The Unity of Plato's 'Gorgias': Rhetoric, Justice, and the Philosophic Life

Cambridge University Press, 10.4.2006 - 191 sivua
Devin Stauffer demonstrates the complex unity of Plato's Gorgias, through a careful analysis of the dialogue's three main sections, including Socrates' famous argumentative duel with Callicles, a passionate critic of justice and philosophy. He reveals how the seemingly disparate themes of rhetoric, justice, and the philosophic life are woven together into a coherent whole. Stauffer's interpretation of the Gorgias sheds new light on Plato's thought, indicating that Plato and Socrates had a more favorable view of rhetoric than is supposed, and challenges some of Socrates' most famous claims about justice.

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Examining the Master of Rhetoric
The Prelude
The Ensnaring of Gorgias Part One
The Ensnaring of Gorgias Part Two
Polus and the Dispute about Justice
Socrates Description of Rhetoric
Are Rhetoricians Powerful?
The Turn to Justice and the Socratic Thesis
Socrates Examination of Callicles View of Justice
Moderation versus Immoderation and the Question of Hedonism
Socrates Situation and the Rehabilitation of Rhetoric
Noble Rhetoric the Order of the Soul and the Socratic Thesis
Socrates Situation the Question of Assimilation and the Issue of SelfProtection
Callicles and His Heroes True Rhetoric and Socrates True Political Art
The Logos about the Afterlife
A Final Reflection on Noble Rhetoric

Polus Refutation of Socrates
Socrates Refutation of Polus
The Confrontation between Socrates and Callicles
Callicles Opening Speech

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Sivu 8 - ... of the cautious and conservative kind have viewed the attacks on the schools with the proper amount of alarm. All of which indicates that it is time to take stock of the content and techniques applied by American educators and their lay supporters to fend off the recent concentration of criticism. It is important to keep in the back of one's mind the historical and contemporary contexts of the critical blasts and counterblasts: the flowering of the philosophy and practice known as Progressive...
Sivu 3 - Once at least in the history of philosophy the amoralist has been concretely represented as an alarming figure, in the character of Callicles who appears in Plato's dialogue the Gorgias. Callicles, indeed, under the conventions of Platonic dialogue, engages in rational conversation and stays to be humbled by Socrates...

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Devin Stauffer is assistant professor in the Department of Government at the University of Texas, Austin. He is the author of Plato's Introduction to the Question of Justice, and coauthor and co-translator of Empire and the Ends of Politics: Plato's Menexenus and Pericles' Funeral Oration.

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