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This volume is a collection of seven essays and lectures upon several aspects of the Effect of War upon the municipal or national law of England. They are only incidentally concerned with the emergency legislation, and aim rather at an estimate of the permanent impression made upon the law during the past five years of war.

The seven chapters, though differing both in form and in the time of writing, bear traces of a common ancestry in this respect that they derive their origin from a course of lectures delivered as the Law Society's Lecturer in Commercial Law. For permission to reprint Chapters I, II, III and V from the Law Quarterly Review I wish to express my indebtedness to Sir Frederick Pollock.

A. D. McN.


September, 1919.



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Actien-Gesellschaft für Ani

lin, etc., and The Mersey
Chemical Works, Ltd. v.

Levinstein, Ltd.
Admiral Shipping Co. v.
Weidner, Hopkins & Co.

83, 88, 108
Albrecht v. Sussmann
Alciator v. Smith
Alcinous v. Nigreu
Amon v. Bobbett
Anglo-Mexican, The 74, 153
Anglo-Russian Merchant Tra-

ders and John Batt &

Co.'s Arbitration
Antoine v. Morshead
Appleby v. Myers
Armitage v. Borgmann
Arnhold Karberg & Co. v.

Blythe, Green, Jourdain
& Co.

106, 156 Associated Portland Cement

Manufacturers v. William
Cory & Sons

94 Attorney-General for Canada v. Cain

17, 18 Avery v. Bowden


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PAGE Bolckow, Vaughan & Co. v.

Compania Minera, etc. Borax Consolidated v. Vogel 68 Boulton v. Dobree Boussmaker, Ex parte

44, 56, 60, 126 Bradley v. H. Newsom, Sons

& Co. Brandon v. Curling

135 v. Nesbitt

32, 113 Brewster v. Kitchin

77 British and Foreign Marine

Insurance Co. v. Samuel

Sanday & Co. 141, 145, 146 Buron v. Denman

с Calvin's case Campbell v. Denman 140, 141 Candilis (C. G.) & Sons v..

Harold Victor & Co. 153 Carlebach's case Central India Mining Co. v. Soc. Coloniale Anversoise

104, 122 Chandler v. Webster

69, 81 Château Thierry, Duke of, Ex parte

18 Cia Maritima of Barcelona v. Wishart

147 Civil Service Co-operative

Society v. General Steam
Navigation Co.

81 Clapham Steamship Co. v.

Naamlooze, etc. of Rotter-

65, 108 Continho Caro & Co. v. Vermont

69, 124 Continho Caro & Co., In re !

115, 124

Dahl v. Nelson, Donkin &

82, 85

Bailey v. De Crespigny 77, 90, 160 Bank Line, Ltd. v. Arthur

Capel & Co. 86, 88, 108 Beale v. Thompson Becker, Gray & Co. v. London Assurance Corporation

*83, 143, 145, 148 Biddell Brothers v. E. Clemens Horst Co.

155 Blackburn Bobbin Co. v.

T. W. Allen & Sons 93 Blythe v. Richards


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