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translations of Prosper Mérimée's "Chronicle of the Reign of Charles IX." and Balzac's The Chouans." Mérimée's history of the French land and people from 1550 to 1574, although in the form of romance, gives a vivid and accurate picture of the times. It is illustrated with 110 engravings on wood, from drawings by Edouard Toudouze. "The Chouans" has 100 engravings on wood, by Léveillé, from drawings by Julien Le Blant. "Othello" is the volume ready in The International Shakespeare. This is illus trated by Frank Dicksie, and is a beautiful specimen of what promises to be the most superb edition of Shakespeare ever published. "Curious Creatures in Zoology," by John Ashton, shows 130 illustrations of all sorts of curious formations, from centaurs to bearded women. McAllister's" Society As I Have Found It," although ridiculed by many, is wanted by all, and can be had in the plain edition and also in the édition de luxe, in which some years hence it will remain a characteristic record of a special phase of life in 1890.

THE CENTURY Co. have in the imposing "Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson one of the most valuable contributions to contemporary stage life, which during its serial course in the Century Magazine attracted enthusiastic admiration. We describe it in detail in our front pages, and feel confident that it will be one of the most popular holiday books, sure to delight those all over the world who for many years have loved the dear old actor, Joseph Jefferson. Bound volumes of the Century Magazine, and subscriptions for the coming year, always make rich and highly appreciated Christmas gifts.

paper, with mounted Japan proofs of the illustrations. An interesting book, combining much wellgiven information with many amusing anecdotes, is Mrs. M. Carey's translation from the French of the "Narrative of Captain Coignet (soldier of the Empire), 1776-1850," edited from the original manuscript by Loredon Larchey, with illustrations by J. Le Blant. It is the record of the daily doings of a private soldier in the great campaigns of the great Napoleon, who by his graphic portraitures makes the Napoleonic days live again. This is brought out in two styles of binding, and cannot fail to interest all lovers of history and adventure. The same class of readers will learn with pleasure that an illustrated limited



From "Narrative of Capt. Coignet." (Copyright, 1890, by Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.)

T. Y. CROWELL & Co. have prepared a sumptuous two-volume edition of Charlotte Bronté's "Jane Eyre," illustrated with forty-eight engravings by Andrew, and printed on fine paper, of which we give a full description in our front pages. Another always welcome old friend, Thomas Hughes' "Tom Brown's School-Days,' has also been embellished with fifty-three engravings by Andrew, some full-page, others scattered through the familiar text. Of this there will be various editions, including an édition de luxe, limited to 250 numbered copies, printed on large


edition of Bourrienne's "Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte" can be had this year at a great reduction. This firm make a specialty of excellent translations of standard foreign fiction, which can be used to advantage as gift-books. A publication showing originality of plan is an autographbook compiled by Elizabeth A. Allen, under the

title "Gold Nails to Hang Memories On." From English Christian names, those in most common use have been selected, and under John, William, Margaret or Catherine are collected references to the life, work or influence of a few of the celebrated Johns, Williams, etc., of the world. The references are in rhyme, to aid memory, and are chiefly quotations from known authors, though the capable compiler has written many of them, when better material than her own was not available. Spaces are left for autographs under every name.

DE WOLFE, FISKE & Co. have had the happy idea of making a handsome uniform edition, in sixteen volumes, of the "Works of Charles Reade," printed from new type on fine paper, with a full-page etching in every volume by C. A. Walker. The binding is rich in design and durable in workmanship, and the set will make a very valuable addition to library shelves. They have also several new additions to the genus gift-book. "Longfellow Gems" and "Tennyson Gems" each consist of six reproductions of etchings by W. Goodrich Beal, illustrating extracts from the poets' works, and giving portraits of the authors; Whittier Gems are made up of extracts and twelve illustrations by L. K. Harlow; and in "Halcyon Days" they offer an original poem by Cymeon Tucker Clarke, illustrated by Lena J. Ringueberg and F. Schuyler Mathews. All these are gotten up in cloth bindings or in antique paper tied with ribbons. Dr. Newell's three ocean romances, "The Wreck of the Greyhound," "The Voyage of the Fleetwing," and " The Isle

of Palms," which have met with hearty appreciation from lovers of strong, correctly written seastories, are again ready in bright covers for a new successful season. The author is an old sailor, and speaks as one who has seen of the trials and delights of an ill-used forecastle boy, of the daredevil harpooner, and also of the responsibilities of the captain of a large whaling ship. A thread of romance runs through these stories of healthy and exciting adventure, and makes them pleasing to stay-at-home women readers as well as to excitement-craving men.



