A Complete History of the Marquis de Lafayette: Major-general in the American Army in the War of the Revolution Embracing an Account of His Tour Through the United States to the Time of His Departure, September 1825

R. Lowry, 1826 - 504 sivua

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Sivu 156 - I have not only retired from all public employments, but am retiring within myself, and shall be able to view the solitary walk and tread the paths of private life with heartfelt satisfaction. Envious of none I am determined to be pleased with all, and this, my dear friend, being the order of my march, I will move gently down the stream of life until I sleep with my fathers.
Sivu 295 - I forbear to enlarge on this delicate subject. Permit me only to submit to your Majesty's consideration, whether his long imprisonment, and the confiscation of his estate, and the indigence and dispersion of his family, and the painful anxieties incident to all those circumstances, do not form an assemblage of sufferings which recommend him to the mediation of humanity?
Sivu 295 - As it is a maxim with me not to ask what, under similar circumstances, I would not grant, your Majesty will do me the justice to believe, that this request appears to me to correspond with those great principles of magnanimity and wisdom, which form the basis of sound policy and durable glory.
Sivu 286 - All would now hare b(ftn well, but one of the horses, taking fright at the scene and noise, had reared, slipped his 'bridle, and ran off. A countryman caught him, and was holding him at a considerable distance.
Sivu 85 - Resolved, That Congress consider the return of the Marquis de Lafayette to America, to resume his command, as a fresh proof of the disinterested zeal and persevering attachment which have justly recommended him to the public confidence and applause ; and that they receive with pleasure a tender of the further services of so gallant and meritorious an officer.
Sivu 361 - General Lafayette then rose in his carriage, and in a most interesting manner, replied as follows : — " The emotions of love and gratitude, which I have been accustomed to feel on my entering this city, have ever mingled with a sense of religious reverence for the cradle of American, and let me hope it will hereafter be said of Universal liberty. " What must be, Sir, my feelings, at the blessed moment, when, after so long an absence, I find myself again surrounded by the good citizens of Boston...
Sivu 487 - I stand firm and erect, when in their names, and by you, Mr. Speaker, I am declared to have, in every instance, been faithful to those American principles of...
Sivu 78 - Resolved, That the minister plenipotentiary of the United States of America at the court of Versailles, be directed to cause an elegant sword, with proper devices, to be made and presented, in the name of the United States, to the Marquis de Lafayette.
Sivu 329 - ... voice of posterity. * On the twenty-eighth of December, 1824, an act was passed by congress, directing the secretary of the treasury to pay to general Lafayette, in consideration of his' services and sacrifices in the war of the revolution, the sum of two hundred thousand dollars ; and also granting to him and his heirs, one township of land, to be laid out and located under the authority of the president, in any of the unappropriated lands of the United States.
Sivu 486 - States have ever beheld you true to your old principles, firm and erect, cheering and animating, with your well-known voice, the votaries of Liberty, its faithful and fearless champion, ready to shed the last drop of that blood which, here, you so freely and nobly spilt in the same holy cause.

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