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Domestic Occurrences. - Promotions, &c.

459 every man in the country who feels an at- THEATRICAL REGISTER. tachment to the Established Church.

DRURY LANE. The new Library at the British Mu

April 16. The Boy of Santillane, or the seum has been opened to the public. The

Robber of Asturias, a splendid piece founded central position of the Museum reconimends

on Le Sage's celebrated povel of Gil Blas ;

it was well got up, and received with great it as a site for a great public Library, and the convenience of a large class of students

applause. We are surprised that Mr. Webis consulted by the facilities afforded of re

ster, who so inimitably personated Old ferring at the same time to the collections

Domingo, the black servant, does not have

characters of more importance to sustain. in the Museum, and to publications in Natural History and Science. The Library at

April 18. A three act comedy called present consists of 165,000 printed volumes,

Fast and Shw, was produced from the pen and 20,000 volumes of MSS.

of Mr. Luon, which, notwithstanding Lis

ton's talents, was indifferently received. Transparent clock dials, intended to shew The author spoiled it. the hour at any time of the night, have May 21. A new tragedy by Mr. Gratbeen recently exhibited at St. Giles's Church, tan, author of Highways and Byways, St. Bride's, and other places. The charac- was produced, entitled Ben Nazir the Saraters are bold, and correctly formed in cast cen, in which Kean acted the hero, and by iron, and filled in with stained glass, behind being unable to repeat his part, caused its which lights are introduced, so that the death. hands, as they traverse in the front, are distinctly seen, and the time may le ascer

Covent GARDEN. tained to the greatest nicely both night and April 16. Peler Wilkins, or the Flying day; and such is the mechanical ingenuity Indians, was well received, having beautiful displayed on this occasion, that the clocks, scenery, admirable machinery, and good by their own revolution, light themselves as acting to ensure applause. soon as the sun sets at night, and extin- May 29. A new comedy called Love guish the same when the sun rises in the and Reasm, was produced, and received morning, and this throughoat the year, with great éclat. It still continues a popuwhether the days are long or short.

lar picce.


of Inf. Capt. W. Mills, 9th Light Drag. Whitehall, April 24.—The Right Hon. Capt. G. T. Colomb, 99th Foot.—To be Geo. Canning, the Earl of Mountcharles, Majors of Inf. on balf pay. Brevet Major Lord Francis Leveson Gower, Lord Eliot, G. Bunce, 67th Foos; Brevet Major W. and Edm. Alexander M‘Naghten, esq. Morris, 97th Fout.— Staff. Lieut.-Col. J. to be Commissioners for executing the H, Mair, to be Deputy Judge Adv. to the offices of Treasurer of the Exchequer, and Forces serving in Portugal. Lord High Treasurer of Ireland. The Right :Ipril 30. Gen, the Marq. of AngleHon. G. Canning to be Chancellor aud sey, K. G. to be Master-geu. of the OrdUnder Treasurer of the Exchequer.

nance. The Right Hon. Sir John Leach, April 24.—Sir J. S. Copley, knt to be knt. to be Master or Keeper of the Rulls, Baron Lyndhurst, of Lyndhurst, co. South- and the Right Hon. Sir John Singleton ampton.

Copley (Lord Lyndhurst), to be Lord High Lord Forbes, to be High Commissioner Chancellor. Anth. Hart, esq. Knighted on to the General Assembly of the Church of being appointed Vice-Chancellor of England; Scotland.

James Scarlett, esq. Knighted on being apApril 25.—The Right Hon. Fred. John pointed Attorney-general. The Dukes of Robinson, to be Visc. Goderich, of Nocton, Devonshire and Portland, th: Marq. of Ang. co. Lincoln. James Earl of Fife, to be Baron lesey, Visc. Dudley and Ward, the Right Fifc, co. Fife. The Right Hon. Sir Cha. Hon. Anth. Hart, the Right Hon. W. Abbott, knt. to be Baron Tenderden, of Hen- Lain, and the Right Hon. Geo. Cockburn, don, co. Middlesex. The Right Hon. Win. sworn of His Majesty's Privy Council. The Conyngham Plunkett, to be Baron Plunkett, Duke of Portland to be Keeper of the Privy of Newtown, co. Cork.

