Graphic and Analytic Statics in Their Practical Application to the Treatment of Stresses in Roofs, Solid Girders, Lattice ... and Other Frameworks

Crosby Lockwood and Company, 1887 - 401 sivua

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Sivu iii - GRAPHIC AND ANALYTIC STATICS. In their Practical Application to the Treatment of Stresses in Roofs, Solid Girders, Lattice, Bowstring, and Suspension Bridges, Braced Iron Arches and Piers, and other Frameworks. By R. HUDSON GRAHAM, CE Containing Diagrams and Plates to Scale. With numerous Examples, many taken from existing Structures. Specially arranged for Class-work in Colleges and Universities. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 8vo, cloth . 1 6/O
Sivu 161 - B, and let it be required to find the centre of gravity of the system of particles so distributed.
Sivu 4 - ... various positions in the plane, there can be constructed a series of similar polar polygons, all related to the same pole, and having their sides respectively parallel to each other. All polar polygons, whether drawn for the same or different poles, possess in common the singular property of indicating a point on the line of action of the resultant of the given system of forces. For instance, if a system of forces be applied to any structure in the objective paths, 1, 2, 3, and 4, Fig. 2 ; rig....
Sivu 149 - Article 44), and let it be required to find the centre of gravity of a sector of an elliptic disc. In fig. 99, let A B' A B' be the ellipse, AOA = 2 a, and B' O B' = 2 b, its axes, and 0' O D' the sector whose centre of gravity is required.
Sivu 268 - Neglecting orders of infinitesimals higher than the second, and equating to zero the sum of the moments of all the forces acting on the elemental prism, which exists in a state of equilibrium, we find, bf.
Sivu 240 - engineer's" or gravitational system of units is employed, the pound is taken as the unit of force, the foot as the unit of length, and the second as the unit of time.
Sivu 169 - Shew that the centre of gravity of any open triangular truss, of equal scantlings, coincides with the centre of the circle, inscribed in the triangle formed by joining the middle points of the side rafters and tie-rod of the given truss. 6. Given an angle-iron of the dimensions, 6...
Sivu 194 - Fig. 1 16, traversing as before the centre of gravity of the system, make an angle, yOy = ft, with the first pair. Let the moments of inertia relatively to the new axes be expressed in the following forms : — KI = JJ x. y dx dy'. The relations, connecting the new co-ordinates with the old, are, as proved in co-ordinate geometry, x' = x cos. ft — y. sin. ft. y
Sivu 241 - Assuming the ton, as the unit of force, the foot, as the unit of length, and pitching a pole at...
Sivu 65 - Fr and the resultant couple, M. The equations, marked, (1), (2), and (3) will help to determine three unknown resistances ; but, if more than three bars are cut by the plane of section, the problem becomes indeterminate. Let us, therefore, suppose that the plane, ABC D, Fig.

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