Sivut kuvina

Vol. I. pp. 1–872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703. REFRESHMENT HOUSES AND WINE LICENCES. See "Intoxicating

refusing to admit constables, O. 1, p. 734.
opening house at unlawful hours, O. 2, p. 734.
how licence granted, 650 n.
who to be deemed a keeper of a refreshment house, 734.

appeal, 735.
REFUSE. See "Public Health."

to be kept by clerk to justices, 74.

entries in, 74. REGISTER OF LICENCES. See Intoxicating Liquors." REGISTERING BURIALS. See “Burials." REGISTERS, (Indictable Offences, inserting false entry in register of baptism, &c., or forging, &c. copy,

&c., Ö. 467, 468, pp. 1162, 1164. REGISTRATION AND MARRIAGE ACTS, (Indictable Offences,) making false declaration, or signing false notice as to marriage, or

falsely forbidding the issue of the registrar's certificate, 0. 469, making false statement for insertion in register of birth, death, or

marriage, 0. 470, p. 1164. solemnizing marriage without licence or in unregistered building, &c.,

0. 471, p. 1161.

superintendent registrar unduly issuing licence, &c., 472, 0. p. 1166. REGISTRATION OF BIRTHS AND DEATHS, (1) Registration of births : parent not giving notice of birth within forty-two days, 0. 1, p. 736. failing to give information to register after notice, 0. 2, p. 736. neglecting to give information of finding exposed of a living new-born

child, O. 3, p. 738. (2) Registration of deaths : neglecting to give information to registrar of death, 0. 4, p. 738. neglecting to give information where a person dies not in a house, &c.,

0. 5, p. 738. burying a child as still-born, O. 6, p. 738. neglecting to give notice when a coffin contains two persons, 0. 7, medical attendant neglecting to give certificate of cause of death, 0. 8,

p. 1164.

p. 738.

p. 738.

neglecting to give certificate to registrar, 0. 9, p. 738.
registrar refusing to register, O. 10, p. 740.
carelessly losing, &c. book of births and deaths, 0. 11, p. 740.
not complying with provisions of the act when birth occurs at sea, 0. 12,

p. 740.

making false statements, certificates, &c., O. 13, p. 740. RELIGIOUS WORSHIP. See Church,Dissenters." REMANDING,

when and how defendant may be remanded, 159.
remand on apprehension and before bearing, 160.
on non-appearance of complainant, 160.
remanding or bailing accused before or during examination, 936–939.
remand not to exceed eight clear days, 937.

Vol. I. pp. 1–872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703. REPLEVIN,

when it lies for goods taken under a warrant on a conviction, 227. REPLY,

not allowed upon a summary hearing, 178.
RESCUE. See “ Escape," Pound-breach," Prison-breach."
RESERVE FORCE. See “Naval (Royal) Volunteers."
RESERVOIRS, DESTROYING. See “Malicious Injuries."

when necessary to qualify a justice, 2. RESTITUTION OF PROPERTY,

as to, upon an indictment for larceny, 1106. REVENUE,

informations or complaints as to, not within the 11 & 12 Vict. c. 43..129. REVIEW OF JUSTICES' DECISIONS ACT, 1972,

provisions of, 273. REWARDS,

to persons active in apprehending certain offenders, 988.
taking or offering rewards for restoration of stolen property, 0. 473,

p. 1166.


definition of a “riot,” “rout," 1595.
appointment of special constables, 1595.

the proclamation, 1595. (Indictable Offences,

a tumultuous disturbance by three or more, O. 474, p. 1166.
opposing the making of a proclamation, or twelve or more remaining

one hour after proclamation made, 0. 475, p. 1166.
riotously demolishing buildings, &c., 0. 476, p. 1168.

rioters injuring buildings, &c., 0. 477, p. 1168. RIVER BANKS. See "Malicious Injuries." RIVERS, DESTROYING BANKS OF. See “Malicious Injuries." RIVERS AND NAVIGATION. See Dockyard Ports," "Harbours, Docks

and Piers,Navigable Rivers," "Ships' Ballast."

as to, 1597.
ROADS. See Highways."
ROBBERY. See “Larceny."
ROOTS, STEALING. See Larceny."

to justices to do an act, 52. RULES,

under the 20 & 21 Vict. c. 43..268, 269,

Vol. I. pp. 1–872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703.

p. 742.


as to the offence of, 0. 478, p. 1168.
SALMON FISHERIES. See “ Fish and Fisheries,"
SANITARY ACTS. See Public Health."
(Indictable Offences,)

offences as to, O. 479, 480, p. 1168.

upon non-payment of a penalty, 184, 185.

as to, for nonpayment of money, 185, 279.
SCAVENGING. See “ Public Health."
SCHOOL BOARDS. See “ Elementary Education."

member or manager holding any place of profit under the board, 0.1,
being concerned in the profits of any bargain or contract done by the

board, O. 2, p. 742.
concurring in any illegal payment, 0. 3, 4, p. 742.
offending against bye-laws of school board, 0. 5, p. 742.
hindering ratepayer from inspecting, &c. books or documents of school

board, 0. 6, p. 742.
returning officer, &c. making an incorrect return of votes, 0.7, p. 742.
personating at an election, or making false answer, 0. 8, 9, p. 742.
forging or falsifying name or writing in a voting paper, 0. 10, p. 742.
attempting to obstruct election, or contravening regulations, 0. 11, 12,
being guilty of corrupt practices at an election, 0. 13, p. 744.
school boards may appear in legal proceedings by their clerk, 742.
recovery of amount in precept of school board, 1597.
audit of accounts, 1597.

