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. 129 It is likewise to be acknowleged, that his HighNess did indulge me the liberty of publishing the whole manner and address of this NEW WAY OF ENGRAVING, with a freedom perfectly generous and obliging. But, when I had well considered it (so much having been already expressed, which may suffice to give the hint to all ingenious persons how it is to be performed,) I did not think it neceffary, that an Art fo curious, and (as yet) so little vulgar (and which indeed does not succeed where the workman is not an accomplished DeSIGNER, and has a competent talent in PAINTING likewise) was to be prostituted at fo cheap a rate, as the more naked describing of it here would too foon have exposed it to.

Upon these considerations then it is, that we leave it thus enigmatical : and yet that this inay appear no disingenuous rodomontade in me, or invidious excuse, I profefs myself to be always most ready (sub sigillo, and by his Highness's permission) to gratify any curious and worthy person, with as full and perfect a demonstration of the entire art, as my talent and address will reach to; if what I am now preparing to be reserved in the archives of the ROYAL SOCIETY concerning it, be not sufficiently instructive.


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6, 20

MEMOIRS of the AUTHOR'S LIFE, newly written
for this Edition.
UTHOR's Dedication

An Account of Signor Giacomo Favi

Of sculpture, how derived and distinguished; with the styles

and inftruments belonging to it
Sculptura and cælatura how they differ
Tomice, desectores, what
Plaftice 16. The mother of sculpture
Paradigmatice, what

16, 20
Gypsochi, Colaptice, Lithoxoi, Glyphice, what
Agogice, what
Anaglyphice 16. Its antiquity
Diaglyphice, encolaptice, what
Encaustic art 16. How it occasioned the invention of brass

Proplatic art, protypas, modulus, diatretice, and calices dia-

treti, what
Argentum afperum & puftulatum

Ebur pingue
Dimidiæ eminentiæ, the same with basso relievo and mezzo

Scalptus, scaptus, scalpturatus
Scalpo, Sculpo, derived
Cælum, tópvos, what and whence derived
Tori, roinos
Ulysses's shield; ancæsa vasa what

18, 19
K 2


16, 17



Cavatores, what; graphatores, whence our English gravers : sculpture defined

Page 19 Instruments of graving. Style, what. Why sometimes made of bone. Scalprum. Cælum. Cæles, cæltes. Allusions in

Job x. to all the kinds of ancient writing and graving 20,21 Graphium, γλυφίς, &c. εγκολαπτήρ, υπαγωγεύς γλαρίς σμίλη,

20, 21 Puntion, polisher, point

20, 21, 30 Graving instruments sometimes fatal weapons

21 Caffianus martyred, and Erixion slain with a graving ftyle ib Arare campum cereum, cerei pugillares, and stylum vertere,

what Taille douce, burin, intaglia, bolino, and the difference betwixt graving and etching

21, 22 Bima, a conjecture of the modern name of a seal; Xapcsola

the same with Charath


23 24


CH A P. II. Of the original of sculpture in general Adam the first inventor of sculpture Books written by Adam The fall of Adam did not impair his infused habits Sculpture long before the universal flood Of the Antediluvian Patriarchs Sculpture in stone and brick at Joppa The celestial sciences first engraven, where, and how long con

tinuing The books of Seth and Enoch Of Cham Zoroafter, when he flourished, his learning, curiofity, and en

graving of the liberal arts Picus Mirandula's pretence of the books of Zoroafter, the

Magi, &c.
Sculpture after the Flood

26 Sculpture propagated by Noah. Sculpture before Moses ib Objections answered

26, 30 Mercurius Trismegistus engraved in stone many mysterious

things Obelisks erected by Misra 400 years before Moses How many transported to Rome




ib 28

26, 27


The tables of stone engraven by the finger of GOD. Sculp. ture honoured by GOD

Page 26 Sculpture abused to idolatry no rational prejudice Sculpture elder than idolatry Teraphim and Penates, what Sculpture preserved the memory of the dead Bezaleel and Aholiab sculptors The sacerdotal pectoral Graving used by the Ægyptians before they invented Letters Hieroglyphics, what By whom interpreted Amongst the Danes and Acadia Horapollinis notæ . Letters by whom invented, and the contest about it How they were derived to the several Nations Typographical art mistaken by Peter Calaber Sculpture and letters coævous Columns erected by Seth Writing with ink in paper or parchment, a novelty in respect of

the more ancient materials, marbles, lates, bark, leaves,

tablets of wood, paper, linen, wax, ivory and filk Book, our English name for liber, whence derived Laws, divine and human, how consigned of old Hieronicæ, and where preserved Writings before Homer's not known to the Greeks Tatian when he flourished A passage cited out of him proving the antiquity of recording

by sculpture " Hesiod's poems engraven in lead Grecians, when they had sculpture first, and where it was in its

highest perfection
Achilles and Hercules' shields engraven
The chariot of the sun and vehicula cælata
Enoch's prophecy
Rings engraven, their use and dignity
Intaglias in iron, gold, stones, &c:
Talismans and constellated sculptures

CHA P. III. Of the reputation and progress of sculpture amongst the Greeks

and Romans, down to the middle ages ; with some preten. fions to the invention of copper cuts, and their impressions 33


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