Life of Edward Tiffin, First Governor of Ohio

Horney & son, 1897 - 149 sivua

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Sivu 61 - Provided always, that the three foregoing propositions herein offered, are on the conditions that the convention of the state shall provide, by an ordinance irrevocable, without the consent of the United States...
Sivu 56 - Miami aforesaid, and on the north by an east and west line drawn through the southerly extreme of Lake Michigan, running east after intersecting the due north line aforesaid, from the mouth of the Great Miami until it shall intersect Lake Erie or the territorial line, and thence with the same through Lake Erie to the Pennsylvania line...
Sivu 60 - That the section number sixteen, in every township, and, where such section has been sold, granted or disposed of, other lands equivalent thereto and most contiguous to the same, shall be granted to the inhabitants of such township, for the use of schools.
Sivu 59 - SEC. 6. And be it further enacted, That until the next general census shall be taken, the said State shall be entitled to one Representative in the House of Representatives of the United States.
Sivu 59 - And be it further enacted, That the following propositions be and the same are hereby, offered to the convention of the said territory of Illinois, when formed, for their free acceptance or rejection, which if accepted by the convention, shall be obligatory upon the United States and the said state.
Sivu 141 - Constitutional remedy; but, where powers are assumed which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy : that every State has a natural right in cases not within the compact, to nullify of their own authority all assumptions of power by others within their limits...
Sivu 55 - An act to enable the people of the eastern division of the Territory of the United States northwest of the river Ohio to form a Constitution and State Government, and for the admission of such State into the Union, on an equal footing with the original States, and for other purposes...
Sivu 55 - That the inhabitants of the territory of Alabama be, and they are hereby, authorized to form for themselves a constitution and state government, and to assume such name as they may deem proper; and that the said territory, when formed into a state, shall be admitted into the Union, upon the same footing with the original states, in all respects whatever.
Sivu 55 - And be it further enacted, That the said State shall consist of all the territory included within the following boundaries, to wit: beginning...
Sivu 142 - I think we should distinctly affirm all the important principles they contain, so as to hold to that ground in future, and leave the matter in such a train as that we may not be committed absolutely to push the matter to extremities, and yet may be free to push as far as events will render prudent.

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