industrial school-wandering children, 1597.
SCHOOLS, INDUSTRIAL. See Industrial Schools."
SCIENCE, DESTROYING WORKS OF. See “Malicious Injuries."

how to be sworn, 86.

how to be sworn, 86.

offences committed at, where triable, 21.

warrant of apprehension for offences committed at sea, 903—906.
SEA BANKS. See Malicious Injuries."
SEA BIRDS PRESERVATION. See Wild Birds Protection."

where triable, 24, 1170.
SEAMEN. See “Merchant Shipping.
(Summary Convictions :)

(1) Offences by Seamen in British Ships, 744.
(2) As to Deserters from Foreign Ships, 744.

p. 742.

Vol. I. pp. 1–872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703. SEAMEN-continued.

(Petty Sessions :) (1) Recovery of Seamen's Wages : amount not exceeding 501., 1597. who to be defendant, 1598. evidence--agreement of hiring-right to wages-deductions-forfeitures,

&c., 1598. when wages accrue, are due, &c., 1599. seamen's wages when lost with ship, 1600. deductions from wages, 1600. procedure from recovery—competency of both parties to give evidence,

1600. appeal, 1600. (2) Recovery of Master's Wages :

as to, 1601. (3) Recovery of Allotment Notes :

stipulations as to, in agreement with seamen, 1602.

wife and other relatives of seamen may recover, 1602. (3) Repayment of Relief to Seamen's Families :

as to, 1603. SEAMEN’S FUND. See" Merchant Shipping." SEARCH WARRANT. See the various subjects.

for stolen goods, as to issuing, 889–891. SECOND OFFENCE,

as to proof of, 187. SECURITY,

for payment of sum upon conviction, &c., 185, 279. SEDITION. See “ Arms, Libel,"

.Oaths (Unlawful)," " Treason.SEDITIOUS MEETINGS,

persons becoming members of any unlawful society or acting as members,

or maintaining any correspondence, or contributing money, 0.1-4, permitting any meeting to be held in a house, &c., 0. 5, p. 746. what are illegal societies, 664, n.

p. 746.

SEED, POISONED. See Poisoned Grain, Flesh, 8c.”
SEEDS, ADULTERATION OF. See Adulteration of Seeds."

order for, upon a conviction for an aggravated assault. SEPARATISTS,

affirmation by, 87. SERVANT. See “ Employers and Workmen,

" "Master and Servant." larceny by, 0. 322, p. 1118. embezzlement by, 0. 322, p. 1118.

who a servant, 1118. (Indictable Offences,) master or mistress not providing apprentice or servant with proper food,

&c., 0. 481, p. 1170. doing bodily harm to, 0. 482, p. 1170. directing prosecution for assault on, 1171. burning by. See Burning by Servants.

Vol. I. pp. 1–872. Vol. II. pp. 873–1703.
of summons upon a defendant, 158_160.

how summons to be served, 158—160.

as to, lut.

offences by, 14t.
SEWAGE UTILIZATION. See “ Public Health."
SEWERAGE. See " Pubise Health."
SEWERS. See " Public Health,Towns Improrement."
SHARES IN BANK. See “Banking Shares,"

D).setises drama's dit, 1878,” ante.
repeal of enactments in sehedule, with savings and other provisions, 1605.
interpretative and construction, 1605.

derinition of county and other districts, 1607.
Prrey Counci."

powers of Privy Council, 1607.

local authorities described in schedule, 1608.
(Cattie Payne),

declaration of infected place in cattle plague by inspector, 1608.
declaration of infected place in cattle plaque by Privy Council, 1609.
declaration of intected area in cattle plague, 1609.
alteration of infected area in cattle plague, 1609.
declaratioa of freedom from cattle plague, 1609.

slaughter by Privy Council in cattle plague, and compensation of public
(Pleuro- Przeumonia),

declaration of infected area in pleuro-pneumonia by local authority, 1611.
declaration or extension of infected places in pleuro-pneumonia by Privy

Council, 1611.
rules for pleuro-pneumonia, 1611.
declaration of freedom from pleuro-pneumonia, 1611.
sluughter by local authority in pleuro-pneumonia, and compensation out

of local rates, 1612.
(Foot-and-Ilmuth Diseasel,
declaration of infected place in foot-and-mouth disease by local

authority, 1612.
declaration or extension of infected place in foot-and-mouth disease by

Privy Council, 1612.
declaration of infected area in foot-and-mouth disease by Privy

Council, 1614.
rules for foot-and-mouth disease, 1614.

declarativn of freedom from foot-and-mouth disease, 1614.
(Exceptional powers of transit and other caus),
Privy Council to provide for pleuro-pneumonia and foot-and-mouth

disease during transit, and in other cases, 1614.
(Infected places and areas generally),

general provisions respecting declaration of infected places and areas, 1615.
(Slaughter in disease and compensation generally),

power of Privy Council to provide for slaughter in other diseases, 1616.

general provisions relative to slaughter and compensation, 1616.
(Votice of diseases to police',

separation of diseased animals and notice to constable, 1617.

mobey, 1609.

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