The Heart of the Ancient Wood

Silver, Burdett, 1900 - 276 sivua
A little girl named Miranda living with her mother in the Canadian wilderness is befriended by a bear named Kroof.

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Sivu 279 - THE FORGE IN THE FOREST Being the Narrative of the Acadian Ranger, Jean de Mer, Seigneur de Briart, and how he crossed the Black Abbe\ and of his adventures in a strange fellowship. Illustrated by Henry Sandham, RCA Library 12mo, cloth, gilt top $1.50 A story of pure love and heroic adventure.
Sivu 279 - It is a realistic romance of the folk of the forest— a romance of the alliance of peace between a pioneer's daughter in the depths of the ancient wood and the wild beasts who felt her spell and became her friends. It is not fanciful, •with talking beasts ; nor is it merely an exquisite idyl of the beasts themselves. It is an actual romance, in which the animal characters play their parts as naturally as do the human. The atmosphere of the book is enchanting.
Sivu 279 - This is a volume of romance, of love and adventure in that picturesque period when Nova Scotia was passing from the French to the English regime. Each tale is independent of the others, but the scenes are similar, and in several of them the evil
Sivu 279 - Being the story of Yvonne de Lamourie, and how she went into exile with the villagers of Grand Pre.
Sivu 124 - Miranda had regarded the folk of the ancient wood as gentle people, living for the most part in a voiceless amity. Her seeing eyes quite failed to see the unceasing tragedy of the stillness. She did not guess that the furtive folk, whom she watched about their business, went always with fear at their side and death lying in wait at every turn. She little dreamed that, for most of them, the very price of life itself was the ceaseless extinguishing of life
Sivu 280 - Critical and sympathetic analysis of nineteen recent American authors and their books, interwoven with graphic personal details. The Old Northwest. The Beginnings of Our Colonial System.
Sivu 279 - ... This is the author's first volume of stories and the one which discovered him as a fiction writer of advanced rank. The tales deal chiefly with those elemental problems of the mysteries of life, — pain, the unknown, the strange kinship of man and beast in the struggle for existence, — the enigmas which occur chiefly to the primitive folk on the backwoods fringe of civilization, and they arrest attention for their sincerity, their freshness of first-hand knowledge, and their superior craft....
Sivu 278 - The Heart of the Ancient Wood" ihere ii a problem drami. The imagination is subtler than ' .1 the adventures of Mowgli; the reportorial correctness is asunimpeachable as in the biography of Wahb; and in addition there is the fact of a master novelist turning to the unfathomed sympathies and dramatic possibilities of the relation of the human to the animal as seriously and as analytically as Mr. Howells turns to his familiar people.
Sivu 280 - A stirring and unexcelled collection of the bravest lyrics which celebrate deeds of American courage and patriotism. The ballads are chosen with signal discrimination and are edited with extensive historical notes. Songs of the Nation. Compiled by Col. CHARLES W. JOHNSON. 160...
Sivu 280 - American author* and their books, interwoven with graphic personal details. The Old Northwest. The Beginnings of Our Colonial System. By BA HINSDALE, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor in the University of Michigan. Ne*w edition, revised. 420 pp...

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