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Suitable for Holiday Presents,



The following works are for sale by all booksellers, or will be sent by HARPER & BROTHERS, postage prepaid, to any part of the United States, Canada, or Mexico, on receipt of the price. HARPER'S NEW CATALOGUE, a descriptive list of over 3000 volumes, sent, postpaid, on receipt of Ten Cents.

Wordsworth's Sonnets.

A Selection from the Sonnets of WILLIAM WORDSWORTH, With numerous illustrations by ALFRED PARSONS. 4to, full leather, gilt edges, $5.00. (In a box.)

Strolls by Starlight

and Sunshine.

Written and illustrated by WILLIAM HAMILTON Gibson. Royal 8vo, cloth, ornamental, $3.50.

OTHER WORKS BY W. HAMILTON GIBSON. Happy Hunting-Grounds. A Tribute to the Woods and Fields. Illustrated by the author. 4to, cloth, illuminated, gilt edges, $7.50. (In a box.)

Highways and Byways; or, Saunterings in New England. Illustrated by the author. 4to, cloth, illuminated, gilt edges, $7.50. (In a box.)

Pastoral Days; or, Memories of a New England Year. Illustrated by the author. 4to, cloth, illuminated, gilt edges, $7.50. (In a box.)

Port Tarascon :

The Last Adventures of the Illustrious Tartarin. By ALPHONSE DAUDET. Translated by HENRY JAMES. Richly illustrated. 8vo, cloth, ornamental, gilt top and uncut edges, $2.50.

Christmas in Song,

Sketch and Story.

Nearly Three Hundred Christmas Songs, Hymns and Carols. With selections from Beecher, Wallace, Auerbach, Abbott, Warren and Dickens. Illustrations by Raphael, Murillo, Bouguereau, Hofmann, Defregger, Story, Shepherd, Darley, Meade, Nast and Others. Selected by J. P. MCCASKEY, compiler of the "Frankiin Square Song Collection." Royal 8vo, cloth, ornamental, $2.50.

The American Stage.

Curiosities of the American Stage. By LAURENCE HUTWith copious and characteristic illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut edges and gilt top, $2 50.


The Tsar and His People;

Or, Social Life in Russia. Profusely illustrated. Square. 8vo, cloth, ornamental, $3 00.

Boswell's Johnson.

Boswell's Life of Johnson, including Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, and Johnson's Diary of a Journey into North Wales. Edited by GEORGE BIRKBECK HILL, D.C.L., Pembroke College, Oxford. Edition de luxe. In six volumes. Large 8vo, bound in fine leather with cloth sides, gilt tops and uncut edges, with many portraits, views, fac-similes, etc., $30.00. Edition limited to 300 copies, each copy of which is numbered. Popular edition. 6 volumes, cloth, uncut edges and gilt tops, $10.00. (In a box.)

Harper's Young People" for 1890. Vol. XI.

With about 900 illustrations and 892 pages. 4to, cloth, ornamental, $3.50. Vols. VIII. and X., $3.50 each. Vols. 1. to VII. and Vol. IX. out of print.

Boy Travellers.

The Boy Travellers in Great Britain and Ireland. Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey through Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, with Visits to the Hebrides and the Isle of Man. By THOMAS W. KNOX. Profusely illustrated. Square 8vo, cloth, ornamental, $3.00.


Richly illustrated. Square 8vo, cloth, ornamental. The Boy Travellers in Great Britain and Ireland. $3.00.

The Boy Travellers in Mexico. $3.00.
The Boy Travellers in Australasia. $3.00.

The Boy Travellers in the Russian Empire. $3.00.
The Boy Travellers on the Congo. $3.00.
The Boy Travellers in South America. $3.00.
The Boy Travellers in the Far East. In five vol-
umes. $3.00 a volume.

The Voyage of the "Vivian." $2.50.
Hunting Adventures on Land and Sea.
volumes. $2.50 a volume.

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From Gibson's "Starlight and Sunshine." (Copyright, 1890, by Harper & Bros.)


History Made Interesting.

Freedom Triumphant. The Fourth Period of the
War of the Rebellion, from September, 1864, to its
illustrated. Square 8vo, cloth, $3.00.

Profusely illustrated.
Square 8vo,
cloth, ornamental, $3.00 each.

Eight volumes.

The Story of Liberty.

Old Times in the Colonies.
The Boys of '76.

Building the Nation.

Drum-Beat of the Nation.

Marching to Victory.

Redeeming the Republic.

Freedom Triumphant.

"The Quiet Life."

Certain Verses by Various Hands: the Motive set forth in a Prologue and Epilogue by AUSTIN DOBSON; the whole adorned with numerous drawings by Edwin A. Abbey and Alfred Parsons. 4to, ornamental leather, gilt edges, $7.50. (In a box.)

Old Songs.

With drawings by Edwin A. Abbey and Alfred Parsons. 4to, ornamental leather, gilt edges, $7.50. (In a box.)

She Stoops to Conquer.

