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save me, (for whom thou lovest thou chastenest,) and forasmuch as affliction and adversity worketh patience, and whosoever patiently beareth tribulation is made like unto the Saviour Christ our Head ; finally, seeing that in all tribulation and adversity I am in assurance of comfort at thy gracious hand, for thou hast commanded me to call upon thee in the time of sorrow and hast promised to hear and succour me; Grant me therefore, O Almighty God and merciful Father, in all trouble and adversity to be quiet, without impatience and murmuring, without discouragement and despair, to praise and to magnify thee, to put my whole trust and confidence in thee: for thou never forsakest them that trust in thee, but workest all for the best to them that love thee and seek the glory of thy holy Name; hear me, O merciful Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, thy Son our Lord. Amen.

IN PROSPERITY. T GIVE thee thanks, O God Almighty, 1 who not only hast endued me with the gifts of nature, as reason, power, and strength, but also hast plentifully given me the substance of this world: I acknowledge, O Lord, that these are thy gifts, and I confess that there is no perfect nor good gift but it cometh from thee, O Father of lights, who givest freely, and castest no man in the teeth. Gold, O Lord, is thine, and silver is thine, and to whom it pleaseth thee thou givest it: to the godly that they may be thy disposers and distributors thereof, and to the ungodly to heap up their damnation withal. Wherefore, my most merciful God, I humbly beseech and desire of thee to frame in me with thy Holy Spirit a faithful heart and a ready hand, to distribute these thy good gifts according to thy will and pleasure; that I treasure not up here where thieves may rob and moths corrupt, but may treasure up that reward which thou hast promised in thy Heavenly kingdom where neither thief may steal nor moth defile, in the everlasting rest before the glory of thy Presence; to whom with the Son and the Holy Ghost be all honour and praise, world without end. Amen.

FOR ALL TIMES. MERCIFUL God, grant me to covet

with a fervent mind those things which may please thee, to search them wisely, to know them truly, and to fulfil them perfectly, to the praise and glory of thy Name. Order my living so that I may do that which thou requirest of me, and give me grace that I may obtain those things which are best for my soul. Good Lord, make my way sure and straight to thee, so that I fall not between prosperity and adversity, but that in prosperity I may give thee thanks and in adversity be patient, so that I be not lifted up by the one nor depressed by the other; and that I may rejoice in nothing but that which moveth me to thee, nor be sorry for aught but for that which draweth me from thee; desiring to please nobody nor fearing to displease any beside the Lord. Let ali worldly things be vile unto me for thee; let me not be glad with the joy that is without thee, and let me desire nothing besides thee. Let that labour delight me which is for thee, and let all other labour weary me which is not in thee. Make me to lift up my heart ofttimes to thee, and when I fall make me to think on thee, and to be sorrowful with a stedfast purpose of amendment. My God, make me humble without dissimulation, cheerful without lightness, serious without mistrust, sober without dulness, true without doubleness, fearing thee without despair, trusting thee without presumption, obedient without arguing, patient without grudging, and pure without corruption. My most loving Lord and God, give me a waking heart, that no curious thought withdraw me from thee; let it be so strong that no unworthy affection draw me backward ; so stable that no tribulation break it. My God, grant me wisdom to know thee, diligence to seek thee, conversation of life to please thee, and finally hope to embrace thee; for the sake of the Precious Blood of that immaculate Lamb, our only Saviour Jesus Christ; to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost, three Persons and one God, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.


GOOD Jesu, O holy Jesu, O Jesu

Son of the pure Virgin Mary, full of mercy and truth; O holy Jesu, after thy great mercy have pity upon me. O loving Jesu, I pray thee by the same precious blood which for us miserable sinners thou wast content to shed upon the altar of the Cross, that thou wilt put away all my sins and despise me not in mine humble suit, calling upon this thy most holy Name of Jesus. This Name Jesus is a holy Name. This Name Jesus is the Name of health. For what else is Jesus, but Saviour? O good Jesu, who hast created me, and with thy Precious Blood hast redeemed me, suffer me not to be lost whom thou hast made of nought. O good Jesu, let not my wickedness destroy me whom thy almighty goodness made and formed. O good Jesu, consider what is thine in me, and wipe clean away that which draweth me from thee. O good Jesu, have mercy upon me, while the time serves to have mercy, lest thou destroy me in the time of thy dreadful doom. O good Jesu, although I a miserable sinner have justly deserved everlasting punishment for my grievous sins by thy rightful justice, yet I appeal from thy righteousness, and stedfastly trust in thine unspeakable mercy, and therefore pity thou me as a loving Father and merciful Lord. O good Jesu, what profit is there in my blood since I must go down into corruption ? For the dead praise not thee, O Lord, neither they that go down into the pit. 0 most merciful Jesu, have mercy upon me. O most holy Jesu, set me at liberty. O loving Jesu, have mercy upon me a sinner. O Jesu, admit me a miserable sinner into the number of thy chosen. O

Jesu, the health of them that trust in thee: O Jesu, the welfare of them that believe in thee, have pity upon me. O holy Jesu, the forgiveness of all my sins; O Jesu, Son of the pure Virgin Mary, endue me with thy grace, wisdom, charity, chastity, and humility: and in all mine adversities give me holy patience, that I may be able to bear my cross with thee, to love thee, and to glory and delight in thee for ever and ever. Amen. TO BE SAID AT THE HOUR OF DEATH.

LORD Jesu, who art the only health of U all men living, and the everlasting life of them that die in thy faith, I a wretched sinner give and submit myself wholly unto thy most blessed will; and being sure that the thing cannot perish which is committed unto thy mercy, I willingly now leave this frail and wicked flesh, in hope of the resurrection which in better wise shall restore it to me again. I beseech thee, most merciful Lord Jesu Christ, that thou wilt by thy grace make strong my soul against all temptations, and that thou wilt cover and defend me with the shield of thy mercy against all the assaults of the devil. I see and acknowledge that there is in myself no help of salvation ; but all my confidence, hope, and trust is in thy most merciful goodness. I have no merits nor good works which I may allege before thee; of sins and evil works, alas, I see a great multitude, but through thy mercy I trust to be in the number of

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