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22 For I, to utmost straits reduc’d,
Am void of all relief;
My heart is wounded with distress,
And quite pierc'd through with grief.
23 I, like an ev'ning shade decline,
Which vanishes apace;
Like locusts, up and down I'm toss'd,
And have no certain place.
24, 25 My knees with fasting are grown weak,
My body lank and lean ;
All that behold me shake their heads,
And treat me with disdain.
26, 27 But for thy mercy's sake, O Lord,
Do thou my foes withstand;
That all may see tis thy own act,
The work of thy right hand.
28 Then let them curse, so thou but bless; -
Let shame the portion be
Of all that my destruction seek,
While I rejoice in thee.
29 My foe shall with disgrace be cloth'd;
And, spite of all his pride,
His own confusion, like a cloak,
The guilty wretch shall hide.
30 But I to God, in grateful thanks,
My cheerful voice shall raise;
And where the great assembly meets;
Set forth his noble praise.
21 For him the poor shall always find
Their sure and constant friend ;
And he shall from unrighteous dooms.
Their guiltless souls defend.

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1. HE Lord unto my Lord thus spake,
“ Till I thy foes thy footstool make,
“Sit thou in state at my right hand :
“Supreme in Sion thou shalt be,
“And all thy proud oppressors see
“Subjected to thy just command.
3 “ Thee, in thy pow'r's triumphant day,
“The willing nations shall obey:
“And, when thy rising beams they view,
“Shall all, redeem'd from error's night,
“Appear as numberless and bright
“As crystal drops of morning dow.”

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The Lord hath sworn, nor sworn in vain, That like Melchisedech's, thy reign And priesthood shall no period know: 5 No proud competitor to sit At thy right hand will he permit, But in his wrath crown'd heads o'erthrow. 6 The sentenc'd heathen he shall slay, And fill with carcases his way, Till he hath struck earth's tyrant dead; 7 But in the high-way brooks shall first, Like a poor pilgrim, slake his thirst, And then in triumph raise his head.

PSALM CXI. 1 PRA; ye the Lord ; our God to praise

My soul her utmost pow'rs shall raise; With private friends and in the throng Of saints, his praise shall be my song. 2 His works, for greatness though renown'd, His wondrous works with ease are found By those who seek for them aright, And in the pious search delight. 3 His works are all of matchless fame, And universal glory claim ; His truth, confirm'd through ages past, Shall to eternal ages last. 4. By precepts he hath us enjoin'd To keep his wondrous works in mind; And to posterity record, That good and gracious is our Lord. 5 His bounty, like a flowing tide, Has all his servants’ wants supply'd; And he will ever keep in mind His cov’nant with our fathers sign'd. 6 At once astonish'd and o'erjoy'd, They saw his matchless pow'r employ'd, Whereby the heathen were suppress'd, And we their heritage possess'd. 7 Just are the dealings of his hands, Immutable are his commands, 8 By truth and equity sustain'd, . And for eternal rules ordain'd. 9 He set his saints from bondage free, And then establish’d his decree, For ever to remain the same : Holy and rev'rend is his Name,

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7 Earth, tremble on ; well may’st thou fear
Thy Lord and Maker's face to see;
When Jacob's awful God draws near,
Tis time for earth and seas to flee :
8 To flee from God, who nature's law
Confirms and cancels at his will ;
Who springs from flinty rocks can draw,
And thirsty vales with water fill.

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l ORD, not to us, we claim no share, But to thy sacred Name Give glory, for thy mercy's sake, And truth's eternal fame. 2 Why should the heathen cry, Where's now The God whom we adore ? 3 Convince them that in heav'n thou art, And uncontroul'd thy pow'r, 4 Their gods but gold and silver are, The works of mortal hands; 5 With speechless mouth and sightless eyes The molten idol stands. 6 The pageant has both ears and nose, But neither hears nor smells; 7 Its hands and feet nor feel nor move; No life within it dwells. 8 Such senseless stocks they are, that we Can nothing like them find, But those who on their help rely, And them for gods design'd. 9 O Israel, make the Lord your trust, Who is your help and shield, 10 Priests, Levites, trust in him alone, , Who only help can yield. 11 Let all who truly fear the Lord, On him they fear rely ; Who them in danger can defend, And all their wants supply. 12, 13 Of us he oft has mindful been, And Israel's house will bless; Priests, Levites, proselytes, ev'n all Who his great Name confess. 14 On you, and on your heirs, he will Increase of blessings bring ; *5 Thrice happy you, who favorites are Of this Almighty King

16 Heav'n's highest orb of glory he

His empire's seat design'd :
And gave this lower globe of earth

A portion to mankind.

17 They who in death and silence sleep, To him no praise afford;

18 But we will bless for evermore Our ever-living Lord.

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l M% soul with grateful thoughts of love Entirely is possest, Because the Lord vouchsaf’d to hear The voice of my request. 2 Since he has now his ear inclin'd, I never will despair ; But still in all the straits of life To him address my pray’r. 3 With deadly sorrows compass'd round, With pains of hell oppress'd ; When trouble seiz'd my aching heart, And anguish rack'd my breast; 4. On God's Almighty Name I call'd, And thus to him I pray'd, “Lord, I beseech thee, save my soul, “With sorrow quite dismay’d.” 5, 6 How just and merciful is God!. - How gracious is the Lord! Who saves the harmless, and to me Does timely help afford. 7 Then free from pensive cares, my soul, Resume thy wonted rest; For God has wondrously to thee His bounteous love exprest. 8 When death alarm'd me, he remov’d My dangers and my fears; My feet from falling he secur’d, And dry'd my eyes from tears. 9 Therefore my life's remaining years, Which God to me shall lend, Will I in praises to his Name, And in his service spend. 10, l l In God I trusted, and of him. In greatest straits did boast; in my flight all hopes of aid __* faithless men were lost.

12, 13 Then what return to him shall I
For all his goodness make :
I'll praise his Name, and with glad zeal
The cup of blessing take.
14, 15 l’ll pay my vows among his saints,
Whose blood, howe'er despis'd
By wicked men, in God’s account
Is always highly priz'd.
16 By various ties, O Lord, must I
To thy dominion bow ;
Thy humble handmaid’s son before,
Thy ransom'd captive now !
17, 18 To thee I'll off'rings bring of praise;
And whilst I bless thy Name,
The just performance of my vows
To all thy saints proclaim.
19 They in Jerusalem shall meet,
And in thy house shall join,
To bless thy Name with one consent,
And mix their songs with mine.

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l ITH cheersul notes let all the earth
To heav'n their voices raise ;
Let all, inspir'd with godly mirth,
Sing solemn hymns of praise.
2 God’s tender mercy knows no bound,
His truth shall ne'er decay;
Then let the willing nations round
Their grateful tribute pay.


1, 2 PRAISE the Lord, for he is good, His mercies ne'er decay; That his kind favours ever last, Let thankful Israel say. 3, 4 Their sense of his eternal love Let Aaron's house express; And that it never fails, let all That fear the Lord confess. 5 To God I made my humble moan, With troubles quite opprest; And he releas'd me from my straits, ...And granted my request. 6 Since therefore God does on my side So graciously appear;

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