Seal. War-Office, April 27. 1st Foot Guards, May 1. Lieut.-Gen. Sir Herbert Taylor, Lieut.-Col. E. P. Buckley, to be Lieut.-Col. G.C. H. to be one of the Deputies of the 13th Foot. Brevet Lieut.-Col. M. Everard, Secretary at War. 14th Foot, to be Major. 14th ditto, Major May 2. Sir W. Johnstone Hope, G.C B. G. Thornhill, 13th Foot, to be Major. 41st the Right Hon. Sir Geo. Cockburn, G.C.B. ditto, Lieut.-Col. P. L Chambers, 87th W. Robert Keith Douglas, esq. and John Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. 67th ditto, Major Evelyn Denison, esq. to form the Council of Hon. H. R. Molyneaux, to be Major. 87th the Duke of Clarence as Lord High Adm. ditto, Lieut.-Col.' H. Godwin, 41st Foot, to The Right Hon. Sir Anthony Hart, knt. to be Lieut.-Col.-Unattached. To be Majors be Vice-Chancellor of England.

Promotions and Preferments.

(May, May 4. The Duke of Leeds to be Master Cambridge University.-Sir N. C. Tindal, of the Horse. Rear Adm. Sir Edw. W. vice Copley, now Baron Lyndhurst. Campbell Rich Owen, K. C. B. to be Master Dublin University.-J. W. Croker, esq. vice Surveyor-gen. of the Ordnance. Sir Geo. Plunkett, now Baron Plunkett. Clerk, bart. to be Clerk of the Ordnance.

Edinburgh (Shire).-Sir Geo. Clerk. May 7. Lieut.-Gen. Sir Herbert Taylor, Harwich.-Sir Wm. Rae, bart. G. C. H. to be First Aide-de-Camp to his Hastings.- Toseph Planta, esq. vice LushMajesty.

ington, Chiltern Hundreds. May 11. The Duke of Leeds, and Lord Liskeard.—Lord Eliot. Plunkett, to be Members of the Privy Newport (Southamplon).—The Hon. W. Council.

Lamb, vice Canning, First Commissioner May 12. The Dukes of Leeds and De- of the Treasury. vonshire, and the Marq. of Exeter, to be Peterborough.Sir James Scarlett. K. G.

Ripon.-Louis Hayes Petit, esq. vice RoMay 14. 30th Foot, to bear the words

hinson, now Visc. Gorterich. « Peninsula” and “ Waterloo."-6th Drag. Sandwich.—Sir E. W. C. R. Owen. Guards, Brev. Lieut.-Col. Jackson, to be Seaford.—Right Hon. Geo. Canning, vice Major. 1st or Gren. Foot Guards : Lieut.- Ellis, Chiltern Hundreds. Col. Oswald, 1st Greek Light Inf. and Capt. F. J. Davies, to be Captains and Lieut.- ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Colonels. ist Foot : Lieut.-Col. J. Carter, Rev. Dr. Jenkinson, to be Dean of Durham. 2d W. Reg. to be Lieut.-Col. 91st ditto : Lieut.-Col, R. Dalyell , to be Lieut.-Col. 2d Rev. J. 1. James, to be Bp. of Calcutta.

Rev. Dr. J. Kaye, to be Bp. of Lincola. ditto, Col. N. M.Leod, 1st Foot, to be Rev. T. Baker, Canon of Chichester Cath. Lieut.-Col.- Unattached. Brevet Lieut.

Rev. W. Harrison, Minor Canon of Chester col. H. Earl of Uxbridge, 1st Life Guards, to

Cath. be Lieut.-Col. of Inf.- To be Majors of Inf.

Rev. Mr. Keene, Preb. in Wells Cath. on half pay, Brevet Major C. C. Dixon, Rev. J. Allgood, Felton Northumb. 90th Foot; Brevet Major J. Thompson, 6th

Rev. J. Carne, Charles V. Plymouth. Foot.

Rev. J. G. Copleston, Kingsey V. Bucks, May 15. The Duke of Devonshire to be Lord Chamb. and Gen. Sir S. Hulse. Vice- Rev. P. Glubb, Clannaborough R. Devon.

