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5 The rolling ocean's vast abyss,
By the same sov’reign right is his ;
Tis mov’d by his Almighty hand,
That form'd and fix d the solid land.
6 O let us to his courts repair,
And bow with adoration there ;
Down on our knees devoutly all
Before the Lord, our Maker, fall.
7 For he's our God, our Shepherd he,
His flock and pasture sheep are we :
If then you'll, like his flock draw near,
To-day if you his voice will hear,
3 Let not your harden'd hearts renew
Your father's crimes and judgments too;
Nor here provoke my wrath, as they
In desert plains of Meribah.
S When through the wilderness they mov’d,
And me with fresh temptations prov’d,
They still, through unbelief, rebell’d,
Whilst they my wondrous works beheld.
jo They forty years my patience griev'd,
Though daily I their wants reliev'd.
Then-Tis a faithless race, I said,
Whose heart from me has always stray’d.
11 They ne'er will tread my righteous path;
Therefore to them, in settled wrath,
Since they despis'd my rest, I sware,
That they should never enter there.

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* QING to the Lord a new-made song; Let earth in one assembled throng Her common Patron's praise resound : 2 Sing to the Lord, and bless his Name, From day to day his praise proclaim, Who us has with salvation crown'd : 3 To heathen lands his fame rehearse, His wonders to the universe. 4 He's great, and greatly to be prais'd; In majesty and glory rais'd Above all other deities : 5 For pageantry and idols all Are they, whom gods the heathen call; He only rules who made the clies : 6 With majesty and honour. Beauty and strength h.

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Be therefore both to him restor'd
By you, who have false gods ador'd;
Ascribe due honour to his Name :
Peace-off’rings on his altar lay,
Before his throne your homage pay,
Which he, and he alone, can claim:
To worship at his sacred court,
Let all the trembling world resort.

Proclaim aloud, Jehovah reigns,
Whose power the universe sustains,
And banish'd justice will restore;
Let therefore heav'n new joys confess;
And heav'nly mirth let earth express;
Its loud applause the ocean roar;
Its mute inhabitants rejoice,
And for this triumph find a voice.

For joy let fertile vallies sing,
The cheerful groves their tribute bring,
The tuneful choir of birds awake,
The Lord's approach to celebrate ;
Who now sets out with awful state,
His circuit through the earth to take :
From heaven to judge the world he's come,
With justice to reward and doom. -
EHOVAH reigns, let all the earth
In his just government rejoice;
let all the isles with sacred mirth,
In his applause unite their voice.
Darkness and clouds of awful shade
His dazzling glory shroud in state;
Justice and truth his guards are made,
And fix’d by his pavilion wait.

Devouring fire before his face,
His foes around with vengeance struck;
His lightning set the world on blaze;
Earth saw it, and with terror shook.
The proudest hills his presence felt,
Their height nor strength could help afford;
The proudest hills like wax did melt
In presence of th' Almighty Lord.

The heav'ns, his righteousness to show,
With storms of fire our foes pursued,

And all the trembling world below
Have his descending glory view’d.


Consounded be their impious host,
Who make the gods to whom they pray;
All who of pageant idols boast:
To him, ye gods, your worship pay.
Glad Sion of thy triumph heard,
And Judah's daughters were o'erjoy'd;
Because thy righteous judgments, Lord,
Have pagan pride and pow'r destroy’d.
For thou, O God, art seated high,
Above earth's potentates enthron’d;
Thou, Lord, unrivall'd in the sky,
Supreme by all the gods art own'd.

Ye who to serve this Lord aspire,
Abhor what's ill, and truth esteem;
He'll keep his servants’ souls entire,
And them from wicked hands redeem.
For seeds are sown of glorious light,
A future harvest for the just;
And gladness for the heart that's right,
To recompense its pious trust.
Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord;
Memorials of his holiness
Deep in your faithful breasts record,
And with your thanksul tongues confess,
PSALM XCVIII. " . . . .

ING to the Lord a new-made song,
Who wondrous things has done;
With his right hand and holy arm
The conquest he has won.
The Lord has through th'astonish'd world
Display’d his saving might,
And made his righteous acts appear
In all the heathen's sight.

Of Israel’s house his love and truth
Have ever mindful been ;
Wide earth's remotest parts the pow'r
Of Israel's God have seen.
Let therefore earth's inhabitants
Their cheerful voices raise;
And all, with universal joy,
Resound their Maker's praise.

With harp and hymn's soft melody,
Into the concert bring

From haughty looks I'll tuto aside, And mortify the heart of Pride: 6 But honesty, call’d from her cell, In splendour at my court shall dwell : who virtue's practice make their caro, §hall have the first preferments there:

7 No politics shall recommend
His country's foe to be my friend :
Rone e'er shall to my favour rise,
By flatt’ring or malicious lies.

8. All those who wicked courses takes
An early sacrifice I'll make :
cut off, destroy, till none remain
God's holy city to profane.

PSALM CII. l W THEN 1 pour out my soulin pray'r, Do thou, O Lord, attend ; Tothy eternal throne of grace Let my sad cry ascend. 2 Ohide not thou thy glorious face In times of deep distress ; Incline thine car, and when I call, My sorrows soon redress.

3 Each cloudy portion of my life, Like scatter'd smoke expires; My shrivell'd bones are like a hcarth Parch'd with continual fires. 4 My heart, fike grass that feels the blast of some infectious wind, Does languish so with grief, that scarce My needsul food I mind.

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7 For with their camp, to aid their march,
The cloudy pillar mov'd :
They kept his law, and to his will
Obedient servants prov’d.

8 He answer'd them, forgiving oft
His people for their sake;
And those who rashly them oppos'd,
Did sad examples make.
9 With worship at his sacred courts
Exalt our God and Lord ;
For he, who only holy is,
Alone should be ador'd. t
PSALM C. . . . . . /
1, 2 ITH one consent, let all the earth -
To God their cheerful voices raise;
Glad homage pay with awful mirth,
And sing before him songs of praise :
3 Convinc'd that he is God alone,
From whom both we and all proceed;
We, whom he chooses for his own,
The flock that he vouchsafes to feed.

4 O enter then his temple gate,
Thence to his courts devoutly press;
And still your grateful hymns repeat,
And still his Name with praises bless,
For he's the Lord, supremely good,
His mercy is for ever sure ;
His truth, which always firmly stood,
To endless ages shall endure.

1. F mercy's never-failing spring,
And stedfast judgment I will sing :
And since they both to thee belong,
To thee, O Lord, address my song.
2. When, Lord, thou shalt with me reside,
Wise discipline my reign shall guide;
With blameless life myself I'll make
A pattern for my court to take.

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3 No ill design will I pursue, Northose my fav'rites make that do? 4 Who to reproof has no regard, Him will I totally discard. ** -, 5 The private slanderer shall be In public joi doom'd by me :

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