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people who were far gone in deadly danger, didst thirst upon the cross, saying, “I thirst;" and there at the hands of the cruel Jews didst receive the vinegar and gall mixed in a foul and bitter drivk together, such as no man would taste or drink of: By all these painful insults and sorrows, I humbly pray thee that I may mourn and grieve for my sins wherein I have offended thee, with as fervent desire as the longing wherewith the hart desires to come to the fresh waterbrook in his extremity, so that my soul, O Lord, may drink her fill of thy most bitter pains which thou sufferedst for us, and may receive of the water of life from thee, who art the fountain-head of Christian souls.


sweet Jesus Christ; who upon the Cross didst manifest in thy Godhead, through thy Divine power, the exceeding love and zeal which thou hadst to us for our salvation, while we as yet were thine enemies and full of ingratitude against thine excellent goodness; and hadst so great compassion on us, who were going to hell without remission, that for our sakes thou didst agonise upon the Cross: Wherefore I humbly pray thee, Lord, through those pitiful tears, that thou wilt of thine infinite mercy provide for my poor sinful soul, that I perish not through my carelessness in the pains of hell which I

have deserved. But, O Lord God, I trust through thy mercy to live after this life with thee among the glorious company in thy bright Presence.


EIGHTH PETITION. GOOD Jesu, solace and comfort of all U them that are heavy-laden and op: pressed by tribulation, who didst hang, with, out comfort or help of man, openly on the Cross, and there with a loud voice saidst unto thy Father“ My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me ?!" I humbly beseech thee, my Lord God, that thou wilt not leave me destitute and comfortless in my troubles, ghostly or bodily, but wilt be my succour and defender against all dangers and power of my ghostly enemy. OUR FATHER.

BELOVED and mighty Lord Jesu

Christ, who of thy great loving-kindness didst will to bear all these intolerable pains in thy most tender body upon the Cross, willingly obeying in thy blessed Manhood all the cruelties of the cursed and wicked Jews; I heartily thank thee, as much as in a poor sinner lies, for this deep love of thine; and pray thee to give me grace and fortitude, that I may entirely love thee and thy holy doc. trine, so that I may willingly observe thy will and pleasure in tribulations and sorrows; and that bearing my cross meekly


with thee, I may do that which shall be thy pleasure and will and not my own.


TENTH PETITION. BOUNTEOUS in goodness and grace,

my Sovereign Lord God, who so plentifully sheddest all thy precious Blood on the Cross for our salvation, that thou wast as clean of all blood as was Adam before thou gavest him the breath of life; I beseech thee, bountiful Lord, by that most liberal shedding of thy precious Blood, that it may please thee by thy grace to withdraw from my heart all worldly affections and fancies, and to fire my spirit and light my heart with thy very light, who art the pure Light, which lights all who live in this world. And so, sweet Jesu, repose thou in my heart, that no love nor gladness may rest in me, but only that inestimable love of thine which thou hadst and dost ever show towards me.


ELEVENTH PETITION, JESU, victorious and triumphant crown U of eternal glory, thou who hadst not one whole place, from the crown of thy head to the sole of thy foot, which was not bruised or wounded for the Redemption of mankind; who by that Redemption shall obtain eternal glory where before they saw nothing but darkness and desolation: I humbly beseech thee. Lord, of thy great mercy and love, that

all Christian people who have been regenerate at the font of Baptism, by faith, may through thy wounds and Passion obtain thy eternal fruition and joys for evermore; that among thy glorious Saints they may with incessant voice sing honour, and glory, and praise, to thee who sittest at the right hand of the Eternal Father. OUR FATHER.

ETERNAL Consummator and Finisher

of good works, sweet Jesu Christ, who when thou hadst tasted of the bitter drink didst say “It is finished," and bowing thy head didst breathe forth thy holy spirit, and pass away from thy corporal Humanity: By this Humanity I humbīy beseech thee, who art the director and ruler of all virtue and goodness, that I may here depart from all evil thoughts and deeds, and may follow the truth, which, Lord, is thyself alone and thy Holy Word; so that in all the deeds which I begin, thou, sweet Lord, mayest lead me by the power of thy Holy Spirit of grace, which shall so strengthen me in perseverance that in the hour of death I may joyfully say unto thee,- Behold, my Lord and my God, the works for which thou hast illu. mined me that I might know what to work and to do. I have finished it and done it to thy honour, and that thou, Lord, mayest say unto me, Come, ye blessed children of my Father, receive the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of the world.


TRUE hope and glory of all who believe

and trust in thee, only comfort of the pure and spotless Virgin Mother Mary, whom, while yet hanging on the cross, thou didst bequeath to the Holy Apostle S. John, ere thou saidst to the Father of Heaven, “ Into thy hands I commend my spirit :" By thy love and tender care, I humbly beseech thee, sweet Redeemer Jesu Christ, that of thy mercy thou wilt grant to me, a sinner, at the hour of death and of departure, to have a pure conscience and a faithful hope, that I may be able to say unto thee,-0 kind and merciful Father, who didst vouchsafe to send down the Second Person of thy Godhead for our Redemption, that he might take upon him our poor Humanity and suffer for us the intolerable pains of death; for this kindness and all others which thou hast done unto me, I pray thee to receive my poor spirit into the guardianship of thy glorious hands, where rests all joy and endless felicity for ever. OUR FATHER.

FOURTEENTI PETITION. JESU, restorer and edifier of all manU kind, who didst suffer inestimable pains in thy hands, and joints, and sinews, and on thy head didst wear a garland of sharp thorns, which everywhere pressed so painfully that thy precious Blood ran plenteously down thy sweet and glorious face, without pity from the wicked Jews, in

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