Rev. G. Deane, Bighton R. Hants. Chamb. Earl of Stamford and Warrington Rev. G. Hall, Tenbury V. Worcestershire, to be Chamberlain of the county palatine of

with Rochford R. Herefordshire. Chester,

Rev. R, Holberton, St. Mary's R. BridgeMay 16. Fred. Beilby Watson, esq.

town, Barbadoes. Master of the Household, Knighted.

Rev. J. F. Hone, Tirby V. co. Gloucester. May 17. The Right Hon. Chas. Watkin

Rev. W. Hutchinson, Uhley R. Somerset. Williams Wynn, Visc. Dudley and Ward, Visc. Goderich, and the Right Hon. W. Rev. S. Lane, Holme V. Devon.

Rev. J.Hempthorne, Wedmore V. Somerset. Sturges Bourne, the three principal Secretaries of State ; the Right Hon. Geo. Rev. T. Mercer, Arthingworth North

Rev. W. Mayd, Wethersfield R. Suffolk. Canning, First Commissioner of His Majesty's Treasury and Chancellor of His

Ma- Rev. W. A. Musgrave, Emmington R. co.

ampton. jesty's Exchequer ; John Baron Teign

Oxford. mouth; the Right Hon. John Sullivan; Rev. J. Nance, Hope R. with Old Romney and Sir George Warrender, bart.; Joseph

R. Kent. Phillimore, LL.D.; and Sir James Macdo- Rev. G. D. St. Quinton, Broughton R. nald, bart.; to be His Majesty's Commis

Hants. sioners for the affairs of India. The Hon. James Abercromby, to be " Adv.-gen. or

Rev. W. P. Spencer, Starston R. Norfolk.

Rev. G. S. Weidemann, St. Paul's P. C. Judge -martial of His Majesty's Forces. May 18.

Geo. Earl of Carlisle, W. Da- Rev. G. Wilkins, Wing R. co. Rutland. cres Adams, and Henry Dawkins, esquires, to be Commissioners of His Majesty's Woods,

CHAPLAINS. Forests, and Land Revenues. The Right Rev N. Barnes, to the Countess Dow. of Mon. Geo. Tierney to be Master and Worker

Chichester. of the Mint.

Rev. J. Morris, to Lord Lynedoch.


Memlers returned to serve in Parliament.
Aldeburgh.-Wyndham Lewis, esq.
Ashburton.-Right Hon. S. Bourne.
Blechingly.-Right Hon. Wm. Lamb, vice

Russell, Chiltern Hundreds.
Calne.-Rt. Hon. Jas. Abercromby and Sir

Jas. Macdonald, bt.

May 26.

Wm. Robinson, LL.D. author of the 16 Magistrates' Pocket-Book," &c. ; J. L. Lucena, J. Rudell, W. L. Wigs gett, A. K. Watson, J. N. Mahon, J. E. Armstrong, and Cha3. Austin, esquires, to be Barristers at Law.

[blocks in formation]

April 12. At his house in Stratton- calf, esq. a son.— 15. In New-street, street, London, the wife of Geo. Carr Glyn, Spring-gardens, the wife of J. H. 'Tremayne, esq. a son.- -16. At Cheltenham, the esq. & son, At St. Leonard's, near Horswife of J. Fosbroke, esq. a dau..-18., At ham, Sussex, the wife of G. Barttelot Smyth, Ilfrrcombe, Devon, the wife of Capt. W. H. esq. a dau.At Blackheath, the wife of Milles, a dau.-21. At Farley, Wilts, Simeon Warner, esq. a son.- -In Great the wife of the Rev. Chas. Fred. Watkins, a , Cumberland-place, the wife of P. MacEvoy, dan.-22. At Audley House, Saffron esq. twins.- 16. At Wheatfield, the Walden, Lady Braybrooke, a son.-29. wife of the Rev. Chas. Spencer, a sopsAt Hythe, the wife of Capt. Davies Smith, At Grosvenor House, Shaftsbury, the wife R. Eng. a son, -At Eglingham Vicarage, of the Rev. T. Evans, a dau. 17. At Northumb, the wife of the Rev. H. B. Tris- Win. Sotheby, esq's. Grosvenor-street, the tram, a dau.-In Bentinck-street, Lon- widow of Hans Sotheby, esq. late of the don, the Lady of Sir Rich. Paul Jodrell, Bengal Civil Service, a son. The wife of bart. a son.