DODD, MEAD & Co. always cater with success for a cultivated and literary taste in planning publications for the holiday season. "Halévy's Abbé Constantin," with Madeleine Lemaire's illustrations, their artistic triumph of last year, has now a companion volume in the same author's "A Marriage for Love," with twenty-three full-page illustrations by Wilson de Meza, reproduced in photogravures of exquisite tone and finish. The edition de luxe is uniform with the quarto edition of last year's book, and in every detail worthy to be placed by its side. Austin Dobson has written a " Memoir of Horace Walpole " specially for this house, which is now ready, in a limited edition de luxe printed at the De Vinne press from type, on handsome linen and Japan paper, and illustrated with eleven etchings by Percy Moran. Only 479 copies have been printed, and English as well as American connoisseurs must be on the alert to obtain one ere it is too late. The same talented writer has had his poem, The Sun-Dial," chosen for illustration

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From The Voyage of he Fleetwing' (Copyright by Dr. C. M. Newell.) De Wolfe, Fiske & Co


by George Wharton Edwards, who has decorated it with many sketches reproduced in photogravure, and also with many artistic pen-and- ink drawings showing poetic imagination and trained skill. It makes a handsome art-book in which both poet and artist teach valuable truth. The binding is appropriate and striking. An edition de luxe on Japan paper, limited to fifty copies, will have the additional value of a special design signed by the artist. Still another labor of Austin Dobson's, which appears in a dainty book, is entitled "Four Frenchwomen," and is composed of essays on Mademoiselle de Corday, Madame Roland, the Princess de Lamballe, and Madame de Genlis. It is dedicated to Brander Matthews. A book of great interest to collectors of curious information is ready in "The Devil's Picture-Books," in which Mrs. John King Van Rensselaer gives a history of playingcards, called "devil's books by the Puritans and other pious souls. Many learned men have written books and treatises on playing-cards, most of which are now out of print and difficult to obtain. Mrs. Rensselaer has brought into small compass the principal facts they contain, and her matter has been put into a handsome book with sixteen full-page plates in colors, and numerous illustrations in black and white. George Sand's delightful picture of the manners, ideas and mode of life of the French nobility

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"I BEG PARDON, MONSIEUR, BUT WHAT IS THE HORSE'S NAME?" resident on their estates in the (Reduced) from "A Marriage for Love." (Copyright, 1890, by Dodd, Mead & Co.) first half of the seventeenth

century, given in "The Gallant Lords of Bois Doré,' has been put into English by Steven Clovis, and brought out in a neat two-volume library edition. A thread of thrilling personal adventure is interwoven with this historical web, and appeals to lovers of romance as well as of history; and her." Mare au Diable" (The Haunted Pool), translated by Frank Hunter Potter, has fourteen etchings by Rudaux, and is a work of which the publishers are justly proud.

E. P. DUTTON & Co. make a very fine showing in holiday publications this year. Almost all the ideas and most of the text for their new art-books were made ready on this side of the Atlantic, but the color printing, that makes their work specially noticeable, was done at the celebrated factory of E. Nister, of Nuremberg. The combinations of American plan and German execution has proved an artistic success in the Dutton publications. "The Golden Treasury of Art and Song," edited by R. E. Mack, is made up of a selection of verses from English poets, illustrated

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in color by R. A. Bell by eighteen large plates of figures and landscapes. Familiar London," by Č. J. L'Estrange, has sketches in color by Allan Barraud, showing St. Paul's and Blackfriar's Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Nelson's Column, Royal Exchange, the Horse Guards, 'the Thames Embankment and other familiar sights of London; "Shakespeare and His Birthplace," by Emma Marshall, whose twenty-two pages of type are ornamented with pen-and-ink sketches, is made valuable by the color sketches of the poet's home and surroundings; and the latter has a companion volume in "Bunyan's Home," with text by the Rev. Dr. John Brown, and light appropriate colored sketches. Some exceedingly pretty souvenirs and birthday-books are on the list of this house, the most important of which are "Time's Footsteps," a family record-bo k, with one color picture, twelve monotint pages and thirty-seven pages decorated with pen andink drawings; "The King's Highway," composed of daily hymns and texts for a month, with

twelve full-page color pictures by Fred Hines, and twenty-eight illustrated type pages; "Year in, Year Out," a book of the months, with twelve colored plates by Walter Paget, and twenty-four pages with pen-and-ink drawings, with reference to the twelve months in the year, confined in a charming cover; "A Pathway of Flowers," an album for autographs and original and selected verses in many styles of binding; and "Golden Links," a lengthy illustrated birthday-book, with twelve color pages and fifty-two pages of decoration, type and spaces for signatures. Other selections are "From Leaf to Leaf" and "The Beautiful World," and a very pleasing little book has been made of Phillips Brooks' Christmas Carol," with six colored and ten decorated type pages, tied with gold cord, and delicate in all its appointments.

