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VI. . GRACE AFTER ANY MEAL. V. Honour and glory be to God the King, R. Eternal, immortal, invisible, and only wise, for ever and ever. Amen. COD Almighty, Father of all mercy and U God of all consolation, give us grace to consent together in the knowledge of thy truth; that we may with one mind and one mouth glorify God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. R. Amen.



To man's weakness bending God the Holy Ghost came down

On the Maid descending ; And the Judge of human-kind

Bowed the heavens before him, And 'twas dark beneath his feet

In the womb which bore him.
Angel voices tuned to joy

Hail the day-star dawning
O’er the darkness of the night,

On the CHRISTMAS morning;
And the heavens grow bright with song

As the shepherds render
Glory to the Lamb of God,

Emptied of his splendour.
Eight times must the sun mark out

Night and day's division,
Ere the New Year's dawn shall blush

And the Mother rules the deed,

Which may well beseem her
On whose breast first falls the blood

Of the world's Redeemer.
Star-led on EPIPHANY,

Eastern kings adore him,
Gold and frankincense and myrrh

Cast they down before him ;

Gold for God, embalming myrrh

For the man they proffer, Frankincense—atoning gift

Which our priest must offer.
Now ASH WEDNESDAY ushers in

Lent's humiliation,
As the forty days advance

Towards the great temptation;
When the tempter tries his guile

At the time appointed,
And his power is dashed to earth

By the Lord's anointed.
HOLY WEEK with Palms comes in

Mid the loud hosanna ; Maundy Thursday wins the gift

Of the heavenly manna ; Sad Good Friday mourns the Christ

When his own betrayed him ; Easter Eve guards well the tomb

Where dear hands have laid him. Joyous on the EASTER morn,

Death and hell defeated, In the tomb where Jesus lay

Angel guards are seated : And the faithful bending down

See the grave-clothes lying, Withy-bands to him whose might

Conquers death by dying. Forty times the sun must verge

Down to his declension, Ere the young Church see the dawn

Of the Lord's ASCENSION,
And the everlasting doors

Open wide to greet him,
As the host of heaven once more

Plume their wings to meet him.
But his promise slumbers not,

He has not dissembled,

He will send the Spirit down

On her sons assembled : Pentecostal WHITSUNTIDE

Waits the ten days meted, Ere the Saviour's work is done,

And his Church completed.
Yet that work continues still,

As for ever pleading
In God's sight the Lamb is shown

On heaven's altar bleeding :
To the Blessed TRINITY

Pray we through that merit, God the Father, God the Son,

God the Holy Spirit.


FATHER of all, to thee we pray,
Look down from highest heaven this day ;
O raise our feeble hearts to thee,
That thy great Name may hallowed be;
To quick and dead thy grace afford,
Hasten thy kingdom, gracious Lord :
Thy will be done, through Christ; for we
Are one with him, as he with thee,
If our faint souls from thee be fed
On his own flesh, the daily bread :
That we, forgiving all, may be
Forgiven our sins through him by thee.
Thy Church defend : if flesh rebel,
Father, close fast the gates of hell;
For thine the kingdom; thee we own,
This earth thy footstool, heaven thy throne,-
All glory thine: by sons of men
Be ever praised thy Name. Amen.

Lord, have mercy upon us.

Christ, have mercy upon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.

God the Father, God the Son,

Holy Ghost the Comforter,
Ever-blessed Three in One,
On the Church thy grace confer;

Hear us when we call to thee,
· Spare us, Holy Trinity.
Risen Lord, enthroned on high,

Now the toils of earth are 'er, Hear thy Church's daily cry Rising heavenward evermore;

Lord, to save us make good speed,

Holy Jesu, intercede.
Now the Battle-strife is done

Which the Victor fought so well,
For the Crown of Life is won
From the vanquished King of Hell ;

Lord, to save us make good speed,
Holy Jesu, intercede.

Breaker of the bonds of death,

Captor of captivity,
Pray for us to him who saith
All things doth he give to thee;

Lord, to save us make good speed,
Holy Jesu, intercede.

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