marble, sawn or in blocks. Winctes for raising anchors. Piers, iron or steel. Nitrate of potasb. Gold for dentists. Paper for artificial flowers. Pumice stone. Mining powder. Bridges, iron or steel. Bands for bats. Watches. Oars. Springs for carriages and carts. Sacks, empty. Sulphate of copper unrefined. Ties, iron and steel. . Utensils for domestic use, wrought or cast iron, with iho exception of enamelled and for kitchen use. Vanilla. Sticks and frames for parasols and umbrellas. Beams, rafters, pillars and other analogous pieces and unions of iron or steel zor building, manufactured.

Article 5.—The following shall pay 5 p.c. :--Steel or iron prepared for corsets or dresses, with or without covering of other materials. Alum. Asbestos, whole or in powder. Scales, chemists' and assayers'. Benzine, ordinary. Bichromate of potash. Bisulphate of soda. Boa s, whaleboats, and launches of iron or steel put together or in pieces, steam or oar, sail or electric. Kidskins for gloves. Cacao, branch or grain. Switches complete, o iron and steel and loose pieces for the same. Cinnamon. Piping or tubes, composition, lead, copper, brass, iron or steel, galvanised or not, comprising the curves, uoions, T's acd all other accessories. Capsules of metal for bottles. Cars for portable and aerial railways. Bolting cloth, and imitaiions. Peys for musical instruments. Chlorate of potash.

Chloride of lime. Cars, railway passenger. Belting for machinery. Rennet, liquid or in powder. Ivory and its imitations for piano keys, Epaulettes, gold or silver, although containing silk, or its imitations, Sumac and other special materials for tanning, Web, elastic for boots or shoes. Veneering, wood. Key boards for pianos Emery and tripoli. Sperm. Tinsoil for bottles. Fibres, raw, Siam, esparto, piasava, rice roots, &c., for brushes and brooms. Filters. Bellows for blacksmiths and tinsmiths. Do. 'for applying sulphur. Indiarubber, natural or in sheets. Iron or steel in corrugated sheets, not painted or galvanised. 'Jewellery, gold and silver and in general. Garden tools in sets.

for carpenters. Yeasts and ferments. Chalk lines. Oilcans. Hops. Piano bammers with or without felt. Measures and meters for artisans and industrial uses. Wick. Paper, maruled, &c., for bookbinders. Paraffin in paste. Pedals and castors for pianos. Pearls. Bolts, copper, brass, or composition and bars for culting into bolts. Precious stones. Chamois or wash leather. Pieces of mechanism for pianos. Caustic potash. Ainmoniacal salts. Caustic soda. Silicate of soda, liquid or solid. Sulphuret of sodium. Talc for soap boilers. Wire, wove, and fencing. Unions for belts. Sumac.

Article 6.--The following shall pay Specific Duties :-Oils, pure and impure, with the exception of pure medicinal oils, and of perfumery, and of gasoline, naphtha, paraffin, petroleum and kerosene, 14c. pe rkilo. Linseed oil, raw or boiled, 200. per kilo. Alcohols, spirits of wine, liquors and aguardientes, sweetened or not, in bottles, . $15 per dozen. Alcohols, spirits of wine, liquors and aguardientes, sweetened or not, put up in any other way than in bottles, $1 500. per litre. Bitters alcholic, in bottles, $12 per dozen. Bitters, alcoholic, in botiles, put up in any other way, $i 200. per litre. Sugar, refined, whole or ground, moist or dry, $14 350. per 100 kilos, Sugar, white, granulated, or ground, moist or dry, like the Rosa Emilia, $11 400. per metric quintal. Sugar, granulated of first product or moscovado, moist or dry, $6 50c. per metric quintal. Sugar, impure (chancaca or concreio) moist or dry, $5 6oc. per metric quintal. . Coffee. loc. per kilo. Millboards, ordinary, 150. per kilo. Barley, $1 30€. per metric quintal. Beer in bottles, $3 per dozen. Beer in bottles, put up in any other way, 300, per litre. Cigars, $6 per kilo. Cigarettes, including weighi of packages, with the exception of wocden and metal boxes, $9 per kilo. Flour, $2 per metric quintal. Paper, blo:ting, brown, and ordinary, wrapping, 150 per kilo. Snuff, $5 per kilo. Salt common, rock or ground, $2 50C. per metric quintal. Salt, refined or half refined, 10c. per kilo. Tobacco, in leas, $2 6oc. per kilo. Tobacco, cut up, $4 per kilo. Tea, $1 per kilo. Wine, white and red in bottles, including niedicinal, $12 per dozen. Wine, white and red, in botiles, including medicinal, put up in any other way, $t 20. per litre. Yerba mate, 5c. per kilo

Article 7:—The following shall be admitted DUTY FREE:-Water. Wire, with or without covering of other materials. Tar, vegetable, impure creosote and carbolinoura. Altars, host boxes, ornaments, sacred vessels and other objects intended for divine service, when they are shipped at the ports of departure for account of the communities, inonasteries, and churches for whose services ihey are intended. Anchors, iron or steel

. Animals, alive, with the exception of those subject to a specific duty. Apparatus and effects for divers Ploughs and cultivators and duplicate pieces. Staples, steel, for wire fencing: Quicksilver. Fire engines and their accessories and all other things intended for extinguishing fire and for the exclusive use of firemen. Speaking trumpers for vessels Pitch. Treenails for vessels. Rope, wire, Chains, iron or steel, link exceeding 40 millimetres. Camotes. Coa! in any form.' Charts, geographical, celestial, or typographical, plans, models, designs and patterns. Rye. Anchor stocks. Cyanide of potassium and of sodium. Nails, copper and composition, for sheathing and shipbuilding. Copper and brass in sheets. Compasses for vessels. Corks, mounted, for bottles. Cork in sheets or lumps.

Log reels.

Staves, coopers', undressed. Rivets. Effects for diplomatic agents and their secretaries accredited to the Chilian Goveinment, when these effects come from the port of shipment for the use and consumption of the said functionaries, up to the value in the first year of $20,000

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