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Paley on Summary Convictions. 6th Edition. By W. H.

MACNAMARA, Esq. 8vo. 248. cloth. Tudor's Leading Cases on Real Property, Conveyancing, and

Wills: with Notes. 3rd Edition. Royal 8vo. 21. 128. 6d. cloth. Redman's Law of Arbitrations and Awards. 8vo. 128. cloth. Hunt's Law of Frauds and Bills of Sale. Post 8vo. 9s. cloth. Seaborne's Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Real Property,

2nd Edition. Post 8vo. 108. 6d. cloth. Fawcett's Law of Landlord and Tenant. 8vo. 14s. cloth. Saunders' Law of Negligence. 1 vol. Post 8vo. 9s. cloth. Rouse's Practical Conveyancer. 3rd Edition, with Supplement,

as to Stamps and other Matters. 2 vols. 8vo. 308. cloth. Hunt's Law of Boundaries, Fences and Foreshores. 2nd Edition.

123. cloth. Shelford's Law of Joint Stock Companies. 2nd Edition.

By D. PITCAIRN and F. L. LATHAM, Esqrs. 8vo. 21s. cloth. Shelford's Law of Railways. 4th Edition. By W. C. Glen, Esq.

2 vols. Royal 8vo. 638. cloth. Bainbridge's Law of Mines and Minerals. 4th Ed. By A. Brown.

Svo. 458. cloth. Ingram's Law of Compensation for Lands, Houses, &c. 2nd Ed.

By J. J. ELMES. Post 8vo. 128. cloth. Dowell's Income Tax Laws. 8vo. 12s. Ed. cloth. Dowell's Stamp Duties and Stamp Laws. 8vo. 12s. 6d. cloth. Coombs' Solicitors' Bookkeeping. 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth. Clark's Digest of House of Lords Cases from 1814 to the present

Time. , Royal 8vo. 318. 6d. cloth. Cocte's Admiralty Practice and in the Privy Council, with Forms

and Tables of Costs. 2nd Edition. 8vo. 16s. cloth. Clifford and Stephens's Practice of the Court of Referees. 2 vols.

Royal 8vo. 70s. cloth. CLIFFORD and RICKARDS' continuation of the same contains the Sessions 1873 to

1879. Royal 8vo. Vol. I., Part I., 318.6d.; Part II., 158. Vol. II., Part I., 12s.6d.;

Part II., 128. 6d.; Part III., 12s. 6d.
Sir R. Phillimore's Commentaries on International Law. Third

Edition. Vol. I., 248. cloth
Vol. II. 288. cloth, Vol. III. 368. cloth, Vol. IV. 348. cloth, of the Second

Edition, may be had separately to complete sets.
Trower's Church Building Acts, and New Parishes Acts, con-

tinued to 1874. Post Svo. 98. cloth. Rouse's Copyhold Enfranchisement Manual. 3rd Edition. 12mo.

108. 63. cloth. Latham's Law of Window Lights. Post 8vo. 10s. cloth. Dixon's Law of Partnership. 1 vol. 8vo. 22s. cloth. Barry's Practice of Convoyancing. 8vo. 18s. cloth. Woolrych's Law of Sewers, with the Drainage Acts. 3rd Edition.

8vo. 12s. cloth. Powell's Law of Inland Carriers. 2nd Edition. 8vo. 14s. cloth. Shelford's Succession, Probate and Legacy Duties. 2nd Edition.

12mo. 168. Christie's Crabb's Precedents in Conveyancing, with Common and

Commercial Forms. 5th Ed., by Shelford. Two volumes. Royal 8vo. 31. cloth. Wigram's Extrinsic Evidence in Aid of the Interpretation of

Wills. 4th Edition. 8vo. 118. cloth. Grant's Law of Corporations in General, as well Aggregate as

Sole. Royal 8vo. 268. boards.

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