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And for their multiply'd offence,
Oppress'd with sore diseases lie.
18 Their soul, a prey to pain and fear,
Abhors to taste the choicest meats;
And they by faint degrees draw near
To death's inhospitable gates.

19 Then straight to God’s indulgent ear
Do they their mournful cry address;
Who graciously vouchsafes to hear,
And frees them from their deep distress.
20 He all their sad distempers heals,
His word both health and safety gives;
And, when all human succour fails,
From near destruction them retrieves.

21 O then that all the earth with me
Would God, for this his goodness, praise ;
And for the mighty works which he
Throughout the wond'ring world displays :
22 With off’rings let his altar flame,
Whilst they their grateful thanks express,
And with loud joy his holy Name,
For all his acts of wonder, bless.


23, 24 They that in ships, with courage bold,
O'er swelling waves their trade pursue,
Do God's amazing works behold,
And in the deep his wonders view.
25 No sooner his command is past,
Than forth the dreadful tempest flies,
Which sweeps the sea with rapid haste,
And makes the stormy billows rise.

26 Sometimes the ships, toss'd up to heav'n,
On tops of mountain waves appear;
Then down the steep abyss are driv'n,
Whilst ev'ry soul dissolves with fear.
27 They reel and stagger to and fro,
Like men with fumes of wine oppress'd;
Nor do the skiliul seamen know
Which way to steer, what course is best.

28 Then straight to God's indulgent ear
They do their mournful cry address;
Who graciously vouchsafes to hear,
And frees them from their deep distress.

29, 30 He does the raging storm appease;
And makes the billows calm and still ;
With joy they see their fury cease,
And their intended course fulfill.
31 O then that all the earth with me
Would God, for this his goodness, praise ;
And for the mighty works which he
Throughout the wond'ring world displays!
32 Let them, where all the tribes resortr
Advance to heav'n his glorious Name,
And in the elders' sov’reign court,
With one consent his praise proclaim.


33, 34 A fruitful land, where streams abound;
God's just revenge, if people sin,
Will turn to dry and barren ground,
To punish those that dwell therein.
35, 36 The parch'd and desert heath he makes
To flow with streams and springing wells,
Which for his lot the hungry takes,
And in strong cities safely dwells.
37, 38 He sows the field, the vineyard plants,
Which gratefully his toil repay;
Nor can, whilst God his blessing grants,
His fruitful seed or stock decay.
39 But when his sins heav'n's wrath provoke,
His health and substance fade away;
He feels th’ oppressor's galling yoke,
And is of grief the wretched prey.
40 The prince that slights what God commands,
Expos'd to scorn, must quit his throne;
And over wild and desert lands,
Where no path offers, stray alone:
41 Whilst God, from all afflicting cares,
Sets up the humble man on high,
And makes, in time, his num’rous heirs
With his increasing flocks to vie.
42, 43 Then sinners shall have nought to say,
The just a decent joy shall show;
The wise these strange events shall weigh,
And thence God's goodness fully know,


l GOD, my heart is fully bent
To magnify thy Name ;

My tongue with cheerful songs of praise Shall celebrate thy fame. 2 Awake, my lute; nor thou, my harp, Thy warbling notes delay; Whilst I with early hymns of joy Prevent the dawning day.

3 To all the list'ning tribes, O Lord,
Thy wonders I will tell,
And to those nations sing thy praise,
That round about us dwell;
4 Because thy mercy's boundless height
The highest heav'n transcends,
And far beyond th'aspiring clouds
Thy faithful truth extends.

Be thou, O God, exalted high
Above the starry frame;
...And let the world, with one consent,
Confess thy glorious Name.
6 That all thy chosen people thee
. Their saviour may declare;
Let thy right hand protect me still,
And answer thou my pray’r.

7 Since God himself hath said the word,
Whose promise cannot fail,
With joy F Sechem will divide,
And measure Succoth's vale.
8 Gilead is mine, Manasseh too,
And Ephraim owns my cause;
Their strength my regal pow'r supports,
And Judah gives my laws.

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9 Moab I'll make my servile drudge, On vanquish'd Edom tread; And through the proud Philistine lands My conquiring banners spread. 10 By whose support and aid shall I Their well fenc'd city gain : Who will my troops securely lead Through Edom's guarded plain : 11 Lord, wilt not thou assist our arms, Which late thou didst forsake? And wilt not thou of these our hosts Once more the guidance take : 12 O to thy servant in distress Thy speedy succour send;

For vain it is on human aid
For safety to depend.
is Then valiant acts shall we perform:
If thou thy pow'r disclose ;
For God it is, and God alone
That treads down all our foes.

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1 O GoD, whose former mercies make
My constant praise thy due,
Hold not thy peace, but my sad state
With wonted favour view -
2 For sinful men, with lying lips,
Deceitful speeches frame,
And with their study'd slanders seek
To wound my spotless fame.

3 Their restless hatred prompts them still
Malicious lies to spread;
And all against my life combine,
By causeless fury led.
4 Those whom with tend’rest love I us'd,
My chief opposers are ;
Whilst I, of other friends berest,
Resort to thee by pray’r.

5 Since mischief for the good I did, *
Their strange reward does prove,
And hatred's the return they make
For undissembled love.
g Their guilty leaders shall be made
To some ill man a slave;
And, when he's try’d, his mortal foe
For his accuser have.

7. His guilt, when sentence is pronounc'd,
Shall meet a dreadful fate,
Whilst his rejected pray’r but serves
His crimes to aggravate.
3. He, snatch'd by some untimely fate,
Sha'n't live out half his days;
Another, by divine decree,
Shall on his office seize.

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His ill-got riches shall be made
To usurers a prey;
The fruit of all his toil shall be
By strangers borne away
None shall be found that to his wants.
Their mercy will extend,
Or to his helpless orphan seed
The least assistance lend.
A swift destruction soon shall seize
On his unhappy race;
And the next age his hated name
Shall utterly deface.
The vengeance of his father's sins
Upon his head shall fall;
God on his mother's crimes shall think,
And punish him for all.
All these in horrid order rank'd,
Before the Lord shall stand,
Till his fierce anger quite cuts off
Their mem'ry from the land.


Because he never mercy show'd,
But still the poor oppress'd ;-

And sought to slay the helpless man,
With heavy woes distress'd :

17. Therefore the curse he lov'd to vent

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Shall his own portion prove;
And blessing which he still abhorr'd,
Shall far from him remove.
Since he in cursing took such pride,
Like water it shall spread
Through all his veins, and stick like oil,
With which his bones are fed.
This, like a poison'd robe, shall still
His constant cov'ring be,
Or an envenom'd belt, from which
He never shall be free.
Thus shall the Lord reward all those
That ill to me design;
That with malicious false reports
Against my life combine.
But for thy glorious Name, O God,
Do thou deliver me; -
And for thy plenteous mercy's sake,
Preserve and set me free.

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