Robert Hamilton, esq. Bloomfield Lodge, May 5. At Wood Stanway, Gloucester- Norwood, Surrey, a son.-21. At Chelshire, the wife of the Rev. F. Aston, a son. tenham, the wife of the Rev. James Hayes -12. At Clifton, the wife of H. Met- Sadler, a son and heir.


MARRIAGES. April 16. At the house of the Right -At St. George's, Hanover-square, Hon. Wm. Hill, his Majesty's Minister at the Marquis de Merve, to Isabella-Selina, Naples, the Chevalier de Dupont, Inspector dau. of Lady Morres Gore.— At Ditton, gen. of the Customs and Revenue Depart- Rev. J. E. Tyler, Rector of St. Giles in the ments of his Sicilian Majesty, to Miss Fields, to Eliz. Anne, eldest dau. of the Douglas, second dau. of the late Sir A. S. late Geo. Griffin, esq. of Newton House, Douglas, knt. Capt. R. N.-At Paris, T. Monmouthshire. - 19. Chas. Johu BloxW. Ponsonby Molesworth, esq. to Anne, am, esq. of Lincoln's-inn-fields, to Eliz. youngest dau. of the Rev. Thomas Fawcett, dau. of Joseph Tucker, esq. of John-street, Rector of Aynho and Greens Norton, North- Bedford-row, Commissioner of the Navy. amptonshire. -At St. George's, Hanover- -20. Chas. Johnston, esq. of Brunssq. the Rev.J.P. Carpenter, Rector of South wick-square, son of Wm. Johnston, esq. of Sydenham, Devon, to Harriet Eliz. eldest Muswell-bill, Middlesex, to Caroline, only dau. of the Rev. W. Garnier, of Rookesbury, dau. of John Roebuck, csq. of Cheltenham. Hants.- -At Whitby Church,


-21. At Chelsea, the Rev. G. D. St. esq. Lieut. E.I.C. to Miss Simpson, dau. of Quintin, Rector of Broughton, Wilts, to the late Mr. Henry Simpson, Banker.- Georgiana-Henrietta-Louisa, second dau. of 17. At Islington, Captain Henry Delafosse, the Hon. and Rev. Gerald Wellesley, D.D. Bengal Art. to Miss Shield, of Hornsey- At Heavitree, Exeter, Lieut. Charles lane, Highgate.The Rev. W. Hutch- Roe, R.M. son of the Rev. James Roe, inson, eldest son of Thos. Hutchinson, esq. Rector of Newbury, Berks, to Anne, eldest Bury, Lancashire, to Sarah, eldest dau. of dau. of the late Peter Goullett, esq. of SumEdw. Mitchell, esq. of Castle Strange, Ire- merland-place, Exeter.- --23. At Dublin, land, and grand-dau. of the late Ald. Wray, James M'Cullagh, esq. to Anne, only dau. of Hull. -Charles Hotham Wells, esq.

of the late Rev. Richard Dillon.--24. At E. I. C. to Isabella, dau. of the late Henry St. John's, Westminster, Capt. Chas. Jas. Simpson, esq. of Meadowfield House, Whit- Hope Johnstone, R. N. to Eliza, third dau. by, Yorkshire. -18. At St. George's, of Joseph Wood, esq. of St. Michael's-terHanover-sq. W. H. Cooper, esq. only son of race, and Manadon Park, Devon.—At the Rev. Sir William Cooper, bart. to Barnes, John Forbes, esq. son of Gen. GorAnne, eldest dau. of C. K. K. Tynte, esq. don Forbes, of Ham, Surrey, to Eliz. Mary, M. P. of Halswell House, Somerset. second dau. of the Rev. John Jeffrey, RecAt Swaffham, in Norfolk, John Pyke, esq. tor of Barnes. —The Rev. Thos. Taylor R. N. of Staddon, in Devonshire, to Caro- Lewis, of Ayrestry, co. Hereford, to Eliza, Jine-Sarah, dau. of the Rev. Chancellor eldest dau. of James Penfold, esq. of Chcam, Yonge, of the former place. -At Dod- Surrey.-25. At Cheltenham, Thos. Indington House, Gloucestershire, the seat of gledew, esq. of Clapham-road, Surrey, to Sir Bethel Codrington, bart. Henry Peyton. Sophia, widow of the late Col. Little, of esq. only sor of Sir Henry Peyton, bart. of Keinsey, Worcestershire.--—At LeamingTusmore House, near Bicester, Oxfordshire, ton Priors, Geoffrey Shakerley, esq. youngest to Georgiana, third dau. of Sir B. Codring- son of Chas. Watkin Shakerley, esq. of 462 Marriages.

