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Vol. I. pp. 1–872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703.

as to indictable offences, 884.
before the fact, 884, 885.
after the fact, 885.
how to be indicted, 885.
trial of, 886.
within Admiralty jurisdiction, 886.

in treason and misdemeanors, 887.

in summary proceedings may be joined with principal, 146.
ACCUSED. See “ Eramination."

as to bailing before or during examination, 936–939.
not entitled to copies of depositions on remand or dismissal, 938.
non-appearance of, upon a charge of an indictable offence, 942.
warrant to issue thereupon, 942.
observations of, during examinations to be taken down, 953.
confession of, under inducement, 954.
defence of, and examination of his witnesses upon indictable charges,

depositions of witnesses to be read to him, 956.
when justices to discharge or commit him for trial, 956.
caution to be given to him before making his statement, 956–958.
witnesses for, binding over, and expenses of, 959, 960.
restoration of property to, 967.
notice to be given to him of fresh evidence, 968.
removal of, for trial at Central Criminal Court, 969.

incidents of, 969.

as to, and its peculiarities, 40–48.

when justices of the one may act in the other, 17, 18.

when examination may be adjourned, 952.

taking additional evidence upon adjournment, 952.

of information and complaint on the ground of variance, 139, 140.

as to, upon summary proceedings, 169, 170.

upon a summary hearing, 181–196.
ADMIRALTY. See “ Piracy;" Sea, Offences at."

as to offences within the jurisdiction of, 22.
uttering false petitions, &c. for pay, &c., 0. 1, 2, p. 282.
personating seamen, &c., 0. 3, p. 282.
uttering false petitions, certificates, &c. to sustain claim to pay, wages,

&c., 0. 16, p. 1018.
personating any person entitled to pay, wages, prize money, &c., 0. 17,
(Petty Sessions):

acquisition of lands, 1314.
special act, 1315.
recovery of possession of land from tenants, 1315.

p. 1018.

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P. 286.

Vol. I. pp. 1–872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703.

as to, on hearing of charge of an indictable offence, 944.

provisions as to, when dealt with summarily, 997.
summary trial of, with consent under the 42 & 43 Vict. c. 49..203, 204.

where he pleads " guilty,” 203.

of bread, O. 2, p. 318.
of flour, 0. 3, p. 318.

having ingredients for adulteration, 0. 4, p. 320.

mixing, &c. with intent to sell, 0, 1, p. 284.
selling any such article, O. 2, p. 284.
mixing drugs with injurious ingredients with intent to sell same, 0. 3,
selling any such drug, 0. 4, p. 286.
selling food and drugs not of the proper nature, substance and quality,

0.5, p. 286.
certificate of analyst primâ facie evidence, 286.
defendant and his wife eligible witnesses, 286.
power of justices to have articles analysed, 286.
defendant may prove that he is protected by exemption or provision,

defendant to be discharged if he prove that he bought the article in the

same state as sold, and with a warranty, 289.
costs to be paid to defendant in certain cases, 289.
selling compound articles of food or drugs not composed in accordance

with demand of the purchaser, 0. 6, p. 288.
abstracting any part of an article before sale and selling without notice,

0. 7, p. 288.
refusing to sell an article to an officer for analysis, 0. 8, p. 290.

label, giving a false one on sale of an article, O. 9, p. 290.

killing, or causing to be killed, seeds, or dyeing seeds, or selling any

killed or dyed seeds, O.,

procedure, 290.

offences as to, 0., p. 316.

of justices when their decision is called in question, 51.

two or more persons fighting in a public place to the terror of people, 0.

18, p. 1018.
“after cause of complaint arose," 256.

meaning of, 256.

when employer liable for the acts of, 143.

bankers, solicitors, &c. entrusted with money, &c. with directions in

writing converting same to his own use, 0. 19, p. 1018.
being entrusted with any chattel, or power of attorney, &c. selling, &c.

in violation of good faith, O. 20, p. 1018.
definitions of terms “ entrusted," "advance," &c., 1018.

p. 290.

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Vol. I. pp. 1–872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703.
factor, &c. entrusted with goods or documents of title, making consigu.

ment, &c. by way of pledge, 0. 21, p. 1020.
without authority accepting advance of money on such goods, &c., 0.

22, p. 1020.
clerk or other person wilfully assisting in making such consigament, &c.,

0.23, p. 1020.

acting as yangmaster without a certificate, 0. 2, p. 292.
gangmaster violating condition of his licence as to the distance children

are to trarel on foot to their work, 0. 3, p. 292.
offences by gangmaster, O., p. 292.
licences to gangmaster-appeal against refusal, 1315.
renewal of licences, 1316.

fees in respect of licences, 1316.

as to, 145.

of offences punishable upon summary conviction, O., 294.

as to court of, 65.
ALEHOUSE. See “ Intoxicating Liquors."

master of vessel cot making declaration of number of aliens on board,

0. 1, p. 294.
alien neglecting to present passport to officer of customs or make declars.

tion, O. 2, 294.
any person making false declaration, &c., 0. 3, p. 294.
obtaining certificate from officer under false name, &c., 0. 4. p. 294.
wilfully making or subscribing declaration under “The Naturalizati za

Act, 1870," 0. 24, p. 1020.
as to crimes committed in this country by, 883.
registration of aliens, 1316.

