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Sivu 269 - Library ; also if he borrow any book or manuscript within the Library, till it shall be returned by him. And in case of loss or damage, he shall replace the same or make it good ; or, if required by the Committee, shall furnish another copy of the entire work of which it may be part. 9. — No manuscript, nor any drawing, nor any part of the Society's collection of prints or rubbings shall be lent out of the Library without a special order of the Committee, and a bond given for its safe return at...
Sivu 75 - After this, at Easter, King Alfred, with a small band, constructed a fortress at Athelney; and from this fortress, with that part of the men of Somerset which was nearest to it, from time to time they fought against the army.
Sivu 155 - ... by any other Member ; nor in any case shall any book be retained for a longer period than three months. 8.- -Every Member who shall borrow any book out of the Library shall be responsible to the Society for its safety and good condition from the time of its leaving the Library ; also if he borrow any book or manuscript within the Library, till it shall be returned by him. And in case of loss or damage, he shall replace the same or make it...
Sivu 78 - Athelney: and the king was his godfather at baptism; and his chrism-loosing' was at Wedmore : and he was twelve days with the king ; and he greatly honoured him and his companions with gifts.
Sivu 103 - MY mind to me a kingdom is, Such present joys therein I find, That it excels all other bliss That earth affords, or grows by kind : Though much I want which most would have, Yet still my mind forbids to crave. No princely pomp, no wealthy store, No force to win the victory, No wily wit to salve a sore, No shape to feed a loving eye ; To none of these I yield as thrall : For why? My mind doth serve for all.
Sivu 155 - Library. 12. — Extracts from the manuscripts or printed books are allowed to be made freely, but in case of a transcript being desired of a whole manuscript or printed book, the consent of the Committee must be previously obtained. 13. — Persons not being Members of the Society may be admitted for a period not exceeding one week, to consult printed books and manuscripts not of a private nature in the Society's Library, for any special purpose, on being introduced by a Member, either personally...
Sivu 103 - Though much I want that most would have, Yet still my minde forbids to crave. Content I live ; this is my stay, — I seek no more than may suffice. I presse to beare no haughtie sway ; Look, what I lack my mind supplies. Loe, thus I triumph like a king, Content with that my mind doth bring.
Sivu 101 - Give leave your flocks to range, Let us the while be playing Within the elmy grange ; Your flocks will not be straying. Join hands, &c.
Sivu 74 - West-Saxons, and sat down there; and many of the people they drove beyond sea, and of the remainder the greater part they subdued and forced to obey them, except king Alfred : and he, with a small band, with difficulty retreated to the woods and to the fastnesses of the moors.
Sivu 77 - There came to meet him,' says the Saxon Chronicle, ' all the men of Somerset, and the men of Wiltshire, and that portion of the men of Hampshire which was on the side of the sea, and they were joyful at his presence.

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