(May, Shakerley, Lancashire, and Somerford Park, Emily, eldest dau. of Gen. Sir John Murray, Cheshire, to Ellen-Maria, youngest dau. of bart. -At St. Martin's, Chas. Edw. Bacon, the late Rev. Jas. Agnew Webster, of Ash- esq. M.D. of Guildford, to Miss Isabella feild, co. Longford, Ireland.- -26. At St. Rowe, of Newcastle-on-Tyne.- 2. At Giles's, Camberwell, the Rev. Gilbert Alder, Ealing, S. Printis, esq. B. A. of Christ Colof Little Hampton, Sussex, to Eliz. third lege, Cambridge, to Cath. dau, of the late dau. of Peter Davey, esq. of Champion-hill. Mr. Jos. Knevett, of Cold Hall, Little Eal

- At St. Mary's Church, Leicester, John ing, a descendant of the ancient House of Stockdale Hardy, esq. F.S. A. of Leicester, Knevett, of Norfolk and Suffolk.At St. to Eliza, dau, of the late Thos. Leach, esq. George's, Hanover-square, Cæsar Hawkios, of the Newark.-At York, the Rev. esq. of Halfmoon-street, to Caroline, dau. Chas. Wasteneys, only son of Archd. Eyre, of the late Jobo Dolbel, esq. of Jerseyto Lucy-Dorothea, youngest dau. of the late At St. George's, Bloomsbury, John-Lucius John-Robinson Foulis, esq. of Heslerton, Dampier, esq. to Margaret-Sarah, only surYorkshire. ---Geo. Bover, esq. of Stock- viving dau. of the late Rev. Christ. Erie, of ton Lodge, near Warrington, to Isabella, Gillingham, Dorset.-3. At Effingham, youngest dau. of Christ. Mortimer, esq. of Surrey, the Rev. Geo. Farley, of Woking, Warrington.—-_At Brussels, George, third to Maria, only dau. of the late Richard Thoson of Wm. Wyndham, esq. of Dinton, mas, esq. of the Strand, and Chester-place, Wilts, to Margaret, second dau. of John Lambeth.---At St. George's, Norwich, Jay, esq. of Brussels.

-28. At North James, eldest son of the late Rev, James Stoneham, Hants, Capt. St. Leger, to Eliz. Wright, Rector of East Harling, Norfolk, youngest dau. of Sir John-Dashwood King, to Eliz. third dau. of the late Rer. Morden bart. M.P. - At St. Luke's Church, Al- Carthew.- -At North Cray, David-Howard bert W. Beetham, esq. of Stoke Newington, Morgan, esq. of the Rookery, St. Mary to Caroline, third dau. of John Capron, Cray, Kent, to Frances-Jane, third dau. of esq.of Finsbury-square. --At St. George's, J. Harrison, esq. of Honeyden, Kent.Hanover-square, Henry Dawes, esq. Bengal At Christchurch, Surrey, Capt. Matthew Service, to Maria, only child of the late Lidton, R. N. of Taunton, Somerset, to Wm. Noble, esq. of Anne, only dau. of the late S. Bilke, esq. of At St. George's, Hanover-square, John Stamford-street.-5. At Totnes, DevonLivingston Callander, esq. 7th Hussars, to shire, James Gay, esq. of Champion-bill, Sarah, eldest dau. of Wm A. Becket, esq. Surrey, to Anna, second dau. of Wmn. Searle of Golden-square.