Naturalization Acts, 1870..1317.
(1.) Status of aliens in the United Kingdom :

capacity of an alien as to property, 1317.
power of naturalized aliens to divest themselves of their status in certais

cases, 1318.
how British-born subjects may cease to be such, 1319.

alien not entitled to a jury de medietate lingua, 1319.
(2., National status of married comen and infant children :

as to, 1319.
(3. Expatriation :

capacity of British subjects to renounce allegiance to her Vajesty, 1521.

saving allegiance prior to expatriation, 1321.
(4.) Naturalization and resumption of British nationality:
certificate of naturalization, 1321.

certificate of re-admission to British nationality, 1322.
(5.) Form of oath of allegiance :

as to, 1322.
(6.) Regulations as to eridence :

the regulations, 1323.
(7.) Secretary of State's regulations as to forms and registrations of declarat.6,

and as to taking oaths of allegiance :
regulations as to registration, 1323.
regulations as to oath of allegiance, 1324.
general regulations of Secretary of State, 1325.

Vol. I. pp. 1-872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703.

workman violating any of the special rules, 0.1, p. 294.

what included in the term, 294, n.

oath of, 5.

before whom to be taken or justices, 5.

offence not to be stated in the alternative in an information, 148.

orders or judgments on appeal or return to certiorari may be amended,


ANATOMY. See “ Dead Bodies."


as to seizing, 539, n.
ANIMALS, cruelty to. See “Cruelty to Animals."

diseased. See " Sheep and Cattle.
APOTHECARY. See “ Medical Practitioners."
APPEAL. See “Special Case."

against decisions of justices, 61.
in what cases it lies, 25).
when case stated under 20 & 21 Vict. c. 43, the right of appeal aban-

doned, 252.
time for appealing, 255.
" reasonable notice," as to what is, 255.
"clear days," as to what is, 255.
“first day of sessions," meaning of, 255.
"next sessions," meaning of, 255.
"hours after adjudication,” meaning of, 255.
"forth with,” meaning of, 256.
"immediate," meaning of, 256.
"after cause of complaint arose,” 256.
"a month," meaning of, 256.
rules of sessions as to notice of appeal, 256.
form of notice, 257.
statement of grounds of appeal, 257.
as to frivolous unds of

amendment of, by sessions, 257.
to whom and by whom notice of appeal to be given, 257.
as to recognizance to prosecute appeal, 258.
as to suspension of execution pending an appeal, 258.

stating case for superior court after notice of appeal, 259, 260.

appeals under The Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1879 (42 & 43 Vict.

c. 49).. 253, 255.

Animals, cruelty to. See Cruelty to Animals."
Arsenic, 312.
Betting Houses Act (16 & 17 Vict. c. 119)..314.
Bread Act (6 & 7 Vict. c. 37)..319.
Cemeteries, 331.
Chimney sweepers and chimneys, 334.
Church--under 23 & 24 Vict. c. 32..338.
Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act, 351.


Vol. I. pp. 1-872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703.

Constables (Borough), 357.
Cruelty to animals, 384.
Dealers in old metals, 391.
Dissenters—under 32 Geo. 3, c. 155..395.
Distress, 397.
Explosive substances, 407.
Fish and Fisheries, 417, 431.
Friendly societies, 439.
Game, 369, 445, 457.
Gaming Houses, 459.
Gas measures, 468.
Gasworks, 471.
Habitual drunkards, 475.
Harbours, docks and piers, 476.
Hawkers and pedlars, 863.
Highways, 483, 499, 1239, 1424.
Horse slaughtering, 506.
Intoxicating liquors, 518.
Larceny-summary conviction, 534.
Lighting and watching, 542.
Lunatics, 551.
Malicious mischief, 555.
Manufacturers, 561, 565.
Markets and fairs, 569.
Master and servant, 572, 574.
Merchant shipping, 581, 1571.
Mines (coal, &c.), 623.

(metalliferous), 629.
Municipal election-personating, &c. voter, 635.
Overseers, 643.
Pawnbrokers, 653.
Police of towns, 672.
Poor, 681, 682, 693.
Public health, 700.
Railways, 723, 725.
Refreshment houses, 735.
Registration, 737.
Sheep and cattle (cattle plague), 665.
Ships' passengers, 758.
Stage plays, 767.

Towns improvement, 768.
Trades unions, 779.
Turnpike roads, 784.
Volunteers, 829.
Waterworks for towns, 831.

Weights and measures, 836. (Special Sessions): Poor (appointment of overseers), 1304.

(against decision of special sessions), 1309.

(against rates or union assessments, at special sessions), 1308. Theatres, 1313. Agricultural gangs, 1315. Bastardy, 1339. Lunatics, 1483. Obscene books, 1524. Pawnbroker's certificate, 1526. Pedlar's certificate, 1530. Poor-order of removal, 1542. Public health, 1565,

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