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3 Thou didst my steps direct,
When my griev'd soul despair'd ;.
For where I thought to walk secure,
They had their traps prepard.
4 I look'd, but found no friend
To own me in distress;
All refuge fail'd, no man vouchsaf’d
His pity or redress.
5 To God at last I pray'd;
Thou, Lord, my refuge art,
My portion in the land of life,
Till life itself depart.
6 Reduc’d to greatest straits,
To thee I make my moan ;
O save me from oppressing foes,
For me too pow'rful grown.
7 That I may praise thy Name,
My soul from prison bring;
Whilst of thy kind regard to me
Assembled saints shall sing.

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Thy wonted audience lend ;
In thy accustom'd faith and truth
A gracious answer send.
2 Nor at thy strict tribunal bring
Thy servant to be try’d;
For in thy sight no living man
Can e'er be justified.
3 The spiteful foe pursues my mife,
Whose comforts all are fled;
He drives me into caves as dark
As mansions of the dead.
4 My spirit therefore is o'erwhelm’d,
And sinks within my breast;
My mournful heart grows desolate,
With heavy woes opprest.
5 I call to mind the days of old,
And wonders thou hast wrought;
My former dangers and escapes
Employ my musing thought.
6 To thee my hands in humble pray’r
I servently stretch out;
My soul for thy refreshment thirsts,
Like land oppress'd with drought.

7 Hear me with speed; my spirit fails
Thy face no longer hide,
Lest I become forlorn, like them
That in the grave reside.
8 Thy kindness early let me hear,
Whose trust on thee depends;
Teach me the way where I should go;
My soul to thee ascends.

9 Do thou, O Lord, from all my foes
Preserve and set me free ;
A safe retreat against their rage
My soul implores from thee.
10 Thou art my God, thy righteous will
Instruct me to obey;
Let thy good spirit lead and keep
My soul in thy right way.
11 O' for the sake of thy great Name,
Revive my drooping heart;
For thy truth's sake, to me distress'd,
Thy promis'd aid impart.
12 In pity to my suffrings, Lord,
Reduce my foes to shame ;
Slay them that persecute a soul
Devoted to thy Name.
l OR ever bless'd be God the Lord,
Who does his needful aid impart,
At once both strength and skill afford,
To wield my arms with warlike art.
2 His goodness is my fort and tower,
My strong deliv'rance, and my shield;
In him I trust, whose matchless power
Makes to my sway fierce nations yield.

3 Lord, what's in man, that thou should'st love
Of him such tender care to take :
What in his offspring could thee move
Such great account of him to make :
4 The life of man does quickly fade,
His thoughts but empty are and vain,
His days are like a flying shade,
Of whose short stay no signs remain.
5 In solemn state, O God, descend,
Whilst heav'n its lofty head inclines;
The smoking hills asunder rend,
Of thy approach the a *-

6 Discharge thy awful lightnings round, And make thy scatter'd foes retreat; Then with thy pointed arrows wound, And their destruction soon complete. 7, 8 Do thou, O Lord, from heav'n engage Thy boundless pow'r my foes to quell, And snatch me from the stormy rage Of threat'ning waves, that proudly swell. Fight thou against my foreign foes, Who utter speeches false and vain; Who, though in solemn leagues they close, Their sworn engagements ne'er maintain. 9 So I to thee, O King of kings, In new-made hymns my voice shall raise, And instruments of many strings Shall help thee thus to sing thy praise : 10 “God does to kings his aid afford, “To them his sure salvation sends; “Tis he that from the murd'ring sword “ His servant David still defends.” 11 Fight thou against my foreign foes, Who utter speeches false and vain Who, though in solemn leagues they close, Their sworn engagements ne'er maintain. 12 Then our young sons like trees shall grow, Well planted in some fruitful place; Our daughters shall like pillars show, Design'd some royal court to grace. 13 Our garners, fill'd with various store, Shall us and ours with plenty feed; Our sheep, increasing more and more, Shall thousands and ten thousands breed, 14 Strong shall our lab’ring oxen grow, Nor in their constant labour faint; Whilst we no war nor slav'ry know, And in our streets hear no complaint. 15 Thrice happy is that people's case, Whose various blessings thus abound; Who God's true worship still embrace, And are with his protection crown'd.

PSALM CXLV. l Th; I wilt bless, my God and King, - Thy endless praise proclaim ; ‘This tribute daily I will bring, And ever bless thy Name.

3 Thou, Lord, beyond compare art great,
And highly to be prais'd ;
Thy majesty, with boundless height,
Above our knowledge rais'd.

4 Renown'd for mighty acts, thy fame.
To future time extends;
From age to age thy glorious Name
Successively descends.
5, 6 Whilst I thy glory and renown,
And wondrous works express,
The world with me thy might shall own,
And thy great pow'r confess.

7. The praise that to thy love belongs, They shall with joy proclaim; Thy truth of all their grateful songs Shall be the constant theme. 8. The Lord is good ; fresh acts of grace His pity still supplies; His anger moves with slowest pace, His willing mercy flies. 9, 10 Thy love through earth extends its fame, To all thy works exprest; These show thy praise, whilst thy great Name Is by thy servants blest. ł1 They, with a glorious prospect fir’d, Shall of thy kingdoms speak; And thy great pow'r, by all admir’d, Their lofty subject make.

12 God’s glorious works of ancient date
Shall thus to all be known ;
And thus his kingdom’s royal state
With public splendour shown.
13 His stedfast throne, from changes free,
Shall stand for ever fast;
His boundless sway no end shall see,
But time itself outlast.
14, 15 The Lord does them support that fall,
And makes the prostrate rise;
For his kind aid all creatures call,
Who timely food supplies.
16 Whate'er their various wants require,
With open hand he gives;
And so fulfills the just desire
Of ev'ry thi::::::at lives.

17, 18 How holy is the Lord, how just,
How righteous all his ways'
How nigh to him, who with firm trust
For his assistance prays :

19 He grants the full desires of those
Who him with fear adore ;
And will their troubles soon compose,
When they his aid implore.
20 The Lord preserves all those with care,
Whom grateful love employs;
But sinners, who his vengeance dare,
With furious rage destroys.

21 My time to come, in praises spent, -
Shall still advance his fame ; -
And all mankind with one consent,
For ever bless his Name.
1, 2 PRAISE the Lord, and thou my soul,
For ever bless his Name ; --
His wondrous love, while life shall last,
My constant praise shall claim.

3. On kings, the greatest sons of men,

Let none for aid rely;
They cannot save in dang'rous times,
Nor timely help apply.

4 Depriv'd of breath, to dust they turn,
And there neglected lie ;
And all their thoughts and vain designs
Together with them die.
5 Then happy he, who Jacob's God
For his protector takes;
Who still, with well-plac’d hope, the Lord
His constant refuge makes.

6 The Lord, who made both heav'n and earth,
And all that they contain,
Will never quit his stedfast truth,
Nor make his promise vain.
7. The poor, opprest, from all their wrongs
Are eas'd by his decree ;
He gives the hungry needful food,
And sets the pris’ners free.
8 By him the blind receive their sight,
The weak and fall’n he rears;
With kind regard and tender love
'He for the righteous cares. -

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