Bentall, esq.-8. At Acrise, the Rev. Lately. At Broadwater, the Rev. E. El. Henry Thursby, to Eliz. Mary, fifth dau. of liott, Vicar of Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, Thos. Papillon, esq. of Acrise-place, Hants. to Mary, dau, of John King, esq. of Lox- --At Bishopsgate Church, Edw. Dawson, wood, Sussex,

-At Cheltenham, H. B. esq. of Aldcliffe Hall, Lancashire, to Mary, Maxwell, esq. son of Gen. Maxwell, to eldest dau. of Robert Bousfield, esq. of the Mary-Anne-Barbara, dau, of the late John Manor House, Walworth, Surrey.- 9. At Hunter, esq.

Feltham, Middlesex, Hen.-T. Curtis, esq. of May 1. 'At Stonehouse, Devon, E. W. Gower-st. Belford-sq. to Envily, eldest dau. of Churchill, Lieut. R.M. to Mary, eldest dau. Thos. Burnell, esq. of Feltham-hill.of Geo. Palliser, esq.--At Eaton Socon, Robert Helme, jun. esq. of Walthamstow, Bedfordshire, the Rev. John F. Dawson, to Essex, to Maria, dau. of the late Robert Hester, eldest dau. of the Rev. Hugh-Wade Ingram, esq of Mosford Lodge, Middlesex. Gery, of Bushmead Priory, Beds. - At 15. At St. Marylebone, the Rev. H. K. Pirbright, Surrey, Chas. Stirling, esq. to Bunney, Archdeacon of Bedford, and Rector Char. Dorothea, only dau. of Vice-Admiral of King's Cliffe, Northamptonshire, to Char. Stirling, of Woburn Farm.At St. lotte, dau. of the late John Perry, esq. of George's, Hanover-square, John Sam. Wan- Moor Hall, Essex.At St. Marylebane, ley Sawbridge, esq. of Olantigh, Kent, to Major Alex. Dashwood, to Marian, dau, of Miss Drax® Grosvenor, of Charborough Peter Still, esq. of Devonshire-place. Park, co. Dorset.At Reading, the Rev. At St. Marylebone, Chas. Lennox Grenville H. I. Barton, to Emma Eliz. only dau. of Berkeley, esq to Augusta Eliz. dau. of the the late Geo. Henry Warner, esq. of Fid- late Chandos Leigh, esy. of Stoneleigh, dington, Oxfordshire.--At St. George's, Warwickshire. ----16. The Rev. Henry Hanover-square, Robert Mangles, esq. of Cockerell, to Eliz. second dau, of J. J. Tule Whitmore Lodge, Sunning Hill, Berks, to pell, esq. of Langleys, Essex.-17, At Selina-Theresa, widow of the late Capt. Newington, Lieut. G. Hales, R.N. to CaAthill, R. N. and third dau. of the late Chas. roline, eldest dau, of the late Bartholomew Bishop, esq. his Majesty's Procurator-gene- Churchill Carter, esq. of the Grove, CamTal.At Gloucester, Henry-Hooper-Wil- berwell, and Tadmerton, Oxfordshire.ton, esq. to Harriet, dau. of the late Rev. At Mathon, Worcestershire, Thomas Best, John Jones, of Foy. At Walbrook, E.S. esq. to Mary-Catharine, eldest dau. of the Howell, esq. of 'Bucklersbury, to Cath. late Rev. Allen Cliffe, of Mathou House.