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ESTES & LAURIAT's fine edition of "Romola " is fully described in our front pages. Drake's "Pine-Tree Coast" describes and illustrates the peerless scenery, quaint old sea-ports and romantic story of more than two thousand miles of Maine coast. Believing that this coast is the future sanitarium of the nation, the author has devoted himself heart and hand to the portrayal of its attractions. The handsome book has 250 illustrations. Victor Hugo's "Hans of Iceland" has been admirably translated by Miss Abby Langdon Ager, and is published in an edition limited to 500 numbered copies. The work has, singularly enough, been often neglected in summing up Victor Hugo's works. It is now brought out with seventy-five illustrations by A. Demarest, consisting of photo-etchings, half-tone plates and wood-cuts, which really interpret the scenes so powerfully depicted by the youthful author. Among their many illustrated art-books, gotten up with taste and judgment, is a song or poem by Charles Reinich, called "Night Song," in which the poet suggests pictures to the artists' mind in almost every line. Sixteen illustrations for this little gem of literary art have been produced by the publishers' celebrated photographing process from paintings by Henry Sandham, and there are an equal number of pen-and-ink sketches accompanying the text of the song. It is printed on fine linen vellum paper, and, with its cover design by Ipsen, makes an imposing show among the gift-books of the year. In "Dreams of the Sea" have been collected choice selections from poets of many lands referring to the ever restless sea, and these have been illustrated with appropriate pictures printed in delicate tints, forming a pretty novelty, combining literary and artistic merit, and made an appropriate holiday souvenir by its deep religious sentiment. "The Goupil Gallery of Great War Paintings" contains ten famous photogravures executed from the most recent Salon war pictures, accompanied by biographical and descriptive text. It shows the work of P. L. Jazet, Jules Girardet, Paul Joseph Blanc, Jean Paul Laurens, Moreau de Tours, E. Barrias, and other painters of distinction in this special field. Flammarion's astronomical romance of Urania," of which 140,000 copies were sold in France, has been translated by Mrs. Augusta Rice Stetson, a daughter of ex-Governor Rice, and is issued with the illustrations of De Breter, Myrbach and Gambord, who have grasped the great idea embodied in the story of the heavenly muse guiding through the celestial regions and teaching their sentiments with delicate art. Worthy of note also are "Sea Fairies,"

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poems by Alfred Tennyson, illustrated by Taylor, St. John Harper and Thomas Moran ; " Our Great Actors," a series of six fine water-color portraits of Edwin Booth, Salvini, Jefferson, Coquelin, Laurence Barrett and Henry Irving; and "Goupil's Paris Salon of 1890," with French and English text.

THE EXCELSIOR PUBLISHING HOUSE has a good line of books calculated to make readers pleasant companions capable of joining in all kinds of social amusements and occupations. Very acceptable to young men would be one or more of their different manuals on calisthenics, boxing, etiquette, letter-writing, games, rules for meetings, etc.

FORDS, HOWARD & HULBERT have several books that can be used to advantage in choosing Christmas presents for friends of literary tastes. Among them are Tourgée's new and, of course, powerful novel, "Murvale Eastman, Christian Socialist;""Life and Times of Sir Philip Sidney" and "Norway Nights and Russian Days," both by Mrs. S. M. H. Davis; Van Dyke's "Stories of Southern California ;" and Gooch's "Face to Face with the Mexicans." Henry Ward Beecher's works are also on the list of this firm, and they have one perennially welcome giftbook in Bryant's “Library of Poetry and Song."

FUNK & WAGNALLS have a book which ought to be much sought after. Edwin Arnold's "The Light of the World" is published by them, with an introduction by Richard Henry Stoddard, and annotations which are the joint work of the author and an expert in Oriental literature. The book is illustrated with reproductions of Hoffman's celebrated paintings. An indication of the widespread interest awakened by the promise of this book is indicated by the fact that the publishers of a leading daily paper offered $5000 for the privilege of printing it from the original manuscript in the hands of the American publishers prior to its appearance in book form-an offer promptly refused. Another book at present absorbing attention is "In Darkest England and the Way Out," which is eagerly discussed by lovers of their fellowmen the world over. It discloses a scheme of General Booth's, of the Salvation Army, by which he thinks the lives of the poor throughout the world could be ameliorated. The scheme presupposes a capital of $5,000,000, but the author feels satisfied this can be raised, and subscriptions towards it are already flowing in on English soil. A new book by "Josiah Allen's Wife" is always sure to have a fund of earnest thought underlying its whole-souled humor. "Samantha Among the Brethren" is a protest against the decision of the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1889 respecting the admission of women as delegates to that body.

L. R. HAMERSLY & Co. have a book that will be received with delight by any old soldier fortunate enough to get it into his possession in "The Colonel's Christmas Dinner," a collection of stories of military adventure, all having reference to the holiday season, which are supposed to be told over the walnuts and wine at a dinner given by the Colonel of the regiment. The stories are contributed by eleven different writers, but they have all received a final editorial touch from Captain Charles King.

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