Illustrated by Abbey. "She Stoops to Conquer; or, The Mistakes of a Night." A Comedy. By Dr. GOLDSMITH. With photogravure and process reproductions from drawings by Edwin A. Abbey. Decorations by Alfred Parsons. Introduction by Austin Dobson. Folio, leather, illuminated, gilt edges, $20.00.. (In a box.)

Herrick's Poems.

Illustrated by Abbey. Selections from the Poems of Robert Herrick. With drawings by Edwin A. Abbey. 4to, cloth, illuminated, gilt edges, $7.50. (In a box.)

Engravings on Wood.

Twenty-five Engravings on Wood by MEMBERS OF THE
scriptive Letterpress by W. M. Laffan. Popular edition.
Large folio, ornamental covers, $12.00. (In a box.)

Cathedrals and Abbevs.

Cathedrals and Abbeys in Great Britain and Ireland.
With descriptive letterpress by the Rev. RICHARD
WHEATLEY, D.D. Profusely illustrated. Folio, il-
luminated cloth, $10.00. (In a box.)

Dore's London.

London: A Pilgrimage. Illustrations by GUSTAVE DORÉ. Letterpress by BLANCHARD JERROLD. Folio, cloth, $5.00.

The Raven.

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The Ancient Mariner.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. By SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE. Illustrated by Gustave Doré. Folio, cloth, illuminated, gilt edges, $10.00. (In a box.)

Howard Pyle's Works.


The Wonder Clock; or, Four-and-Twenty Marvellous Tales: being One for each Hour of the Day. drawings by the Author. Embellished with Verses by Katharine Pyle. Large 8vo, cloth, ornamental, $3.00. Pepper and Salt; or, Seasoning for Young Folk. Profusely illustrated by the Author. 4to, cloth, illuminated, $2.00.

The Rose of Paradise. A Story of Adventure.
lustrated by the Author. Post 8vo, cloth, $1.25.

Charles Dudley Warner's

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Horse, Foot and Dragoons. Sketches of Army Life at
With illustrations by the Author. Square 8vo, cloth,
ornamental, $2.00.

City Boys in the Woods;

Or, A Trapping Venture in Maine. By HENRY P. WELLS Profusely illustrated. Square 8vo, ornamental cloth, $2.50.


A COURT BALL AT THE WINTER PALACE, ST. PETERSBURG. From "The Tsar and his People." (Copyright. 1890, by Harper & Bros.)

From "Wordsworth's Sonnets."-Illustrated by Parsons.

From Wordsworth's Sonnets." Illustrated by Parsons.-Copyright, 1890, by Harper & Brothers.

Christmas Greeting.

Copyright, 1890, by Harper & Brothers.

JOW OLD CHRISTMAS stands again on the threshold, and through the open door is heard upon the frosty air, in angel voices, that glorious song," Peace on earth, good-will to men!" Though cares may press and troubles throng all the grim three hundred and sixty-four days that precede it, when once the chimes of Christmas Day ring out upon the air, the furrowed brows relax, the anxious eyes light up, and every one of us, however conditioned, and wherever placed, feels the glad thrill of the world's happiness touch both life and heart, as we too join in greetings to the happy day. Men who never give the origin of the world's great festival a thought, feel their best natures stirred to be in the good times they see and feel around them, and to do their share towards brightening and cheering the little corner of the earth for whose happiness they are responsible. The Christmas. tree is now admitted into all homes and enjoyed alike by Christian and pagan Even scoffers and such as have no distinct idea of religious belief cease from logical reasoning and historical refutation, and become as little children in Christmas entertainment.

A great longing to make others happy fills every heart; all harshness and injustice is put aside, and homes are opened wide to friends and strangers. The world keeps this holiest of holy days in this hearty, happy manner, led and guided only by human love and human kindness, and year after year rejoices in the bustle and cheer of Christmas Day, the reunion of families, the exchange of gifts, and all the gladness of holiday-making.

Now, if ever, the purse-strings are loosened; the giver is blessed in giving, the receiver happy in receiving; and the fair garland of Christmas gifts and Christmas greetings that links heart to heart vies in fragrance and beauty with the more perishable blossoms that deck the Christmas home.

And what gift at this season more acceptable than books?-books that are omnipotent; books that delight and entertain, that instruct and guide, that amuse and profit the countless thousands who read them, from the patriarch to the youngest of the family. To guide the puzzled searcher through the embarrassment of riches, that has again been prepared for him by the ever-busy author, artist and publishernot to surfeit him, but rather to show him what there is and how to get it-the CHRISTMAS BOOKSHELF is presented, with its annual store of title, description and picture, and offers its aid to all who search for suitable Holiday gifts. For such we open our pages, and, as we bid them choose, we mingle with our Christmas greetings the heartiest wish of Tiny Tim: "God bless us, every one!"


To those that love us, joy and peace,
Whether afar or near:

To old and young, to rich and poor,
Be merry Christmas days in store,
And hope, in the New Year.

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