[blocks in formation]

Tue MARQUESS OF CHOLMONDELEY. On the death of Iloratio, 41h Earl of

April 9. At his mansion in Piccadilly, Orford, in 1797, the Earl of Cbo!monde. oged nearly 78, the Most Honourable ley acquired, aster a litigation with the George James Cholmondeley, first Mar- present Earl of Orford's grandfather, a quess of Cholinondeley and Earl of Rock- very large accession of property, and the savage, fourth Earl of Cholmondeley, Vis- magnificent mansion of Houghion in Norcount Malpas, and Baron Cholmondeley folk, built by his great graodfather Sir of Namptwich, tbird Baron Newburgh in Robert Walpole, the first Earl and cele. the Isle of Anglesey, all in the Peerage of brated Minister. His Lordship before England; fifth Viscount Cholmoodeley, possessed the best estale in Cheshire. of Kells, co. Meath, and third Baron New- In 1812 the Earl of Cholmondeley was burgh, cu. Wexford, in tbe Peerage of appointed by the Prince Regent Lord Ireland ; K.G., and K.G. H.; a Priry. Steward of the Household, which office councillor ; Chamberlain, and Vice-admi. he retained till succeeded by the Mar-, ral of the Palatinate of Chester.

quess of Conyngham, the present Lord This Nobleman was born at Harding. Steward, in 1821. He was during the stone in Northamptonshire, April 30. 1749, same period Judge of the Marshalsea and the eldest son of George Viscount Malpas, Palace Cours. By patent dated Nov. 22, by Hester, daughter and beiress of Sir 1915, he was created Marquess of Chola Francis Edwardes, fourth Baronet, of mondeley and Earl of Rocksavage. Shrewsbury. The Marquess lost bis la. His Lordship is succeeded in his titles ther in 1764, but his mother survived vill and estates by his son George-James-Ho1805, when she died at the advanced age ratio, (hiiherio styled Earl of Rocksavage,) of ninety-eight. His Lordship had just born in 1792, and called to the tou:e of passed his minority, when, in 1770, he in- Peers in his father's Barony of Newburgh herited the Earldum, on the death of his in 1821. The Marquess has left two other grandfather ; whom he was also appointed children, Lady Charloite, widow of the to succeed as Lord Lieutenant and Cus. late Col. Hugh Seymour, first cousin of tos Rotulorum of Chesbire, a post which the Marquess of Heriford, and M.P. for had become almost hereditary in the fa. co. Antrim (who died in 1821); and Lord mily, having been previously filed by William Henry. the first and second Ear's. He resigned The remains of the Marquess were conit, however, in 1783, when made Captain veyed to Cheshire for interment. There of the Yeoman of the Guard, and it has are, at Cholmondeley Castle, two pora ever since been nccupied by the Earls of traits of his Lordship, one by Hoppner, Stamford aud Warringlun. In 1782 the and the other, in which he is representdeceased acted as Euroy Extraordinary ed as conversing with his steward Mr. and Plenipotentiary to the Court of Ber. Stephens, by Finlater, lin; and on the 25th of April, 1783, he was appointed to the Captaincy of the

The EARL OF SHREWSBURY. Yeomen of the Guard, and at the same April 6. Al his bouse in Stanhope-st. time sworn a Privy Councillor. He re. aged 74, after a long illness, the Right tained the Captaincy only a few months, Honourable Charles Talbot, fifteenth Earl and was succeeded in the following Ja- of Shrewsbury in England, and Wexford puary by the late Earl of Aylesford. and Waterford in Ireland, F.S.A.

On the 25th of April, 1791, the Earl His Lordship was born March 8, 1753, of Cholmondeley was married to Lady the eldest son of the Hon. Charles Talbot Georgiana Charlotte Bertie, 2d dau. of (second son of George the 13th Earl), Peregrioe, 3d Duke of Ancaster. This and his second wife Mary, whose father Lady, who, on the death of her brother was Thomas, fourth son of Sir George Robert the 4th Duke in 1779, became, Mostyn, fourth Baronet of Talacre, and with her sister Priscilla Baroness Wile her mother Mary-Catharine, eldest dau, loughby de Eresby, joint hereditary Great of Henry tenth Lord Teynham. The Earl Chamberlain of England, survives the succeeded his uncle in his titles July 27, Marquess.

1787; and he married Sept. 12, 1792, On the marriage of the Prince of Wales Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Hoey, in 1795, the Earl of Cholmondeley was esq. of Dublin. He met with this lady appointed Chamberlain of His Higliness's when on her way 10 Bourdeaux to take Household, and the Countess a Lady of the veil. She had no children. the Princess's Bedchamber. They con. Until the present Duke of Norfolk's ac. tinued in those places until about 1805. cession to that title in 1815, the Earl of

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